Minneapolis Race Replacing White Cops in Name of Diversity: New Police Chief is Mystery Meat

Here we have Pablum for the goyim designed to make them think that everything is OK when you have nonwhite cops policing white people.

May I remind everyone of the Australian white woman, Justine Damond, murdered by Muslim cop Mohammed Noor:

Everything isn’t going to be alright.

In spite of intervention by the Australian government, Noor was never charged. As far as I know, he’s back on patrol in the Minneapolis area.

If you don’t recall the details of how Justine was killed, just do a search on this site. I must have posted at least five times on the outrageous murder and response by Minneapolis.

The city hired a new police chief after Justine’s murder, but they hired mystery meat. I speculate he might be a Mexican from his last name, but I believe he’s the large Negro in the back row in the photo above, which shows the graduating class of new recruits. So who knows what he is. It does’t matter.

Now, they’re bragging about their next batch of nonwhites recruited to keep the goyim living in fear.


(KMSP) – Wednesday marked graduation day for the first cadet classes under Chief Medaria Arradondo. The group of diverse young men and women all said becoming a police officer is truly a “calling.”

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo shook the hands of the department’s 2017 cadet class of 21 new officers.

“I wanted to do something that I knew mattered every single day, and I could see the effects of that when I came into work. So that’s why I’m here,” said Demi Adediran.

Adediran was studying for his masters in psychology when he realized it just wasn’t for him. So, the 27-year-old thought his education would be useful in law enforcement.

“I see how having that therapy background, you talk to people every day, you listen to their stories when you take their reports, you listen and give them a voice,” he said.

Ashish Joshi, 24, was bored as an accountant.

“I realized I didn’t like to sit behind the desk all day long. I wanted a job that was more outdoorsy, where I could help people. That’s why I’m here,” he said.

Joshi was born in Nepal and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

His fellow classmate was born and raised in Nigeria until his family moved to south Minneapolis when he was nine.

As Minneapolis and agencies across the country work to recruit people of different races to improve modern day policing, both men hope their cultures are an asset to the job.

“We’re going to be policing people who often look like us. I think it might help to bridge that gap and create a little bit more of a bond between the community and police,” Adediran said.

“For me it’s much more about how you treat people. I’m sure there are some advantages or disadvantages to being a person of color, but I don’t necessarily look at it that way,” Joshi said.

Both men are aware of the increased scrutiny on police officers after deadly officer-involved shootings across the country and right here in Minneapolis just a few months ago.

In fact, officer Mohamed Noor was a graduate of this same program.

“People do have to be critical of the police because that’s going to help us grow in general, so I do appreciate when people want to know about what we’re doing,” Adediran said.

And they’re aware of the times they will have to put their lives on the line.

“Obviously there are risks to this job, but I think as a class we have all accepted that it’s just part of the job,” Joshi said.

After graduation the class will be out on the streets training for the next six months before they start policing on their own.

The idea stated in this article that police must be nonwhite to have better policing is a fairy tale. It’s just the opposite. Poor decision-making and an impetus to being corrupt weakens policing.

The totally Negrofied New Orleans police department is a good example. Negro cops by the score fled the city when the flooding started, leaving citizens at the mercy of black thugs.

Americans might not be able to stop diversity, but at least we can prepare ourselves for its negative effects.

British Muzzie Sex Predator Banned from Sitting Next to Women on Trains


With all the stories of Muslim sex fiends operating in Britain, it’s been rare to see one deported. This one fits the pattern of British justice. He got a stern lecture from a judge and an order not to sit next to women on trains for the next 10 years, an order that in practice is not enforceable.

When a country is so bound up with political correctness that public safety is disregarded, it’s fuxated almost beyond repair.


A sexual predator dubbed “every lone female public transport passenger’s nightmare” has been banned from sitting next to women on trains for 10 years.

A judge made the description of Ramzi Hamrouni, 39 – adding of public transport sexual assaults: “It is clearly a massive problem nationwide.”

