Oroville Dam Spillway Raises Questions About New World Order Role in Manufactured Crisis

1. Could the crisis have been prevented?

2. Was the spillway (and dam?) sabotaged?

3. How long will the crisis drag on?

4. Will the crisis be Donald Trump’s Katrina, leading to his removal from office?

5. Are the Dindus going to have their usual fun in the Oroville area?

The mainstream press won’t provide answers to a number of questions. Thus, I’ve sourced this post from several places, a mix of mainstream news and alternative thinking.

Sky News

Nearly 200,000 people have been told to remain away from their homes as authorities in California continue to repair the US’s tallest dam.

Dozens of evacuation centres have been set up to take people from three counties deemed at risk if the Oroville Dam fails and floods surrounding towns and villages.

Officials have warned of a “30ft wall of water” if one of the spillways fails.

Heavy rain caused the level of Oroville Lake to rise so high that the emergency spillway was used for the first time in the dam’s near 50-year history.

Engineers’ fear that erosion around the emergency spillway could cause it to collapse.

In addition, the primary spillway in the 230m (770ft) dam has a 30ft hole that is causing it to leak and cause further erosion.

The level of the lake is now understood to have dropped, but officials say repairs may have to be carried out before they can allow people back to their homes.

So how long will it be before people are allowed back into what is now a danger zone?

SF Gate

OROVILLE, Butte County — The crisis at Lake Oroville may grind on for weeks or longer — leaving the nearly 200,000 people ordered to evacuate on Sunday in nail-biting limbo as crews work to flush water out of the reservoir and shore up a badly eroded emergency spillway, officials said Monday.

State water officials have been purging nearly 100,000 cubic feet of water per second out of the reservoir’s damaged but functioning primary spillway, an effort that brought the level down below the lip of the emergency spillway Sunday night, averting catastrophe.

But they are just beginning to assess the scope of the weekend damage, a first step in developing a plan to secure the reservoir and allow residents to return to their homes.

Are the Dindus going to go out and Dindu? Haha. They’re scarce in that part of the country!

The Anti-Trump politicking is just getting started:

Jim Stone Freelance speculates that sabotage is the cause of the problems at Oroville:


The main spillway was FULLY inspected on a REGULAR basis and had ZERO issues yet blew up when only 28 percent of its rated capacity was flowing through it. That means bomb or sabotage. People, when this thing first blew, concrete chunks flew high in the air. Probably 300 feet in the air. Nothing like it has happened since, even with much greater flows. There is no way that happened from water at the rate it was being released at that time. People thought the chunks flew less than that because they did not realize how big the scene was.

Any stories you hear about environmentalists and a deficient spillway are about the EMERGENCY SPILLWAY, which we all saw really was so deficient it is nothing but a fake hope. They wanted the emergency spillway cement lined a long way down the hill. For once, the environmentalists were right!

I am dead right about the sabotage that probably came from California’s own communist government, if I was not, there would be laughter instead of DNS shutdowns.

What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here. There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump’s America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

There’s much more in the way of pictures and analysis at Jim’s site than I brought into this brief post.

If you want to go even more deeply down the rabbit hole, this thread at the GLP Forums offers some interesting observations. Hint: The dirty hand of the “Juice” (Jews) is identified as present in profiting from this crisis.

All of a Sudden the Groids are Quiet

Did somebody drop off a load of watermelons in all the ghettos?

Muh homies been quiet recently. Maybe Soros is spending his money on vote recounts rather than on agitating in the ghetto.

GLP, that premier conspiracy forum, sometimes reads like an old fashioned KKK revival meeting. Here’s an example.


Notice How We Now Hear So Little From The Groids.

Their Whitey Benefactors, the Little Liberals, have been Trump Thumped. And, they will continue to be Thumped. Ceaselessly. So, the usual Big Moufed Groids, the Jesseh-Jakk-Sonz, the useless contemporaries of Marty King, the Jiggaboo Black Panthers, the few Yapping Brown Wimmin in Congress, and the few Millionaire Afro-Dudes are all mute. The low IQ Black Pro Athletes got nuffin. They say can only play ball. Thas’ All. Jes Ball. For Whitey.

These people all know their Jig Is Up. They gots no-boddy heppin’ them now. Nosuh. No Boddy.

Now, have fun watching one of the most RACIST comedy videos made. Well, I think it’s racist, but it’s one of those weird things where you can’t be sure.

Not racist enough? Try this one:

Learn more about the late Johnny Rebel at Wikipedia.

His songs frequently used the word nigger and often voiced sympathy for Jim Crow-era segregation and the Ku Klux Klan.

