Colored Gals Get a Free Ride Courtesy of White Men

Black women make the best wives: “Baby, I luv u, sho’ nuff.”

Seen at Microchip’s Twitter.

White Man Seduces Mulatto Woman Using Just TWO WORDS


This little story of looking for love with the wrong woman is all over the British tabloids.

I’m calling the unappealing female above a mulatto, but really I don’t know for sure. Maybe we should call her ugly mystery meat.

I can tell you that if I was worth $46 million, she’s not the girlfriend I would pick.

A WOMAN claims she was seduced by a brickie-turned-multi millionaire Lotto winner after he turned up at her bar and told her: “Google me!”

According to The Sun, mum-of-four Donna Desporte says Gareth Bull used his $A69 million fortune to woo her after he met her when he strolled into her Tenerife bar in Spain with some pals.

That marked the beginning of a nine-month fling — which has ended with him ignoring and avoiding her, the 48-year-old told The Sunday Mirror.

Gareth, 45, had separated from his wife Catherine and throughout this time took Donna to Anthony Joshua fights, the BATFAs and holidays abroad, she says.

In April The Sun revealed how Gareth and Catherine were living in separate houses and were no longer Facebook friends after the curse of the lottery struck again.

He is now in a three-bedroom cottage 1.5 miles from the family home where Catherine still lives with their two teenage boys.


Donna told the Sunday Mirror that Gareth tried to keep their fling secret amid fears Catherine might try to “use it against” him.

She said: “He was starting to worry about people knowing he was having an affair. That he might somehow lose money.

“But I told him: ‘Well, I’m not an affair’. He was worried it was going to cost him.”

In December they watched Anthony Joshua KO Eric Molina in Manchester, where they met Ricky Hatton and Gareth bought her a $A16,762 signed boxing glove for her bar.

But cameras at the event happened to zoom in on the pair celebrating — and Catherine, watching at home, discovered their fling.

In February Gareth took her to the BAFTAs for her birthday, and they also spent a romantic week together in Tenerife.

Now she claims he’s stopped returning her calls and is ignoring messages.

“I’m so upset with him. We had a special relationship. He told me he loved me, and he ought to respect that and not brush me under the carpet.”

Gareth and his wife Catherine joked they were the most “boring multi-millionaires” when they won the Euromillions in 2012.

She said she wanted a new carpet for the six-bedroom home he had just built and have her hair done twice a year.

But he splashed out on a huge hospitality box at Old Trafford and another at Wembley.

They also bought a holiday villa in Tenerife.

She gave up her job and he wound down his building company.

Well guys, do we have any advice to give Gareth? I’ll start the ball rolling: Gareth, go have yourself checked for STDs, pal.”



Black Women in Brazil See Racism in Black Men’s Preferences for Blonde White Women

An politically incorrect conversation about race took place last week on a Brazilian website. It deals with black males and white females who hook up.

I’ve pulled the comments out of the linked article. The rest of the article is worth reading for it’s ability to contextualize these comments in light of Brasil’s intermingling of African and European genes.

Racism isn’t supposed to exist in Brazil, but it does and a lot of it comes from blacks.

There also seems to be a belief that the white women are not so much mudsharks as they are gold diggers, going after wealthy black athletes.

Black Women of Brazil

Kurt Endel: Not even the black wants black; who is racist?

Nilza: When they are juveniles and juniors the players of the big (soccer) clubs receive only monthly support, they date maids, black girls, secretaries, after they become professionals and earn “rivers” of money they only want blondes; Brazil is a third world country and many Brazilian mentalities are too

Rubens: So it is! If he was a sandwich vendor on the beach she would only throw sand on him like a pretty woman on top of the hill. Afterward they don’t like to be called p…(puta or whore)

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Mother of Three Supported by Sugar Daddies Claims “I am not a prostitute.”

samantha age 24

Gold digger Samantha is not unique. The first time I heard the term “gold digger” and learned about women who show an interest in a man for his money was probably when I was around 10 years old.

Two things are new. The first is that Internet sites like Seeking Arrangement have increased the “efficiency” of the market place. In layman’s terms, they’ve made it easier for gold diggers and men with more money than sense to get together.

