Illegal Taco Bender Sexually Assaults 2 Women, 1 Child in Target Store

In my experience getting to know Latino males, they universally believe themselves to be God’s gift to women. They honestly think that women enjoy being sexually assaulted by a greasy moron reeking f bean farts.


A resident of Riverside County was arrested Saturday and charged with allegedly sexually assaulting three females inside a Norco, California, Target outlet.

Police identified Miguel Muro, 30, as a suspect in assaults on two women and a minor girl on September 12 at the Norco Target store, NBC 4 reported.

The three victims identified Muro as the man who walked up to them and touched them inappropriately, officials said. Police also said that Muro was seen on store surveillance video.

Muro was seen at the store on several occasions. The surveillance video helped police track him down, and he was arrested at his home in Eastvale.

The suspect was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on charges of sexual battery. Muro posted the $5,000 bail, The Press-Enterprise said.

Muro’s family told police that he suffers from mental illness, and Norco police are asking the public if Muro assaulted any other victims.

Anyone who with information about other alleged assaults should call the Norco sheriff’s station at 951-270-5673.

Solution: Castration, followed by deportation.

Hit by Mexican Landscaper with No Driver’s License and No Insurance

An inspiring story of a white woman who almost lost her husband to an illegal Mexican. She’s fighting back and fighting hard.


Hit by a Mexican landscaper with no valid DL and no insurance

Fed up and furious. Two days ago my husband was driving home from work and had a large, older Suburban pulling a trailer with lawncare equipment. He had only one second to hit the brakes and hit the truck at 35mpg. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse. Front and side airbags deployed, and he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance for wrist and neck x-rays. Has red burn marks on both arms from the airbags. No broken bones, but our 3 y/o car is totaled – crushed front end, popped tire, smashed windshield and fender.

I got the driver’s address and phone number from the police report and called him up. I flat out asked if he’s an illegal. He was hard to understand. He was listed as “self-employed” on the police report. I told him, “How DARE you come into this country and not obey our laws? Who do you think you are?!?” He claimed to have insurance but we were told it was probably the kind where they buy the cheapest kind possible to get a slip to show the police, then never pay another premium so it’s not valid because it’s expired. He started saying, “I don’t want to talk to you.” I was surprised at how meek and submissive he was on the phone. I believe he must be an illegal. I just said, “See you in court, buddy. I’m calling Immigration,” called him a Fucker and hung up.

I called my Congressman’s local office and said if he is illegal I want him out of here. They gave me the local field office number of ICE, which I called and left a message. I also told my (Democrat) congressman’s lackey, “THIS is why Donald Trump won the White House.” He actually noted and recorded it.

When I was done with that, I emailed the White House to tell them the story as well. I ended that with “BUILD THE DAMN WALL AND GET RID OF DACA. START PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST OR IT’S A BETRAYAL FOR THOSE WHO PUT YOU IN OFFICE.”

I have come to realize that govt. will NEVER do anything for you. You will have to do EVERY FUCKING THING yourself. You will have to follow up on illegals – the police won’t do it. You have to go after them yourself. I will not let this slide. When you are impacted by it, you will start doing the same thing. These people slip by because they have no SSN to look up, their wages cannot be garnished. There were two other men in the truck with him and they probably all cover for each other. I learned that this man has two other phone numbers. I will have to do my own detective work in order to get them, paying money for background checks, etc. Time to fight back HARD.

Mexican cardboard art. With no border, we are all American according to the Mexican “artist.”

As the saying goes, “You will not replace us.”

Pat Buchanan Advises Trump to Put American Workers First


Build the wall, get the illegals out of the country–all them, and reform legal immigration.

Pat Buchanan has some simple advice for Donald Trump, laid out at the end of this post in Pat’s words.

Pat saw his idol Richard Nixon kicked around by the establishment the way that Trump is also being kicked around. We know how that ended. Pat sees no hope that Trump can buy the goodwill of his enemies by playing nice.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

“Having cut a deal with Democrats for help with the debt ceiling, will Trump seek a deal with Democrats on amnesty for the ‘Dreamers’ in return for funding for border security?”

