Globalist Bullsh*t Hits WWE as Jinder Mahal Crowned New World Wrestling Champ


An Indian (dothead kind) won the world wrestling championship Sunday night, defeating a long-time white American for the title.

Since “professional wrestling” is scripted, what difference does it make?

In the greater scheme of things it makes no difference. Who cares?

However, let’s acknowledge that American sports is another form of indoctrination, like Hollywood movies and TV. The object is to further normalize the idea that we’re all one race–the human race– and that America and its institutions must be shared with the brown and black races.


WWE Backlash 2017 ended with a shocker: Jinder Mahal defeating Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship.

Mahal’s victory is a shocker to many fans, who couldn’t bare the thought of Mahal actually becoming WWE Champion. But Mahal is indeed a much better option to hold that title than Orton, and here’s why.

Most of the criticism regarding Mahal’s main event push has stemmed from its suddenness, with Mahal going from jobber to No. 1 contender seemingly overnight. Of course, there are also those questioning whether or not Mahal’s rise to the main event is really just another example of Vince McMahon’s love of “body guys” with impressive physiques that resemble those of the Greek gods.

But Mahal’s push is about much more than that. He is, in fact, a prime example of what that first “W” in WWE stands for: World.

WWE prides itself on being a global company, even boasting in its Investor Presentation that 40% of the company’s recruits last year were from somewhere outside of the United States. But having international superstars and actually pushing them at the top are two completely different things, and WWE lacks the true international flare it claims to have.

Prior to Backlash, every current champion on the main roster was billed from North America aside from the Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, who is holding what is probably the least prestigious title in the company. A win for Mahal at Backlash went a long way toward remedying that problem by putting WWE’s most prestigious title on an international superstar.

Although Mahal is from Canada, the May 15 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that he “is of Punjabi descent and can speak the language,” which makes him him such a huge asset to a company that is attempting to expand its presence in India.

WWE recently launched WWE Shop in India, a move that came just a month before WWE named a new Vice President and General Manager of WWE India. Ed Wells, who is WWE’s Executive Vice President, International noted in a press release that “WWE is committed to expanding its presence in India.”

There is no better way to do that than by crowning Mahal the WWE Champion.

Here’s a minute out of the match. The Hindus are seen cheating.

Here’s 22 minutes of highlights (lowlights, depending on your perspective):

Elite British Private School May Require Skirts for Boys in Move toward Gender Neutral Policy

The (((globalist New World Order))) agenda requires one gender, one race, one religion, one monetary unit, and no morality other than inclusion and egalitarianism.

What is happening in Britain is not happening in Russia, China, and Japan. No country mired in degeneracy can stay on top of the economic heap. In the name of diversity, Britain is on its way to third world status.

The Telegraph

A north London private school has drawn up plans to introduce gender-neutral uniforms in response to a growing number of pupils questioning their gender identity.

Highgate school currently has an option for girls to wear a grey pleated skirt, but the school is consulting on a mix-and-match uniform policy which will not specify a different requirement for boys and girls.

Girls can currently wear grey trousers or skirts as well as the dark blue jackets and ties which make up the rest of the uniform. Boys may not wear a skirt and also have to wait until they are 16 to wear earrings.

Adam Pettitt, headmaster at the school, told the Sunday Times: “This generation is really questioning [if we are] being binary in the way we look at things.”

He said some former pupils had complained about the changes. “They write in and say if you left children to their own devices they would grow up differently and you are promoting the wrong ideas,” he said.

Some parents did not know that their children were questioning their gender identity, he added, forcing the school to mediate between parents and pupils.

The school already allows children to request that staff address them by a name of the opposite gender, which around half a dozen have done. One boy has also been allowed to wear a dress to school.

Other private schools have already drawn up policies to deal with children who were questioning their gender identity.

St Paul’s Girls’ School has a gender identity protocol that allows female pupils to be called by boys’ names and wear boys’ clothes.

The Girls’ Schools Association has advised members to stop using the word “girls” and address children as “pupils” instead. Brighton College also replaced its uniform, which had been in place for 170 years, for a gender-neutral one.

