Graph Shows America’s Most Dangerous Cities

Hmmm. I think I detect a certain common factor in the most dangerous American cities.

If you’re a tourist coming to America, please be very careful in any of these places. Learn more about places to avoid. Or as we say in America: Avoid the groid.

There’s more discussion of the graph at the source, Zerohedge.

Whites Dominate Innovation (Graph)


This image was in one of Battle Beagle’s Tweets. He sourced it from this pdf document.

It’s just more proof of white superiority, as if we needed more proof. In spite of the obvious superiority of whites, race traitors like Bill Gates continue to hire and promote foreign mudskins over white Americans. Gates should be held accountable, along with the rest of his peers who have stabbed us in the back.

The other thing that’s happening is that whites are being replaced in doctoral programs in the STEM fields by foreign muds. That’s another development that spells doom in the long run for the survival of civilization. At my university standards were lowered significantly to accommodate the foreign hoards.

White Genocide: New Study Documents Rise in White Death Rate


Congratulations white people. You’re #1.

A new Princeton University study by two economists shows that non-Hispanic whites have the highest death rate of any group in America.

Be proud that you’re first again.

Like we keep saying, white genocide is real.

They don’t have to march white people up to a wall to face a firing squad. They don’t have to put white people in FEMA camps and mass exterminate that way. There are far more sophisticated ways of genociding whites.

The press has picked up the theme from Professors Angus Deaton and Anne Case, calling the culling of whites from the population “deaths of despair.”

Their research has been picked up by multiple news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Vox.

Vox and the Wall Street Journal are heavily biased leftward. Bloomberg offers a more unbiased look at the news of the day. Thus, this post is sourced from Bloomberg. The first and third graph were sourced from the WSJ.

Researchers who sounded the alarm on increasing white working-class mortality blamed the trend Thursday on economic upheaval that created a web of social issues so tightly interwoven that even successful policies would take years to unsnarl them.

Mortality and morbidity, which measure chances of death or illness within an age group, began climbing in the late 1990s for less-educated whites between 45 and 54. That came as progress against heart disease and cancer slowed and drug overdoses, suicide and alcoholism — so-called “deaths of despair” — became pervasive.

Distress born of globalization and technological change probably drove the deadly outcome, new research by Princeton University’s Anne Case and Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton shows. Their findings point to a cycle of despair that’s deepening: Middle-aged whites today are more likely to report pain and mental-health problems than their predecessors and are experiencing symptoms of alcoholism at a younger age.

“Policies, even ones that successfully improve earnings and jobs, or redistribute income, will take many years to reverse the mortality and morbidity increase,” Case and Deaton write in their paper. “Those in midlife now are likely to do much worse in old age than those currently older than 65.”

Fatal Crossover

Less-educated whites are unique in their plight. Mortality has continued its long-run decline for whites with bachelor’s degrees, Hispanics and blacks. In 1999, the rate for whites between 50 and 54 with only high-school degrees was 30 percent lower than the mortality rate of blacks that age. By 2015, it was 30 percent higher, a cross-over echoed across age groups.

The problem bucks a global trend: Middle-aged mortality has been falling globally, even in other advanced economies like the U.K. Adult mortality improvements have been most striking in developing countries, according to United Nations data.


While high school-only Americans earn far less than peers with a bachelor’s degree — about 60 cents on the dollar — income inequality itself doesn’t seem to be the driver of white woe. Blacks and Hispanic Americans fare even worse economically, yet they’ve made consistent gains in combating mortality and morbidity. And in Europe and the U.K., where income divides have also widened, mortality has been declining across demographics.

In the eyes of Case and Deaton, a 2015 economics laureate for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare, the decline is a story of cumulative disadvantage. While minorities have a long history of economic struggle, white Americans could once expect a secure job, family life and future with only a high-school degree. But unions, factories and mines began to decline in the 1970s, taking with them high-paying jobs.

Churches Fade

In response, college attendance increased. Those who didn’t go found themselves in lower-paying jobs or left the labor market entirely, pushing down participation for those with less than a bachelor’s degree.

As opportunities eroded, so did institutions that composed the backbone of middle-class existence. Traditional churches ceded ground to creeds that emphasize individualism — as a result, people feel increased responsibility for their own successes or failures. Marriage became less common as men became less likely to work, leaving both genders with less stability.

“The story is rooted in the labor market, but involves many aspects of life, including health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion,” the authors wrote.

Without their traditional moorings, whites increasingly turned to chemical crutches. Alcoholism worsened. Suicide climbed. And when doctors began to hand out opioid prescriptions more freely during the 1990s, addiction took root.

Anti-white racism by our own government plays a huge role in the issue in this post. Case and Deaton won’t see it because they’re not looking for it and it’s hard to prove.

Only by acknowledging white racial identity and fighting for our rights will we be able to recover our health, wealth, and self esteem.

Huge Majority of Youths–Blacks, Asians, and Latinos Believe Trump Illegitimate, Controlled by Russians

They are not like us.

They hate us. Donald Trump symbolizes us for them.

They thought there would never be another white male president after Obama.

Their subconscious minds (and sometimes their conscious minds) want us all dead.

You have been warned, white people.

