Blaze Bernstein’s Alt-Right “Racist” Friend Arrested for His Homicide


Blaze Bernstein’s friend’s story was as stupid as the stories concocted by many of the Dindus featured here over the years. It’s no surprise that he has been arrested.

What’s still missing is the motive.

Unfortunately, as I feared, the alleged killer is alt-right, as reported by Heavy. I don’t think there’s enough on Woodward to portray him as a full-blown Nazi though.

Excerpt from Los Angeles Times

Three days after the body of a missing teenager was found buried in a shallow grave in an Orange County park, detectives announced Friday that they had arrested a former high school classmate in the slaying.

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Body of Missing Jewish College Student Blaze Bernstein Found as Police Suspect Homicide


A Jewish college student has been found dead in a park after going missing while allegedly becoming separated from a friend in the park.

Red flags are strong with this case.

Jewish privilege has kicked in and police are pulling out all stops to find a solution to the mystery.

I just hope that a false flag doesn’t result, with a so-called Nazi being made the patsy in some sort of antisemitism narrative.

Following the story, I’ll offer a theory about how a nice Jewish kid ended up on a slab in the morgue. You can do the same if you like.


The body of a 19-year-old college student was found on Tuesday in California about a week after he disappeared — and police are investigating whether his death was a homicide, PEOPLE confirms.

“Based off what they found at the scene they are considering it a homicide,” Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, tells PEOPLE.

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Negro Charged with Slaying White Girlfriend Tries a Little Self-Lynching


Unfortunately, the Nog was stopped. It’s why a good lynch mob is a nice thing to have around when the perps fail at their self-lynching.

New York Daily News

The Staten Island man charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend tried to hang himself inside his holding cell, police sources said Friday.

Keith Jackson, 43, used a long-sleeved shirt in his suicide attempt inside the 121st Precinct stationhouse on Richmond Ave. in Graniteville around 3 p.m. Thursday, sources said.

A desk officer saw what Jackson was doing and stopped him, according to sources.

Medics took him to Richmond University Medical Center for treatment, sources said.

Jackson is accused of shooting his girlfriend Bridget Shenk to death inside their second-floor apartment on Trantor Place in Port Richmond just after midnight Thursday, cops said.

Neighbors heard the couple arguing loudly moments before Shenk, 35, was shot in the chest.

Shenk was about three months pregnant and was excited to become a mom, her mother told the Daily News.

Cops had been called to the couple’s home for domestic arguments three times in the past, sources said.

Jackson was ordered held without bail after his arraignment on murder and weapons possession charges Friday.


We try to warn these women, but they just won’t listen.

LOL! White Teen Murders Nog Stepfather Leaving Mudshark Mom High and Dry

A mudshark mom has lost her darkie partner to murder, according to Aurora, Colorado police. The killer is alleged to be her white son.

No respectable white woman would put a darkie in the home with any white boy. The darkie’s instinctive hatred of the white male is going to come out and there’s going to be trouble.

In this case, the Negro ended up dead, but it could just as easily been the white kid who died.

Daily Mail

A teenager stabbed his stepfather to death then filmed the aftermath on Snapchat after an argument over him doing chores, it has been alleged.

Nickolas Vinson, 19, is accused of murdering his stepfather Oscar Lemar Owensby, 50, at their home in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday night.

Police say he lashed out and stabbed him multiple times with a seven-inch blade that had a brass-knuckle-like handle.

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Lesbian Woman Missing After Going on Tinder Date Found Dead


Well, this unsolved murder is certainly a strange one.

Police are being tight-lipped except for the naming of a man and woman who are described as roommates as persons of interest in the death of Sydney.

The woman was Sydney’s Tinder (online) date on the evening she went missing.

USA Today

Authorities have recovered the body of a Nebraska woman whose disappearance after a Tinder date last month triggered a massive search and bizarre social media posts from two persons of interest in the tragic mystery.

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Speeding Crackhead N*gger Big Rig Driver Convicted in 2016 Death of Elderly Woman


This Dindu pulled some sh*t behind the wheel in 1993. So why was he still allowed to drive a deadly weapon like his big rig?

Niggers are f*cking crazy.

Don’t believe me? Read this.

Belleville News Democrat

A truck driver has been convicted of aggravated driving under the influence and reckless homicide for driving his tractor-trailer at a high rate of speed with crack cocaine in his system, running a red light and killing a Summerfield woman in 2016.

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Shock! Navy investigating 2 SEALs for strangling death of Green Beret


Too many Americans place too much faith in the members of the American military. The services under Obama were heavily politicized and deliberately turned as nonwhite as possible.

The stresses and strains created by diversity are well known. The murder of Sgt. Melgar, pictured above, would be unusual in and of itself. The fact that two unidentified Navy Seals are suspects is incredible.

New York Post

Two members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 are being investigated for strangling a Green Beret while he was on assignment in Mali in June, according to a report on Sunday.

Navy criminal investigators launched an investigation into the commandos after Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar, a veteran of two deployments to Afghanistan, was found dead on June 4 in embassy housing he shared with other Special Operations forces, the New York Times reported.

Melgar’s superiors in Germany suspected foul play and immediately sent an investigator to the scene, the newspaper reported.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command examined the circumstances around the 34-year-old Melgar’s death for months and then turned it over to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

No one has been charged in Melgar’s death, but two Navy SEALs, who have not been identified, have been removed from Mali and placed on administrative leave, the report said.

Melgar’s death was ruled a homicide — strangulation.

A spokesman for NCIS, said he couldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation.

The revelations about Melgar’s death come as four American soldiers were killed earlier this month in an ambush in Niger, African.

SEAL Team 6 carried out the mission that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011.

The American military today is increasingly an army of paid nonwhite mercenaries, not in the service for patriotic reasons, but for economic ones. Expect more dirty deeds from the mercenaries in the future.