Illegal Alien Carjacker Shot Dead by Good Samaritan at Walmart After He Shot Two People

There’s ample reason to suspect that the double carjacking carried out in Washington state on Sunday was perpetrated by an illegal alien.

So far, police have not released any information on the dead suspect. It would be harder to identify an illegal than a U.S. citizen, so that may account for the delay.

Experience has shown that when a perp is a white male, the information on him gets released to the public very quickly.

Notice in the following Fox News story that reporters didn’t ask witnesses to describe the carjacker.

Fox News

A carjacking suspect was killed and at least two other people were injured Sunday after a pair of carjacking attempts and a vehicle chase in Washington state that eventually led to a Walmart parking lot, according to police.

The still-unidentified suspect was fatally shot by an intervening civilian, Seattle’s Q13 Fox reported.

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U.S. Suicide Rates Up Sharply Since 1999

As this post was being put together, news broke that leftist celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is dead, having committed suicide. His death is going to be one of the top stories of the day. The election of Trump to the presidency may have played a role in causing the Trump-hater to kill himself.


Let’s get back to the general topic of suicide, which is going to be even more discussed with the death of Bourdain.

Only Native Americans have a higher suicide rate than whites, as seen in the graph below.

The bar graph below shows that the suicide rate among whites is much higher among males.

Excerpt from NPR.

Suicide rates have increased in nearly every state over the past two decades, and half of the states have seen suicide rates go up more than 30 percent.

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Teen Who Tried to Rape Friend’s Mom During Sleepover is Met with a Gun


Richie Cunningham arrested on a sex crime charge? Tell me I’m having a nightmare.

No more Happy Days for Ron Howard look-alike Jordon Corter are on the horizon. No matter how things work out, he’s been disgraced by a stupid stunt that probably was motivated by alcohol and porn.

WMACAction News5

An 18-year-old is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting his friend’s mother.

Jordan Corter, 18, was arrested and charged with attempted rape and sexual battery.

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Coalburner Guns Down Jigaboo Hubby for Beating Her Cat

When I first saw the headline that a woman had killed her husband for beating her cat, I knew instinctively that the couple were interracial.

It took a couple of days for that fact to surface, but the photo of Mary and Dexter Harrison above is proof.

Negro males generally have no affection for animals. Cat beaters deserve to die. So here’s a shout out for Mary for taking care of business.

Mary the mudshark should find a lawyer who loads the jury with cat lovers who might find her not guilty. Racist cat lovers would be even better because who cares about another dead negro!

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Heroic Memphis Homeowner Kills Two Black Bastard Home Invaders with AK-47

Our heroic homeowner is a black fellow. Lucky for him he’s not white or he’d probably be charged with a double murder.

The two home invaders were apparently outside and running away when they were fatally struck by bullets from the AK-47. When they’re outside the home, the police usually arrest the victim, but not this time.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two would-be robbers died after a Tennessee homeowner pulled out his AK-47 and shot them while inside his home.

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Jury Awards $4 to Family of Black Man Killed by White Police Officer


Apparently, a Florida jury wasn’t happy with the behavior of a negro gentleman prior to his being shot to death by a white policeman.

The fambly of Gregory Hill, Jr. aren’t going to hit the ghetto lottery this time. It’s embarassing when the jury says the life of your loved one was worth $4, even if it is true.


A federal court jury has awarded the family of a man who was fatally shot by a Sheriff’s Deputy in the garage of his own home $4 in a wrongful death suit.

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Tears (Video)

Fifteen seconds. Another fun one from the great James Woods.