DHS Child Trafficking Commercial Exposes Hidden Sexual Cues Normalizing Pedophilia (Video)

Good work on display in this short video. Subliminal advertising was covered in my college principles of marketing course decades ago. Some people believe it works, others don’t. Watch and reach your own conclusions.

Fags, Trannies, Feminists, Blacks, Muds Unite in Hatred of Trump at Giant North Carolina “MORAL MARCH”


RALEIGH, N.C. — Thousands of people attended an annual civil rights march Saturday in Raleigh that in recent years has focused on fighting the conservative-leaning agenda in North Carolina state government.

But Saturday’s 11th annual “Moral March on Raleigh” led by the state NAACP included speakers focused on opposition to actions by President Donald Trump, particularly on immigration. Other rallies held in Raleigh this year have been critical of Trump.

“There’s too much going on in the world to keep staying silent,” Tiffany Newkirk said.

Many said the current political climate — arguably one of the most contentious in recent history — is what drove them to come out and speak up.

“I’m here today just because silence is being content with the status quo,” Erin Newkirk said. “All my life I’ve kind of been reserved and shy. And introverts are out.”

Saturday’s protesters planned to push for the repeal of House Bill 2, which limits LGBT rights and which bathrooms transgender people can use. Other topics included opposition to gerrymandering in redistricting and to the repeal of former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul as well as how they feel about the current administration.

The march began near Raleigh’s Memorial Auditorium and ended near the old Capitol Building.

No, NAACP, not the New South, but the New Left. You nogs are being used to advance the interests of everyone but yourselves. The (((powers that be))) have already relegated you to the bottom of the totem pole, after LGBT, Mexicans, and Muslims. Wake up, dummies.

Now let’s see some Twitter truth about the Moral March (good propagandizing with the name, which should be called the Immoral March):

Black Cop Tells Story of How Heroic White Cop Died Saving His Life


Did Officer Paul Tuozzolo do the right thing in sacrificing his life for a fellow police officer? Did he have a higher duty to protect his life so that he could continue to provide for his family?

I suppose more to the point would be this question: Is it better to be a live coward or a dead hero?

There are no easy answers to these questions, at least not in my mind.

I was never paid or expected to take a bullet for a co-worker. I have noticed, however, that some men do this even if they’re not police officers. Generally, these are white men who are hailed as heroes.

PIX 11

NEW YORK — The images were shocking of another police office shot violently on the streets of New York.

The suspect was a man who had 17 prior arrests. PIX11 covered the story extensively and three months later we sat down on-on-one with Sgt. Emmanuel Kwo who says Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo saved his life the day Tuozzolo was shot and killed.

“There is no reason why I’m here and he’s not except he saved my life,” said Kwo.

Tuozzolo took the lead that day to shield his colleagues. Kwo was shot in the leg.

“I definitely felt I had been shot, however at that moment my concern and my thoughts were on everyone else who was on that scene especially Paul.” Kwo said.

It’s been three months but the emotions are still raw.

“It’s hard to put into words all the range of emotions that went through my head and all of the officers at the scene that day,” Kwo said.

Commanding Officer Fausto Pichardo at the 43rd Precinct said discussed the pain of losing a friend and colleague.

“You take probably the most crucial seconds you will probably take after receiving that phone call and think about the families,” said Pichardo.

To help families get through tragedy, the NYPD developed the Employee Relations Section.

“We are therefor them always, we have the task of notifying families then helping them get to a new normal,” said Chief Thomas Burns. “No need is too big or small.”

ERS is also there to support police officers.


Nun Offends with Claim that the Virgin Mary was NOT a Virgin

That’s rich. A nun who says things that a are un-Biblical. Who does she think she is? Pope Francis?

The Guardian

A nun in Spain who says she received death threats for suggesting that Mary probably had sex with her husband, Joseph, has apologised for any offence caused but accused her critics of deliberately misunderstanding her point.

Sister Lucía Caram, a well-known Dominican nun with more than 183,000 Twitter followers, appeared to contradict church teaching when she appeared on Spanish TV on Sunday to discuss sex and faith.

