Video Showing White Supremacists Lynching Black Female on Facebook Sparks Outrage


A Facebook video depicting a black woman being lynched by a white man dressed in a Confederate battle flag t-shirt went viral on Friday. It’s not clear if the video is staged or shows an actual lynching.

Users who flagged the graphic video to Facebook community managers on Friday said the site did not take the clip down. Instead, sources who flagged the video told Mic, the video was marked as restricted for viewing by people 18 years old and up.

The 17-second clip, which appears to have been edited to obscure the face of the man pulling the rope to hang the woman, had been viewed more than 432,000 times by late Friday morning. It also had been shared over 14,000 times and drew more than 8,700 comments. The user who originally uploaded the video posted it Thursday morning with the caption, “I hope this is not real??”

The Facebook clip has rattled many on the site, including Black Lives Matter activists who alerted Mic to the video and joined others in trying to get the video pulled from social media.

(Editor’s note: Graphic description of the video, as well as an obscured screenshot, appears below. View with discretion.)

In the clip, a black woman who appears drugged or intoxicated kneels as two white men tighten a noose around her neck. The video then cuts to a man pulling the rope in as the woman dangles and gasps for air. A Confederate battle flag and a Gadsden flag are visible behind the dangling woman, whose body goes limp as the clip ends.

After several Facebook users reported the video, some received the following response from website’s support team and shared screen shots of their responses: “Facebook is a place where people can share their experiences and raise awareness about issues important to them. However, after hearing feedback from our community, we now limit visibility of this type of content to people older than 18.”

The message goes on to say that community managers would display a warning to users that the video contains graphic content. Facebook’s response to the video, which includes language verbatim from its online community standards guidelines, seems to be in conflict with its policy on violent and graphic content.

“We remove graphic images when they are shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate or glorify violence,” the policy reads.

A spokesperson for the company told Mic on Friday morning that Facebook was looking into the video.

Facebook recently hired 3,000 people to help the company stop users from broadcasting scenes of murder and sexual assault through Facebook Live, following the posting of a video showing the actual shooting of Robert Goodwin Sr. in April. The company has also drawn criticism for reportedly forcing users to remove art that depicts nudity and photos of breastfeeding mothers.

The origins of the video in question are unclear. However, the clip appears to be a shortened version of a longer video posted to the website DailyMotion in February. By Friday afternoon, the website had pulled the video.

In that version, the black woman is beaten and knocked to the ground. One man is seen urinating on the motionless woman, before she is picked up and the noose is fitted around her neck. The video was posted to a DailyMotion account titled “Confederate’s Revenge.” and includes a warning to viewers. “Torture a white kid? Be prepared for THIS!”

Mic reached out to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and domestic extremists. A representative for the organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I copied the video from World Star Hip Hop, where some commenters think the hanging is real, but most are angry at the black actress for her performance, expressing the view that it demeans intelligent black women.

Snopes weighs in, noting that the video does not show a black woman who was actually found hanging recently. Snopes goes on to reveal that the Negress in the video appears to be porn actress Trazcy Kush, pictured below.

Using Google image search, it’s clear that Trazcy Kush has sex on camera with a lot of white males. In the long version of the lynching video, the white “Confederates” urinate on the woman. No real southern man would do that. He would get to work by carrying out the lynching.

Verdict here: Fake fetish video.

10 Year Old White Boy Shot in Face by Shotgun Fired by Negro



A white man and his son were riding through Negroville at night when the boy, who was riding in the bed of the truck, was suddenly hit by shotgun pellets.

The alleged perp, pictured above, was quickly arrested.


A 10-year-old was hit by shotgun blast pellets while riding in the back of his dad’s truck, according to Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller.

The boy’s dad told authorities that he and his son were riding around the block about 10 p.m. Tuesday in the area of Kraft and Evan streets.

He said he heard a loud pop and his son started to cry and said he had been shot. The child was taken to Mary Black Hospital, where doctors removed the pellets. Mueller said the child is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

Allen Charron Williams Jr. is charged with attempted murder in the case, Mueller said.

Witnesses told authorities that Williams noticed a truck driving by several times and put bricks in the road to try to stop it, Mueller said.

When the truck came back into the area, Williams fired a single shotgun round toward the truck and then ran into the woods, Mueller said.

Williams was found in the area and was arrested, Mueller said.

If the races were reversed you know that this story would be big news for days on end: RACIST WHITE MAN SHOOTS INNOCENT BLACK YOUTH.

While there’s no information offered about the criminal history of the accused, it would be a good bet to speculate that he’s been in trouble before. Blacks just seem not to be able to grasp the idea that they are supposed to obey the law.