The second is that throughout history, gold diggers have been roundly condemned by both men and women. That is no longer so. Feminists approve of gold digging. The left in general likes prostitution because it helps destroy the bedrock of civilization, the traditional family.

Daily Mail

A mother-of-three who became a sugar baby while fleeing an abusive relationship insists that she will support her children if they one day decide to follow in her footsteps — but she is making sure they will never financially need to do so.

Samantha, 24, from Tuscon, Arizona, is one of the the fifteen finalists in the 2017 Sugar Baby of the Year contest hosted by Seeking Arrangement, a dating site that pairs attractive young women with wealthy older men who will financially care for them.

‘This site has been such a blessing,’ she told Daily Mail Online. ‘My biggest fear was having to return to the abusive situation because of financial reasons. I knew this would not benefit me or my children in the long run, so I had to make major changes.

Because of this site me and my children were able to build a new life,’ she added.

Samantha, who works as a housekeeper part-time, said being a sugar baby is her main source of income because she feels having a full-time job would keep her away from her children for too long.

According to the mom, the biggest misconception about Seeking Arrangement is that people ‘unfairly assume it falls in the lines of prostitution’.

‘I will not be physical with someone unless we have been dating for awhile and developed trust and genuine feelings,’ she explained.
Samantha said her family and friends are aware that she is Sugar Baby, and she admitted that her mother figured it out before she even told her.

It was pretty obvious,’ she said. ‘I date more than I work, but I’m financially capable of raising my little ones and can afford my own home. It was a dead give away.’

The aspiring psychologist said she will always always be honest and open with her children, and while she will ‘love them unconditionally’ if they ever opt to become sugar babies, she doesn’t see any reason why they would need to.

‘Half my earnings to into their savings,’ she noted.

Seeking Arrangement is offering this year’s winner of its annual Sugar Baby of the Year competition a role as a brand ambassador, the cover of the 2017 Sugar Baby Calendar, and a cash prize of $10,000.

‘The crown offers a platform for these women, either to promote their businesses or personal brand, gain attention and funding for a cause, charity, or organization they work with,’ company spokesperson, Angela Jacob Bermudo told Daily Mail Online.

Samantha will never be trustworthy. She’s shown her character flaw to the world in an apparent attempt to gain acceptance. Judging from the comments at the Daily Mail, there’s not much acceptance.

Samantha is only fooling herself is she thinks she’s not a prostitute. As she ages and loses her looks, she’ll be giving blowj*bs for $5 at truck stops. With no takers.

A Bolt and His Nuts: Olympic Hero’s Sex Orgies with (Almost) White Sluts

usain bolt

Since winning more gold at the Rio Olympic games, runner Usain Bolt has been a busy boy.

Partying with sluts.

There’s a lot going on with this story of TNB (Typical Negro Behavior), but let’s start by asking when the oppressed black man is going to lose his lucrative endorsement deals. Or do companies not care that they have a slimeball reprsenting their products.

usain bolt sluts

Daily Mail

He is no stranger to a podium performance.

But Usain Bolt has reportedly held his own mock Olympic Games medal ceremony in a London hotel room for women who flashed their breasts at him and friends and were ‘awarded’ them his treasured medals from the Rio De Janeiro games.

Alas, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist is said to have struck trouble during his cheeky makeshift ceremony when he was asked who came first and had only the golds from his 100m, 200m and relay wins this month.

Bolt had been photographed on Tuesday night heading out to Tape nightclub with a group of glamorous women.

He racked up a £6000 bar tab and was spotted grinding with British model Erica Carvalho, 20, who was invited back to his hotel with seven other women and Bolt’s male friends as the party continued.

He had left his hotel earlier with friend Tara Carroll, a restaurateur from Jamaica.

British high jumper Germaine Mason, who was born in Jamaica and won silver for Great Britain in Beijing, was also among those partying with Bolt.

bolt and sluts

bolt sluts

Is Bolt a racist? He seems to prefer girls with a strong admixture of white genes. We see a wealthy, famous Negro rejecting his own and going after females with white features and very light skin. He plays to the “muh dik” stereotype of the black males lusting for the white female, doesn’t he?

Bolt himself has no class and will someday be a po’ ole broke Nigra, his money having been blown on Jamaica Gold (or whatever it’s called) and gold-digging sluts and his bastard offspring.