Trahan first recorded songs under the Johnny Rebel name in the mid-1960s. He employed J. D. “Jay” Miller’s recording studio in Crowley, Louisiana. Miller, in fact, produced the sessions and issued the recordings on his own Reb Rebel label.[2]

Trahan’s first release—the fifth for the Reb Rebel label—was a 45 RPM single of “Lookin’ for a Handout” and “Kajun Ku Klux Klan”. He would record many more singles for the label, “Nigger, Nigger”, “Coon Town”, “Who Likes a Nigger?”, “Nigger Hatin’ Me”, “Still Looking for a Handout”, “Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)”, “Stay Away from Dixie”, and “Move Them Niggers North.”[2] Only two of Trahan’s songs are not strictly about race: “Keep a-Workin’ Big Jim” is about the efforts of Louisiana district attorney Jim Garrison to solve the Kennedy assassination, while “(Federal Aid Hell!) The Money Belongs to Us” is a song critical of U.S. federal aid programs.[3] Two of these songs were eventually issued in album format by Reb Rebel Records under the title “For Segregationists Only”.[2]


Hillary’s Praise for Trump’s Children Was a Hidden Death Threat

Something unusual happened at the second presidential debate on Sunday night in St. Louis.

When Hillary Clinton was asked to name something good about Donald Trump, she named his children. Trump questioned whether that was intended to be a compliment. Watch the exchange in the above video.

You can’t stump the Trump.

The Don understands how the Clinton mafia works.

Evil Hillary may have been actually threatening harm, possibly even death, to the Trump children.

This idea, which grabbed me as soon as I saw her wicked smile as she talked about the Trump family, is so incendiary that no one in the mainstream media has picked it up.

The only place I could find a discussion of what Hillary meant is on GLP.

Sample posts on the GLP forum:

Re: Was Clinton’s back handed compliment on Trumps kids, a hidden threat???? Trumps response seems to think so.
Trump caught it, because he even asked if it was truly meant to be a compliment or something else.

Re: Was Clinton’s back handed compliment on Trumps kids, a hidden threat???? Trumps response seems to think so.
I got that same feeling…especially after he promised to put her in prison.
He is in a sense threatening her life…

I think it was a threat…I took it as so anyways….its not like she doesnt have a body count or anything…

Re: Was Clinton’s back handed compliment on Trumps kids, a hidden threat???? Trumps response seems to think so.
Very keen observations there, I do think you are right

And earlier he did call her very evil hearted..

Most people will not believe in this conspiracy theory. But the evidence shows that Bill Clinton is a psychopathic rapist and his wife is at a minimum his partner in crime. They’ve also mysteriously become very wealthy via the political system. There is also the so-called Clinton body count.

A veiled threat by Hillary? I think so.

hillary soon soon

What Must White People Do For Black People?

slaves in cotton

I sourced this brief essay that advocates the return of blacks to slavery from GLP. I’m not going to post links to that site anymore because it tries to install malware, which my web browser blocks. It’s of the type of malware that downloads a file automatically and tells you your adobe or whatever needs updating. Very annoying.

The title of this post is the title of the thread at GLP if you want to look at it. I think the advocacy of black slavery is mildly tongue in cheek, but maybe not so much.

Here is the formula: Pay Blacks a generous amount for slave reparations but subtract the total amount we have spent on them/because of them in the last 150 or so years (an enormous sum) and then add the amount blacks have created for us in the last 150 years (which would be around zero.)

The amount they would then owe us would allow us to sell them back into slavery in order to make up the difference. Blacks were born to be slaves of whites. Its the only way they will ever be happy again. The plantations are calling. It is time to come home.

hey thats pretty good gif

thats racist gif

What’s your answer? What must white people do for black people?

“I recently realized Chinese people are nothing but animals.”

chinese mocking funny

Some good old fashioned politically incorrect criticism of the Chinese took place on the GLP forums today.

Here’s the original post, followed by several follow up comments on the Chinese. My own negative experience with them ends the post.

To put these thoughts in perspective, be aware that a high Chinese government official claimed last year the country was impossible to govern because the Chinese people are ALL dishonest liars. That’s a pretty powerful indictment. Chinese dishonesty is documented here.


Look at their history of brutality amongst their own people up through today. Look at their organ harvesting, infanticide, selling of infant flesh, rape of their environment, repeated political cleansings, ruthless despot Mao, sneaky eyes, alliances with despotic No. Korea and other unprincipled regimes, lack of predictable moral standards, and use of human slaves for any reason.

I used to think the Chinese were interesting, and had at least some cultural values which transcended many others, but now my delusion about that is gone. The Chinese are nothing more than souless cockroaches of their land, and will contribute to the destruction of all things to be humanly cherished.