“I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that they were a normal couple – and having sex is a normal thing,” she told the Chester in Love show, adding: “It’s hard to believe and hard to take in. We’ve ended up with the rules we’ve invented without getting to the true message.”

Caram, who was born in Argentina but lives in a Catalan convent, said sexuality was a God-given, basic part of every individual and a means of self-expression. However, she said it was something the church had long struggled with.

“I think the church has had a poor attitude to it for a long time and has swept it a bit under the carpet,” she said. “It wasn’t a taboo subject; it was more something that was considered dirty or hidden. It was the denial of what I believe to be a blessing.”

The nun’s remarks prompted a wave of online anger, including an online petition for her to be suspended from her order.

Her views were quickly disowned by the Bishop of Vic, who responded with a statement reminding people that Mary’s virginity had been an article of faith since the church’s inception.

“[It] was gathered and proclaimed by the Second Council of Constantinople, being the primary Marian dogma observed by Catholic and Orthodox Christians,” it said.

“We remind people that these remarks do not conform to the faith of the church and regret the confusion they may have caused to the faithful.”

On Wednesday, Caram issued a statement in which she said she had received death threats after her TV appearance.

“When asked about the Virgin Mary, I said that, as I see it, Mary obviously loved Joseph … I wanted to say that it wouldn’t shock me if she had had a normal couple’s relationship with Joseph, her husband.

“This shocked a lot of people, perhaps because there was no opportunity for clarification. But I think that my fidelity to, and love for, the church, the gospel and Jesus’s project are clear – as it the certainty that sex is neither dirty nor something to be condemned, and that marriage and sex are a blessing.”

She added that while she apologised to anyone who felt offended, she was worried by the “fragmented, ideological and perverse” way in which her remarks had been interpreted. The nun said that “some heretic-bashers, thirsting for vengeance and driven by hatred” had lied about her and made “serious threats, including to my life”.

It is not the first time that the nun has found herself in trouble with her superiors. A self-declared “pain-in-the-arse nun”, she has engaged in politics and made plain her enthusiasm for Catalan independence.

Christians like this one have been sent to destroy the Church. Next, she’ll be saying that Jesus is not God and the Ten Commandments are the Ten Suggestions.

The destruction of the Church is just a small part of the ongoing destruction of Western civilization. Sister Lucia Caram should be ashamed of herself. She’s made Satan very happy.


Black Pastor Caught Naked with Someone Else’s Wife, Flees Scene Sans Pants


Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons is the kind of black man I could sit down and have a beer with. He’s got himself a nice scam going, which indicates intelligence and charm. He’s also nonviolent, victimizing his own people. Yes, he’s OK in my book.

He seems to have been able to talk himself out of a funny predicament involving naughty behavior by a man of the cloth. This is quite an amusing story.


A well-known Tallahassee pastor was forced to flee naked after a husband came home early and found him having sex with the man’s wife.

The details of the Jan.17 episode outlined in a police report, combined with Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons’ address to members of his Jacob Chapel congregation about the incident, have been the subject of intense social media and internet buzz.

The address, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube by someone in the congregation, has been seen by tens of thousands over the last week. The story also was discussed on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, which airs on WHBX in Tallahassee.

In an address to his members, Simmons seemed to portray the congregation and himself as the victims.

“I’m hurting because I’ve hurt you,” Simmons said on Sunday, Jan. 22. “I can’t speak to people on the outside. I am not Tallahassee’s pastor. I am not Florida’s pastor. I am Jacob Chapel’s pastor. It hurts me that you have to defend my actions. You cannot defend sin,” he continued to loud applause from the congregation.

The scandal broke during the same week Simmons and the church were celebrating the 11th anniversary of his leadership. He was scheduled to hold a signing of his first book “I Need a Man,” which, according to his website’s description, “offers a fresh perspective on the issues of godly manhood and mentoring.”

Simmons, who is married and has a son, is well known locally for addressing the physical and spiritual needs of college students and the down-trodden. He established a cold night shelter and also organizes the annual Back to School Bash, which collects and distributes backpacks and other school supplies for hundreds of Tallahassee children.

However, his recent actions outside the pulpit have brought him unwanted attention.

