The U.S. Navy’s Newest Warship is Named After a Latino Born in Mexico City Whose Heroic Deed is Very, Very Suspect


The Washington Post reports that Marine Rafael Perata’s heroism is a HOAX.

Obvioulsy, the naming of this ship for a Mestizo is a legacy of Obama’s vile politically correct horsesh*t.

Business Insider

America’s newest warship, the USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115) was just commissioned the last week of July — it’s the 65th Arleigh Burke-class destroyer to have been built for the US Navy.

Brimming with the latest in naval warfare technology, DDG-115 is named after Sgt. Rafael Peralta, a US Marine whose story continues to inspire long after his passing in Iraq in 2004.

Born in Mexico City, Rafael Peralta immigrated with his family to the United States where he would attend high school in San Diego in 1993, and be awarded a green card in 2000.

Upon receiving his green card, the young Peralta immediately walked into a recruiting station, enlisting with the Marine Corps.

According to family and friends, it was no surprise that Peralta would join up — the 21-year old was fiercely patriotic, just as his father was before him. Peralta received his citizenship after finishing basic training, placing his boot camp graduation certificate on the walls of his childhood bedroom next to a copy of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In 2004, Peralta would be deployed with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment to Iraq, seeing combat during Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah. It was during Phantom Fury that the young Marine would give his life for his comrades in arms, etching his name in Marine Corps and Navy history forever.

After clearing three houses during a patrol, Peralta was hit multiple times with enemy fire in a fourth house. Alive, though critically injured, Peralta dropped to the floor in order to clear the way for other Marines to engage hostiles inside the building.

Shortly after, a grenade bounced near Peralta and the Marines returning fire, about to detonate in just a matter of seconds. Without hesitation, Peralta yanked the grenade underneath him, allowing his body and gear to absorb the brunt of the grenade’s deadly detonation.

Though Peralta was killed immediately, the lives of the other Marines in that house were spared.

Then-commander of 1st Marine Division Lt. Gen. Richard Natonski recommended the fallen Marine for a Medal of Honor, basing his request in no small part on the accounts of Marines who were there when Peralta sacrificed his life by falling on the grenade. However, it was announced that Peralta would instead receive the Navy Cross, second to in precedence to the Medal of Honor.

An upgrade for Peralta’s award was not considered between 2008 and the present day due to conflicting perspectives on whether or not Peralta was already clinically deceased when the grenade was thrown, or was fully conscious and deliberate in his actions. New evidence recently brought to light might be what finally proves Peralta worthy of the nation’s highest award for valor in combat.


Evidence the Moon Landings Were Faked

Economics and finance website Zerohedge ran a post yesterday that strays from the usual economics and political news.

One of the sites regular contributors put together some material challenging the American government’s story that American’s landed on the moon in 1969. Commenters at the site offered more evidence, going both ways. If this topic interests you, then click on the link and take a look at the comments as well as the article and videos.


Did Elon Musk just confirm that the moon landings were faked?

Elon Musk just announced that SpaceX abandons propulsive landing plans for Red Dragon mission to Mars.

In my opinion, we should not be surprised.

NASA supposedly used propulsive landing for the Apollo missions to the moon…in 1969.

I ask you to please click the following hyperlinks to read three articles, carefully, watch one 3-1/3 minute video, closely, and then draw your own conclusions about the Apollo Moon landings that we are told occured nearly 50 years ago.

First, an article from RT, today:

SpaceX abandons propulsive landing plans for Red Dragon mission to Mars [4]

“The reason we decided not to pursue that heavily is that it would have taken a tremendous amount of effort to qualify that for safety for crew transport,” Musk said. “That’s why we are not pursuing it. It could be something that we bring back later, but it doesn’t seem like the right way to apply resources right now.”

Musk added that he did not think that propulsive landing was the best approach. [4]

Second, my article from ZeroHedge, last year, 2016:

I like velcro and used to drink Tang, but about the moon, was NASA really full of horseshit? [5]

” My premise is that President Kennedy wasn’t an aerospace engineer, he was a politician faced with the Russians and their satellites scaring the shit out of his constituency. He called our shot, but we couldn’t make it. So they lied.”… [5]

Third, an article from Physics Professor, Dr. Oleg Oleynik, in 2012, and updated in 2017*:

A Stereoscopic method of verifying Apollo lunar surface images [6]

“Thus, based on the above examples, this study concludes that the Apollo 15 photographic record does NOT depict real lunarscapes with distant backgrounds located more than a kilometre away from the camera.”

“These pictures were, without doubt, taken in a studio set – up to 300 metres in size. A complex panorama mimicking the lunarscape shows degrees of movement, such as horizontal and vertical changes to give an impression of imaginary distance to the objects and perspective.” [6]

* Hat tip to Medium Giraffe [7]

Fourth, a youtube video of the Apollo 11 astronaut press conference upon returning from the moon, July 20,1969*:

Apollo 11 Television Press Conference [8]


* Hat tip to Cognitive Dissonance [9]

Do these three guys, who supposedly just came back from the moon with two of them landing and returning, look and sound like they just came back from the moon?