Hamrouni had denied sexually assaulting two female passengers on trains and tried to claim they were lying but he was found guilty by a jury.

Jeffrey Jones, prosecuting at Cardiff Crown Court, said a 20-year-old woman was travelling home on a train with her family from Cardiff to Pontypridd after a day out in Barry on August 16 last year.

Hamrouni got on the train at Cardiff Central and sat next to the victim’s mother, telling her she was beautiful.

Mr Jones said he then began to talk to the victim, who noticed he was looking at her breasts, and put her sunglasses on in the hope he would leave her alone.

He said Hamrouni leaned his body towards her and pushed his leg against hers and rubbed his arm up against her arm.

The court heard she “froze” and was “paralysed with fear and embarrassment”.

Mr Jones said she was “trapped” against the carriage window by his body, Wales Online reports.

He described Hamrouni as “bold and brazen”, touching the woman even though she was with her family.

The court heard he gestured for her to look at his groin as he touched himself, pausing only as the train stopped at stations.

Hamrouni then got off the train “quickly” at Pontypridd, leaving the victim “upset”.

Then, on September 2, a 17-year-old girl was travelling home with a friend after a day out in Barry and was sitting opposite Hamrouni at a table on the train from Cardiff to Pontypridd.

He was seen on CCTV initially sitting next to another woman who was upset by his behaviour and moved to another carriage.

Hamrouni then went to sit by a different woman who asked him to move because he had bothered her and a group of female friends in a pub earlier that evening.

The court heard the defendant asked the victim if the train was going to Pontypridd and tried to engage her and her friend in conversation in “broken English”.

Prosecutors said he then moved towards her and “trapped” her against the side of the train before touching her knee and undoing the zip on her jeans.

Mr Jones said the teenager “froze” as he put his finger inside her trousers and pulled up her top.

Judge Stephen Hopkins QC told Hamrouni: “You subjected her to a persistent, degrading and frightening sexual assault.”

Mr Jones said a male passenger was concerned by his behaviour and filmed him on his mobile phone before handing the footage to the police.

The court heard the victim alerted the guard as soon as Hamrouni got up but he had already left the train and was seen to look back from the platform before running away.

Mr Jones said the victim was left “tearful and upset”.

Hamrouni, from Rosser Street in Pontypridd, surrendered himself to police following an appeal on WalesOnline. He was arrested and answered “No comment” to all questions.

The court heard Hamrouni is a Tunisian national who moved to Wales around two years ago after marrying a British woman.

Stephen Thomas, defending, said his client had no previous convictions in the UK or in Tunisia.

Mr Thomas said Hamrouni had a “difficult childhood” and received little education.

He said the defendant understood his sentence could trigger deportation and said he did not wish to be a burden on the taxpayer.

In his sentencing remarks, Judge Hopkins told him: “You have shown and still show absolutely no remorse for what you did.”

He made a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order banning Hamrouni from sitting next to any female passenger on a train in England or Wales.

Hamrouni was jailed for 27 months and the judge commended the “courage and dignity” of the victims in giving evidence.

DS Guy Ellis from British Transport Police, said: “On two occasions Hamrouni targeted two young woman and sexually assaulted them on board a train. His actions were outrageous and unwanted.

“I am pleased that the judge imposed a prison sentence for Hamrouni – not only has a sexual offender been taken off the streets, I hope both victims feel that justice has been done.

“Unwanted sexual behaviour on board trains will never be tolerated.

British women need training in how to get aggressive with these creepy sand niggers.

Neocon Jew Max Boot Advocates Mass Invasion of Nonwhites to Man America Military


Steve Sailer exposes the dangerous mindset of a neocon Jew, a Hillary supporter who has a history of influencing American foreign policy.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

“The military would do well today to open its ranks not only to legal immigrants but also to illegal ones and, as important, to untold numbers of young men and women who are not here now but would like to come.

No doubt many would be willing to serve for some set period in return for one of the world’s most precious commodities — U.S. citizenship.”