Until separation of the races can be achieved, caning and whipping should be administered as punishments to offenders, since pain is a language that blacks do understand.

Racial Slurs Painted on Wall of American Indian School


An Indian school in Spokane Washington has been vandalized. I’m not sure what a racial slur against an Indian would be–featherhead?

Anyway, some of the comments at the source site show a great deal of skepticism about the vandalism, blaming it on the Indians themselves looking for validation for their victimhood.

Vandalism is sometimes done for the sake of vandalism. My elementary school was broken into when I was in fifth grade. Someone took a bowel movement in a classroom. The school and surrounding area were all white. We didn’t try to blame it on Negros.

It’s clear that the liberals believe white racists have nothing better to do than to break into schools and try to scare people. Actually, most people have better things to do.

The benefits from this vandalism will flow to the school. Thus, it’s very reasonable to think it was an “inside job.”

Vandals broke into one of the buildings at the Salish School of Spokane on North Maple Street overnight Thursday and scrawled racial slurs on the walls.

Staff noticed the damage Friday morning but there were no signs as to how the person entered the building. Staff erased what they could and covered up what they couldn’t and went on with their day, said board member Danica Parkin.

“We didn’t want to interrupt their routines,” she said of the children. “They don’t know anything happened.”

Someone tore down part of a tree craft project in one room but otherwise didn’t cause any damage, Parkin said. “As far as we know, there isn’t anything missing,” she said.

The Native American immersion school offers child care programs and classes to 70 children ages 1 to 11 in the Salish language.

Executive director LaRae Wiley said the vandalism caught her by surprise since the school hasn’t had any problems before.

“It was shocking,” Wiley said. “Whenever I experience racism and hatred it always catches me off guard because I know Spokane isn’t that way. We support inclusivity and diversity.”

The school has been welcomed in the past, she said. “We have great neighbors,” she said. “The community has been so supportive.”

While the Salish School has not previously been a target, racist vandalism and sentiments have cropped up elsewhere around Spokane in recent weeks. On April 28 vandals scrawled anti-semitic messages on the downtown Community Building, home to many local groups that promote equality. This week, a racist video depicting a rally at Washington State University surfaced on social media, prompting an investigation by the school.

The Spokane Police Department came to the school and took pictures for their investigation, Wiley said.

The school will renew its efforts to get a grant to pay for security cameras to help deter future incidents, she said.

“We do have a pretty threadbare budget,” Parkin said.

In the meantime the school plans a painting party and community rally at the school at 4125 N. Maple at 3 p.m. Saturday. People are invited to come and paint over the graffiti and show their support.

“We’re going to have some elders come and speak and pray and drum,” Wiley said. “We’ll stand against hate. As Native people, we’ve always been here, and we’ll always be here.”

I found this interesting video about the school.

If we’re not careful, white Americans will be like the Indians in the video. We’ll be trying to preserve our English language and our culture in the face of hostility from billions of nonwhite invaders.


Detroit Jigaboo Shoots Tranny in the Face After Paying for Backseat Sex


Most men don’t shoot their sex partner after the deed is over.

Jason L. Hogan is an exception.

It’s not clear if he knew the individual he was having sex with had been born a man.

Click on Detroit

DETROIT – A 27-year-old Detroit man pleaded guilty Wednesday to shooting a transgender woman after paying her to perform a sexual act in the back seat of his car.

Jason L. Hogan pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit murder and a felony firearms charge during the commission of a felony.

Hogan met the woman Jan. 13 and arranged to pay for sexual activity in the back of his car, police said. After performing a sex act, Hogan shot her in the face with a handgun.

The woman escaped from Hogan and was treated at Grace Hospital.

Detroit police investigated the case and arrested Hogan.

“This case highlights the mortal danger faced by transgender individuals in Michigan,” Fair Michigan’s Transgender Outreach Coordinator Julisa Abad said. “Since Michigan law permits employment discrimination against LGBTQ residents, trans people sometimes must resort to sex work in order to survive, which puts them at extreme risk of criminal violence. It is incredibly encouraging to know that the Fair Michigan Justice Project, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Detroit Police Department have stated, in no uncertain terms, that violence against the transgender community is unacceptable under any circumstances and that these agencies stand ready to aggressively prosecute these brutal crimes.”

Hogan is expected to return to court May 16 for a sentencing hearing.