And here is the full hour and half press conference. Listen to the actual words and sentence structure as well as the body language, which is screaming out-loud disingenuous… [8]

What do you think, now?

Peace, liberty, and prosperity,


The author of this piece, the hedgeless horseman, inserted a link to the same youtube video twice, a mistake. I believe I’ve corrected the error by embedding the full press conference below, which lasts almost an hour and a half.

While researching this post, I also found Dave McGowan’s Wagging the Moon Doggie PDF. This link will allow you to read or download the late Mr. McGowan’s book that hypothesizes that the moon landings were faked.

McGowan was one of America’s most praised conspiracy theorists until he mysteriously contracted a fatal cancer that quickly caused his death. Perhaps his cancer was induced by the federal government–the CIA?

Anne Frank Center’s Tweetstorm Attacks President Trump’s Actions in Poland


The entire Anne Frank legend is very likely to be fake history.

There is actually an Anne Frank Center dedicated to ending what it calls all prejudice in the world. There’s some real chutzpah.

Henry Makow, among others has called out the fraud. Click on the link to the Truthseeker to get the story.

Yesterday, the Anne Frank Center spewed out four Tweets highly critical of American President Donald Trump for his failure to kiss Jew ***. The odd thing is that Trump is a much better friend to Zionism and Israel than one could imagine.

LBGT Terrorists Raise Faggot Flag Over Small Canadian Town; Destroyed Twice Already


Most likely, a sick, degenerate tranny destroyed the first two flags in an effort to create sympathy for the narcissist LGBT folks.

It’s always amazing how many people don’t realize that most of these incidents are false flag psyops.

Police in a southern Alberta community are treating the vandalism of a Pride flag as an act of arson as the town held a ceremony to raise a replacement flag on Monday.

Taber hoisted the symbol of LGBT rights for the first time this year and it has not gone well. Six days after it was raised on June 12, vandals covered security cameras in Confederation Park, shredded the flag and tied the pieces to tree branches.

The Town of Taber said it took steps to prevent further vandalism by greasing the pole so that no one could remove the flag a second time.

However, on the morning of June 24, Taber police say someone applied an accelerant to the pole and lit it on fire.

‘They’ve definitely got a lot of hate going on’: Pride flag destroyed in Alberta town for 2nd time in 2 weeks
​”Once lit, the pole acted as a wick and caught the flag on fire, a portion of the flag melted and fell to the ground,” said Taber police in a news release.

Lethbridge, about 50 kilometres to the west of Taber, also saw vandals strike its symbols of Pride. Crosswalks painted in the colours of the transgender flag and the Pride flag were defaced in that city — the rainbow crosswalk twice.

Members of Lethbridge Pride donated one of their flags to the Taber Equality Alliance Society and it was raised on Monday night.

‘It hurts’

Jane Deering, a Taber resident of 18 years and the mother of two trans individuals, was at the flag ceremony and said not only is there support, but there’s new support from people she hasn’t seen at an event like this.

“Discouraging to think somebody would do something like that, but encouraging to see the support that’s coming out,” she said of the week’s events.

She’s was defiant that those who struck at the symbols would not win out, vowing to be there every day to raise a new flag if need be.

“As soon as my children came out, I’m fighting for them and standing up for the others, too,” she said. “It hurts. You hurt my children, you hurt me.”

That sense of community, and of defiance, was echoed by Jayce Wilson, a trans woman who moved to Taber from Calgary about 12 years ago.

“I felt an awful lot of love and support and unity and community. They were here because they wanted to be here. They were here because they wanted to support us and show that they cared and that they want to see the Pride flag go up again,” she said.

“We’ll raise it every day if we have to.”

‘Actions of a few’

The Town of Taber issued a statement saying “actions of a few people does not represent the community of Taber as a whole” and promised the flag will continue to fly until June 30.


Black Students Who Hoaxed Hillary With Fake Hate Crime Claim Get No Jail Time

A group of Negress college students assaulted some white students on a bus, then claimed that they were the victims of white supremacist fellow students. Their story, which Hillary Clinton bought hook, line, and sinker, was easily proven false by cell phone video.

As this story has unfolded over many months, updates have been posted here. The story still isn’t over because muh Negresses are appealing their convictions.

To the shock of no race realist, the black maggots were sentenced to community service. The prosecutor had recommended jail time.

Daily Caller

A judge has sentenced two now-expelled black University of Albany students who falsely alleged that they were victims of race-based hate crimes on a public bus to probation, community service and fines.

The hoax-perpetrating students, Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell, won’t spend a day in jail.

Roger McDonough, the Albany County Court judge who presided over the students’ jury trial in April, issued the sentence on Friday in front of a standing-room-only courtroom crowd, reports the Albany Times Union.



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Liberal Mayors and Governors Vow to Defy Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord

Liberals don’t care about you. They care about making government bigger. They care about imposing their will on you. They sell their totalitarian agenda as being good for you. It’s exactly what (((Lenin))) and collectivist minded Jews have done everywhere.

The liberal uses bigger government to enrich himself too. Take the Clintons, for example.

