Migrant Mestizo Caravan Arrives at U.S. Border Seeking Asylum

Fox News ran the above photo as part of its coverage of the arrival of the shrunken migrant caravan at the U.S. border.

It’s a nice pro-asylum seeker propaganda image. We’re supposed to feel sorry for such a nice young family with a baby.

Feeling sorry for people is not enough reason for accepting them into your country.

Their own country should work on making everyone safer. The problem is that none of the countries of origin for the mestizos is capable of producing a safe place.

Fox News

A group of about 50 Central American migrants who fled southern Mexico in late March have reportedly reached the U.S. border and plan to seek asylum.

Naturally, the liberal press is implying cruelty by President Trump for separating children from adults. The thing is that adults who bring children along from Central America are exposing them to danger.

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Unnoticed in the Russia Hysteria, Sly Trump Just Cut Illegals Off Welfare

The carrying out of President Trump’s quiet welfare reform is going to require the states to cooperate. The Democrat-controlled states are going to stonewall because if they can’t give their nonwhite constituents welfare and other goodies, what else have they got?

White House

(b) Within 90 days of the date of this order, the Secretaries shall each submit a report to the President, through the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, that:

(i) states how their respective agencies are complying with 8 U.S.C. 1611(a), which provides that an alien who is not a “qualified alien” as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1641 is, subject to certain statutorily defined exceptions, not eligible for any Federal public benefit as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1611(c);

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Woman Teacher Goes Viral with Stories of Abusive Parents and Student Chaos


White students are only about a quarter of the students in Texas’ Bastrop ISD. The majority are Latinx. Julie Marburger has the misfortune to be a teacher in Bastrop County.

It’s like the lady says. You can’t teach when the students create chaos, the parents back their kids, and the school administrators care most about keeping the parents happy.

This is what a third world sh*thole is like. It also reveals the lies propagated by the press about so-called dreamers.

11 Alive

AUSTIN, Texas — A Bastrop ISD teacher’s Facebook post asking parents to stop “coddling and enabling” their kids has been shared more than 416,000.

The future is now!

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Montana Governor Refuses Trump’s “Twitter whim” Request for Guardsman


In his lust for more Democrat voters, Governor Steve Bullock of Montana apparently views illegal border jumpers as a positive for America.

“They do the jobs Americans won’t do,” and all that crud.

Apparently, Montana has a Democrat governor because white people fleeing the mess they made in California are bringing their same liberal values with them to Montana.

This post covers Bullock’s idiotic claim that the border crisis is a whim, then goes into the laws giving power to the President to use the Guard for border duty.

Washington Times

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock says he’ll never deploy National Guard troops “based simply on the whim of the President’s morning Twitter habit.”

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Trump Dumps “boring” Script, Flails Away at Illegal Voters and Mexican Rapists

The old Trump is back. That’s good.


President Donald Trump on Thursday ditched his “boring” prepared remarks at a tax roundtable in West Virginia, and instead repeated his claim that “millions” of people are voting illegally and boasted that he was right about the threat of Mexican rapists.

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Trump Sending Military to Mexican Border

LOL! It looks like Trump doesn’t trust Mexican promises to break up the so-called caravan, which is really an invading army of women and children.

Alternatively, he should view this crisis as an opportunity to militarize the border with public support. It shouldn’t matter much what Mexico does this time because there are always going to be more next times.

Washington Times

President Trump said Tuesday he will use the military to guard the border with Mexico against a “caravan” of illegal immigrants approaching the U.S.

Look carefully at Mexico’s border wall:

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ABC News: Mexico is Stopping the Caravan

Race realists know that Mexicans are habitual liars. They also have a lot of false pride within them. So, will Mexico really break up the caravan of illegal central Americans heading to invade the U.S.?

President Donald Trump has a powerful weapon in NAFTA to hold over their head. Mexico claims that it has already sent 400 of the marchers back to their countries.

ABC News posted this article about 10 A.M. Central Time U.S. today, about two hours ago. It’s the latest news on this vital story that I could find now. More later as events warrant, including a separate post on Trump ordering the military to the border.

ABC News

After two days of tweets from President Donald Trump on a “caravan” of migrants traveling through Mexico, the Mexican government has said it is dealing with the hundreds of Central Americans making the trek.

Trump’s Tweets are not just bullsh*t or idiotic mutterings. He uses them to build public support for his positions. Without those Tweets, the liberal media would be posting article after article sympathetic to the women and children marching to America.

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