Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Snubbed by Indian PM as He Lands in New Delhi

The nerve of those dotheads snubbing a strong, powerful, manly leader like Justin Trudeau.

India better watch out or Canada will nuke it into oblivion for insulting such a great man.

Excerpt from The Telegraph

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, received a lukewarm welcome at the start of his official India visit, with some claiming he had been “snubbed” by New Delhi over his support of Sikh separatists.

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Shadow Boxing with Nonwhite America

Recently I’ve been forced to deal with nonwhites over the phone. This is a brief report on how it went.

When my mail was stolen from my standard rural type mail box inside the guarded and gated subdivision where I called home before the house burned down, that necessitated a post office change of address form since I couldn’t trust the mail to remain in the box until I could pick it up.

Before the government shut down I called Social Security in order to do an address change with them. The nice voice told me there would be a 40 minute wait. I hung on the line, but SS hung up on me after 30 minutes.

When I called back, I took the option of a SS rep calling me back after an hour and some minutes.

When my phone rang, naturally there was the voice of a black female on the other end of the line.

I have a feeling she looked a little more “ghetto” than the one below.

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Curry Muncher Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Woman on Spirit Airlines Flight


An Indian national, who is not a U.S. citizen, has been arrested for doing a variety of nasty things to a sleeping woman on a Spirit Airlines flight.

Most of the foreign professors and grad students I knew at the university believed that all American women are sluts and whores who want it.

Believe me, I never met a white or Mexican female student at the university who ever expressed sexual interest in a Desi.

The Hindus at the university either had to bring their own women with them from India or do without.

Prabhu must have not brought his own and decided he couldn’t do without.

That was a mistake. He should have found a Hindu sex worker somewhere and spent a few of his rupees.

Detroit News

Detroit — Federal agents charged a man with sexually abusing a sleeping woman Wednesday aboard a Detroit-bound flight.

The man, Prabhu Ramamoorthy, faces a detention hearing at 1 p.m. Thursday in federal court. He is charged with aggravated sexual abuse, a five-year felony.

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NJ Dothead Doctor Accused on Reusing Disposable Anal Catheters


Hey, the doc was just doing what they do in India.

And that’s the problem.

NBC New York

A New Jersey surgeon has had his license yanked over allegations he inserted used catheters into the rectums of at least five patients, state authorities say.

When I looked for a photo of a rectal catheter, I got a number of results. The one pictured below is my best guess of what the doc allegedly reused.

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India: Two Doctors Fired After “Dead” Baby Wakes Up on Way to Funeral

Back in the 1960s my father was evacuated from a ship and flown by the Navy to Bombay, India, where Indian doctors performed an emergency appendectomy on him, thus saving his life.

As he lay in the hospital a nice Hindu lady sat with him to keep his spirits up.

We sent her care packages for years and otherwise kept in touch.

Because of this and because of India’s intellectual tradition, I hold the Hindu peoples in high esteem in spite of the current cultural malaise that plagues that country.

The careless Indian doctors who allowed a baby to be declared dead when it was alive should be appropriately punished by the Indians. Generally, doctors bury their mistakes. That almost happened in this story.

Detroit Free Press

A hospital in India fired two physicians and promised an investigation after a baby who was declared dead woke up in a bag while the family was driving to his funeral.

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Jews and Hindus are the Highest Paid Groups in America

I had run across Based Pupper’s Twitter earlier this evening while posting on another topic. I saw this graph there. See Based Pupper’s Tweet here. Make the chart bigger by clicking on it.

Anti-White, Anti-Male, Sh*tskin Loving Google Promotes Obscure Asian Indian Woman in Latest Doodle


It appears that in the selection process for Google Doodles that white males and Christians are blacklisted.

Google Doodle landing page

She made significant contributions in the field of medicinal chemistry with special reference to alkaloids, coumarins and terpenoids, analytical chemistry, and mechanistic organic chemistry. She published around 400 papers in national and international journals and more than a score of review articles in reputed serial volumes. Her publications have been extensively cited and much of her work has been included in several textbooks.

Publishing a science paper in an Indian journal is no great feat. Neither is it any great accomplishment to have your work cited in other papers. Often, there are hundreds of citations in a paper that the professor has never read.

Has anyone read this woman’s work? If she’s so great, why haven’t we heard of her before.

The liberal press is having an orgasm with this choice. Obviously, the U.S. must open its borders to any Hindu wanting to come here since these people are geniuses.