The answer to that question, raised in my column a week ago, is in. Last night, President Donald Trump cut a deal with “Chuck and Nancy” for amnesty for 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program who came here illegally as youngsters, in return for Democratic votes for more money for border security.

According to preening Minority Leader Pelosi, the agreement contains not a dime for Trump’s Wall, and the “Dreamers” are to be put on a long glide “path to U.S. citizenship.”

Trump denies this is amnesty, and says the Wall comes later.

Fallout? Among the most enthusiastic of Trump backers, disbelief, disillusionment and wonderment at where we go from here.

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Latino Chased by State Police Fills Out Job Application During Pursuit


Jose is either one dumb Latino (possible illegal?) or else it’s true what they say about Mexicans working so hard. Who stops in the middle of a police chase to apply for a job???!!!

I’d say cut the hard working guy some slack except he’s being held on $250,000 bond for running over the foot of a State Trooper last week.

CBS Local Boston

WESTWOOD (CBS) — Massachusetts State Police said the man they arrested Tuesday was in a hurry to get away from them–but not such a hurry that he couldn’t stop to check if a local business was hiring.

State Police said they were involved in a car chase with Jose Jimenez, 26 of Lawrence, and that the chase ended after he ditched the car and ran inside Osprey Wireless in Westwood.

An Osprey employee told WBZ-TV Jiminez ran inside and asked to fill out a job application.

“He was as cool as a cucumber,” recalled employee Jeff Maron.

Jimenez was wanted for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after State Police said he fled a motor vehicle stop in Brockton last Thursday, running over a trooper’s foot with his green 1999 Toyota Camry in the process.

Troopers spotted him Tuesday driving on Route 93 northbound around 11:20 a.m.. They chased him down Route 93 south and onto Route 95/128 north until he got off at the University Avenue exit.

They said they found the Camry abandoned outside Weston’s Peterson School, but were told by a witness that he ran into Osprey Wireless.

Osprey employees said Jimenez ran inside the store, spoke with multiple people to ask if they had any positions available–then started filling out an application.

At that point, “We’re hearing police helicopters outside, there’s police coming in from every direction,” said Maron.

Bryan Carpenter also works at Osprey Wireless. He said he just had a feeling that something was up.

When Carpenter asked an officer, “He’s like, ‘that’s who we’re looking for,’ showed me a picture, and I’m like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah that’s him,’ so he grabbed another officer,” said Carpenter.

According to officials, police walked in and saw Jimenez filling out an application. “Trooper Gabriel went up to him and said, ‘let’s go.’ Jimenez replied, ‘let’s go,’ and was taken into custody without further incident.”

Jiminez is being held on $250,000 cash bail and is expected to be held overnight until he is arraigned in Quincy District Court Wednesday.

He was charged with failure to stop for police, operating a motor vehicle after revocation, operating to endanger, and speeding, in addition to assault with a vehicle from last week.

Deport after prison. He was trying to take a job away from an American, so back he goes.

Ooops! Wrong Jose Jimenez:

Florida Shopper Gives Away New Generator To Help Stranger In Hour Of Irma Need

A Latino gentleman is being hailed as a hero as Hurricane Irma roars toward South Florida on Saturday. The touching story has gone viral as the public looks hopefully to see the goodness in people come out rather than the stupidity, meanness, and selfishness.

Thank you Ramon Santiago for your contribution to holding Western civilization together.


A shopper in Florida is being hailed as a hero after he selflessly gave away a new generator he had just bought to a woman he thought was more in need.

Ramon Santiago insisted that Pam Brekke take his machine after he saw her burst into tears at a Lowe’s store in the Conway area of Orlando on Thursday, per multiple reports.

With Hurricane Irma barreling toward the region, Brekke had been frantically trawling the area for a generator that she hoped would secure her father’s oxygen supply should his Sanford home lose power.

But after traveling 30 miles to the outlet in a bid to purchase one of its 216 newly delivered generators, she was devastated to find she’d just missed out.

Thankfully, Santiago was on hand to save Brekke’s day. And without even asking her why she was distressed, he handed over his purchase.

WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez shared heartwarming footage on Facebook Thursday of Brekke effusively thanking Santiago.

“Everything is OK, everything is fine,” Santiago told Brekke as the pair hugged, before she labeled him “a beautiful man.”

