Mexican Woman Claims She Was Forced into Whoring at Age 12, Raped 43,200 Times

karia jacinto

Mexicans are braggarts. Even about things that most people would rather keep to themselves, just to preserve a little dignity. When a Mexican girl is a whore, she’s the biggest, baddest, most popular whore in the world.

Daily Mail

After falling into the hands of human traffickers in Mexico, one woman has estimated she was raped 43,200 times in a span of four years.

Karla Jacinto is now sharing her heartbreaking story in the hope of raising awareness about the horrific trade that is destroying the lives of countless girls around the world.

Jacinto claims that she always felt rejected by her mother and suffered abuse from a young age.

‘I came from a dysfunctional family. I was sexually abused and mistreated from the age of five by a relative,’ she told CNN.

This part of Jacinto’s story rings true. As Mexicans take over America, and that is their goal, the sexual abuse of children WILL explode. Much of it in San Antonio and South Texas is kept hidden from la policia, but lurking beneath the garish purple walls of little Mexican homes, there is rape and violence being perpetrated on youngsters.

I have noticed that the local white population may prefer to not notice these things, but the act of not noticing forces whites into becoming silent accomplices to horrific crimes. It leads the local white population to act in some odd ways too.

At the age of 12, a sex trafficker targeted her while she was waiting for friends near a subway station in Mexico City and lured her away by using kind words and a fast car.

The older man claimed to be a used car salesman and told her that he was also abused as a boy. She says he became very affectionate and they exchanged phone numbers.

He asked her to go on a trip nearby to Puebla a week later after calling her. She says he showed up to her home driving a bright red Firebird Trans AM.

‘When I saw the car I couldn’t believe it. I was very impressed by such a big car. It was exciting for me. He asked me to get in the car to go places,’ she told CNN.

The man, who was aged 22 at the time, quickly convinced her to leave with him.

‘I lived with him for three months, during which he treated me very well,’ she told CNN.

‘He loved me, he bought me clothes, gave me attention, bought me shoes, flowers, chocolates, everything was beautiful.’

Mexican males are bullsh*tters of the first class. Many ADULT women fall for their line of smooth talking nonsense. But then comes payday: POW!

Her first time working as a prostitute was in Guadalajara, one of the country’s largest cities.

Karla Jacinto claims she was viciously attacked by her pimp after a customer gave her a hickey

‘I started at 10am and finished at midnight. We were in Guadalajara for a week. Do the math. Twenty per day for a week,’ she told CNN.
‘Some men would laugh at me because I was crying.

‘I had to close my eyes so that that I wouldn’t see what they were doing to me, so that I wouldn’t feel anything.’

She added that she was sent to a number of cities, brothels, roadside motels, homes and streets known for prostitution.

After her first few days of working as a prostitute, she was forced to see at least 30 customers a day, seven days a week.

In one instance, she was attacked by her trafficker after a man gave her a hickey.

‘He started beating me with a chain in all of my body. He punched me with his fists, he kicked me, pulled my hair, spit at me in the face, and that day was when he also burned me with the iron,’ she told CNN.

See why I offer this advice for free: Ladies, never date a Mexican male. Unless you want to know the sting of a hot iron.

Woman Arrested for Sex with Three-Year-Old Boy and A Dog Taped Her Activities

Angeline Lodice, age 26--her taste for young guys and dogs got her arrested

Angeline Lodice, age 26–her taste for really, really, really young guys and dogs got her arrested

This story is about a New Orleans area woman who allegedly had sex with a toddler and a dog. Police state that they have pictures and videos of the perverted acts. If convicted, Angeline Lodice faces life in prison.

Since I grew up in the New Orleans area, I know the people well. Miss Lodice may look white and may be classified on the police blotter as white, but my keen eye for detail tells me she’s part black. Part black people are extremely common in the area.

Her slighly kinky hair, her slighly broadened nose, full lips, brown eyes and dark circles under her eyes are signs of black ancestors.

What’s the significance of race in this case? I don’t know. We need more research on the degeneracy of mixed race people. I know that several generations ago, mixed race persons were viewed as having bad genes.

There may be something to those “old wives tales.”


Authorities say a Jefferson woman sexually abused a 3-year-old boy and had sex with a dog, crimes that were captured on video obtained this week by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Angeline Lodice, 26, 148 Newman Avenue, was arrested Monday (Oct. 27) after detectives viewed videos and photos showing her engaged in sex acts with the toddler, an arrest report says. Another video showed her having intercourse with a dog, the report says.

The abuse came to light after the father of the child was contacted by a relative of Lodice, who said he received photographs and videos of Lodice and the child, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote in a report.

It’s unclear how Lodice knows the child. The deputy said she gave a statement admitting it was her in the videos, but said she could not identify the child because she believed she was drugged.

Lodice was arrested at a Harvey residence and was booked at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on charges of aggravated rape of a victim under the age of 13, pornography involving juveniles, crimes against nature and sexual battery.

Lodice faces a mandatory life sentence if charged and convicted of aggravated rape.