Dirty, No-Good Chinks Stone Zoo Kangaroo to Death Because It Wouldn’t Hop

I saw the headline on Friday saying that a kangaroo had been stoned to death and guessed that the stone throwing evil bastards were Chinese.

The chinks are among the worst ethnic groups in the world in the way they treat animals.

Sure there are exceptional Chinese who care about wildlife, but it’s not part of their genetic makeup.

I honestly don’t like the Chinese so much that I hate owning anything made in China. I try to buy older products made in the USA at thrift stores when I can find them. Having to touch something made by a chink gives me the creeps.

Huffington Post

One kangaroo was killed and another injured at a zoo in southeast China after visitors to their enclosure pelted the animals with rocks and other objects in an apparent attempt to get the kangaroos to hop around. The abuse has sparked fury online and prompted renewed scrutiny into the mistreatment of animals at Chinese zoos, several of which have gained notoriety in recent years for cramped and cruel conditions.

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First Baby in History Allowed on Senate Floor Born to Half Breed Senator WITH NO LEGS



Wikipedia’s page for Tammy Duckworth indicates to me that the gook (rather, Chink) is a totally incompetent fool who got her legs blown off in the Iraq war, probably doing a job she’s not qualified to do.

Since then, she’s proved to be mildly corrupt, with occasional brushes with ethics rules violations. Only idiots would ever vote for this piece of yellow sh*t, but she’s from Illinois, so what can I say.

But God Almighty, we have to worship her fat, sorry Asian ass because she’s only half white and a “war hero.”

I like my heroes who don’t f*ck up like she does.

Anyway, here’s why the bitch is in the news today.

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Cultural Appropriation or Too Many White People? Asian Girls Dying Their Hair Blonde (and Red too)

Asian girls reportedly feel left out in America, so they’re affecting a whiter look by dying their hair.

Given that Asian women are now a fact of life in America, it’s better that they affect whiteness in whatever way than go the hip hop route and worship blacks.

I speculate that most Asians are aware of the shortcomings of black people and for the most part prefer to either stick to their own peoples or hang out with white people.

Steve Sailer offers interspersed comments throughout the following piece, which was originally published at the New York Times. Steve mocks the writer with mild sarcasm. I’ve omitted his words, which you can read at the source.


Why So Many Asian-American Women Are Bleaching Their Hair Blond


The first time I was aware of my Asianness was when I asked my mother why I wasn’t blond. I was 5, and one of only a handful of Asian-Americans living in a predominantly white suburb in Michigan.

Of course, my story is not unique — it’s an experience that’s probably shared by most American-born Asians as we shake off our perceived otherness and strive to prove our Americanness. There’s a term for it: “perpetual foreigner.”

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Chinese Student Admits Hiring Imposter to Take Exam Charged with Fraud, Facing Deportation


The cold dead slanted eyes of the Chinese student cheater above say that there’s no sense of shame in her.

Are Asians really smarter than whites, as the press likes to gloat about, or are intelligence tests given only to the brightest Orientals. Alternatively, we might ask how common cheating is among the Chinese.

The South China Morning Post reported last year that the Chinese are the most dishonest ethnic group.

The honesty test wasn’t administered to Jews, so who knows how they would have fared.

South China Morning Post

A Chinese woman pleaded guilty on Monday to cheating on a college-entrance exam, becoming the latest person to admit wrongdoing amid US probes into international students who use impostors to gain admission to American universities.

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Yellowman Shooter Targets White Women at Veteran’s Home: Three Dead


There’s no way the (((globalists))) can convince anyone that woman- killer Albert Wong is white, so this story isn’t going to remain at the top of the news for long.

Fox News

The three women who dedicated their lives to treating military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress were described as “brave woman” after they were gunned down by an ex-patient of the treatment program they worked in.

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Awake Female College Professor’s “Racist Rant” Aimed at Sidewalk Gook Goes Viral (Story and Video)


Professor Tarin Olson is a bicycle advocate, which may have something to do with the minor contretemps that the left has blown up into something important, when really it’s just trivial. Read more about her bike activism here. That’s her above.

Watch the 30 second video above and see a smart woman’s career go into the toilet.

As you watch, bear in mind that no based white person just begins telling people to go back to their country for no reason. Something happened on the sidewalk before the chinks started filming.

At the end of this post there’s a second video showing how the local news covered this story. Apparently, the young chink male in this story is paired off with a white female.

SF Gate

Footage of a California college professor telling a couple to “go back to your home country” went viral last week, prompting the college to distance itself from its employee’s comments.

Yay! There’s no apologies from Tarin.


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Update: 23 Year Old Woman Stabbed to Death by Asian Assassin in Library Identified as White Med Student


So far there is nothing in the news to suggest that the victim of Jeffrey Yao knew him, much less had any relationship with him.

CBS News

WINCHESTER, Mass. — The woman who was stabbed to death while she sat at the Winchester Public Library has been identified as an aspiring doctor who was well known in the community. CBS Boston reports Winchester Police said 22-year-old Deane Kenny Stryker was in the library when 23-year-old Jeffrey Yao stabbed her with a 10-inch hunting knife.


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