Tila Tequila Gets the Boot From CBB For Nazi Worship


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OK, a D-list celebrity glamour model is kicked off a reality TV show called Celebrity Big Brother. Normally, I wouldn’t care.

But in this case the woman is being punished for her past speech, as expressed in the photo above, her name for herself (Hitila), and some politically incorrect criticism of Jews.

Jezebel covered the original flap back in 2013:

This disturbing picture isn’t the first we’ve seen of Hitila’s decent into creepiness. Animal New York has been digging up all sorts of horrifying stuff:

On Friday, Tequila posted a Daily Mail article about James Marcus Howe, a director who’d worked on her show and was murdered in his Los Angeles home last month. Her lengthy caption seemed to revel in Howe’s death, and included the text, “GOD SEE’S [sic] YOU DIRTY FUCKING KIKES WORKING FOR THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN AND I HAVE RETURNED AS HIS MESSENGER!”

LOL. Pretty funny stuff. The woman has swallowed the red pill or was more likely trolling to get a rise out of people.

Whatever, Jewish controlled Hollywood dumped her today:

Sky News

Glamour model Tila Tequila has been kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house for previously posting comments on social media saying she sympathised with Hitler.

Channel 5 removed the Playboy star after reports she posted an image of herself in Nazi gear posing in front of Auschwitz concentration camp in 2013.

The broadcaster said it had been unaware of her “views and attitudes” before she entered the house on Thursday – and the 33-year-old’s continued involvement was “untenable”.

More than 500 people signed a petition calling for the American TV personality to be kicked out for allegedly writing anti-Semitic remarks online.

Really? 500 people signed a petition? Who could those 500 be?

Jewish leaders had called for the mother-of-one, whose real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, to be ejected.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, from the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said Channel 5 should “apologise fully for their enormous error of judgement”.

A spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “She should never have got anywhere near a programme on British television.”

Tila’s hardcore sex tape can be seen at Pornhub. I didn’t watch but I did observe the words “anal” and “squirting” in the description.

Which makes for this point. Jewish controlled Hollywood has no problem promoting a wack job Asian who does hardcore porn by bringing her into millions of living rooms in some crazy reality show, but they find out that she went through a Nazi phase a couple of years ago and suddenly she’s a nonperson.

While I have no use for pan-faced, inflated bolt ons Tila, I do have a sense of justice. Justice says that no one in America (or in this case Britain) should ever be punished for holding alternative political views.

I would boycott CBB to protest, but I wasn’t going to watch anyway.

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The Pizza Box That Killed Six Million Jews

hitler pizza

The picture is from an advertisement for Hell Pizza in New Zealand.

I believe there are 18 more advertisements that use Hitler to sell products, which can be viewed at this old article at Buzzfeed.

Here’s one more from a German hat seller.

hitler hat ad

15-Year-Old “Florian the Fuhrer” Leads Entire School Class in East Germany to Admiration For Adolf Hitler

This is what a Nazi looks like.

This is what a Nazi looks like.

The Western World worships Mammon. It’s a spiritually barren existence, relying on the newest cellphone technology to give people a brief moment of what seems like happiness before they sink back into their own private Hells–a hidden, desperate, spiritual wasteland.

Many white youths are incapable of dealing with the emptiness inside. Thus, we have drugs, porn, hook ups, and mindless violence. In extreme cases, overt Satanic beliefs fill the void and they murder their parents, the ones who brought them into this black hole of a world.

But some youngsters look to redeem their souls by embracing the rich history of Euro man’s achievements. And what a rich history it is. The Ancient Greeks and Romans offer insightful thinking about philosophy, law, governance and more–everything that feeds the mind and the soul.

In modern times there is only one leader in Europe who concerned himself with creating a continent in which higher spiritual values, inherent in Euro man’s soul, would rule supreme.

That man was Adolf Hitler, the demonized leader who mesmerized the world with his vision of a Europe for European traditional peoples only, united in kinship, tradition, and prosperity.

The post-modern world of today is so afraid of this man that it’s a criminal offense in Europe to express admiration for him.

And so a group of young people in Germany are now being investigated for the crime of rejecting the post-modern empty materialism that has Europe by the throat and turning instead to embrace Adolf Hitler’s vision of pride in one’s self and one’s race.

Giving the Heil Hitler salute at Landsberg Grammar School in eastern Germany.

Giving the Heil Hitler salute at Landsberg Grammar School in eastern Germany.

He called himself ‘Florian the Fuhrer’ and delighted in making his classmates give him the ‘Sieg Heil!’ – Heil to victory – salute beloved of his idol Adolf Hitler.

Florian, 15, has emerged as one of two ringleaders of a class of grammar school children in Germany who worshipped at the dark side – disciples of a regime that vanished in fire and blood nearly seven decades ago.