Yesterday, a group of American mayors and governors vowed to stick with the Paris climate accord even as the federal government pulls out. The tax slaves who live in New York City and in California, for example, can pay the cost, as the politically connected businesses in those areas are funneled the cash stolen by government.

And the useful idiots, the college professors, and the bureaucrats will approve.

France 24

Mayors and governors across the United States have said they will continue to honour the Paris Agreement, even after US President Donald Trump announced Thursday he would withdraw his country from the historic climate accord.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday that his municipality would “take matters into our own hands”, calling the plan to pull out of the historic climate accord “a dagger aimed at the heart of New York City”.

De Blasio said he planned to sign an executive order later this week maintaining the city’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. “It’s a sad state of affairs when localities have to do what the federal government should be doing,” he said.

“This is one of the interesting sides of the US,” said Martin Beniston, head of the Institute for Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva. “States and cities have a lot of autonomy and they can go ahead with their own energy policies, regardless of what Trump decides in Washington.”

De Blasio was following the lead of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who, last November, marshalled the mayors of 71 US cities into signing an open letter calling upon then-president-elect Donald Trump to remain in the agreement. He was even more forceful in an interview with Quartz, saying “If we were to withdraw… from the Paris accords, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do: we’re going to adopt it locally.”

Governors have gotten in on the act as well. California Governor Jerry Brown promised “significant action” if Trump pulled out of the accord. He’s not alone. In early May, the governors of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington all signed their own letter urging Trump to honour the US commitment.

“We stand ready as state leaders to continue to support the achievement of the existing US Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement—and if possible to go further, faster,” the letter read, in part. “The policies we are implementing that support the US’s achievement of its Paris commitment not only cut carbon pollution—they also create jobs, boost competitiveness, and bring clean energy and a cleaner environment to our citizens.”

“Maybe what these proactive states or cities could show is that you can actually make money by generating new opportunities,” Beniston said. “New technologies opening up generate new jobs and new investments.”

In practical terms what I think this story means is that liberals will be funding solar panel projects that are uneconomical and otherwise wasteful. The money will go to those companies that have contributed to the campaign war chests of the politicians in charge.

If Africans want a solar panel on every mud hut, someone else will have to pay for it besides the American taxpayer, thanks to the Trump pullout from the Paris Agreement.

Rothschild Puppet World Leaders Vow to Stick by Paris Accords without U.S.




Global leaders vowed to press ahead with the Paris climate accord after Donald Trump pulled the world’s biggest economy out of the pact, and Europe’s heavy hitters rebuffed the American president’s suggestion that it could be renegotiated.

Trump said he’ll seek a better deal because the 2015 agreement isn’t fair to the U.S., which will now join Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations not participating in it. Meanwhile, from China to Chile, leaders doubled down on their Paris commitments rather than follow in Trump’s footsteps — widening a gulf between America and the rest of the world already on display at the Group of Seven’s weekend meetings.

Germany, France and Italy said they regret Trump’s withdrawal from the accord and won’t be part of his effort to change it. “We firmly believe that the Paris Agreement cannot be renegotiated, since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies,” the three governments said in a joint statement. French President Emmanuel Macron said in a televised address that “the U.S. has turned its back on the world,” and called on American climate researchers and engineers to come and work in France. “Make our planet great again,” Macron said.

It took 21 meetings among 190-odd nations to finally reach the global deal. Participants agreed to set numerical goals to limit their carbon emissions, though adherence is voluntary and there are no sanctions for failure. The aim is to rein in warming levels since industrialization to less than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

So, the Europeans say NO to renegotiation? Trump may be playing 8D chess again. He probably doesn’t want to renegotiate anyway, preferring to focus on American jobs and factories.

Anyone remember how Obama touted solar energy and how the businesses that he financed worked out? Solyndra filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

Down with Yoga Pants offered this insight into the reality of the banking conspiracy behind the global warming scam.

You need to look beyond the EU governments to the Red Shield bankers that control both sides of the Atlantic. Then the light will come on. And quite in fact we do literally “work for” the Red Shield banks whether most people know that or not is inconsequential to the reality.

If you view governments as mere “collection agents” for the Red Shield private central banks your understanding will take yet another quantum jump upward. Governments are the taxation aka collection arm for the Red Shield banks to skim their interest take off of the money loaned to the governent.

Is it not rich that the government gets to spend the money and we plebes pay the interest and principle. What governments do with the money for the most part is of entertainment value only. Very expensive entertainment. Which of course fits with the idea that politics is show business for ugly people.

May the scales fall from your eyes.

This anology of government as the strong arm collection agency for the bankers resonates in my mind.

Cheap Bastard had this to say at the same source.

Trump knows the EU is a lost cause with misfits leading them into disaster. Of course, the leaders there don;t care if their people get screwed since they will fly away to their luxurious (well-guarded) fortress somewhere in NZ.

Even the Brexit supportes in the UK know Europe is sinking under its own corruption and rapefugee influx. When the Brits close off that Chunnel for security purposes, I will howl loudly!

Winning! European nations just got cut off from American funding of their pet projects. And every African dictator, all of whom signed on in Paris, is going to have to live with a few million less in stolen money, received after the bankers have skimmed off their share.