Fake News Spreads Pic Showing Mistreatment of Migrant Children Under Obama, Blaming it on Trump


Actually, why should any reasonable person interpret children sleeping on a matress pad as mistreatment. Because they’re locked up behind a chain link gate? Parents put up chain link fencing to keep their kiddies safe. Same idea here.

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Kate Steinle’s Killer Wants Federal Gun Charges Dropped Because of Trump Tweets

Dumb, dirty illegal moron Juan Garcia Zarate is merely a pawn in the giant game called “Get Trump.”

This idiot is incapable of understanding American law. I mean, he didn’t get it when he was deported five times, so what’s the chance he would understand his “civil rights” lawyer’s claim that Trump led a “vindictive prosecution” of his client.

Someone should ask him to explain how following the law is vindictive.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — The illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, but was acquitted of murder, is now suing the federal government. His lawyers say additional charges against him are “vindictive.”

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Hockey Fans Ejected and Permanently BANNED for “Racist” Taunts of Black Player

Seventy years after white baseball fans hurled racial insults at Jackie Robinson, that game is heavily nonwhite.

Whites prefer to see athletes who look like themselves, just as blacks prefer to see athletes who look like them.

It’s natural and normal.


Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly was in the penalty box after a third period fight with a Blackhawks defenseman on Saturday night in Chicago when four Blackhawks fans started taunting him in unison.

“Basketball, basketball, basketball,” they chanted.

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Based High School Boy Who Reported Illegal Classmate to ICE is KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL

There’s not even a pretense of fair, unbiased reporting on the case of Cory Garnley, the Florida high school boy who prefers the white race to all others.

Generation Zyklon is lit!

WTFF Florida

Gainesville (WTFF) – Cory Carnley, the high school student who bragged on Reddit about trying to get an undocumented classmate deported, has been kicked out of school.

As reported by babe.net, this high school senior who spends a lot of time saying the n-word online (because people like him will never say it in public) “is no longer attending GHS” according to Gainesville High Principal David Shelnutt.

Here’s a screenshot of his Reddit post:

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Illegal Bastard Who Killed Kate Steinle Sentenced to Time Served

There is outrage on Twitter over today’s ruling by a San Francisco judge, but where the Hell is the family of Kate Steinle. Are they so liberal that they think it would be racist to criticize the way that the case against her MURDERER has played out?

With the Steinle family in front of the cameras, we could probably make more progress on Trump’s wall.

I like the idea I saw on Twitter that says when you hear about the poor little dreamers that the bleeding heart liberals defend, just say, “Kate Steinle had dreams too.


An undocumented Mexican immigrant who was acquitted in the shooting death of a US woman has been sentenced to time served for illegal gun possession.

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White Men Brave Freezing Temperatures to Save Herd of Elk that Fell Through Ice into Cold Wyoming Water (Video)

White men to the rescue again. If Hollywood were to make this incident into a movie, a Nagger and a Lesbian feminist would be jumping into freezing water to save the elk.

CBS Local Denver

ALPINE, Wyo. (CBS4) — About a dozen elk were pulled from the icy waters of a Wyoming reservoir Friday morning, thanks to several sets of helpful hands.

Up to 25 people joined in the effort to bring the elk to shore in most cases, according to a Facebook post by the Wyoming Game And Fish Department.

“Luckily, the elk fell in 20 yards from the shoreline which allowed us to open up a path in the ice back to shore,” stated the department in the post.

But a Facebook video provided by Dusty Jones showed the last two animals being pulled from the water directly onto the ice.

“What an amazing start to this day! All elk survived. Great to see the community come together and help these animals,” Jones wrote in his post.

The elk fell into a section of Palisades Reservoir which lies on the state’s western border with Idaho.

Jones, one of the first people to come upon the animals, guessed they were fooled by previous conditions.

“There is usually no water in that section this time of year,” Jones wrote to CBS4. He thought last year’s heavy winter runoff may have filled the reservoir to higher levels than usual.

The Fish and Game Department surmised ice conditions were a cause.

“The ice on the reservoir is weaker in some locations, likely due to some thermal springs underneath the surface, and the elk fell in.”

The department credited members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and the local community for their assistance.

Real life ain’t Hollywood. Be proud of your Wyoming brothers, white man.

There’s more video embedded on the CBS Denver site.

White Utah Deputy Dives into Frozen Pond to Rescue Boy Who Had Fallen Through Ice

And so once again we honor a white male hero with a post.

Unlike in (((Hollywood movies))) where the hero is a 95 pound feminist or a Negro, in real life heroes turn out to be white men most of the time.


A Washington County, Utah Sheriff’s deputy is being hailed a hero after rescuing a boy who fell into a frozen pond on Christmas Day.

Sgt. Aaron Thompson was the first on the scene after the boy chasing his dog ran out about 25 feet before falling through the ice on the pond at 3100 East 2500 South in New Harmony around 5 p.m., according to KUTV.

Thompson, who damaged nerves in his arms during the rescue, told reporters at a news conference Tuesday that he was just doing what needed to be done.

When a job needs doing, who ya gonna call? A white guy, of course.


“I knew exactly what I was getting into when I got in that water,” he said. “I went out a few feet where I knew I was going to be about my waist before I started stomping on the ice to do the initial breakthrough.”

The deputy broke through about 25 feet of ice and slush before he got to the spot the boy was last seen going under water.

“I couldn’t touch the bottom but I could feel weeds touching against my feet … so I knew I had a real good chance if I just stayed in that search area,” he said.

Thompson soon found the boy’s body about five feet down the pond and lifted him out and brought him to EMTs at the scene.

The boy was airlifted to a St. George hospital and had vitals leaving the scene but was not conscious or alert.

The dog was not hurt in the incident.

Thompson suffered from hypothermia and sustained lacerations on his arms and hands from cutting through the ice. He was taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center for treatment.

I saw no report on the boy’s condition, other than that everyone is hopeful.