The heartwarming video has now garnered more than 13 million views and prompted a plethora of positive comments about Santiago’s good deed.

“God bless his heart. This was beautiful of him,” wrote one Facebook user, while another described Santiago as “an awesome guy.”

Jew Congressman’s Bridge Act Granting Amnesty to Dreamers Set for IMMEDIATE VOTE


They couldn’t fix your health care. They couldn’t lower your taxes.

But Congress appears set to jump on amnestying so-called Dreamers for three years through the Bridge Act.

Don’t worry. It’s kosher.

The Denver Channel

DENVER — U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman, a Republican from Colorado, says he plans to file a rare “discharge petition” in Congress on Tuesday to force the House to vote on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Coffman introduced the bill known as the Bridge Act in January, but the legislation has flown under the radar until now.

“Force Congress to act on it, I think otherwise, like the President, they kind of wanted to avoid making a decision on it,” said Coffman.

The Bridge Act provides a three-year extension of the Obama-era program that has given temporary legal status to nearly 800,000 undocumented children, including more than 18,000 so called “Dreamers” in Colorado.

“The members of Congress have a choice: They can let the program be phased out and these young people be subject to deportation, or they can sign this petition for the Bridge Act,” said Coffman. “The federal government knows where they are, so if there are deportation proceedings, they could be expedited.”

Coffman plans to file the petition on Tuesday afternoon, the same day President Donald Trump is expected to announce plans to end the DACA program with a six-month delay before the program would officially end.

The Bridge Act gives Congress three years to come up with a more permanent solution, and protects Dreamers from deportation during that time.

If more than half of the House signs on, the Bridge Act would go for an immediate vote without the lengthy committee process.

“People know the issue. I don’t think it’s all that complicated, so I think members of Congress can decide this without significant debate,” said Coffman.

Rep. Coffman also said he believes the Dream Act has constitutional problems — mainly because former President Barack Obama created the program through an executive order in 2012 after attempts to pass a bill via Congress failed.

Coffman pointed to a recent federal court case decision in 2015 that blocked a similar program. He said the court found the executive branch and president of the United States can’t make immigration law without Congress.

“The president’s in a tough position on this. I think he’d rather let it go and not deal with it, but he believes as I do that it’s not constitutional,” explained Coffman.

Obama Lashes Out at Trump For Ending DACA


Laurence Tribe is a lawyer and Harvard law professor who uses his legal credentials to promote dismantling the rule of law. With him leading the charge, the Constitution would mean whatever the likes of Obama says it means. Tribe’s Tweet above reveals him to be just a political hack with a law degree and a professorship. I’m not impressed. The real professors, the good ones, are not Tweeting junk Tweets like that one. Apparently, he’s got a new book out on how to impeach Trump. I don’t care. I hope it sells 5 copies and then disappears.

Today Obama lashed out at President Trump’s decision to rescind one of Obama’s illegal acts, the Executive Order that gave the children of illegals the right to work in America.

Tribe, who is one of the leaders in the effort to impeach Trump, is promoting the Obama statement, which appears on Facebook. This is no small matter, as there are 800,000 Of Obama’s “strivers.”

Here’s the full statement in Obama’s glowing prose.

Obama’s statement is a lie in so many ways.

First, it’s insulting to American kids to call the primarily Mestizo “strivers” America’s best and brightest. In fact, Obama’s words are downright sickening. He’s a disgustig POS for writing such drivel.

Second, these young people are adults, not children, in many cases. As adults, they surely have relatives and cultural ties to the home country, which is usually going to be Mexico. I don’t give a rat’s rear end whether they speak Spanish, have never lived in Mexico, or consider themselves Americans. They are thieves, stealing jobs from American citizens and acting to drive down wages and salaries.

Third, Obama says it’s cruel to tell people to obey the law. Well, yes it is. It’s always cruel to have to obey the law. It’s damn cruel to tell me I can’t break into Mark Zuckerberg’s house and live there on his dime for the next 20 years. Boo hoo. Spare me your crocodile tears, Obama.

The new word of the day is “strivers.” Talk about cheap propaganda. Liberals love this kind of content-free speech making. Oh, for the good old days when Presidents actually mixed some honesty in their pronouncements.

More nonsense from Tribe: