Black Dominatrix Indoctrinates White Male Clients with Readings in Black Feminist Theory

A reasonable person might suspect that the so-called white males who are clients of a thoroughly unappealing black dominatrix, Mistress Velvet, pictured above, are Jewish.

Unfortunately, I once knew a white male who was hooked on a black hooker. That was after he lost contact with his Vietnamese hooker. These pathetic cucks have no self-esteem, which is good to have in realistic amounts.

Daily Mail

A dominatrix has revealed how she gets her clients to read black feminist theory which says gives her a feeling of empowerment and helps to change their attitudes towards race and gender.

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Based Illinois Woman Candidate for Governor Runs Attack Ad Called Racist, Sexist, Transphobic

Cucked Republicans are scared to death of the ad above. They joined with Democrats in demanding it be removed.

Meanwhile Rep. Jeanne Ives isn’t budging from speaking the truth.


CHICAGO — A new ad that’s been denounced as anti-immigrant, “racist,” “sexist” and “transphobic,” is causing an uproar in Illinois, with leaders from both parties calling for its removal.

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Negro Tranny Strawberry Hampton Seeks Transfer to Women’s Prison, Claiming Abuse by Guards


Women prisoners wouldn’t want that foul creature pictured above in their prison anymore than men would want that freak around.

But these “chicks with d*cks” have special privileges in our sick culture, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a court sent “her” to women’s prison.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

26-year-old transgender woman serving a 10-year sentence in Illinois for burglary is seeking a rarely granted transfer to a female prison where she says she’ll be less vulnerable to the kinds of sexual assault, taunting and beatings she’s been subjected to in male prisons.

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Robert Kennedy’s Son Accuses (((Emmanuel))) of “Gentrification Plan” Designed to Remove Blacks from Chicongo


If a Jewish Democrat mayor can hatch a diabolical plan to move blacks out of Chicago, shouldn’t the POTUS be able to come up with a plan to move them back to Africa?

I’ll bet Donald Trump is working on it right now. If he’s not, we should suggest the idea to him.

Obviously, cities would be better off without blacks and the crime and disorder they foster. So why not use “gentrification” as the cover story?

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune

Democratic governor candidate Chris Kennedy on Wednesday accused Mayor Rahm Emanuel of leading a “strategic gentrification plan” aimed at forcing African-Americans and other minorities out of Chicago to make the city “whiter” and wealthier.


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Illinois Dindu convicted in sex assault of 90-year-old care home patient


Fox News reports the bare bones of this horrific story. The real meat is to found in the local press reporting.

Fox News

An Illinois man could face 60 years in prison after a jury found him guilty Wednesday of sexually assaulting a 90-year-old care home patient with dementia.

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Hate Crime Update: Negress Member of Gang that Kidnapped, Tortured Retarded White Youth Sentenced to PROBATION, 4 Year Facebook Ban

When four Negros livestreamed their torture of a bound and gagged white youth they had kidnapped, it sparked national outrage last January. Even Obama condemned the crime.

We deplorables had to work hard to get the Chicongo authorities to charge the sweet, innocent little dindus with a hate crime, but we eventually got the job done.

One of the mau-mau terrorists was sentenced on Friday. No one should feel good about it. Probation plus four years without Facebook is a slap on the wrist for a crime of this magnitude. That light sentence, it should be noted, was served up by a Jigaboo Judge.

Chicago Tribune

A Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Brittany Covington, 19, has been in custody since her arrest in January.

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Police Cover Up: No Charges for Filthy Muslim Terrorist Who Killed Four and Injured Seven by Driving his Big Rig into Cars



White genocide continues to be aided and abetted by law enforcement in liberal areas of the United States.

The entire country saw the verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.

The deaths of the Bartels sisters and Tori Carroll have been mainly local news.

Share this story with everyone. Make it go viral. Help wake up the slumbering masses to the reality of white genocide. When a Muslim conducts a deadly truck attack, someone in the media should be reporting it.

One more thing. I’d like to post a picture of the Muslim mass killer who used his big rig as a weapon, but there is no picture available. That’s just unacceptable. The police and media are protecting the dune coon.

Belleville News Democrat

llinois State Police on Saturday released the name of the driver who was behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer that smashed into seven cars at highway speed, killing two Staunton sisters, their friend and another student.

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