Massive Street Bowel Movements as ICE Dumps Illegal Aliens in Small Pennsylvania Town

Gypsies, known as the Roma to those who follow the rules of political correctness, come from Northern India originally. They are widely despised in Europe. Now, a small town in Pennsylvania is being culturally enriched by their presence.

Excerpt from Narrative-Collapse

ICE has dumped over forty illegal aliens on a small Pennsylvania community. They were released from ICE custody under the Alternative to Detention [ATD] program. ATD is considered a “humane alternative” to detention centers but does take into account the communities that are affected. Some of them are required to wear GPS ankle bracelets.

The illegal aliens are Gypsies, allegedly from Bucharest, Romania. They have been placed in California, PA which is a town of fewer than seven thousand people. Since Romania was admitted to the EU, there has a been exodus of Gypsies who seek greater welfare benefits in other countries. This is sometimes referred to as “benefits tourism.”

One hundred and fifty townspeople packed a community meeting to voice their outrage over the behavior of the Gypsies. The primary complaint is the practice of open defecation by the men and children. Many will defecate on public streets. Townspeople also complained that they butcher chickens in public areas, throw trash everywhere, disregard traffic laws, and engaging in unruly behavior at public places.


The Gypsies are playing the race card. They claim they face persecution in Romania and are demanding asylum in the United States.

The town authorities say they were given no advance warning by the Federal government. They say they feel like the Feds are ignoring them. The Gypsies are renting apartments from local real estate agent Vito Dentino. The Federal government is presumably paying for their rent. Dentino has warned the community that as many as one hundred more Gypsies may be on the way.

The townspeople are being told to give the Gypsies more time to assimilate. However, Gypsies have lived in Romania for hundreds of years, but never assimilated. The Romanian government has tried in vain to assimilate Gypsies since the 1850s. In the 19th Century, the government encouraged inter-marriage, moved Gypsies into the cities, and made public education mandatory for Gypsies to send their children to school.

All of this had little effect. To this day, the Romanian government still struggles to get Gypsies to send their children to public schools. Across Europe, Gypsies are most commonly associated with very negative attributes like high rates of crime and welfare abuse.

It’s a mystery as to why California, Pa. was selected to be culturally enriched.

This Fox News story quotes town liberals about how awesome the gypsies are.

Liberalism is a mental illness.


Disgusted Swedish “Bikini Cop” Has Quit the Force

The criminal she took down was nonwhite. He was a gypsy to be specific.

Sputnik News

Mikaela Kellner, arguably Sweden’s most famous police officer, has quit her job after eleven years on the force. Kellner rose to international fame last summer for arresting a thief wearing only a bikini. Her resignation may strike a blow to the public image of Sweden’s police, which has suffered recently.

In 2015, Mikaela Kellner made international headlines and was dubbed ‘Bikini police’ and ‘Swedish ninja’ for assisting in the arrest of a thief in a park in Stockholm while off-duty. The fact that she was wearing a bikini instead of her police uniform did not stop her from intervening and pinning the bewildered would-be pickpocket to the ground.

She’s muscular because she works out, including lifting weights.

Kellner’s bikini feat was hailed by strangers, colleagues and friends alike, and the fearless policewoman quickly rose to national fame, which culminated in a call from Swedish Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and an invitation to have lunch at Rosenbad, Sweden’s seat of government.

However, the supportive publicity did not prevent Mikaela from quitting.

“The main reason is that I’ve not felt comfortable with the recent [police] reorganization. I do not think that personnel are being treated fairly, as they should,” a dismayed Mikaela Kellner told the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen. Kellner explained that she became weary of her job as a police officer after eleven years in uniform. However, she admitted that it had been a hard choice.

“[Being a police officer] has become a bit like a second identity, and I feel bad about not doing a good job,” Kellner told Expressen.

She started with taking a year’s leave to ponder future options. For now, she intends to focus more on her work as a personal trainer.

Given the nonwhite invasion of Sweden by parasitic scum, the country is going to miss having a strong woman police officer out there pushing the Muzzies around when they think they can take on a woman and easily win.

Good luck to Mikaela in her new career and good luck to Sweden, especially to all Swedish women.