Florian and his cohorts are the stuff of nightmares for modern-day democrats in Europe’s most economically powerful country: educated, middle class, kitted out with the latest in Smartphones and teen-fashion who nonetheless prefer the darkest days of their nation’s past as a source of inspiration for the future.

Like a Smartphone is going to fill the hole in a youngster’s heart.

Landsberg in eastern Germany has become the town of ‘The Nazi Class’, a group of 29 youngsters who authorities say some – or even most – worshipped at the shrine of Hitler.

Recently their sordid world blew apart when the photos the 15-year-olds of class 9A of the Landsberg Grammar School posted on the WhatsApp social media site were published.

What’s so “sordid” about wanting to live a life that honors your ancestors and their pride in themselves and their race?

phone screen hitler

Florian can be seen raising his right hand in the Hitler salute, his face obscured with a stuck-on Hitler moustache.

He and a pal called Leon – who nicknamed himself ‘Julius’ after Julius Streicher – are now under the microscope of the authorities.

Streicher is the infamous Jew-baiting pervert of Nazi Germany who was hanged at Nuremberg after the war for his crimes in conditioning an entire nation to think and act anti-Semitically at all times

All 29 children in the class – who had visited a concentration camp in Germany to learn about the crimes of the Third Reich – were signed into the WhatsApp chatroom where the lurid messages of support for Hitler and his henchmen, along with vile anti-Jewish slurs, were traded on a daily basis.

A school insider, a clerk in the administration office, said: ‘Shortly before the holidays the teacher gave the class an art lesson and they were allowed to paint what they wanted.

‘When she returned she was horrified to find many of them had chosen to paint portraits of Adolf Hitler.’

In the chatroom the students shared Nazi greetings, slogans, the fact that Hitler was a ‘great man’ and the odd anti-Jewish ‘joke’.

One of the last postings before authorities shut down their account was the picture of a clenched fist surrounded by a ring of stars and the words:

‘Bock auf Nazis’ – In the mood for Nazis.

They routinely greeted each other in cyberspace with ‘Heil Hitler!’

They used words like ‘Ayran’ and ‘Volk’ – the racist speak of the Nazis – and they lauded recent racist attacks in Germany, such as the firebombing of a synagogue in Wuppertal, as ‘acts of resistance.’

With visions of six million dead Jews dancing in his head, what’s a Jewish father to do with these youngsters? It always goes back to the Holocaust, an event that evidence suggests never happened.


A German dad has filed a complaint with police asking them to investigate ‘The Nazi Class’

A legal complaint was made by Jewish man Eli Gampel, 54, who has a son in the class.

Gampel, the former head of the local Halle Jewish Community, added: ‘I thought it was a bad dream when I opened newspapers and read the article.

‘My boy told me that on the hood of his jacket someone had stuck a far-right NPD [National Democratic Party] sticker. It was well-known it seems that he was Jewish.

‘It was on this basis that I have made a formal complaint with police for an investigation.

He said however that he was equally surprised that his son had not discussed the matter with him, and added that there had been tremendous peer pressure to stop anybody in the class mentioning what they were up to.

He added: ‘Even after I read about it, I found it difficult to get him to talk about what went on. It was only through a lengthy discussion that he admitted what was in the newspaper article was essentially true.’

Herr Gampel knows about the blind, unreasoning, ignorant hatred of the far right because it was visited upon the family home only recently.

The Gampels awoke to find slogans dating back to the Reichskristallnacht – the -so-called Night of Broken Glass of November 9 1938 – daubed upon the walls of their house.

Crystal Night was the beginning of the end for the Jews of Europe.

It started with the ransacking of Jewish property and the burning of synagogues, and ended with the burning of people, some six million of them, in places like Treblinka, Sobibor and Auschwitz.

That is why for Eli Gampel, and for all the good burghers of Landsberg, it is so incomprehensible to think that their children could be attracted to the politics of the Nazi beasts from so long ago.

‘Only after intense discussion did my son acknowledge that, in principle, the newspaper articles are correct,’ he said with a sad shake of his head.

According to police sources the Sieg Heiling! and Heil Hitlers! Went far beyond mere larking about.

One officer said: ‘They spoke about being “pure Ayran folk”, which is something straight out of the Nazi lexicon, and said they wanted to work towards building a Fourth Reich.’

We’re really going to have to take those hateful words “Aryan” and “Volk” out of the dictionary lest impressionable youngsters speak them and thus be guilty of a crime. ZOG could never tolerate a white youth having pride in himself or herself. It might lead to six trillion Jews being gassed this go round.

Obviously, these kids having watched enough Talmudvision. They haven’t learned that they should be mating with nonwhites, producing a new race of mixed race mongrels with which to populate Germany.

Not to worry, though. ZOG will see to it that these young criminals are rehabilitated. ZOG has its ways.

This has to be stopped even if ZOG has to cut off his right arm.

This has to be stopped even if ZOG has to cut off his right arm.

Quoted material and photos are from the Daily Mail.