According to a Tallahassee Police report, officers went to the Sienna Square apartments on Capital Circle Northeast in the middle of the afternoon of Jan. 17 after a woman called to report that her husband was angry and had a handgun after he encountered his wife and Simmons having sex in the daughter’s bedroom. The man came home early after the school called him to pick up his sick son. The school had tried unsuccessfully to reach the wife.

According to the woman, Simmons came over to discuss starting a business and providing less fortunate kids with clothes and shoes,” but they ended up in bed together. The woman told police she and Simmons began “establishing a relationship” last October.

After the husband interrupted the tryst, he yelled “I’m gonna kill him” and ran to the master bedroom for his handgun; Simmons fled the apartment naked and hid behind a nearby fence.

The wife then called the police and her husband left with Simmons’ clothes, wallet and car keys, which he threatened to drop off at the church. He also threatened to expose Simmons on Facebook.

The wife told police her husband never threatened her and she declined to press charges. Simmons also declined to press charges. State Attorney Jack Campbell, “citing the interests of all involved,” decided against prosecution.

After phone negotiations with police, the husband arranged to return Simmons’ belongings. The husband turned over the handgun to NAACP Tallahassee Branch President Dale Landry.

“My prayers to the families involved and the church and our community,“ said Landry. “May God guide all our hearts and minds as we move through this period.”

Simmons, who has led the independent church since 2005, said he won’t quit.

“What I want from God, I have already received – that’s his forgiveness, ” Simmons said in his address. “What I am asking of our members is your prayers and your forgiveness.”

In response, the congregation stood and applauded for several minutes.

As black comedian Flip Wilson used to say, “De Debil made me do it.”

satan laughing gif

Newsweek Busted for Promoting Violence Against Richard Spencer

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Tweeted this exposure of a story quashed by Newsweek magazine. The story began by claiming that Richard Spence is a “Nazi,” which he is not.

The writer of the story, which encourages violence toward people with pro-white views, is seen wearing a “Fuck Trump” cap. It really reveals his bias, doesn’t it?

Newsweek pulled the Richard Spencer story when it should have been quashed before publication.


Newsweek apologized Tuesday for publishing a story that praised an assault on white nationalist Richard Spencer, who was punched on video on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Newsweek published a since-deleted story titled, “The Infinite Joy of Watching a Nazi Get Punched to Music,” by culture editor Joe Veix.

“On a day when many Americans were despairing over what they see as the transition of power to a fascist demagogue, it was a small moment of reprieve. It was possibly the first entertaining day on the internet since the election,” Veix wrote.

Spencer, one of the loudest voices in the so-called “alt-right” movement and the head of the white nationalist think-tank the National Policy Institute, was punched in the face during a live interview, and proceeded to use the incident to argue that his critics are violent cowards.

The punch was quickly remixed into a series of memes, many of them set to music.

Spencer said in a video he posted on Twitter that as he gave the interview, several people began circling him, including an African-American man who did a “Sieg Heil” salute to mock him. Others asked if he was a Neo-Nazi, which he denied. When a woman asked him if he liked black people, Spencer replied, “Yeah, sure.”

Then a man whose face was disguised suddenly popped into the shot to slug Spencer. “He came out of nowhere and and punched me and he didn’t really land one… it’s not a big deal… it didn’t really land and it didn’t hurt that much,” Spencer said. “This is who these people are. These are these total cowards that we’re dealing with.”

One reason people may have thought Richard Spencer is a Neo-Nazi is that at an alt-right gathering soon after Trump’s election, Spencer led a crowd in calling out, “Hail Trump! Hail our people!” He added, “Hail victory!,” the English translation of “Sieg Heil!”

This is a sample of what they’re talking about:

In response to the hate, a Spencer supporter Tweeted this short video clip, which Spencer Retweeted:

Yes, we will win.

Vice Asks Jew “Ethicist” If It’s OK to Punch Richard Spencer in the Face

Across the Internet many fuckwits celebrated the violent punch delivered to Richard Spencer’s face–a punch that could have killed him.