– Max Boot, Feb. 2005, LA Times

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Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Horrific Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi knew the average American well. Without something bigger than himself to believe in, European peoples are lost.


Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó (Hungarian: [ˈbeːlɒ ˈfɛrɛnt͡s ˈdɛʒøː ˈblɒʃkoː]; 20 October 1882 – 16 August 1956), better known as Bela Lugosi (/ləˈɡoʊsi/; Hungarian: [ˈlugoʃi]), was a Hungarian-American actor, famous for portraying Count Dracula in the 1931 film and for his roles in various other horror films.[1]

He had been playing small parts on the stage in his native Hungary before making his first film in 1917, but had to leave the country after the failed Hungarian Communist Revolution of 1919. He had roles in several films in Weimar Germany before arriving in the United States as a seaman on a merchant ship.

In 1927, he appeared as Count Dracula in a Broadway adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel. He later appeared in the classic 1931 film Dracula by Universal Pictures. Through the 1930s, he occupied an important niche in popular horror films, with their East European setting, but his Hungarian accent limited his repertoire, and he tried unsuccessfully to avoid typecasting.

Meanwhile, he was often paired with Boris Karloff, who was able to demand top billing. To his frustration, Lugosi was increasingly restricted to minor parts, kept employed by the studio principally for the sake of his name on the posters. Among his pairings with Karloff, only in The Black Cat (1934), The Raven (1935), and Son of Frankenstein (1939) did he perform major roles again, and, even in The Raven, Karloff received top billing despite Lugosi performing the lead role. By this time, Lugosi had been receiving regular medication for sciatic neuritis, and he became addicted to morphine and methadone. This drug dependence was noted by producers, and the offers eventually dwindled down to a few parts in Ed Wood’s low-budget movies, most notably Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Muzzie Woman Prof Dragged Off Plane Over Dog Complaint Now Screaming “Racism”


No sympathy for you and no easy money for you either, baby.

When the cops tell you you have to go, you have to go.

If only they had the legal authority to put you on a plane to whatever god-forsaken sand dune your ancestors hail from.

ABC News

The Maryland woman who was forcibly removed from a Southwest Airlines plane in a dispute over dog allergies alleges she was subjected to disparaging treatment by the law enforcement officers who escorted her off the plane.

“For me, it was clear a lack of conflict-resolution skills with them,” Anila Daulatzai, 46, told ABC News of her interaction with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTA). “There’s something they just didn’t trust me with.”

She continued, “I was a brown woman with a hoodie.”

Daulatzai said she is two months pregnant and was traveling to Los Angeles to care for her elderly father Sept. 26 when the incident occurred. She was forcibly removed from the plane at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Maryland after refusing to leave on her own.

Video of the incident taken by a fellow passenger was widely shared on social media.

CBS Los Angeles does a good job in two minutes, which includes the video of her removal.

Daulatzai says the incident escalated after she asked whether there were any dogs on the plane.

“When I boarded the plane, the first thing I asked the flight attendant was, ‘How many dogs are going to be on this plane?'” she told ABC News, adding that she “never, never” told Southwest officials that her allergy to dogs was life-threatening.

Daulatzai, who holds a faculty appointment at the Maryland Institute College of Art, found a seat away from dogs on the flight. She says the flight’s captain continued to ask her about the allergy.

“He started by saying, ‘I’m uncomfortable with you being on this plane,’” she said. “I said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m the primary caretaker for my father. I need to be there. I’m asking you to reconsider.'”

Daulatzai was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order, disturbing the peace, obstructing and hindering a police officer and resisting arrest, according to Maryland Transportation Authority Police.

Daulatzai and her lawyer, Arjun S. Sethi, said in a statement Wednesday that Daulatzai was questioned while grading papers on the flight.

“Despite trying to convince the crew that she would be completely fine on the plane, she was asked by another Southwest representative to leave the plane,” the statement said. “Shortly thereafter the Maryland Transportation Authority Police pulled her from her seat by her belt loop, dragged her through the aisle exposed with torn pants, and humiliated her for the world to see in a now viral video.”

