‘Werewolf’ of Siberia confesses to killing 81 women, police say

Rather than try to murder prostitutes out of existence, serial killer Mikhail Popkov would have been better served becoming a missionary. White women of child bearing age are rare relative to world population. We don’t need them raped and chopped up with an ax.

With Dylann Roof receiving the death penalty for killing nine blacks, I have to ask the question: Why hasn’t Popkov been sentenced to death? Do black lives matter more than white lives when the dead women are alleged prostitutes?


Former Siberian policeman Mikhail Popkov, who is already serving a life sentence for the murders of 22 women, has confessed to killing 59 more, police told the Siberian Times.

Nicknamed the “werewolf” of Siberia for the brutality of his methods – he raped women and then killed them with axes, knives or screwdrivers – Mikhail Popkov carried out his bloody rampage between 1992 and 2010 in the Angarsk and Irkutsk regions of Siberia, the paper reported. According to the state news agency Tass, he resigned as a police officer in 1998.

When he was first detained in 2012, the Siberian Times said, he told police his goal was to “cleanse” the streets of prostitutes.

According to Tass, the investigation began when women kept disappearing from public places in Angarsk in the mid-1990s, at the time Popkov was a police officer. Later, authorities started finding mutilated bodies of the women around Irkutsk.

They also found tire tracks from a Niva cross-country vehicle at some of the crime scenes, which ultimately led them to Popkov.

At first he confessed to three murders.

But as police investigated, and as he began talking, the number rose to the 22 for which he was convicted and sentenced in January 2015.

Irkutsk police spokeswoman Karina Golovacheva has told the Siberian Times that Popkov has now confessed to 59 new slayings. “That means, if we add them to the earlier 22, it will be 81 murders in total.” Of the 59 cases, 47 have produced charges. “We are quite sure about the 12 other cases,” Golovacheva told the paper, and “in the nearest future we can bring charges” in the 12 others.

The victims have ranged in age from 17 to 38.

Popkov, according to earlier reports of the case, started his spree when he was a policeman, offering women rides in his police car and then taking them to remote locations and raping and killing them.

After laborious probes, police have found body after body in the places where Popkov told them they were hidden.

The Siberian Times speculated that he was confessing gradually to the killings rather than all at once in hopes of delaying his transfer from a detention prison to a penal colony.

If authorities ultimately confirm 81 as the number of Popkov’s victims, that would make him one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, behind Colombia’s Luis Garavito, a child-killer nicknamed “The Beast” who claimed at least 138 lives in the 1990s, and Pedro Lopez (“The Monster of the Andes”) with 110 proven victims in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru between 1969 and 1980.

Prostitution is certainly an evil, but murder is worse. If we knew what makes serial killers tick, it might be possible to identify them before hand.

America’s Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, and Jeffrey Dahmer all liked to watch people die. But why?

One of my classmates from the eighth grade on through high school turned into a serial killer in his 20s. I think he killed several hitch hikers along I-10. He was a bit of a bully in high school, but he really didn’t stand out. He may have been killing in conjunction with robberies.

British Rapper Jailed for 23 Years for Rape, Torture of Woman

Have you noticed that blacks enjoy torturing people. And they get a kick out of filming themselves torturing people.

They do it in Africa, America, Britain–wherever African genes are found.


A rapper has been jailed for 23 years after he imprisoned, raped, brutally beat and tortured a woman with an iron for three days.

Courtney Hutchinson, known as rapper DVS and 1ARDA on social media, held the 20-year-old in his flat before she managed to escape and flee naked into the street.

The 32-year-old even burnt her with an iron in scenes that mirrored British film The Intent in which he burns a man in a similar way as he is strapped to a table.

He even filmed his real life savage attack on his phone as he forced the woman to beg for her life while he told her to call her mum and say goodbye.

The attack on the victim began on February 5 last year when she drove to a flat Hutchinson used near London’s City Airport, east London.

He immediately began attacking, punching and kicking her.

Afterwards he forced her to eat a meal before going to bed before becoming even angrier then next morning and repeatedly hitting the victim.

He went on to push the legs of a chair into her stomach, drag her around the flat by her hair and whip her repeatedly with a phone charger cable.

Hutchinson pressed a heated iron onto her exposed skin several times before holding it above her face and demanding she burn herself as she pleaded with him to stop.

The force of his attack left the woman with 40 injuries, including a fractured eye socket, broken nose, dislocated shoulder, stab wound to the hand and severe burns.

Hutchinson told the victim that she would die the next day, and then raped her.

On the third day Hutchinson continued his assault, also forcing her into a hot shower and stamping on her burns.

He filmed her, making her state on camera that she was a bad person.

