Clever Sheboon Who Would Use Obituaries to Pick Out Homes to Burglarize is Caught in Police Trap


It takes a real lowlife n*gger to victimize grieving families by breaking into their homes when they’re attending the funeral of a loved one.

Ghetto monster Latonia Shelecia Steward is that lowlife n*gger.

She went to the well once too often though and was arrested during her last caper. Until her brilliant criminal mind comes up with another stupid plan that leads to her arrest again.

Miami Herald

A New York City woman made a point to read the obituaries in Westchester County. But police say she wasn’t grieving over dead friends or relatives — she was looking for new targets to rob.

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Jigaboo Ex-Con Charged with Stealing $20,000 Worth of Victoria’s Secret Panties


It’ll be a happy homecoming when Coby Richardson goes back to prison.

All of his buddies, the friendly, helpful guards, the great food. Maybe the warden has reserved his old cell for his use.

The secret’s out — Coby Richardson was stealing and reselling Victoria’s Secret panties with the help of his fiancée Quinessia Jackson, police say.


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Starbucks CEO Meets with Two Troublesome Nogs, Fires Manager, Closes ALL Stores for Anti-Racism Training


Wow! Instead of backing their manager who had two loiterers arrested for trespassing, they fired her. And instead of backing the police, who deem their arrest to be clean since the two male Negros at the heart of this story wouldn’t follow their orders to leave, Starbucks (founded by Jew Howard Schultz) is closing their coffee shops for a day of diversity training.

Talk about inviting black troublemakers into your business! White people, even liberals, are going to stay away rather than risk being annoyed or abused by blacks. Taking events one at a time, read how the CEO grovels. Then, the rest of the story.


Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has met with the two black men arrested last week at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

Johnson apologized for the way they were treated, according to a company spokesperson who declined to disclose details of the meeting.


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Starbucks APOLOGIZES for “racist” Arrest of Two Black Males

Two dindu males wouldn’t buy anything and wouldn’t leave when asked to.

Then came the arrest and so-called national outrage.

I’m outraged that Starbucks cucked.

I’m also calling this a setup, with Starbucks to be sued and Jews (yes, there’s one involved here) using this incident to crack down even more on “institutional racism.”

Watch the arrest video below.

Philadelphia’s mayor’s office and Police Department have begun separate investigations into the arrest of two African American men waiting to meet an acquaintance at a Center City Starbucks on Thursday after a video of the incident was widely shared on social media, triggering national outrage.

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Two Dogs Running Down Phoenix Freeway Chased by Police Creating Huge Traffic Jam

Two dogs succeeded in recreating the famous O.J. Simpson low speed chase yesterday.

Police vehicles held back traffic while the insanely erratic dogs took over a major Phoenix freeway. Choppers hovered overhead, capturing the action for the TV audience.

Both dogs would have run over without a thought in Mexico or China. They might have survived in India since the Hindus are very similar to Euro-man in their appreciation for animals.

This story has a happy ending, so don’t be afraid to read it.

There’s two videos of the doggo freedom seekers after the story.


Here’s a police chase with a twist. The suspects in this Arizona crime caper weren’t behind a wheel; they were two crafty canines running loose down the freeway.

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Police Handcuffing of 11-Year-Old Negress Sparks Outrage, Press Omits One Crucial Detail


When police were told to be on the lookout for a monkey that had escaped from the zoo, they thought the creature in the photo above was the monkey.

They sprung into action.

As they took what they thought was the monkey into custody, they were expecting accolades from the community for helping get a monkey back home to safety.

Only later did the realize that the “monkey” was Honestie Hodges, who is not a monkey.

Wait, I just made that up.

Fake news NBC doesn’t make anything up that I’m aware of, but they do downplay a crucial detail in a big story in national news.

First the story, then we’ll expose NBC’s bias against the police by showing what they leave out.

NBC News

A suspect being chased by a team of Michigan police officers last week was a potentially dangerous 40-year-old white woman wanted in connection with a stabbing.

But the person they cuffed at gunpoint and placed into the back seat of a squad car was a terrified 11-year-old black girl named Honestie Hodges.

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Hateful Gook Arrested for Pouring Scalding Hot Water on Caged Dog

The cruel Chink arrested for repeatedly pouring boiling water on a dog doesn’t even speak f*cking English!

We need to make it our mission to see that he’s deported from the People’s Republic of California, where Gooks can do no wrong, to his home country, where they probably eat dogs.


Daily Bulletin

Two teens at a Chino Valley park called sheriff’s officials after they watched and recorded a man at a nearby apartment building pouring scalding water on a caged dog Tuesday evening, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials.

“You could hear the horror in the girl’s voice when she said, ‘Oh my god, is that boiling water?’ ” said Deputy Dan Renear on Wednesday.

The teens were in Pinehurst Park around 5 p.m. when Renear said they heard a dog whimpering. The 17-year-old boy and girl looked around and spotted the caged dog on the third-story balcony of a nearby apartment building. That’s when Renear said the pair saw a man, later identified as 22-year-old Enping Qu, use a tea kettle to pour water over his girlfriend’s dog.

Renear and a trainee, Dominic Ramirez, tracked down the right unit at the apartment in the 16000 block of Butterfield Ranch Road.

Qu, who spoke very limited English, allowed the deputies into the apartment, where they found the dog, still wet and warm, in the cage in the balcony.

Using Google translator on their phones, deputies learned the dog belonged to Qu’s girlfriend, who was at school, Renear said.

As Ramirez spoke to Qu, Renear spotted an electric tea kettle on a warming plate that had been turned off.

“But when I touched it, that thing was still scorching hot. I couldn’t even put my hand on it,” he said.

Because the complex is fairly new and doesn’t show up on all maps, Renear said it took Inland Valley Humane Society officers a little more than an hour to arrive at the complex.

“But even after an hour and a half or an hour and 15 minutes, when they tested the water — even after all that time — it was 129 degrees,” Renear said.

Detectives learned Qu poured hot water on the dog five times, according to a sheriff’s statement.

Qu was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and animal control officers took possession of the dog. It’s unclear if the dog will be returned to its owner, Renear said.

Records indicate Qu was released on bail.

“I’m a dog-lover and it makes you angry,” Renear said. “It was a very sweet and loving little dog.”

The case is still under investigation. Authorities ask anyone with information to call the Chino Hills sheriff’s station at 909-364-2000.

That dog better not be returned to its owner. I’m contacting someone about this case. We’re going to try to put Qu in prison and then get his sorry ass out of the USA.