Gun-Loving Rocker Ted Nugent Takes a Shot at David Hogg et. al. (Not Literally)

Ted Nugent isn’t Laura Ingraham. It would be a huge surprise if he were to apologize to David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, who clearly are the targets of his disgust in remarks he made about Parkland student survivors on Friday on Joe Pags radio show.

The Wrap

Ted Nugent, the sometime classic rocker and current NRA board member, is speaking out about the new generation of gun reform advocates: the “pathetic” teenage “liars” who survived the deadly massacre last month at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

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NAACP Prez Calls for Aussie Style Gun Confiscation in America


Yo, muh Nigga. Dey ain’t no gun poblum. Deyz a Nigga poblum.

Excerpt from Black Press USA

Gun violence is the number one killer of African Americans ages 15 to 34. Though African Americans make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population, we represent nearly 50 percent of all gun homicide victims. Over 80 percent of gun deaths of African Americans are homicides. Roughly speaking, 1 out of every 3 African American males who die between the ages of 15 and 19 is killed by gun violence. African American children and teens were less than 15 percent of the total child population in 2008 and 2009, but accounted for 45 percent of all child- and teen-related gun deaths. These numbers are tragic and intolerable, but most of all they are preventable.

That last statement is overly optimistic or a deliberate lie.

Niggas are gonna kill. If a gun isn’t handy, a knife, machete, hammer, or rock will do.

Banning blacks from owning guns is OK by me, but the rest of this colored gentleman’s reasoning is faulty.

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School Shooter Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz: “My real mom was a Jew.”

Nonwhite school shooter Nikolas Cruz (as the media has shortened his name to, leaving out de la Jesus) is being portrayed by CNN as a white supremacist who hated nonwhites, Jews, and liberals.

Since it appears that the numerous calls for gun control aren’t going anywhere, the media is playing up the racist angle big.

Buried within that slant on the news is the fact that Cruz claims his birth mother was a Jew. That would make him a Jew, according to Jewish law. Judging from his appearance, it’s easy to speculate that his father was a Cuban and that’s how he ended up being adopted by a family with the Hispanic last name Cruz, which I believe means cross in Spanish. Why the family gave him his first name with the letter “k” rather than “c” is unclear.

Anyway, Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz (Nickolas from Jesus of the Cross; did I get that translation about right?) is not a product of Caucasian culture or genes, no matter that’s what the MSM wants you to believe.

I’ve bolded the sentence in the story where he says his real mother was a Jew.


In a private Instagram group chat, confessed school shooter Nikolas Cruz repeatedly espoused racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views and displayed an obsession with violence and guns.

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FIRE HIM! Jewish Sheriff of Broward County Calls for GUN CONTROL After It’s Revealed that Deputies Called to Shooter’s Home 39 Times Did Nothing

Look at the facts and decide for yourself whether the Sheriff of Broward county, site of this weeks mass school shooting, was derelict in his duty.

The sheriff’s deputies had numerous contacts with alleged shooter Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz. Yet, the youth was never arrested.

None of us other than Sheriff Scott Israel can explain why a troublemaker like Cruz was allowed to slip through the criminal justice system unscathed. (((Israel))) should be held accountable for his failures.

To try to deflect attention from himself, Israel blamed gun laws and during a memorial service for the victims, he called for gun control.

Fox News

“If you’re an elected official, and you want to keep things the way they are, and not do things differently, if you want to keep the gun laws as they are now, you will not get re-elected in Broward County,” Israel said Thursday night to cheers, as locals grieved the 17 victims killed a day earlier.

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Police Confirm: Head of the Republic of Florida Says School Shooter NOT a Member


The only thing that the sheeple will remember is that the ADL said that Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz was a white supremacist. With that “k” in his first name he must be Russian. Maybe he hacked the election too.


Local law enforcement sources have not found a connection between accused Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz and a Tallahassee-based paramilitary group.

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ADL Says Florida School Shooter Linked to White Supremacist Group


We knew the Jews would try to pull some sh*t and they have, as this story broke ten minutes ago as I write.

No legitimate white nationalist organization would accept accused school shooter Cruz as a member.

The group named is one I’ve never heard of. It’s probably a Jewish-funded front intended to make white identitarians look bad.

ABC News

The Anti-Defamation League, a civil rights watchdog, told ABC News they have information they believe to be credible linking Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooting suspect, to a white supremacist group called Republic of Florida.

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At Least FIVE Jews Killed in Florida School Shooting, Possibly Including Coach Being Hailed as a Hero


Parkland, Florida, the site of yesterday’s mass school shooting by an Hispanic teen, is at least half Jewish, according to the source below.

Although the shooter, Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, did not appear to target Jews, there is evidence coming to light in the media that he sympathized with ISIS, perhaps making him a junior jihadi of sorts.

One victim is being hailed in the media as a hero. I believe, based on his name and appearance, that Aaron Feis, is a Jew.

If that’s the case, then expect (((the MSM))) to play up his alleged heroism in a big way, while staying focused on gun control, of course.

Israel National News

On Thursday, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was indicted on 17 counts of first degree murder after being interrogated by state and federal law enforcement officials.

Parkland, Florida has a large Jewish community, locals say, and a significant portion of the student body at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where the shooting took place, is Jewish.

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