One more thing. Many of our own people, weak in morals, character, spirit, and drug addled, are marching in lockstep with the nonwhites who want them dead.

Daily Mail

On the same day that President Trumps’ favoribility rating sank to an all-time low, a new poll found that a majority of young Americans view his presidency as illegitimate.

Fifty-seven percent of adults age 18 to 30 believe that President Trump is an ‘illegitimate’ leader according to a GenForward poll conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Among young adults of color, 74 percent of African Americans and 71 percent of Latinos/as view Trump’s presidency as ‘illegitimate’, while a majority of whites (53 percent) view Trump as a ‘legitimate’ president.

Overall, just 22 percent of young adults approve of the job Trump is doing as president, which is 15 points lower than the Gallup poll release on Monday.

Blacks are low IQ. Latinos don’t read, according to surveys I’ve seen. They watch TV all day. I would have expected better of Asians, but many of them live on the liberal West Coast, absorbing the bullshit socialist, globalist memes spewed out the Jewsmedia.

The youths surveyed grew up under Obama. They think that its normal for men to insert their penises into other men’s anuses and call it marriage. They think it’s normal for penises to be in the women’s bathroom. They think Obama is a male role model. They are pathetic. In today’s language, they are “snowflakes” who hate real masculinity while embracing the false masculinity of Obama and Michael (aka Michelle)

Academic Study: Middle Aged WHITE Men and Women are Dying at an Alarming Rate

angus deaton

Prof. Case, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, 09/22/04.

“Extermination.” That’s the word we must begin using regularly.

Since I reinvented my “career,” becoming an Internet commenter in 2012, I’ve had the freedom to write the truth, a freedom I did not have as a professor, although I will admit to pushing the boundaries a bit in my writings back in 2005 when I still taught economics at the university.

In 2012 I began to write the word “extermination” in relationship to the white race–making reference to a Satanic plot embodying a monstrous evil that desires the extermination of Euro people in America and elsewhere around the world.

Now we have confirmation from two economics professors, one of them a Nobel Prize winner, that in fact white Euro peoples in America are dying in large numbers. They’ve given us a lot of truth in their study. I’ve added my own truths that they would shy away from speaking.

Washington Post

A large segment of white middle-aged Americans has suffered a startling rise in its death rate since 1999, according to a review of statistics published Monday that shows a sharp reversal in decades of progress toward longer lives.

The mortality rate for white men and women ages 45-54 with less than a college education increased markedly between 1999 and 2013, most likely because of problems with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol and suicide, the researchers concluded. Before then, death rates for that group dropped steadily, and at a faster pace.

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Bad News: British Government Data Report Shows Number of Migrants Setting New Record




As I understand it, the map shows the top 10 countries where visitors to Britain come from. It’s not an immigration map.

Obviously, with so many visitors to Britain from Nigeria, India, etc., you have a lot of turd world scum coming to visit their relatives who already live in Britain.

The graph shows the number of immigrants. What would be useful would be a graph showing not just the broad categories shown, but the specific countries the migrants come from. I don’t see that in the report, but due to having a limited amount of time to digest the report, I may have overlooked it.

Maybe the British government doesn’t want it known that the bulk of the migrants come from the biggest turd world sh*tholes on the planet.

Also, I don’t believe the data include illegal migrants.

As stated many times here before, the New World Order scheme to turn all white countries nonwhite in order to enslave everyone under a one world government is in full swing throughout the West. Britain is a leader because her politicians are race traitors. If an assassin opposed to diversity and multiculturalism were to kill all of them tomorrow, I would not shed a tear.

Office of National Statistics

The latest immigration estimate for the year ending (YE) March 2015 is 636,000, with a confidence interval of +/-37,000, a statistically significant increase from 552,000 (+/-31,000) in YE March 2014

How to Destroy A Country: 51 Million Immigrants in Eight Years (Mostly Muds)

deport illegals

Yaaay! We love terrorists in America! Welcome, Mr. and Ms. Terrorist. Make yourselves at home.

Yaaay! We love parasites in America! Welcome , Mr. and Ms. Parasite. Make yourselves at home.

yaaay gif

And as for you hardworking dreamers from third world sh*tholes, there’s a reason a country is a third world sh*thole.

It’s the people, stupid!

India’s hoards have to be taught to use a bathroom.
mr poo in india

Washington Examiner

Legal and illegal immigrants will hit a record high of 51 million in just eight years and eventually account for an astounding 82 percent of all population growth in America, according to new U.S. Census figures.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies that analyzed the statistics said that by 2023, one in seven U.S. residents will be an immigrant, rising to one in five by 2060 when the immigrant population totals 78 million.

The report was provided to Secrets and released Wednesday evening.

“These numbers have important implications for workers, schools, infrastructure, congestion and the environment,” said Steven Camarota, the center’s director of research. “They also may have implications for our ability to successfully assimilate and integrate immigrants. Yet there has been almost no national debate about bringing in so many people legally each year, which is the primary factor driving these numbers.”

immigrants graph

The USA ought to stop all immigration, figure out who’s productive … ah, the hell with it. Deport them all. These unwanted guests will be better off and so will traditional Americans.