Illinois Fire Department Lowering Standards to Increase “Diversity”

In order to have more negros manning the fire hoses, the city of Elgin, Illinois is planning to eliminate the current education requirement, which is 60 hours of college credits.

Just what America needs–firemen too stupid to get through two years of college.

The drive to put more blacks and women in the station house makes little sense except in terms of politics. Every locality should be aiming to have the best firefighters and the best equipment, not focusing on how many of this group or that is on the job.

Chicago Tribune

Elgin may revise its requirements for firefighters to attract a more diverse group of applicants.

Feel safer with Wakandans manning those fire hoses, eh Elgin?

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Over Two Hundred Headstones Spray Painted with Swastikas at Illinois Cemetery

How many rabbis does it take to spray paint 200 headstones?

Wait. Don’t answer that question, written in jest.

This case, involving spray painted swastikas, appears to have taken place in a Christian cemetery, not a Jewish one. Specifically, the cemetery in this story is a veterans cemetery.

The swastikas seem to imply that the American military vet is a “Nazi.” That’s something an antifa or other liberal, leftist would believe.

The police should be looking for a leftist active in anti-war affairs, not an “antisemitic” person who is awake to Jewish issues.

Surveillance footage, seen below, offers hope that the perp will be identified and arrested.


CBS News

GLEN CARBON, Ill. — More than 200 headstones were spray-painted with swastikas at an Illinois cemetery overnight, CBS affiliate KMOV reports. Police were called to the Sunset Hills Cemetery in Glen Carbon on Saturday morning after the black spray paint was discovered.

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Black Professor Begs Trump to Send Military to Chicongo


A black professor in America’s third largest city has begged President Trump to send in federal troops to restore order to that murderous dump by the lake.

As a symbol that the black population must abide by the law, that would be great.

But we know that Trump would be labeled a racist again by politicians and the media. We also know that thousands of encounters between the peacekeeping troops and the local nogs would be headline news every day, as one racism accusation followed another.

Obama is from Chicongo and he did nothing much to end murder and crime in his city. So why should Trump.

Trump might think about federal funding for more meatwagons for Chicago to travel the city to pick up the dead bodies littering the streets and sidewalks. That’s about it.

Full text by Professor Jason D. Hill of an op-ed published at The Hill.

President Trump, during your presidential campaign you made a promise to send federal troops to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., and also one festering with feral thugs and gang-bangers who are committing genocide among black Americans right in the great city of Chicago.

Sorry, professor, but the alt-right is more worried about white genocide by your people.

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Police Dogs Will Have to be KILLED if Weed Legalized, Say Cops

Scare tactics.

That’s what the threat to kill police dogs is about.

Police dogs are smart and obedient. They can be retrained or they can be retired to a home with a nice family.

The idea that the public would stand for murdering man’s best friend is outrageous.

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First Baby in History Allowed on Senate Floor Born to Half Breed Senator WITH NO LEGS



Wikipedia’s page for Tammy Duckworth indicates to me that the gook (rather, Chink) is a totally incompetent fool who got her legs blown off in the Iraq war, probably doing a job she’s not qualified to do.

Since then, she’s proved to be mildly corrupt, with occasional brushes with ethics rules violations. Only idiots would ever vote for this piece of yellow sh*t, but she’s from Illinois, so what can I say.

But God Almighty, we have to worship her fat, sorry Asian ass because she’s only half white and a “war hero.”

I like my heroes who don’t f*ck up like she does.

Anyway, here’s why the bitch is in the news today.

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Flock of 11 Ducklings Who Fell into Storm Drain Rescued by Police and Fire Department

Fox2 Now

SHILOH, IL – Eleven ducklings got a new lease on life Tuesday night after someone at a track meet at Shiloh Middle School saw the duckling fall into a storm drain.

The call went out to for first responders at 7:15 p.m. Officers and firefighters from Shiloh police and O’ Fallon – Shiloh Fire Department responded to remove a grate in order rescue the ducklings.

All of the ducklings are in good health and have been turned over to the Treehouse Wildlife Center.

Mom’s Protest to Court that Black Boyfriend’s First Degree Murder Charge was Excessive Works–Boyfriend OUT on Bail

Watch white mom talk about her dead son in the above one minute interview. Mom also had plenty to say to the court, getting the boy’s alleged murderer’s bail reduced by an absolutely incredible amount. So now the nog is out and mom can have her BBC again.

Fuck her!

If your child is too much for you, white woman, and you don’t want to kill it yourself, just get yourself a nagger boyfriend. They’ll do the job for you.

Beside her deceased white toddler, mom has a mulatto with the nog suspect.


A man accused of killing a 2-year-old in the Metro East is out of jail on bond and victim’s grandmother wants the judge responsible for the decision to step down.


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