“This conviction demonstrates both the danger of serious crime faced by the transgender community, and the robust response to such crimes by Wayne County’s law enforcement and criminal justice systems,” Fair Michigan President Dana Nessel said. “The Fair Michigan Justice Project has proven to be effective in filling the need for rapid and effective in filling the need for rapid and respectful response to crimes committed against LGBTQ persons.”

I guess it used to be that you needed to check your prostitute for VD. Now you have to check “her” for her penis.

Stop the world. I want to get off.

I do have to wonder if there shouldn’t be leniency for a Jason if his service provider failed to inform him that she was a he. Just wondering about that!

Freshman Harrison Brown Identified as Victim of UT Knifeman


Kendrex J. White was arrested within minutes of murdering Harrison Brown on Monday in Austin, Texas on the University of Texas campus. White’s weapon of choice was a large Bowie knife, which he used to stab three whites and one Asian. Police have not yet reached a conclusion about whether the attack will be classified as a hate crime. Neither has anyone at the university had the guts to say “White Lives Matter.”

This post is in two parts. The first part honors the life of a fine young man who was the victim of an out-of-control crime problem in America.

The second part reaches into the life of Kendrex J. White, the alleged knifeman, to see what if anything can be learned that might prevent future attacks such as this one. Perhaps the most intriguing evidence is a video showing White engaging in a mock beheading for a school project and an article that speculates he was an antifa who targeted frat boys during his killing spree.

Harrison had a great love of music. This Facebook video of him singing has gone viral, with over 600,000 views so far.

As is usual, the standard, useless candlelight vigil offer assurances of mutual love was held in Harrison’s honor.

The University of Texas school newspaper remembered him with this article.

UT Daily Texan

Harrison Brown, 19, wasn’t only a UT student — he was a musician, a son, a brother and a kind friend.

On Monday afternoon, Brown, an undeclared freshman, was killed in an on-campus stabbing outside Gregory Gymnasium. Three other students were injured in the incident.

Austin bishop Joe Vásquez led a memorial mass for Brown, a practicing Catholic, at the University Catholic Center Tuesday night. All members of the UT community were welcome, filling the church to capacity with some standing at the back.

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The Black Attack: Young Scholar of Color Stabs Three White, One Asian on U. Texas Austin Campus


The University of Texas at Austin, the UT System’s mother campus with around 50,000 students, has some work to do to root out the Nazi white racist students who attend that Communist run institution of higher learning.

Can you believe that white students shouted to police “There he is” when a black freedom fighter was seeking out more whites to administer Black Justice to. I mean, come on, you white youths: Take the stabbings you deserve for your white oppression and white privilege and get over it.

The next time, boys and girls, that you see a black male freedom fighter stabbing whites, cheer him on, invite him to stick the blade in you.

Your professors tell you that whites should be genocided out of existence, don’t they? So, get with the program. Let a good black man do his job and take your death as Black Justice.

Fox News

A student at the University of Texas Austin attacked his fellow undergraduates Monday with what authorities described as a “Bowie-style hunting knife,” killing one man and injuring three others.

UT Austin Police Chief David Carter identified the suspect as 21-year-old Kendrex J. White, who was taken into custody without incident near a gymnasium. Fox 7 reported that White was a biology major and was expected to graduate in 2018.

Here’s a Twitter photo of heroic Kendrex suffering at the hands of his white oppressors. Really, the students and professors need to protest this kind of injustice. No black man should ever be arrested for any reason FREE KENDREX NOW. BLACK JUSTICE SEEKERS LIVES MATTER.

Here I go again, posting on things CNN doesn’t want you to know about.

University President Greg Fenves decried what he called an “unconscionable violent attack” and announced that all classes and activities had been canceled for the day.

“This breaks my heart … that any of our students were touched by tragedy,” Fenves said.

The stabbings unfolded at around 1:45 p.m. Central Time near Gregory Gym, home to the school’s women’s volleyball team. Carter said an officer responded to an initial report of a stabbing and arrested the suspect. The chief added that three other victims were found approximately a block away.

There was no immediate word on the conditions of the injured and authorities did not provide a possible motive for the attack. Three of the student victims were white and the fourth was Asian, Carter said, without noting which victim was deceased. The suspect is black.

Student Rachel Prichett told the Associated Press she was standing in line at a food truck outside the gym when she saw a man with a large knife approach the person standing behind her.

“The guy was standing next to me,” Prichett said. “He grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved the knife in it. I just started running as fast as I could.”

Another student, Ray Arredondo, said he was walking to his car when a mass of students near the gym started running.

“They were just screaming, `Run! Get out of here!”‘ Arredondo said.