Sweden’s “Bikini Cop” Removes Trash from a Park

Mikaela Kellner

Pickpockets in Europe are generally Roma, whose politically incorrect name is gypsy. The press hasn’t reported the ethnicity of the pickpocket that Mikaale has on the ground in the picture above because they don’t want the white population in the West to deviate from the “We are all just the same” egalitarian mantra. Nonetheless, Europeans know that the Roma are thieves.

So, as a speculation, we’ll just say the guy is probably part of a gypsy crime family. Something got Mikaela’s BS detector going, and that something was likely her instinctive RACIAL PROFILING.

Excerpt from The Local Sweden

The Swedish off-duty police officer has told The Local about the story behind this viral picture capturing the moment she wrestled a brazen criminal to the ground – while wearing a bikini.

Mikaela Kellner and her friends were sunbathing in the Rålambshov park in Stockholm when a man walked up to them pretending to sell magazines for homeless people. When he refused to take no for an answer, but instead lingered around their blankets, she started suspecting that something was wrong.

“I told my friends to keep an eye on their things. But as soon as he left one of my friends said ‘where did my mobile phone go?'” Kellner told The Local on Thursday.

She explained that the man had used his magazines to cover the mobile phone, picking it up without anyone noticing when he left. Let’s just say this was a decision he would soon come to regret.

“There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe 15 metres or so. One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder,” she said.

They called their colleagues on duty who were able to get there to arrest him.

Kellner has been a police officer for 11 years, but it is the first time she has nabbed a suspect while wearing a bikini. She said a picture she posted on Instagram quickly went viral after Aftonbladet wrote about it.

This Instagram video shows how Mikaela works out. The creep pickpocket never stood a chance of getting away.

Gypsy Thugs Force Residents to Pay to Enter Free Public Park

british playground gypsy fee

Cruel crooks have been charging children £1 – to use a PUBLIC playpark.

The gang have been standing at the gates of the free-to-use, council-run park and demanding the payment before kids can get inside.

The suspects, believed to be linked to the travelling community, have also intimidated drivers trying to use a nearby car park, demanding £1 from those turning up to enjoy the recent sunny spell.

The “traveling community” is a code term for gypsies, also known as the Roma by politically correct people.

gypsy britain

Last night, locals in Stevenston, Ayrshire, demanded action to tackle the chancers operating at the town’s beachfront, the Daily Record reported .

One mum whose children use the playpark said: “Parents in the area have been told that they cannot use the park unless we pay an entrance fee. This is extortion and should not be allowed to continue.

“The gang arrive and, in some cases, park right up against the local Ardeer Primary. The school’s sports day is coming up soon and I know some parents are very concerned and will not let their kids attend if this sort of problem isn’t dealt with.”

But … but … but diversity is a strength. Diversity is why England is so peaceful and prosperous.

When some parents attempted to tackle the crooks over the charges, they claim they were met with threats of violence.

Ian Cassidy, 60, a volunteer who helps keep the 63-acre beach park site clean and tidy, revealed he’d been threatened .

Ian said: “I respect and understand that everybody should have the right to live somewhere but when you’re told your home is going to be
petrol-bombed, something has to be done. It’s a police matter.”

A 72-year-old gran whose house faces the Stevenston beachfront added: “This is now open intimidation.

“They tell us that we cannot use the facilities unless we pay them money for the privilege.

“This is our park and they have no right to take over. Somebody has to get a grip of this situation.”

Copenhagen Crime 80% Nonwhite


When a peaceful, civilized, developed first world country imports the third world, those turd world peoples will not rise to first world standards. If they were capable, they would have done that back home.

Instead, they bring the character of the third world with them. Crime in Denmark is a case in point.

New Observer

Eighty percent of all criminals active in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen are nonwhite “foreigners,” according to the Danish police.

In particular, Gypsies from Romania and Africans from Nigeria are prominent in the crime figures.

As reported in Denmark’s Metroxpress newspaper, only one in five criminals arrested are “Danish,”—that, is have Danish nationality, which does not mean that they are European.

The huge “foreign” crime element is, Metroxpress said, a “huge burden on police resources.”

The 80 percent foreign crime rate came to light when a Copenhagen police report was uncovered by that newspaper.

The report said that four out five criminals appearing in Copenhagen’s Dommervagten (the preliminary hearing courts) were “foreigners”—and that “Romanians and Nigerians” dominate the lists.

The “Romanians” are of course actually Gypsies—a notoriously criminal group of Indian-origin nonwhites who use their Romanian European Union nationality to spread all over western Europe looking for richer pickings.