But, but, but … Asians are the model minority. And aren’t they supposed to be smart?

Funny you said “souless”. That is what I think of them too. They really are fucked up, vile people.

Their society is a piece of shit. They are cruel to living creatures, they are totally selfish.

If you get in a group of them from China, real ones, they just sit around on the cell phone during conversation. They mock each other for who has the newer IPhone.

Their products are junk, shit garbage.

Nasty, vile bunch. Souless is a good way to describe them. (not all of course, just many – I only know well to do chinks that live in Chinkland but are somewhat westernized. Now they are ruined greedy little bitches) Some, not all.

I dated one briefly: “Sisssa, she ugwe. Not butiful rike me.”

Nasty personality on that one.

except Chinese CREATED a fest to celebrate death of dogs and cats.
openly waving knives against anyone attempt rescuing lives.

Well, we know where to go when our pets go missing. Check out the nearest Chinese restaurant.


Most of them are savages in 21st century clothing. Take away their luxuries and they will fucking literally eat you to live.

They stole their way to power. Stealing technology from superior nations.

They don’t care if their people work in sweatshops as long as they can have a net growth throughout the country.

They don’t care if your fucking house is in the middle of the freeway when designing one.

They don’t care if your family has lived somewhere for 500 years. GTFO we’re building a dam.

They are animals. And they have an easy way of stoking up the hatred amongst the plebs.

The only good thing about Chinese culture is their fucking hot ass women. Take one and teach her. She’ll be loyal all her life.

I got one me self.!

Hmmm. This last guy is self-deluded.

Most of the Chinese women are very materialistic, they make western white women look like the Amish.


And my own take on the Chinese is that they are cheaters and liars whose goal is to take over American universities. We had a Chink professor at my university who produced as much work as any 50 white men, all the while standing around the hallways bullsh*tting with everyone.

His secret? Back home in China were 50 grad students producing the research that was published in his name. In other words, there was a massive fraud taking place that administrators ignored.

We really need to kick these “geniuses” out of our universities. They can’t speak English worth a damn but they cheat and take over entire departments.

And They Don’t Stop Coming (Immigrant Version Video)

snd they don't stop coming


Had to go to the emergency room yesterday. Took almost 5 hours of waiting. Only one white prison, every other person being helped was an illegal Mexican.

Yea this is in California and yes we know how to tell if someone is here illegally. Not a single person there being helped spokes English, everyone needed a translator for either Spanish or mixtec.

Let’s see, chicken pox, hang over, car crash two days earlier and had pain in leg, multiple pregnant girlfrineds that just didn’t feel right, vomiting, and other bullshit.

All clogging er while someone with actual paid insurance waited the entire time with a broken leg.

A combination of footage from the invasion of Europe is mixed with footage from the invasion of the southern U.S. border.

Unscientific GLP Poll Shows Widespread Disgust for the Formerly Alive Dead Prince


TV, radio, the Internet–all filled with adoring tributes to a degenerate cross dressing drug addicted freak. Disgusting!

People like Prince profit handsomely for selling the sheeple that degeneracy is normal.

If you are a fan and can’t get enough of Prince, then leave this site. If you’re disgusted by the adulation, then take heart. You are not alone.

The GLP poll showed this result when I voted a few hours ago:

POLL: Who here really gives a fuck the prince died?

I just dont give a fuck, I wish people would stop posting, MSM would STFU 57.9% (721)

He was a great musician, I am a broken person now 32.7% (407)

Just one more dead nagger, I dont give a fuck. 9.5% (118)

Blank (View Results) (536)

Non-Blank Votes: 1246

The comments show a power of discernment lacking among the Negro worshiping public:

Prince was a Jehova Witness who thought he knew more than any of you, and that he held keys to the kingdom, that you , as an infidel, were too stupid to realize…

Prince was a liar who had a heroin addiction and hid it from the world while he pretended to be a Jehova Witness

Prince actually married a real princess, so he could pretend to be an actual prince

Prince was a bisexual, morally bankrupt, piece of shit….

The fact he played instruments is no big deal, many other people with actual morals and ethics play many more instruments, many times better than him, but because Prince was an androgynous trans sexual, he got attention…

Prince was an actual shitty human being…

I’m ignoring the postive comments about the little guy.

I was never a fan

He was a dirty pervert and his music made me uncomfortable as a kid

When his concert came through a couple months ago, my kids asked who he was

I let them hear a couple of songs and they were grossed out too

No mourning in this house for the loss of his music

I hope he RIP though

This final comment I’ve extracted from many lays out my problem with this situation:

The Media and other Sheeple, have gone FULL RETARD. Seems anytime a black musician dies, they have to turn the person into some sort of saint.