Throughout the entire ordeal he kept her naked until she finally saw an opportunity to escape.

The victim was taken to the Royal London Hospital and continues to receive treatment for the injuries inflicted.

Hutchinson pleaded guilty to rape, false imprisonment and GBH with intent on the second day of his trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court in July.

Yesterday, he was jailed for life and was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

The race of the victim is not being reported, but rappers luvz dem white wimmens.


Latina Child Rape Victim Says We Need to Be Nice to Pedophiles


Rhea Martinez comes from the Hispanic culture, which is rife with pedophilia. Hispanics are the worst group of child rapists on the planet. Not even blacks can match the sexual attraction of Hispanic males to children (and to animals for that matter). Among Hispanics, Mexicans are the worst.

From the Daily Stormer:

Now compare to their presence in the general population for likelihood of being a child molester as opposed to an average American:

Hispanics +96%
Blacks +59%
Whites -35%
Other -58%

This lines up with anecdotal reports of high rates of sex crimes in areas overrun aliens from Mesoamerica.

The myth lies shattered.

Hispanics are 2.3 X (135%) more likely to molest children than Whites.

Actually, since lots of crimes by Hispanics never get reported to the authorities, the stats significantly understate the predilection among them for child sex partners.

For some reason, a crazy Latina wants to protect pedophiles from the consequences of their actions.


“If he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me.”

In the days since VICE published a three-part series on vigilante pedophile hunting in Canada, many have accused us of normalizing pedophilia.

The story about Todd Nickerson, a non-offending pedophile who lives near Savannah, Tennessee, seemed to particularly strike a chord—several people emailed and tweeted at me to express “disgust” that I was offering a platform to Nickerson, who says he has never abused a child despite being attracted to young girls.

On Facebook, many of the thousands of commenters suggested that Nickerson and anyone like him be killed or locked up for life, regardless of whether or not they had actually committed a crime.

But Rhea Martinez, who was raped and repeatedly molested by a male family friend as a child, feels differently. Martinez, 28, told VICE she believes society should be more empathetic towards pedophiles before they offend—and that they should have more options for getting help.

“I feel like if he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me,” Martinez said.

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Tranny Walks into 7-11, Begins Hacking Customers with an Ax

Evie Amati has a male appendage but considers himself a woman. This “chick with a dick” will have to learn to act more lady-like if he expects to pull off the switch.

These faggots are dangerous, as two victims of “her” ax swinging can testify to.

Excerpt from news.com.au

TERRIFYING video has emerged of the moment a young woman strolls into a suburban 7-Eleven with an axe and then hacks into two customers waiting to be served.

CCTV footage shows the bloody rampage second by second as it takes place inside the 7-Eleven at Enmore, in Sydney’s inner west, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It is 2.19am and a blonde 24-year-old strolls casually into the store carrying an axe.

She is wearing black shorts, a dark singlet top, black sandshoes and, in her right hand, a long-handled black and red axe.

The 7-Eleven, which sits at the rear of a service station on busy Stanmore Road, is lit up and has a customer waiting at the cash register.

As police and paramedics are called to the bloody scene at the 7-Eleven, bystander Nathan Wood says he chases the axe-wielding woman down the street until she allegedly swings the axe again at the person behind Mr Wood.

Police converge on Stanmore Road and a short time later a police dog allegedly finds Ms Amati lying in the front yard of a property along the road.

Police claim to find an axe nearby. Police arrest and handcuff her and she is taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for assessment, and later transferred to a cell.

Ms Hacker and Mr Rimmer are both taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to be treated.

Ms Hacker later describes the terrifying attack which left her with a skull fracture, and Mr Rimmer with more serious head injuries.
“She just came with full force and swung and struck the man across the face,” Ms Hacker told Network Ten.


Lesson: Avoid any contact with tranny people holding an ax or other weapon. These people are usually crazy anyway. Don’t take any chances.

The last couple of paragraphs hint at the motivation. Tranny Evie wanted her pills for free. He’ll get them, I suppose.

Puerto Rican Woman Sentenced to 50 Years for Blowing Up Her House, Killing Two, to Collect Insurance


A white father has refused to forgive a mud who participated in an insurance fraud that killed his daughter and son-in-law.

This man deserves our approval for not hugging his son’s nonwhite murderer and uttering his forgiveness. That’s the narrative the liberal media loves.

Wikipedia’s page on this case reports that 33 homes were destroyed by the witch and her gang of warlock scammers.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Four years after the deadly Richmond Hill explosion, another chapter has closed.

Marion County Superior Court Judge Sheila Carlisle sentenced Monserrate Shirley to spend the maximum sentence of 50 years in prison on Tuesday.