“We are spending more and more time on it [the foreign criminals] and we have set aside resources to exclusively take on foreigners,” said Chief Superintendent Jørgen Skov.

He said the “foreigners” are committing all manner of crimes, ranging from property crime to robbery and organized gangsterism.

Every time a foreigner commits a crime, additional casework results, the newspaper continued, pointing out that a “foreign shoplifter” uses up a lot more police resources than a Danish one.

There’s only one solution. Close Denmark’s borders and then deport the foreigh maggots that are feasting off the flesh of one of the world’s great peoples.

danish girl

Sweden Overwhelmed By ‘Gypsies’ As “Begging Has Become An Occupation

gypsy beggar

The Roma (gypsies) are descended from migrants who came from what is today India. These nonwhite scam artists are probably the most hated people in Europe.

Due to lax immigration laws in Sweden they are another group turning once beautiful Sweden into a third world dump. One gypsy at a time.

Never forget, though. Sweden loves the vibrant cultural enrichment provided by nonwhites. Thus, beggars cluttering the streets is a small price to pay for diversity. Just drop a kroner or two into an outstretched hand and feel good about your generosity.

I’ve embedded a video of a gypsy beggar scam in New York City from a few years ago. Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch a 2 minute video of a “crippled” gypsy begging for cash get busted by a reporter.

Excerpt from Zerohedge via Lew Rockwell

While Sweden’s seemingly self-imposed refugee crisis continues to roil the nation’s population, it appears different and potentially just as problematic social unrest looms. As Gatestone reports, for the last few years, immigration-welcoming Sweden has been overwhelmed with Roma beggars from Romania and Bulgaria who have turned “panhandling into an occupation.”


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‘Notorious Gypsy Boss’ Expelled from Denmark

gemi levakovic

The family of the sh*tskin shown above arrived in Denmark in 1972. None of them have ever held jobs, but they have lots of money. Crime pays.

Besides deporting the rotten douchebag Lavakovic, the government of Denmark has surely confiscated his ill-gotten wealth. Let him go back home poor and humbled by the mighty power of an awakened white citizenry ready to defend itself against such filth.

The Local Denmark

A 46-year-old Croatian said to be the patriach of ‘Denmark’s most criminal family’ was on Thursday sentenced to 15 months in prison and expulsion from the country.

Reported crime takes dip in Denmark (17 Jul 15)
Roma beggars not run by crime groups: report (17 Jun 15)
Gimi Levakovic, known in Denmark as ‘the Gypsy boss’ (Sigøjnerbossen), was convicted on charges of having a loading pistol and making death threats by a Næstved court on Thursday and sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by expulsion from Denmark.

The lawyer for Levakovic, who became nationally-known thanks to a TV2 documentary entitled ‘The Gypsy Boss and His Notorious Family’ (Sigøjnerbossen og hans berygtede familie), immediately filed an appeal against the decision.

Levakovic, a Roma from Croatia, is the head of what for many years has been called ‘Denmark’s most criminal family’ and is the self-declared ‘boss’ of the nation’s Romas.

According to TV2, the Levakovic family first arrived in Denmark in 1972 and most of the 45-member clan have never had jobs and have instead lived off a mix of welfare benefits and crime. Levakovic’s Facebook page is filled with updates in which he flashily displays large sums of money. In an update posted after his sentence, he had a profane and grammatically-challenged message to Denmark.

“Fuck you Denmark and your Danes racist Pia Kjærsgaard [an icon of the Danish People’s Party, ed.]. I’m already taking your free money with me; fuck you. But remember Denmark, I’ll be back and it not just me but all of Romania!”, he wrote.

Three members of the Levakovic family have previously been sent back to Croatia for their crimes, which include home robberies, violence and rape.

The court said on Thursday that Levaokic’s past escapades were a major factor in the decision to kick him out of the country.

“We have given weight to the fact that he has a history with numerous incidents of violence and we believe upon that background that there is a risk that he will continue his criminal activities,” Christian Ankerstjerne, a judge in the case, said in court according to Ekstra Bladet.

For his part, Levakovic claimed that despite his reputation and his propensity to refer to himself as ‘the Boss’, he is actually nothing of the sort.

“After I participated in that programme on TV2, I’ve been portrayed as a mafia boss. I’m not at all a mafia boss or a boss of anything,” he said in court according to Ekstra Bladet.