Inspector General Says U.S. Army Mistreated Retired War Dogs

The corrupt American military pays more attention to its beloved trannies than it does to its heroic war dogs.

America’s slide into a third world sh*thole is happening one small step at a time.

White people don’t allow things like this to happen, although there’s little doubt that a white male will be scapegoated for the shameful treatment of our canine friends.

The Hill

A Defense Department inspector general report published Thursday found that the U.S. Army mistreated bomb-sniffing dogs after they were discharged from the military, Reuters reported.

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Rambo Trump: I Would Run into the School Even if I Didn’t Have a Gun

President Donald Trump ran for president against the deadly Mexican cartels. I vaguely recall that El Chapo put a $100 million reward up for anyone who would assassinate Trump. Read more here.

His bravery is not to be questioned.

Today, Trump said that he would have run into the Parkland school when the shooting started, even if he didn’t have a gun.

He really said it. But the press isn’t reporting the next sentence, where Trump declared that everyone in the room he was speaking to (governors) would do the same.

It’s an optimistic view of human nature, but Trump wasn’t claiming to be unique or special. He was just calling out the cowardice of Scot Peterson and four other officers who did not run into the school.

Excerpt from NBC News

President Donald Trump said Monday that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting there earlier this month even if he were unarmed.

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White Mother and Daughter Shoot Dindu Robber Armed With Shotgun During Attempted Robbery of Liquor Store



A darkie has been hospitalized and is receiving excellent medical care thanks to the taxpayers of Oklahoma.

Tyrone Lee was shot while attempting to rob a liquor store staffed by two women.

The dumb ass assumed that the women would peacefully hand over the cash he sought, as had been the case in the ten (or more) other stores he had robbed recently.

These women are heroes. They’re also a convincing counter to the anti-gun hysteria that swept the American media following the Parkland school shooting.


A mother and daughter retrieved guns and opened fire on a shotgun-wielding robbery suspect in the family’s Tulsa, Oklahoma liquor store.


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Determined German Shepherd Hit by THREE Bullets, Saves Owner During Home Invasion

There’s at least one German willing to fight for his homeland.

This German is a doggo who lives in Washington state.

Fox News

A German Shepard is being hailed as a “four-legged angel” after reportedly getting hit by three bullets while protecting his owner during a home invasion attempt this week in Washington.

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CNN Fed Parkland JRROTC Student Question for Jake Tapper’s “Town Hall” on School Shooting

CNN is being forced to call a school shooting survivor a liar.

He may even be Jewish. His name is Colton Haab and his school is 40 percent Jewish, so the odds are decent that he is Jewish. He’s also been hailed as a hero for his actions during the shooting.

You don’t go around calling kids (especially Jewish kids) liars. I don’t care about his race or ethnicity. His story is credible. He has no reason to lie, but CNN does.

I have no idea what happens next, but at this moment, CNN has been exposed again no matter their denials.

Fox News

A survivor of the Florida high school massacre said in an interview that CNN rejected his proposal to discuss armed guards in schools and instead handed him a “scripted” question to ask during Wednesday night’s town hall on gun rights.

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Emotion-Driven Normies Want Oriental “Hero” Parkland Student BURIED WITH FULL MILITARY HONORS


Parkland, Florida student Paul Wang would be alive today if he had only stayed in China.

There was no way that he could have known that a biological Jew, with a cultural Hispanic background, would freak out and shoot up his school.

Apparently, students are not eligible to be buried with full military honors since thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that privilege for him.

I doubt this is an organic movement, but rather an organized effort by the (((globalists))) to further the idea that America needs more nonwhite immigrants.

Business Insider

A freshman JROTC cadet died helping his classmates escape the gunman that stormed his Parkland, Florida school last week with an AR-15.

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“This is for our guys:” Heroic Russian Pilot Blew Himself Up Rather Than Be Captured by Syrian Jihadists

A Russian fighter jet pilot shot down over the skies of Syria by rebels sponsored by Israel fought heroically after parachuting to the ground.

What he ultimately was forced to do was probably wise given what the filthy Muslim animals had in store for him.

I’ve posted a photo of the hero at the bottom on this post.

New York Post

A Russian pilot who was forced to eject from his stricken jet over Syria killed himself with a grenade to avoid being captured by jihadists — as he shouted, “This is for our guys!”

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