Italy’s Salvini Vows to DEPORT 100,000 Illegal Migrants Quickly


Wishful thinking?

The press says that Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini can’t achieve his goal of deporting 100,000 illegal migrants from Africa.

That may be wishful thinking on the part of the liberal press. Or it may that Salvini has failed to reckon with the difficulties of kicking out the parasites who are bleeding Italy dry.

It’s getting interesting. We’ll keep watch and pray for Salvini’s success.

Excerpt from Yahoo

ROME (AP) — Barely a week in office, Italy’s populist interior minister lost no time in bringing home his message: His government will make good on a campaign pledge to swiftly deport 100,000 migrants from the Mediterranean nation.


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Red Hen Restaurant Refuses to Serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders Because She Works for Trump

Battle Beagle says that Sarah should have gotten ugly and that her supporters should get ugly with the Red Hen restaurant.

I’m with the Beagle:

Since Richard Spencer lives in the area, let’s hope that he goes into the Red Hen wearing a MAGA cap and a White Pride t-shirt. After he’s kicked out or poisoned, he can sue them, as Sarah should be doing, but isn’t.

Sky News

Donald Trump’s press secretary says she was asked to leave a restaurant because she worked for the US president.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Twitter that she had been at a Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, on Saturday night when the owner made the request.

She had “politely left” the business, she told her 3 million followers.



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Oregon DMV Employee in Trouble for “shoot them all at the border” Social Media Comment

Shooting illegals at the U.S. Mexican border would serve as a serious deterrent effect. However, the snowflakes among us find such talk to be politically incorrect.

The left wants everyone who disagrees with its open borders agenda to be fired. America’s chickenshit employers are happy to oblige, using citing something about “we’re an inclusive workplace.”

Yeah, right. One big happy family except for the employee who has the audacity to disagree with the agenda that calls for the extinction of the white race and the transformation of the country into a brown cesspool.

CBS News

An Oregon woman who works at the DMV has come under fire for comments she purportedly made on Facebook. Lori McAllen’s Facebook page is currently untraceable, but a screenshot of the comment has been widely shared online. It says she thinks immigrants crossing into the U.S. should get shot at the border.

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Trump Takes on Protesters in Massive Minnesota Rally


One of the two protesters at Wednesday night’s Duluth, Minnesota Trump rally held up a photo of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein. I believe the photo above is the one the protester used.

As you know, Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” was visited by a number of prominent people, including Trump, I believe. More famously, Bill Clinton made multiple visits to the island.

Neither of the two protesters gained anything other than fleeting fame from their stunts. Trump mocked them nicely, meeting with massive approval among the deplorables.

Fox News

President Trump taunted a pair of protesters at a rally he headlined in Duluth, Minnesota for GOP Congressional candidate Pete Stauber.

Videos of the incidents are embedded at the end of this post.

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Rabid Group of Leftard Women and Soy Boys Disrupt DHS Secretary’s MEXICAN Dinner

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen needed some security herself on Tuesday.

That’s when a group of unwashed, deranged “socialists” marched into the Mexican restaurant where she was eating and began chanting … crap. You can watch 10 minutes of the protest by activating the Facebook video below.

Lovely Kristjen was supporting the Mexican people by eating at one of their restaurants. How presumptuous of the socialist scum to disrupt a Latino’s business. Don’t those protesters claim to care about Mexicans!

CBS News

A group of protesters disrupted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner Tuesday evening at MXDC, a Mexican restaurant near the White House. The Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America claimed responsibility for the protest and wrote in a statement that they would not let Nielsen “dine in peace.”

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Legendary CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow was not afraid to identify Mexicans on national TV as “wetbacks.”

Eighteen minutes of truth explaining the wetback crisis as seen in 1953.

Border Patrol Raid on Two Bedroom House Finds 62 Residents Inside


“Stash house” is the term of the day.

The illegals residing in a Laredo, Texas, home were temporarily housed there until they could be moved further into the interior of the United States to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.”

They’re also in some cases willing to commit the crimes that Americans won’t commit. We have to set up conditions so that these people do not want to come to the United States. Trump is working on it, but progress is slow. Let’s get more of Trump’s wall built now.


Border Patrol agents, acting on a tip, arrested 62 undocumented immigrants found in a two-bedroom house in Laredo, Texas, on Tuesday.

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