Asian Female Doctor Offended Because White Nationalists Refuse to be Treated by Her

A free market medical care system would work very simply: You want to see a doctor, you pick whomever you want.

It would be perfectly rational for any white person to prefer a white doctor, just as it would be rational for an Asian to pick an Asian, a black a black, and so forth.

But for many in our current system, you’re assigned a particular doctor. For example, I’m assigned to a Mexican female doctor. There’s no way I’m seeing her. I ignore messages from her office to come in for a checkup, blah, blah, blah. It’s my little way of sabotaging the System.


Dr. Esther Choo is an Asian-American emergency room physician who has practiced medicine for more than a decade. Yet, she says, a few times a year, a patient will refuse to let her treat them. Solely because of her race.

Choo, who works in Oregon, first shared her experience of dealing with racist patients who shun her care in a viral Twitter thread last Sunday.

“The conversation usually goes like this. Me: ‘I understand your viewpoint. I trained at elite institutions & have been practicing for 15 years. You are welcome to refuse care under my hands, but I feel confident that I am the most qualified to care for you. Especially since the alternative is an intern.’ And they invariably pick the intern, as long as they are white. Or they leave,” she wrote in successive tweets.

“I used to cycle through disbelief, shame, anger. Now I just show compassion and move on,” she added.

Choo’s tweets, in which she noted that there were “a lot of white nationalists in Oregon,” came a day after a counterprotester was killed following a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And Choo’s experience of intolerance is not unique in the medical community, she told CNN’s Christi Paul on Saturday.

“What I’m hearing from my colleagues is that this is a daily occurrence for many of them, at least experiences of prejudice. The patient who outright refuses care is less common, but I definitely heard from a lot of people this week that they have also had that exact same experience,” she said.

Patient prejudice towards doctors is now so common that many medical professionals “consider it a routine part of our jobs,” Choo emphasized.

“Maybe it’s that they’re from another country or because of their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation or their gender. But I’m hearing it from a lot of physicians that this is not unusual,” she described.

Asked by Paul whether she had ever been able to change a patient’s mind after they initially refused treatment from her, Choo said that it was rare.

“A few times I’ve been able to talk patients into receiving care from me. Or we can negotiate some sort of compromise where they will be seen by maybe a resident physician who is white, and I’m still guiding care, but I don’t actually enter the room,” she said.

“Usually you cannot. I’ve found in my experience that you cannot talk people out of their ideology,” she added.

This piece basically says that if you’re not willing to set aside your natural preferences, which harm no one, then you’re a racist.

Don’t buy it. It just means you’re normal. Just like women will usually prefer a woman doctor and men a male doctor. Normal.

Life Expectancy for White Americans Drops: Media Ignores Real Cause

black nurse propaganda photo

There’a not a word about Obamacare and the race replacement of white doctors and medical personnel with nonwhite doctors and nurses in the linked New York Times article about falling white life expectancy.

Excerpt from New York Times

Life expectancy declined slightly for white Americans in 2014, according to new federal data, a troubling sign that distress among younger and middle-age whites who are dying at ever-higher rates from drug overdoses is lowering average life spans for the white population as a whole.

The new federal data, drawn from all deaths recorded in the country in 2014, showed that life expectancy for whites dropped to 78.8 years in 2014 from 78.9 in 2013. Men and women had declines, but because of statistical rounding, the decline did not appear as sharp among men.

Life expectancy for women fell to 81.1 in 2014 from 81.2 in 2013. The average life span for men also fell, but not enough to sink below 76.5 years, their life expectancy in 2013.

“The increase in death in this segment of the population was great enough to affect life expectancy at birth for the whole group,” said Elizabeth Arias, the statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics who analyzed the data, referring to whites from their mid-20s to their mid-50s. “That is very unusual.”

Dr. Arias, who is preparing a larger study of mortality trends over the past 15 years, said drug overdoses, liver disease and suicide were the main drivers of the gloomy trends among whites in recent years, a pattern also found by other researchers.

Life expectancy for whites had been rising for decades, but it has stagnated in recent years. It inched up in 2010 and 2011, and was flat in 2012 and 2013.

Recent research has documented surprising increases in death rates among less educated whites. Last year, a paper by Anne Case and Angus Deaton documented rising death rates among middle-age white Americans, particularly those with no more than a high school education. Other research has found rising rates among younger whites.

The pattern had puzzled demographers, but the recent analyses have pointed to suffering and anxiety among working-class whites.

In contrast, life expectancy for blacks rose to 75.6 in 2014 from 75.5 in the previous year. Blacks have gained more than a year of life expectancy since 2008. Black men had the biggest increase of all the groups in 2014, rising to 72.2 from 71.8.

For Hispanics, life expectancy jumped to 81.8 in 2014 from 81.6 in 2013. Hispanic women had even more pronounced gains, with life expectancy rising to 84 years from 83.8 in 2013. Overall, Hispanics, like blacks, have gained one year of life expectancy since 2008.

The overall life expectancy for Americans, 78.8, remained unchanged.

The last time life expectancy for whites dropped was in 2005, around the time of a particularly severe flu season, though it is not clear that flu caused the decline.

The most recent dip before that was in 1993, around the time of the AIDS epidemic, when there was a decline in life expectancy for the entire United States population. The drop was steepest among blacks, whose life expectancy dropped to 69.2 from 69.6 in one year.

The Times blames illegal drugs for rhe woes of whites, the only group that is suffering from a shorter expected lifespan. But why are whites taking those drugs.

First, whites are demonized while Negros are held up as the new god that the white man MUST worship. Fuck that.

Second, those drugs are coming in from a porous border with mexico. Fuck that, too.

When whites become a small minority in America, imagine how much worse things will be. Whitey will still be used as the whipping boy for every failure by every fucking nonwhite loser in the country. Only with a small white minority, whites will be openly exterminated.

The enemy governmnent in Washington won’t need FEMA camps. The black thug footsoldier and the Mexican drug lords will do the job.

Meanwhile, the Jews will be sitting in their safe neighborhoods watching the plan coming together and laughing.

jews did this gif

Have A Laugh: The Doctor Wants to Know

funny doctor

What? You get to see a real doctor?

He Sabotaged the System: Canadian Dr.’s Reply to Companies Requiring A Dr.’s Note After A Sick Day

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A Canadian doctor sabotages the System with a simple letter. There are over 4,700 comments in the discussion of this gem.

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