Last year it was revealed that around 80 state schools were allowing pupils to wear clothes of the opposite gender.


White Female Teacher Arrested for Heroin in School, Paid for by Stealing Field Trip Money

AOL reports that second grade teacher Megan Sloan was busted after leaving her Facebook page open on a school computer. It discussed her heroin use.

Actually, wouldn’t someone be suspicious about her appearance? I can tell she’s a drug user and I’ll bet you can too.

The conspiracy to exterminate the white race is clearly succeeding when someone like a second grade teacher in a small town in a conservative state is being destroyed by heroin. This woman offers a human face to the globalist plan to flood the U.S. with drugs.

Georgia News Day

SAPULPA, Okla. – Sapulpa police say a second grade teacher is under arrest after bringing heroin to school and stealing money to buy drugs.

Megan Sloan, 27, has been charged with three counts of possession or purchasing controlled drugs within 1000 feet of public institution, embezzlement, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sapulpa police say the school called them after Sloan left her social media account open on another teacher’s computer on Monday.

The teacher told police she found a conversation in which Sloan was talking about using and selling heroin, as well as pawning school items.

When officers searched Sloan’s purse, they found heroin, methamphetamine, spoons to cook drugs and a drug used to treat opioid addiction.

She is also suspected of selling school iPads and using student field trip money to buy drugs, according to police.

She is currently booked into the Creek County Jail.

Sapulpa Public Schools superintendent Rob Armstrong shared the following statement with parents, according to KOKI-TV:

Let me take a moment to express my heartfelt sadness for the events that have transpired this week. We are working tirelessly to investigate several serious allegations. While talking with many individuals, and small groups of people during the last 72 hours we wanted to take the time to send a general message to our entire community. Oklahoma Statutes prohibit a public body from releasing and/or discussing internal personnel investigations, including demotion, discipline, or resignations.

We take the safety of our children very serious. We are all parents, grandparents, and neighbors. As a matter of standard practice, we will review our current policies and procedures to ensure best available practices are being followed.

Please contact your school principal, or district administrators if you ever have information that we need to know about. Together we will continue to make this a school district to be proud of.

Infowars has reported that Jeb Bush (and the Bush crime family) are involved in the dirty business of heroin. Henry Makow also offers a piece on drug smuggling by the power elites. He linked to the following video:

Why Marine Le Pen Lost

Disappointment among nationalists worldwide with the disappointing showing of Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election is huge.

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin took the approach that it was because she’s a woman that nationalism took a hit.

In the article central to this post, the analysis gets sophisticated and we learn that there were multiple factors working against Le Pen. The article is NOT a smear job of the type you would expect from the fake news American media.

The article concludes that if Macron fails, then Le Pen or another French nationalist may become president in 2022.

The Local France

Marine Le Pen was never likely to get elected president of France in 2017.

After Donald Trump’s stunning victory in last year’s US presidential election, Marine Le Pen became convinced she could ride the same wave of populism to the Elysée Palace. But in reality she was far from pulling off another shock.

After Brexit and Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen was meant to be next big shock.

Riding on the same anti-immigration populist tidal wave, promising to make France great again, the far-right Le Pen was presented almost as a shoo-in for the Elysée Palace.

Even when the polls gave Macron a seemingly unassailable lead, people warned that the polls had been wrong about Trump and had failed to grasp the level of anti-EU feeling in Britain.

Even political analysts were reluctant to rule Le Pen out, despite Macron’s 20 point poll lead.

But in the end Le Pen was always a very unlikely winner.

For a start the electoral system was against her: the two rounds and the fact the winner needs a majority of the electorate, in other words over 50 percent of the vote.

In France a candidate cannot win the presidential election with a minority of the popular vote, like Donald Trump did last year.

The two rounds mean her opponents were always likely to gang up against her, as they have done in the second round of regional and parliamentary elections to great success in recent years.

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The Ferguson Effect: Baltimore Millennials’ Worst Nightmare

The word “blacks” never appears in the sourced article in this post even though blacks are the 800 pound gorilla in the room that nobody will acknowledge.