The sentence accounts for time served and good time credit. She has already been behind bars for four years. That becomes eight years when good time credit is applied. Ultimately, she could end up serving 21 years if she maintains good behavior in prison.

Shirley owned the home at the epicenter of the November 2012 explosion that killed two people and damaged dozens of other homes causing more than $4 million in damages.

Denise Robinson, the Marion County Prosecutor on the case, told the court she rarely asks for the maximum sentence. But in this case, Monserrate Shirley had already received leniency from the state when she entered into a plea agreement that dismissed a total of 50 charges, including murder.

“Arguing for the maximum in this case, when you live with this case and you see the impact, and you know what devastating effect it’s had on these lives, it just compels you to argue for that,” said Robinson.

“When we got in this case, we were asked to save her life,” said defense attorney James Voyles. “We have done that. It’s a difficult case. It’s very difficult sentencing hearing we’ve been through for two days. But ultimately I think we were able to accomplish what we needed to do for her.”

Shirley agreed to plead guilty to two counts conspiracy to commit arson and testify against the co-conspirators in exchange for having all other charges dropped.

The co-conspirators include Shirley’s boyfriend at the time, Mark Leonard, and his brother, Bob Leonard Jr. The brothers were sentenced to terms of life without parole for spearheading the conspiracy.

Shirley claims Leonard coerced her involvement, testifying that he threatened her and her daughter.

Much of Tuesday’s testimony included accounts of Shirley’s difficult childhood. She grew up in Puerto Rico with a violently abusive father who would often beat Shirley as well as her siblings and mother. Two mental health experts testified that her childhood could have contributed to her decision to stay with Mark Leonard and go along with his plan to blow up her house for insurance money.

According to Shirley’s account, she was struggling to stay financially afloat when she met Leonard, and within a month of dating, he came up with the idea. Her house exploded on their third attempt of trying to claim insurance money.

“I want everyone to know how sorry I am for this horrible tragedy,” she said in court in front of Richmond Hill residents. “I was scared for my life and the life of my daughter.”

“Forgive me for my poor choices in life,” she continued. “Every day I ask myself why I didn’t stop this. The truth is, I was scared.”

Shirley’s apology rang hollow to many Richmond Hill residents in the courtroom. It also didn’t carry much weight for the families of Dion and Jennifer Longworth, who died in the blast.

“Too little, too late,” said Jennifer Longworth’s father, Don Buxton. “I didn’t give it any credibility. I see a con artist when I look at her.”

“If she really is apologetic, then I accept the apology,” said Dion Longworth’s father, John Longworth. “I don’t believe in vengeance and I know that my son is not a person that would accept vengeance and such things, he didn’t live that way.”

“I look at Monserrate Shirley and I see a wasted life,” said Tony Burnett, who lived across the street from Shirley. “I look at a neighbor that I would have been happy to help if she would have just come across the street and said, man I got a problem will you give me a hand? And I look at all the opportunity she had where she could have gone for help and she never did.”

Gary Thompson was handed a 30-year prison sentence, 20 years executed, for his role in the murderous insurance fraud scheme.

Glenn Hults, the final defendant to stand trial for the explosion, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge last month that may result in no additional jail time.

Police: Wrong Man in Berlin Terror Attack, as Liberals Defend Merkel While Trump Vows to Cleanse the Earth of Terrorists



A suspect is in custody after a deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin killed 12 people and injured 48 more, including some with severe injuries — but authorities are casting doubt on whether they have the right man.

The suspect denies involvement, and police officials said at a press conference on Tuesday that they are not entirely certain the man in custody was the driver of the truck. There have been no further arrests, authorities said.

On Twitter, the Berlin police said that because the “temporary arrested suspect” denied the charges, they are “particularly alert.”

“Please also be alert,” they told Berlin residents.

There is “no doubt” the crash on Monday was an intentional attack, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said at a press conference Tuesday. Chancellor Angela Merkel had previously said authorities “must assume” the attack was an act of terrorism.

De Maiziere identified the detained suspect as a Pakistani asylum-seeker, whose application for asylum had not been fully processed. He was “known to authorities,” but not suspected of any ties to terror, the interior minister said.

The Associated Press reports that the suspect was arrested about a mile and a half from the site of crash.

Speaking earlier on Tuesday, Merkel noted that the attack was still under investigation, and much was unknown, the AP reports:

“But Merkel, who has been criticized for allowing in large numbers of migrants, addressed head-on the possibility that an asylum-seeker was responsible.