The statement continued, “The Maryland Transportation Authority Police later disparaged her, accused her of lying about her pregnancy, and made racist remarks about immigrants.”

Daulatzai suffered physical injuries and mental trauma, according to her lawyer. They plan to take legal action against Southwest.

“We fear that when you Google her, the first thing that is going to come up are these criminal charges, which we plan to contest,” Sethi told ABC News.

Troublemakers. They ain’t leavin’ on a jet plane.

Model Allegedly Murdered by Rich Jew Boyfriend was Scalped, Drained of all blood, Autopsy Shows


It’s best not to upset a weirdo who writes insane violent, bloody material. I, for one, wouldn’t want Stephen King mad at me, for example.

For Ukrainian immigrant Iana, the lure of a wacko Jew’s money may have overcome any common sense notions to steer clear of the guy who was well known in some Hollywood circles for hustling to become super rich and famous.

He’s now achieved the famous part. His riches are going to be paying for lawyers, though.

New York Post

An autopsy shows that a model — who Los Angeles cops say was tortured and killed by her graphic-novelist boyfriend — was scalped, had portions of her face torn off and had been drained of all her blood.

Iana Kasian, 30, was found dead in a West Hollywood apartment in May 2016.

Her boyfriend, Blake Leibel, 36, the son of wealthy Canadian real estate tycoon and Olympic sailor Lorne Leibel, has been charged with her murder and could face the death penalty if convicted. He has pleaded not guilty.

At least one of his novels has drawn unsettling parallels to the murder case. The book, “Syndrome,” starts with flashbacks of a serial killer slashing throats and draining blood, the New York Daily News reported.

Detectives found Kasian lying next to her 2-month-old baby, who was not hurt.

The autopsy report revealing the grisly details was released Wednesday, KABC-TV reported.

The report shows there was also an injury to Kasian’s jaw that appeared to be human bite marks, the station reported.

Leibel also worked as a writer and director, according to multiple reports.


From Wikipedia:

A civil lawsuit filed by the victim’s mother, Olga Kasian, includes transcripts of Los Angeles County Coroner Dr. James Ribe’s deposition, which state:

“Kasian’s entire scalp was traumatically absent and was not found, was not present with the body. Her skull had been stripped down to the surface of the bone … There was no scalp present except for little bits in the back of the neck… portions of the right side of her face were torn away including the right ear and part of the posterior face on the (right) side, all the way down to the jawline… there were quite a number of bruises and abrasions on the face, primarily on the left side, the left cheek, and left jaw area, a number of bruises and abrasion, including one which turned out to be a human bite mark… she had lived for at least eight hours approximately after receiving the scalp injury and the bruise to the collarbone… I have never seen this before. And I doubt if hardly any forensic pathologists in this country or abroad have even seen this outside of, perhaps, wartime… So it’s extremely rare…”
— Dr. James Ribe, Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office[4][2]

Alleged killer Leibel was a weirdo, but a rich one, living off $18,000 a month in trust fund money.

New York Post

Leibel moved from Toronto to California with his older brother in 2004 in hopes of making it big in Hollywood — all while living off $18,000 per month from his father and late mother.

“I didn’t see the violence coming,” the producer said. “I thought he was just a weirdo … wearing this big, heavy Columbine jacket … I mean, this is LA.”

Leibel stood out on many fronts, according to the producer.

“With movie and comic geeks, that world attracts a lot of weirdos,” the producer told the Sun. “But even in that world of bad hygiene and general weirdness, Blake was on the outer fringe.”

Leibel spent a lot of time at the Soho House, where he pitched his latest ideas, and smoked a lot of marijuana, friends said.

Eastern European Men Punch Dindu Rapefugee in Face in Germany (Video)

A message is delivered to a Dindu: Don’t try to block the road, Blackie. It’s very satisfying to see the African dealt with in the only manner he understands–by inflicting pain on him. 14 seconds.

Seen at GLP