Man Arrested for Hate Crime Robbed the Resident of a JEWISH Nursing Home


Never rob a Jewish owned business or else you’ll be confronted by Jewish privilege and by charged with a hate crime. Rob white folks and stay safe from hate crime charges.

Who was the racist Nazi who targeted Jews? I couldn’t find his photo so I presume that means he was a garden-variety Negro, not a Nazi.

The arrested individual has 25 arrests, which sounds like TNB.

CBS Local New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Yonkers man was charged with a hate crime this weekend on allegations that he attacked an 84-year-old Jewish man in a Bronx assisted living facility.

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Hate Crime Update: Negress Member of Gang that Kidnapped, Tortured Retarded White Youth Sentenced to PROBATION, 4 Year Facebook Ban

When four Negros livestreamed their torture of a bound and gagged white youth they had kidnapped, it sparked national outrage last January. Even Obama condemned the crime.

We deplorables had to work hard to get the Chicongo authorities to charge the sweet, innocent little dindus with a hate crime, but we eventually got the job done.

One of the mau-mau terrorists was sentenced on Friday. No one should feel good about it. Probation plus four years without Facebook is a slap on the wrist for a crime of this magnitude. That light sentence, it should be noted, was served up by a Jigaboo Judge.

Chicago Tribune

A Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Brittany Covington, 19, has been in custody since her arrest in January.

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Swastika Spray-Painted on Jew Family’s North Carolina Home

A backward swastika indicates the perp was not a real Nazi and might even be a Jew.

Jews like to represent themselves to the host population as victims of unjustified hate. That portends that a thorough investigation is likely to reveal the Jews themselves did this crime.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A swastika was found spray painted on the garage door of a south Charlotte home Tuesday morning.


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“Nazis” who posted flyers on SMU campus are wanted by police



I’ve seen the story featured in this post on at least three news websites. The press seems to think there’s something wrong with standing up for your race if you’re white. The police agree.

The “Nazis” in this story are wanted by the police even though their chosen method of protest was peaceful and resulted in no harm to anyone’s property.

Fake news CNN is the source I used to bring you this tale of Nazi terrorism.


The Texas chapter of an American Nazi group says its members were just trying to help stop the opioid epidemic. Their signs tell a very different message.

“White men! Save your people. Reject the opioid beast!” one sign reads; two masked men stand in front, giving a Nazi salute.

Another reads, “misplaced pride,” and is accompanied by false statistics about gay men.

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University to Place 400 Cameras on Campus to Catch ‘Hate Crimes’

What will Westfield State University do when the cameras catch a Dindu writing “Nigger” on a campus wall?

It never occurs to university administrators that much of the so-called hate on campus is manufactured by disaffected Nogs, Jews, and other social justice warriors.

They will learn a hard lesson. It won’t be whites caught on camera.

Excerpt from PJ Media

Westfield State University apparently has a problem — and it isn’t the one it thinks it’s addressing.

Recently, there have been a number of alleged hate crimes at the university. Most of the incidents — if those who filed reports can be trusted, something you can’t take for granted by any means — would be virtually impossible to solve without a witness coming forward.

So the school is looking to install hundreds of security cameras:

Westfield State University will soon install 400 security cameras after a spree of alleged hate and bias incidents has prompted unrest and protests at the Massachusetts campus.

The board of trustees held a special meeting last week to approve the measure.

The university has published a log that itemizes the incidents that have prompted the unrest. There have been about two dozen incidents logged since September.

The vast majority of the incidents are racists notes slipped under students’ doors or left in mailboxes, as well as racist vandalism and racial slurs “overheard” by others. Some anti-Semitic graffiti has also been reported.

As for the “overheard” slurs, most of these are by nature going to be judgment calls. It’s one thing to threaten someone while using a slur, but a far different situation to have the conversations of your sons and daughters being monitored for language or ideas. And we all know that conversations criticizing Christianity or conservatism are often part of coursework, while criticizing Islam, feminism, or Leftism on camera is going to get students in hot water.

Masturbating Coconut Nigger Attacks White Mom Who Warned Others, Leaving Her with Facial Fractures

Amanda Edwards’ white privilege earned her a reward.

You can see it in the photo above–a beating by a fapping Pacific Islander.

If nonwhite immigration is a bag of sh*t, then the coconut niggers are at the bottom of the bag, with some of the highest rates of poverty, deportation, and criminality of any group.

Naturally, it’s white racism that’s the cause of their problems.

How dare Amanda Edwards object to fapping in front of women and children? That’s racist.

New York Daily News

A Washington mother of three said she was attacked after she tried warning people about a man fondling himself in public.

Amanda Edwards told Q13 Fox that she had walked to a Safeway near her Federal Way home Monday night to pick up food for her children.

As she was leaving, Edwards said a man drove up next to her in the parking lot and asked for directions as he fondled himself.

Edwards told the guy to leave her alone, but he then pulled up to another woman and her child who were also in the parking lot.

The 35-year-old mother said she started screaming for them to get away from the man, and the guy drove off.

As Edwards was walking back to her home, she said someone approached her from behind and started hitting her. She told the outlet that she thinks the man in the parking lot followed her and attacked her because she warned others to stay away from him.

“He was extremely aggressive and when he came up and he said, ‘I got you,’ and when he started laughing – it was one of the most evil laughs I’ve heard,” she said.

“He put time into following me and getting out of his car and running up on me and attacking me and I feel like if he got away with it, he would probably feel like he can do it again.”

Edwards said she was knocked unconscious during the attack.

“The next thing I know I was waking up on the ground (before) running home,” she said. “I didn’t realize I had been hit multiple times in my face.”

The vicious beating left Edwards with bruises and four facial fractures, which require surgical plates reconstructed in her cheeks, Q13 reports.

Edwards described her attacker as a Pacific Islander man in his 20s or 30s with a slim build. She said he was driving a 4-door white sedan with extensive damage to the entire passenger side of the car.

A spokeswoman with the Federal Way Police Department told the Daily News that detectives will interview Edwards and they are attempting to gather video evidence from the night of the attack.

It doesn’t sound like a very strong response by the police, does it? Women need to be alert to who’s behind them every second, ready with a big hat pin or knife or gun (where legal). Increasingly, white moms are on their own.

(((Tanya Gersh’s))) Lawsuit Could Shut Down the Daily Stormer Permanently and Impoverish Andrew Anglin

CNET has updated a story first published in July to cover the latest on Tanya Gersh’s lawsuit against Andrew Anglin.

I’m excerpting the latter part of the long article, which is the part you’re the least likely to be familiar with.

I recall thinking a year ago when Anglin “trolled” Gersh that he must have a death wish for his site and his finances. A jury isn’t going to be sympathetic to a Nazi compared to a working mom. Furthermore, it appears Anglin isn’t going to show up for the trial, which means Gersh will win automatically.


Anglin initiated his attack against Gersh on Dec. 16, 2016, the day after Sherry Spencer posted an article to Medium accusing Gersh of bullying her into selling her property. The property had become the focus of Whitefish locals because of negative attention the town was getting as a result of Richard Spencer, who initially owned part of it, according to the lawsuit. Sherry, who lives in Dallas, has said her son no longer has an ownership stake.

Anglin encouraged his readers to participate in “an old fashioned Troll Storm” and tell Gersh what they thought of her “Jew agenda.” He published her address, telephone number and Twitter handle, as well as contact information for Judah Gersh, her husband, and Love Lives Here, a local group that promotes diversity.

Anglin also included the Twitter handle of Gersh’s son, whom he called a “creepy little faggot.”

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