The author of this piece blames Baltimore’s high and rising murder rate on globalism. Others, in the comments section at Zerohedge, blame liberals.

The root cause is blacks. Wherever you have the Negroid race in large numbers, you have a dysfunctional society. That’s true everywhere.


Last week, I wrote an article titled Baltimore Millennials’ “City Life” Narrative Starts To Crack. It appears the crack in the narrative is much larger than we thought. What’s developing in Baltimore is called the ‘Ferguson Effect’. This is a theory where the increased scrutiny of police post 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Trayvon Martin in Florida will lead to higher crime rates. Baltimore is turning this theory into a reality, as the city descends into chaos before the summer start. The rapid deterioration of Baltimore in 2017 has caught the linear mindset of the millennials’ off guard, who thought gentrification was right around the corner.

Conclusion: The Ferguson Effect: A Baltimore Millennials’ Worst Nightmare is starting to become a reality. Homicides are spiraling out of control in 2017. The millennial generation doesn’t realize that 50 years of decay via globalism will lead to many economic and social uphill battles. The ones holding the bag this time will be the millennial generation who bought into the false narrative of gentrification and revival for today.

* * *

The younger generation, raised to worship the false god of egalitarianism, is getting a dose of “Nigger realism” shoved down their throats and up their a**es. That’s good. At some point they’ll become agnostics and then Nazis. Well, if not Nazis, then at least race realists.

If you’re interested in graphs relating to Baltimore’s dysfunction, go ahead and click on the link.

An Uber Drive Through Detroit’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood

Will the last white person to leave to Detroit please turn out the lights.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Apr 30, 2017

Alastair Williamson tours the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan armed with a drone, I-Phone7, and an Uber. He comes across crumbling neighborhoods, climate change protests, and a touching interview at the end. His over all thoughts include, “the end results of globalism has been detrimental to the area. The industry and neighborhoods left decades ago, and what’s left are the artifacts of a civilization from the ‘American High’ (1960’s). For more Coverage visit:

Short excerpt from Zerohedge

Conclusion: We have no-one else to blame but the global elites along with government officials who sold out America’s prosperity many decades ago. The elites prospered tremendously off this tectonic shift of capital overseas leaving the American middle class hallowed out. America needs her industry back, without it, we’re just an empire in decay.

Bonus: Millennials in the next 8 years, according to Gordon T. Long will be 75% of the US workforce. What millennials don’t realize is that decades of decaying US cities or even just Detroit will be a massive uphill battle to produce a sustainable economy. Challenging times are ahead.

I left a brief comment at youtube noting the fact that Detroit is a prime example of black run America. A commenter at Zerohedge has the same idea. It’s not just globalism, it’s race.

What is stated in this article is all true, but that which is NOT stated is of paramount importance.

What is that, pray tell?


The whites who built and dwelt in Detroit up to the years of the Riots wisely started to vacate their homes for safer environs once the bestial savages were loosed upon their neighborhoods to wreak havoc and destruction. I know… it’s hard to swallow this sharded kernel of truth, but it is what it is. Once the founding race was gone, the vestiges of what they had created were ripe for decay and disintegration. * Gulp * * Ouch! * I know… the truth IS hard to swallow.


Mestizo Self-Deports Over Fear of ICE Raids


The Trump effect has already been reported widely. Border crossings are down because of the small crackdown on illegals initiated by President Donald Trump.

This tale of a Central American illegal is unverified. It has the ring of truth about it, especially the illegal’s promise made in the last sentence of the story.

Ignacio García-Pablo, 21, came to America five years ago. It took him about a month to travel the more than 3,000 miles from Guatemala to Oregon, he says.

He rode a dangerous cargo train known to locals as La Bestia, or the Beast. Then he traveled by car and hired a coyote to smuggle him across the U.S.-Mexico border.

But he says it was worth it: there’s opportunity in the U.S. — something he doesn’t have at home, where drought, crime and political corruption have made prospering nearly impossible.

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