Media Crowing that Gentlelady of Color Could Be the First Black Female Governor in the U.S.

Georgia Democrats voted heavily in favor of the creature pictured above, Stacey Abrams. The American press, indeed the world press, is aflame with hopes that a negro female might become governor of Georgia. Unlike Kamala Harris (whatever the hell ethnicity she is), Stacey is fat and ugly. The Democrat party is like that.

Stacey Abrams is like the second coming of Hillary, only darker. I’ve seen no compelling reason that white women would be as excited about Stacey as about Hillary. Georgia whispers say Stacey is a lesbian, but if she is, she’s still in the closet.


A former Georgia lawmaker and author has taken a major step towards becoming the first ever African-American female governor of a US state.

Stacey Abrams won the Democratic party primary on Tuesday, telling voters that trying to “convert” Republicans into Democrats has previously failed.

Race based voting showed Georgia Democrats soundly rejecting Stacey Evans, below, who garnered just 25 percent of the vote.

The Democrat party is shaping up to be the party comprised almost exclusively of nonwhites, who of course kowtow to the Jewish string pullers behind the curtains.

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Google’s Doodle Today Finally Features a Historically Significant White Male


Mathemagic is useful. We owe a debt of gratitude to the German genius pictured above.

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Iceland’s Children Form Puffling Patrol to Rescue Young Puffins


Here’s an offbeat story that reminds us of the important things in life. Like helping birds and enjoying our children.

The place is a lighly populated island in Iceland called Heimaey

Excerpt from CBS News

Instinct tells baby puffins to follow that moonlight out to sea. But the lights from Heimaey’s harbor have given the moon some competition. Many pufflings get confused and fly toward the lights of town instead, where they either starve or end up in the clutches of a hungry cat.

And that’s when something called the Puffling Patrol — armed with headlamps and flashlights — scrambles into the inky black.

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First Baby in History Allowed on Senate Floor Born to Half Breed Senator WITH NO LEGS



Wikipedia’s page for Tammy Duckworth indicates to me that the gook (rather, Chink) is a totally incompetent fool who got her legs blown off in the Iraq war, probably doing a job she’s not qualified to do.

Since then, she’s proved to be mildly corrupt, with occasional brushes with ethics rules violations. Only idiots would ever vote for this piece of yellow sh*t, but she’s from Illinois, so what can I say.

But God Almighty, we have to worship her fat, sorry Asian ass because she’s only half white and a “war hero.”

I like my heroes who don’t f*ck up like she does.

Anyway, here’s why the bitch is in the news today.

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Illuminati Jew Psy Op: Queen Elizabeth is a Descendant of the Prophet Muhammad


To facilitate the Muslim invasion of Britain, genocide the white population of Brits, and de-Christianize Europe, the claim is now being made that the Queen is a natural bridge between Britain and Islam.

This claim is surely a Jewish-inspired psychological operation (psy op) intended to smooth the transition from a white Christian Britain to a brown Islamic state.

Times of Israel

Is Queen Elizabeth descended from the Prophet Muhammad?

New study revives old claims tracing the British monarch’s lineage back 43 generations to the founder of Islam

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80 Percent of Ancestors of Today’s Mexicans Wiped Out by Eye-Bleeding Disease, Say Scientists


Thanks to some germs that hit Mexico almost 500 years ago, we in America suffer fewer invaders at our southern border today. Fine gifts come in small packages.

Mexicans are still a diseased, third world people in some measure. They periodically bring their diseases across the U.S. border today. Tropical lands closer to the equator do seem to provide a rich breeding ground for diseases.

The Sun

THE Aztecs were wiped out by a horror disease that caused them to bleed from the eyes, mouth and nose, experts have revealed.

Scientists say as many as 15 million people – an estimated 80 per cent of population – were killed when an epidemic known as cocoliztli swept Mexico’s Aztec nation in 1545.

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George Lincoln Rockwell on the Role of God in National Socialism: Excerpt from White Power

George Lincoln Rockwell described himself as an agnostic, but that did not mean that he ignored God.

Excerpt from

What Hitler gave the world, as National Socialism is, in a sense, only a modern form of the ancient, natural “tribal law”, the prescription for happy and healthy group living given by the Great Spirit to all living creatures, including man.

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