That Walmart Carjacker Shot Dead by a Good Samaritan was NOT a Negro or a Teen


Carjacking is normally a crime associated with blacks and Mexicans.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Muslim or Jewish carjacker.

White people also seem to be underrepresented in this fun hobby that gives you a new car, at least for a little while.

Tim Day, a white male long out of his teens, must have wanted a new vehicle really badly.

He wanted a vehicle for free, but he paid a very high price.

TUMWATER, Wash. – An armed civilian is being hailed as a hero Monday after he killed a gunman who injured three other people during a wild rampage that began in Olympia and ended at a Tumwater Walmart store on Father’s Day.

Tim Day’s shooter remains unidentified, which is a good thing.

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Trump Showed Kim A Movie with Him and Kim as the Heroes

The four minute video being called a movie trailer show Chairman Kim as at a crossroads of history, with a chance to go down in history as a great hero. Of course, he can only be a hero is he de-nukes and cooperates with the West, according to the script.

CBS News

The White House aired a movie trailer depicting the possibilities ahead for U.S.-North Korea relations to set up the president’s press conference in Singapore following his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“Seven billion people inhabit planet Earth,” the voiceover began. “Of those alive today, only a small number will leave a lasting impact. And only the very few will make decision or take actions that renew their homeland and change the course of history.”

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Hero Pit Bull Warns Fam House on Fire, Drags Baby by Diaper to Safety

Yes, indeed, Sasha, pictured above, is a pit bull.

She’s in the news, but not for a bad reason. She’s a hero by anybody’s standards.

If not for her, a family might have been consumed by flames.

CBS News

Sasha, an 8-month-old pit bull, was sitting outside of her Stockton, California, home Sunday, June 3 when flames began to engulf the apartment building. Sasha’s owner, Nana Chaichanhda, and her baby were inside.

The quick-thinking dog jumped into action, alerting Chaichanhda about the fire before she even realized the blaze herself. The fire eventually destroyed most of the four-plex, but not before Sasha helped get her family out.

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“We also serve:” Honoring Our Animal Heroes on Memorial Day


The U.K.’s Dickin Medal is given to heroic animals who serve humans in wartime.

Almost as many pigeons as dogs have received the award. Several horses and even ONE CAT have also been so honored.

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White Knight Rescues “Smelly Fatty” on Plane from Texting Passenger Critical of Plus-Sized White Woman


Why can’t people just mind their own business these days?

Everyone’s a social justice warrior.

In this case a white man didn’t like what another white man had texted about a “helpless” woman seated next to him on a United Air flight.

What do you think of white knights?

Daily Mail

An Oklahoma woman has hailed a good Samaritan as her hero after he intervened when a passenger on a plane began to fat-shame her by calling her a ‘smelly fatty’.

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Heroic Latinos Charged with Hate Crime in Beating of Disgusting Sodomite Couple


Four Mestizo guys did the job Americans won’t do.

They attacked two disgusting sodomites who were making out following a so-called gay pride parade.

The Latinos jumped in to stop the public debauchery, which was the real crime.

Our heroes are without honor in America, however. They’re facing 30 years in prison for doing minor damage to the disgusting fags, pictured below.

Local 10 Miami

MIAMI – The state has upgraded charges against four men accused of attacking a gay couple last month on South Beach following the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade.

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White Male Cops Risk Lives to Pull Zonked Out, Uncooperative Druggie Out of Burning Car (Video)

I think this one minute video is going to go viral since it’s being featured on several news websites.

The unidentified man rescued is either white or a light mestizo. Since the place is New Joisy, my money is on Latino. As usual, the heroes are white males. Speculation is rampant on youtube that he’s on drugs. The story plays down that angle.

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