Lindsey Clark said she saw the suspect get tackled by police as he was running toward the entrance of Jester Hall, a complex of dormitories and classrooms. She described him as wearing a bandanna and gray sweatshirt and said he appeared quiet and subdued as police held him on the ground.

“You could see and hear people running and screaming: `There he is!”‘ before he was tackled by officers.

University Police Chief David Carter said it would be “premature” to discuss the suspect’s motive and “what was going through his mind.”
Arredondo later saw what looked like CPR being performed on someone outside the front door of the gym. Another student was sitting on a bench being treated for cuts to the head or neck, he said.

Authorities cordoned off the scene as a large contingent of state and local police, including officers in helicopters, swarmed the area.
The University of Texas is blocks from downtown Austin and the Texas Capitol and is one of the nation’s largest universities.

The attack occurred in the central campus, just a short walk from the administration building and the landmark clock tower that was the scene of a mass shooting in 1966.

More relevant Tweets:

Black Serial Killer of White Children Freed, Roaming the Streets


Kudos to CBS 5 and other media reporters who broke this story. Thanks, folks. God bless you.

The story continues to unfold in the state of Arizona.

Excerpt from AZ Family

The story begins in 1967 in the town of Sierra Vista. The population was 5,000 at that time, most of the residents there because of the adjacent Army post, Fort Huachuca.

“Sierra Vista at that time did not have a violent crime problem,” said David Santor, who was 22 years old back then, and has a vivid recollection of the events of that spring and summer, events that would change the community in ways that only fear and tragedy can.

“The element of universal trust was gone,” said Santor.

On Sunday, April 30, a 7-year-old blond haired girl named Cindy Clelland walked down the street, looking for bottles that she could turn in at the neighborhood store in exchange for candy. Three days later, a search team found her naked, lifeless, mutilated body in a desert area 120 feet into the boundary of Fort Huachuca.

“Throughout the three days she was missing, they would find, like, clothes and underpants, and they would bring it to my mom and say, ‘Is this Cindy’s?’” said Darlene Roi, who is Cindy’s older sister.

She remembers how her father was a sergeant in the Army at the time, and deployed overseas.

“The Red Cross had to track him down in Vietnam, brought him back while the military was looking for Cindy. And on the third day, when my dad happened to arrive was the same day they found Cindy,” said Roi.


Having discovered Cindy’s body, FBI agents, Army investigators, Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputies and Sierra Vista Police turned their attention toward finding the killer.

One week later, a handwritten letter arrived at Sierra Vista police headquarters. It contained a message that read, in part, “I am The Phantom. You have found my first victim. My next victim lives on Steffan Street. 9 yrs old. (Fools!!!)”

Police identified the 9-year-old girl mentioned in the letter and provided around-the-clock protection for her. The letter would become a key piece of evidence. Meantime, the residents of Sierra Vista were living in fear.

“People went out and bought guns. People did everything they could to make sure that they knew where their children were every minute of every day,” said Santor.

Investigators followed lead after lead into dead end after dead end. All the while, the Sierra Vista police chief, C. Reed Vance, suspected a neighborhood teenager had something to do with the crime.

On June 22, another little girl vanished. Jenelle Haines was 6 years old. Her family had just moved back to Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca after being stationed in Germany. Her father was a Lt. Colonel.

At around 11 a.m., Jenelle was playing at the pond near the Lakeside Officer’s Club. Her brother said she had been talking to a tall, thin, black teenage boy when she disappeared.

At around 1 p.m., before he knew about the second abduction, Chief Vance was driving onto the Army post for a meeting. He said he noticed that neighborhood teenager he suspected of being involved in Cindy Clelland’s disappearance was walking off the post.

Search teams found Jenelle’s body later that day. She was naked, murdered in a similar fashion as Cindy Clelland. But now, investigators had a solid lead. The description Jenelle’s brother gave to investigators matched William Huff, the teenager Chief Vance had suspected all along. A subsequent handwriting sample from Huff matched the letter from The Phantom.


Huff, a 16-year-old high school student had a history of run-ins with law enforcement. He admitted to killing a ring-tailed cat on the Army post. He was suspected of killing cats, stealing bicycles and breaking into his neighbor’s home. She told police Huff fondled her young daughter.

Huff was charged in the deaths of Cindy Clelland and Jenelle Haines. On the day the first of his two trials was scheduled to begin, Huff pleaded guilty. He ended up being sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for one murder and 40 years to life for the other.


The clemancy board decided to release Huff. He now moves freely around Tucson. And there are little white girls playing within a stone’s throw of his residence. Watch the video, then pray for the young blonde white girls of Tucson.