Democrat Senate Candidate (((Zak Ringlestein))) Arrested While Trying to Break into Border Detention Center


A Democrat bullshooter clearly intended to get his sorry ass arrested in order to increase his name recognition among Maine’s social justice warriors. In other words, Zak pulled off a publicity stunt.

Press Herald

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Zak Ringelstein was arrested Friday for refusing to leave a child detention center in Texas after being told he would not be allowed inside.

“Zak is now a political prisoner of the Trump regime,” read a tweet from Ringelstein’s campaign account Friday morning.


Zak is not a political prisoner. He can hold any view about immigration he likes and never go to jail. He’s not even a prisoner since he bailed out cheap. He was arrested for trying to break into a legally and morally correct detention center that holds border jumpers in Texas.

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Ann Coulter: Migrant Kids at Border are Child Actors

Let’s stand with sharp-tongued Ann Coulter, who has been a driving force to halt illegal immigration for years. The Daily Mail reports that she’s under seige for her headline making label for migrant children, “crisis actors.”

Anyone who thinks that the mestizo children being used to psychologically manipulate weak-minded Americans haven’t been taught how to cry on cue and how to say the right thing to get their parent’s asylum requests approved has his head in the sand.

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“Axis of the Willing:” Three European Countries Unite to Defy Merkle’s Open Door Policies


Angela Merkel’s open invitation to invasion by Muslim scum from across the Middle East is being attacked from within her own government and by a new breed of European leader who says he’s committed to keep Europe for Europeans.

The three politicians from Germany, Italy, and Austria who have formed an alliance to impede illegal immigration call their partnership the “axis”, evoking memories of Hitler’s axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan). Deliberately provocative? I hope so.

Daily Mail

The hardline interior ministers of Austria, Germany and Italy have formed an ‘axis of the willing’ to combat illegal immigration, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Wednesday, escalating a Europe-wide row over the issue.

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MAGA: Good Trump Calls Some Illegals “Animals” as WH Seeks to Outlaw “Sanctuary”

Heh, heh. Liberals are now in a position where they’re implicitly defending MS-13, drug cartels, beheadings, and mass murder.

Trump sets them up and they take the bait every time.

Today, Trump was the good Trump we elected. Tomorrow is wait and see.

The Star

WASHINGTON—U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at unauthorized immigrants during a White House meeting Wednesday, warning in front of news cameras that dangerous people were clamouring to breach the country’s borders and branding such people “animals.”

It didn’t take long for Trump to be labeled the new Hitler:

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Trump Dumps “boring” Script, Flails Away at Illegal Voters and Mexican Rapists

The old Trump is back. That’s good.


President Donald Trump on Thursday ditched his “boring” prepared remarks at a tax roundtable in West Virginia, and instead repeated his claim that “millions” of people are voting illegally and boasted that he was right about the threat of Mexican rapists.

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Tough Trump Tweets: NO MORE DACA DEAL, Threatens Mexico’s “cash cow” (NAFTA)

It’s Easter Sunday. Everyone is supposed to make nice today.

With an army of central American invaders marching through Mexico on their way to the U.S. border, there was no time to tarry.

Trump got tough with Mexico. Of course, now Mexicans have had their dignity injured, so we’re supposed to feel sorry for them.

Harmless Yard Dog, aka Battle Beagle, is having none of it.

Let’s see how El Presidente spent his Easter.


President Donald Trump again called for an end to the filibuster and said there will be no deal with Democrats on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA.

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Map Shows State by State Costs of Illegal Immigration

James Woods is almost alt-right. He’s quite a Tweeter, finding interesting things to share with his followers.

The above map was Tweeted yesterday. While nobody in his right mind believes that illegals benefit America, many people are probably not aware of the significant costs that illegals impose on taxpayers.

This is one time you might want to move to a blue state, if you object to paying taxes to support illegals.

A more detailed breakdown of the costs can be read at FAIR.

Below is the final graphic among several that present the info in easily digestible form.