Don’t cry for him, though. He made his own bed and made sure his sheets were never cold.

One thing that strikes the eye here and is very disturbing to me is the thought that the mixed race girls that Bolt prefers have white ancestors. Thus, there are white people lying dead in the ground, and maybe some still alive, whose genes were dumped into a shitpile of African dysfunction.

Mulattoes are not “just like us.” They are completely different in temperament, morality, character, and intelligence from Euro peoples.

For Americans, the thought that the (((power elites))) want your grandchildren and future generations to look like these freaks of nature should disturb you.

As Bolt’s nuts make their way into the bodies of his sluts, the babies popped out are going to darken compared to the mothers. Looking on the bright side, Bolt’s access to pure white women is limited compared to his access in Jamaica.

However, it’s a relatively quick trip from the States to the island. Bolt’s gold is going to be spent quickly when the white gold diggers mob the island looking for a piece of the Olympian.

If Bolt had any brains, which he doesn’t, he would use those golden feet of his to run the other way. Otherwise, his child support payments (which he won’t pay anyway) are going to add up fast.

Soft White Genocide: See Negro NFLers and White Skank GFs (and Wives)

kevin white rox gbor

A local white woman tells me that she no longer watches her daytime soap operas because half the cast consists of monkeys sticking their tongues down the throats of white women. She added that there’s even a black tranny on one of the shows. The sight of naked blacks in bed with naked white women, covered only by a towel, disgusts her.

If you haven’t had your fill of disgust with what YOU see on TV, check out these pictures of NFL rookie players with their skanky, gold digging girlfriends. These guys are worshiped by white football fans. F*ck football and f*ck its fanboy Negro worshipers.

The source site treats what you see as something to celebrate. Chalk it up as another Jew-controlled media psy op. You can always find whores if you look hard enough. In fact, the photos are so repellent that this is one psy op that I believe will backfire. Most white women would be disgusted by the sight of the inhabitants Planet of the Apes, NFL Version.

As to where these skanks end up, three words: Nicole Brown Simpson.

The names of the guilty aren’t important, but the file names I gave each pic reveals the names of the not so dynamic duos.


toddy gurley olivia davidson

ameer abudllah and georgia ellenwood

sammie coates kaylie rogers

shaq barrett and jordana

nate orchard and megan

tony steward and mystyer skank

I first saw the link to these pics on Stormfront. There’s a lively discussion there.

Blonde Australian Whore Brags About “Night of Passion” with N*ggerball Star James Harden

rochelle reif1

I can remember when if a girl was whoring around, she did everything possible to keep it a secret.


Rochelle Relf’s crowing about her boning a Negro basketball player with 1.7 million followers on Instagram says that there is no shame left in the white woman.

When her career in BBC (big black c*cks) porn takes off she’ll be able to do more crowing.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

An Australian student claims to have slept with Khloe Kardashian’s new love interest – just days after a romantic night out with the reality TV star in Hawaii.

Rochelle Relf, 23, has slammed Houston Rockets player James Harden following a brief fling that she claims took place in June, weeks after he started dating Khloe.

She told New Idea: ‘Khloe was with James in Hawaii, then he flew to Australia and spent the night with me. He was charming, affectionate – he asked me to visit him in America and told me he was a single guy.’

The attractive blonde says she was unaware of Harden’s celebrity status when they met unexpectedly during a night out at Sydney casino The Star – where she was celebrating a close friend’s birthday.

It was only later, when the bearded 25-year-old was surrounded by fans – prompting his personal security guards to step in – that she realised he was in the public eye.

Rochelle claims Harden eventually told her he was sportsman and showed her his hugely popular Instagram account – where he commands 1.7 million followers, amongst them Michelle Obama – before they enjoyed a night of passion in his Sydney hotel room.

james harden

Haha, Rochelle got a Kardashian’s sloppy seconds. That’s the mark of a true sewer slut.

Let her visit him in the US and see if he even remembers her. If he does, which is doubtful, soon she’ll be sporting mudshark sunglasses. If she lives that long. As to James, watch your wallet pal. I smell a gold digger.

Shun. This. Whore.

rochelle reif2

this gif