” ‘I know that it would be particularly hard for us all to bear if it were confirmed that a person committed this act who asked for protection and asylum in Germany,’ Merkel said. ‘This would be particularly sickening for the many, many Germans who work to help refugees every day and for the many people who really need our help and are making an effort to integrate in our country.’ ”

Merkel will visit the site of the attack later on Tuesday.

The victims of the attack included a Polish citizen found in the truck, who appeared to have been shot, officials said; the weapon has not been found.

The owner of a Polish trucking company told a German broadcaster he had identified the man to police as the truck’s driver, the AP reports.

“His face was swollen and bloodied. It was really clear that he was fighting for his life,” trucking company owner Ariel Zurawski told TVN, according to an AP translation.

As the Two-Way reported yesterday, last month, the U.S. State Department warned of a “heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, particularly during the holiday season.”

Christmas markets like the one that was attacked are extremely popular in Germany, NPR’s Soraya Sarhaddi-Nelson explained Monday:

“They start about four weeks before Christmas. You have to picture little huts, with all sorts of handicrafts, and they sell all kinds of foods and of course the very famous Glühwein, or mulled wine, which is the most popular drink that you would get there. It’s just a fun place for family and friends to get together.”

Liberals are defending Angela Merkel, which is surely a sign of fifth rate thinking. From The Independent:

There is no-one to blame but those who carried out the attacks. Nigel Farage’s tweet, describing the murders as “Merkel’s legacy” was breathtakingly asinine even by his standards; does Mr Farage, and his allies, really believe that Germany and the world would have been better off to allow thousands to drown in the Mediterranean or freeze to death in refugee camps rather than follow the moral imperative to show mercy and save lives? When Nigel Farage says that the attack was “inevitable” what he should really be examining is how the fracturing of the Middle East and the refugee crisis that have followed was a direct result of Western policy and the wars that George Bush and Tony Blair visited upon the region. That is where the roots of these atrocities can be traced to. They are nothing to do with Islam, at any rate, nor to do Muslim people who simply wish to make some sort of life for themselves and their families in a strange eland they find themselves exiled in.

While the left is demonizing the perfectly normal desire for safety, American President-elect Donald John Trump is defiant, according to the Daily Mail.

Donald Trump has vowed to ‘eradicate’ terrorists from the ‘face of the earth’ after 12 people were killed at a Berlin Christmas market.

The president-elect said it was a ‘horrifying terror attack’ and would push the US and its ‘freedom-loving partners’ to take on ISIS.

Paul Joseph Watson speaks common sense.

The voice of the public is speaking on Twitter.

This silly woman says we all want peace. NO, they do not!!!

Link to live updates from The Local Germany

This story is still developing. Trump will be demonized for his opposition to Muslim terrorists. Merkel will be praised for her values and her leadership. Muslims will view all of this confusion as weakness and will plot more attacks.

All you need now to get your 72 virgins in heaven is to be able to steal a truck and gun the engine.

Parents wake up to find Jewish burglar with pants down holding their 2-year-old child

Between Jews and Mexicans, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which race is more degenerate.


TEMPE, Ariz. (WTEN) – Parents in an Arizona apartment complex didn’t expect to find a man holding their 2-year-old daughter after being awakened by her cries.

The incident happened at around 2:45 a.m. on Thursday.

Police say the father was awakened after his 2-year-old daughter crying in the living room. The father discovered that Oren Aharon Cohen had his daughter on his lap with his pants slightly pulled down and his butt exposed.

Cohen is accused of throwing the child onto the couch after discovering the father came into the living room.

As Cohen tried to leave the apartment, police say a struggle ensued after the father tried to detain Oren.

The child’s mother called 911 after being awakened by the struggle.

Police say Cohen was able to escape the apartment, head down the stairs and into the parking lot where the father was able to detain him.

Cohen is accused of refusing commands of responding officers and had to be tased before being taken into custody.

Cohen was charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, and second-degree burglary.

He is not a legal citizen of the United States but is legally in the United States from Israel with a valid passport.

During the investigation, police say they found Oren’s shoes inside the 2-year-old victim’s bedroom, his coat wedged between her mattress and his passport on the floor near the foot of the victim’s bed.

Police say Oren also used the restroom across from the victim’s bedroom and drank orange juice from the refrigerator.

Oren told police that he was visiting and drinking with a friend who lives in the same apartment complex. He says he was extremely intoxicated and didn’t remember the alleged incident.

During an interview, the girl told police that the “bad man” gave her an “ouchie” and pointed to her butt. Due to her age, the girl was not able to provide any other information to police.

Police say during their investigation told then with 100 percent certainty that he did not perform or engage in any sexual acts with the victim.

Cohen was booked and transported to jail.

Hang him. There is no cure for pedophiles.