Trump Slams “Coward” Deputy For Not Engaging Florida Shooter


Deputy Scott Peterson didn’t get the Trump nickname treatment. Should we help Trump out and call Peterson “Slow on the Trigger” Peterson?

There’s a lot going on with Peterson. Let’s start with Trump’s criticism.


On his way to today’s CPAC conference, President Trump criticized the Florida deputy who didn’t confront Nikolas Cruz, the school shooter from Parkland, Fla., saying “he certainly did a poor job,” and insinuating that he was a “coward.”

Trump is playing 8D chess again. He’s trying to deflect attention away from gun grabs and the NRA, as well as Second Amendment Republicans.

I would advise deputy Scott Peterson to slink quietly away and not sue Trump for defamation. Trump has a right to his opinion, just as we all do. If his opinion is that Peterson is a coward, then he can say that.

However, can you imagine Obama ever saying anything this politically incorrect? Obama, the empty suit, would indirectly criticize police on the whole, but not specific cops.

Now, if only Trump would call out Justine Damond’s killer, Officer Mohammed Noor, as a murderer, it would be great.

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Awesome Jewish Warrior Laura Loomer Confronts Lying Pro-Gun Control Jewish Florida Politician (Video)

A Jewish congressman from Florida ducks questions about the Parkland shooting and throws up Sandy Hook as a diversion.

Youtube title: Infowars Confronts Lying Anti-Gun Florida Congressman

Laura Loomer attended a gun control meeting hosted by “Everytown”, which is one of the nation’s largest anti gun organizations, funded by Michael Bloomberg.

Democratic Florida Congressman Ted Deutch was there lying to his constituents, telling them AR 15s are assault weapons and were banned before 2004 (all of which is a lie).

When confronted about these lies, the Congressman refused to answer questions, instead choosing to berate and insult Infowars and those who do not believe that gun control is the answer.

Five minutes. Published February 19.

Laura has chutzpah!

Youtube loves this confrontation.

Good job standing your ground. That congressman is lower than low. He has sold his soul and he knows it.

If the congressman would have went after the FBI in his speech too then at least I would respect that , it’s a good thing he was confronted on this , his soul now heard it by this reporter, wether he changes or not is up to him.

He would have been much better off if he didn’t lose his cool like that. He behaved more like a jerry springer contestant.

Why does he act so smug? WTF. Another (((globalist))).

Love how he avoids actual question!

Actually Sandy hoax was a hoax dirtbag, obviously he has something to hide what a piece of schiff…whole thing is bullshit

He uses fake outrage to shift the focus away from real issues. Disgusting.


Based Parkland Shooting Survivor Chastises Media for Pro-Gun Control Agenda


A Parkland, Florida school shooting survivor has challenged the media to talk about other issues related to mass shootings besides gun control.

People with common sense know that “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Well, the police would have them too.

There is no evidence that in America, gun grabs of one kind or another would stop a determined nut case like Nikolas Cruz.

I’ve updated this post with this U.S. map, showing the fraction of people who own guns in each state. The south looks pretty heavily armed compared to the northeast, which is where a lot of anti-gun sentiment originates.

Washington Times

An 18-year-old student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who survived last week’s mass shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people, said the liberal media are politicizing the tragedy to promote a pro-gun control agenda.

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Black Ex-Sheriff David Clarke Calls Out George Soros as Behind Student Gun Control Activism


At this point everyone knows that the name George Soros is a stand-in for “The Jews.” You can’t say that the Jews are behind this and that mischief without running afoul of accusations of antisemitism, but you can say the name Soros and everybody knows what you mean.

The Hill

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. insinuated Wednesday that student survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting were being manipulated by Democratic billionaire George Soros to organize for gun control.

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Conservative Heavy Hitter Dinesh D’Souza Mocks Parkland Students then Apologies


Although there’s no reason for the alt-right to view Dinesh D’Souza as a friend, we should support his mockery of students indoctrinated into an anti-American hatred of the Second Amendment.

If students want a gun-free society, they can begin a campaign to repeal the amendment. The Founding Fathers allowed for that.

Here’s the story of D’Souza’s politically incorrect Tweets, which he later cucked out and apologized for.

Tampa Bay Times

Conservative filmmaker and lightning rod Dinesh D’Souza sparked controversy — and apologized on Wednesday — for mocking a photo of emotional Parkland students watching the Florida House vote down a ban on assault weapons.

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Probable Crisis Actor David Hogg Says He’s NOT a Crisis Actor

Haha. I just received an email from the Washington Post, which has published a story on David Hogg that informs America that Hogg is not a crisis actor.

We’ve changed the culture just by getting the MSM to use the term “crisis actor,” which I’m sure they would prefer not to use.

Anyway, I haven’t read the Post’s story yet, but I’ll bet it takes the angle that poor little Hogg is being smeared by right-wing conspiracy nuts.

The important point is not whether Hogg is a crisis actor. Rather, what is important is that he is not an organic celebrity spokesperson for gun control and Trump hatred. He’s a media creation, especially the creation of (((CNN.))) He’s not the voice of his generation, as the media would have the public believe.

The voices of conservative students are being quashed, while the MSM plays up Hogg and his friends.

Here are important things to know about David Hogg and the conspiracy to overthrow the Second Amendment and disarm Americans in order to replace us with the nonwhite hordes.

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Trump to Sessions: “Ban bump stocks.”

When the next mass shooting takes place, and it will, the left will see that banning bump stocks was style over substance.

At that point there’ll be another incremental move by the camel who has a lot more than his nose in our tent.

You might argue that President Trump threw the left a bone to shut them up. That’s probably true, but is it a sign of weakness on his part that he feels like he needs to keep throwing bones to the left.


Following the Las Vegas massacre last year, and facing outcry after the murders at a Florida High School last week (and 17 others in 2018 alone), President Trump has directed AG Sessions to clarify if ‘bump stocks’ are illegal; and to propose regulations to “ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

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