That Black Waffle House “Hero” Has a GoFundMe That’s Already Raised Over $200K

James Shaw, Jr., pictured above, said he’s not a hero.

White people insist on disagreeing with him.

They’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Do you have to be black to accumulate $200K in donations?


Yashar Ali
James Shaw Jr. put his life on the line when he took on the gunman who killed four people at a Nashville area Waffle House. Since that horrific shooting, he has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the victims and shown a level of humility that has inspired many of us.

I normally don’t get involved directly in these matters, but James’ grace has inspired me to start this page to give him the support I feel he deserves.

According to news reports, James has a four-year-old daughter. Perhaps this money can be used for her college fund or some other education related expense. But I’d be just as happy if James used some of this money to take his family on a nice vacation.

Funds will be transferred directly to James Shaw Jr. through GoFundMe.

The names of the donors, posted at the link above, seem to be mostly white.

Is this the same evil white race that is supposed to be oppressing da po’ ole nigra???!!!

Bullied White Kid Keaton Jones’ Father is a Jailed “White Supremacist” as It’s Revealed that Keaton is Now the Subject of Death Threats and More Bullying


Keaton’s mother, who never married his father, is keeping him out of school until January. I suppose she hopes the crisis will be over by then. Mom also wants the world to know that she’s not a racist.


Social media pages belonging to Keaton Jones’ estranged father are littered with white supremacy propaganda, although he hasn’t posted in a while … because he’s locked up in a Tennessee jail.

The father’s name is Shawn White and his Facebook features multiple memes with sayings like, “HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE,” “Keep Calm and be White Pride,” and “Aryan Pride.”

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Blacks Go Bananas as Bullied White Kid Keaton Jones and Mother Exposed as RACISTS



When I predicted that the Keaton Jones story would be the big news on Monday, I was right. Keaton had 1.7 million Tweets on Monday afternoon. There’s a lot of threads to the story so bear with me. It started with a video of Keaton talking to his mother about how the kids at school were bullying him. When the video went viral, dozens of celebrities and sports stars stepped forward to befriend Keaton and invite him to Hollywood and sports events. Many of Keaton’s new friends were black celebrities.

Let me organize the story by enumerating what’s happened since then:

1. Blacks are saying that Keaton used the word “Nigger,” so deserves to be bullied.

2. Blacks are saying that their children are bullied all the time and it’s racist to focus on a white boy to be the poster child for bullying.

Sample Tweet from black Twitter:

3. Two gofundme accounts were set up for Keaton, with one collecting $58,000. Twitter is accusing Keaton’s mother of exploiting the situation to make money. One of the accounts is apparently not Keaton’s mother’s account.

See how the situation is a mess.

4. The many celebrities who invited Keaton to sports events and Hollywood are in a bind now that the boy has been accused of saying “Nigger.”

5. Keaton’s mother is also accused of being a racist. See her with the Confederate flag above.

Keaton is very close to having gone from a hero to a zero in the space of 24 hours, and mostly because of racial issues.

Blacks have made the issue racism, not bullying. They always seem to get what they want in terms of sympathetic news coverage.


Photos and words posted by Tennessee student Keaton Jones’ mother have many people questioning whether she deserves any of the sympathy generated by Keaton’s viral video.

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Horrific Baseball Bat Murder of Teacher by Mystery Meat Killer and Girlfriend Rocks Hawaii



It’s cases like this one that led our ancestors to lynch nonwhites and whites alike.

The killers of Telma Boinville are pure evil. Evil cannot be rehabilitated. It must be dealt with on its own terms.

In many southern states, the killers would be executed. In liberal Hawaii that’s not likely to happen.

This story is from a local source. It tells how outsiders have ruined Hawaii, creating an explosion in crime. It also describes how the locals banded together to help police find the alleged killers.

Fox News

A woman cleaning a Hawaii vacation home Wednesday with her 8-year-old daughter was brutally murdered and the girl bound and duct-taped, Hawaii police said as they announced two arrests in the case.


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Mudshark Mom Outraged After Mutant Niglet Hangs Self Then Blames White Kids


Coal burning whore Cassandra Merlin just picked up an easy $44,000+ for stirring up anti-white sh*t in small town New Hampshire.

She’s claiming that a group of racist white boys lynched her mulatto sprog.

Here’s a photo of the creature’s neck.

Mudshark mom is well on her way to collecting more than $50,000 in gofundme donations.

New York Daily News

He suffered an unspeakable trauma — one that could haunt him long after the rope burns around his neck begin to fade, his worried relatives say.

Now two weeks after 8-year-old Quincy Merlin was allegedly taunted with racial slurs by a group of white teens and pushed off a picnic table with a rope around his neck, his New Hampshire family wants to move away.

They also want to get the biracial boy into intensive therapy.

Quincy’s mom Cassandra Merlin authorized a GoFundMe online fund-raiser that collected nearly $43,000 of a $55,000 goal as of late Saturday — for counseling, relocation and other costs.

The young mom, 28, put on a brave face during a short interview with the Daily News, saying her son is slowly recovering from the attempted lynching which cops are investigating as a possible hate crime.

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Law Enforcement Officers: When Did We Begin To Fail Them?

Dallas Cops Will Not Release Description of Suspects Who Killed Woman Realtor Trying to Sell iPhone via OfferUp

martha teran

Dallas police need your help in finding the three suspects who brutally shot and killed a Mexican mom, Martha Teran, in front of her daughter.

The only problem is that as of this hour the police will not release a description of the suspects.

Thus, we conclude that it must be those damnable Amish again.

I guess that to the police political correctness is more important than the public safety. Please, Mr. Policeman. When the Amish do bad things, name the Amish!


DALLAS — Police have identified a woman fatally wounded Sunday night in the parking lot of Medieval Times in Dallas.

Authorities say Martha Teran, 42, was shot at about 6 p.m. Teran was transported to a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Family tells News 8 Martha Taren’s daughter wanted to sell her iPhone 7 and had used an app called “Offer Up” to find a buyer. Police documents show the people who claimed to be buyers shot and killed Martha Teran during the exchange.

Teran’s family said Monday there were likely three suspects and when they contacted Teran through the app, they initially wanted to meet at another location. She refused and instead met them in the parking lot outside of Medieval Times just off of Interstate 35.

According to the victim’s family, the shooting happened within seconds and Teran’s daughter was a witness. They say there was little-to-no communication before shots were fired.

The suspect or suspects fled the scene after the shooting. Police have not released a suspect or vehicle description.

Friends, colleagues, and neighbors we taken aback by Teran’s shocking murder.

“[She’s a] good person… Very, very good person,” Tomas Cerrato said. “She’s been my neighbor for 14 years.”

Tomas says he just saw her some time ago and he says the family was very pleasant. Teran had been a realtor working with Gilchrist & Company for nearly two years.

“It’s tragic news,” Tom Gilchrist said. “We’re all shocked.”

Gilchrist says Teran worked in commercial and residential real estate.

“She had good people skills, always happy,” Gilchrist said. “Just a smart gal, and eager to please.”

Everyone News 8 spoke with talked also mentioned Teran’s dedication to her kids, including her final act of trying to help her daughter sell a phone.

Dallas police have reached out to the public in their search for a suspect. They ask that anyone who may have information pertaining to the crime call Det. Scott Sayers at 214-671-3647, or email

You can also call Crime Stoppers at 214-373-TIPS. Crime Stoppers offers awards up to $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest and indictment.

Teran’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs. Go here to donate.