But hey, to ignorant libturds who populate America today, Spencer deserved it because he’s a Nazi. Except he really isn’t a Nazi. As Stefan Molyneaux put it, he’s an ethnostate guy.

The debatable question became “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?” By extension, “Is it OK to punch anyone with conservative views?”

One British newspaper, The Independent, said “yes” before taking down that ignorant, short-sighted response by a woman writer.

Most so-called peaceful leftists said yes like the writer. By extension since Donald John Trump is also a Nazi, it’s OK to punch the POTUS. By extension, it’s also OK to punch his family members. Again, by extension, since they’re all Nazi scum, it’s OK to kill them all.

Vice engaged a Jewish “ethnicist” (whatever that is) to answer the question of the day, “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?”


VICE: So—punching Richard Spencer in the face, OK or not OK?

Randy Cohen: No. You don’t get to punch people in the face, even if their ideas are odious. You don’t. We want a civil society, where ideas are met with other ideas. We don’t want a society that encourages thuggish behavior, where if someone has politics different from yours, you get to beat them up. Aside from it just being morally wrong in itself to assault people, there’s the practical consideration that in a society where ideas are met with fists, one is as likely to be the punched as the puncher, and it’s no fun to be punched in the face.

Does violence against a political enemy become justified if they are not only encouraging violence against targeted groups but systematically committing it?

Not for speech. Even though he’s encouraging actions that we find horrible, he’s not our moral teacher, we’re not supposed to imitate his methods. We don’t do that. There is no tipping point there—you don’t respond with violence. You do have the right to defend yourself if physically attacked, but that’s not what this was.

Certainly there must be a tipping point.

There’s a point at which encouraging violence becomes a crime. There are harassment laws and laws against assault. Inciting violence is a crime in many jurisdictions. But, no. The response to that is still not physical violence. The great example here is still Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement of the 60s. It was a nonviolent movement, which was a profoundly moral act. That was a group of people who had the courage to uphold a nonviolent stance even when attacked. They would not fight back, which is so impressive and so powerful, and something that we ought to aspire to.

Why do you think people who are smart and relatively civil in their regular lives taking joy in the punch?

There are no thought crimes. So it’s hard not to feel some glee when a proponent of physical violence against others is himself the victim of the very act he prescribes. I’m not saying you don’t get to feel good when someone punches Richard Spencer in the nose. You would have to be superhuman and a more moral person than I not to feel some happiness that he received just the treatment he was advocating for others. But that doesn’t make it right to do it.

Is it OK to laugh privately at the video? What about share it?

That’s a little iffy, because that’s when it’s on the brink of encouraging such actions. It really is important not to do this, and to not be a violent movement. Violence against unpopular ideas is not permitted. I would not circulate them, but if in the recesses of your heart, you feel a moment of glee at seeing Richard Spencer punched in the nose, I would not criticize you. Not for your feelings, but for your actions if you encouraged other people to punch him.

So what should you do if you see a Nazi then? Certainly there’s value in shaming them.

It’s not just what you’re supposed to do at that moment; it’s what you’re supposed to do before you see the Nazi. It’s organizing for social change, it’s struggling, it’s resisting, it’s being aligned with progressive social movements, it’s being out on the streets marching, it’s writing your local representatives. There are a hundred things you’re supposed to be doing, and what you do if you happen upon some nitwit is a trivial question. You can yell at him; you can verbally confront him. And in a way, that’s good. It’s good to remind people that some ideas are so odious that they have no place in decent society, and that [if you have them], you will be scorned. But you ought not be met with punches.

Cohen mischaracterizes Spencer’s message. He’s also preaching that good old MLK “nonviolence” as representing the highest morality.

Well, guess what? When your ethnic group is being silently set up for extermination, nonviolence may not be the best answer. White people are already too nonviolent in the face of violence from nonwhites. We used to burn down their fucking neighborhoods and lynch them when they attacked us. Now, we file police reports. We’re losing.

Spencer’s message is that whites want a divorce from nonwhites. He sees a peaceful secession as the road to that white ethnostate. Although a Dylann Roof may come along now and then, it’s the left that advocates violence, not the right. That white nonviolent approach may have to change.