Steve Bannon Calls for Brexit Supporters to Take Up Arms and Fight to Take Back the U.K.

There are still people who want to hear what Steve Bannon has to say, even if he’s on the outs with Trump and Breitbart News.

Excerpt from Haaretz

British Prime Minister Theresa May warned her divided party on Sunday that there may be “no Brexit at all” if they wrecked her plan to forge a close relationship with the European Union after leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc.

Bannon, the Rebel Rouser, is making a comeback! He enters the story about half way through, after Teresa May’s woes are brought up.

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Elites Promote LSD Microdoses to Hinder Opposition to Globalist Agenda

Small daily does of LSD are good for you, say the elites.

They’ll make you more creative and put your soul in touch with the universe.

You’ll see that you and every other creature are one.


No more racism, sexism, nationalism, or populism.

Utopia on earth is our destiny, so turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

The shifts in consciousness brought about by psychedelics could help to dissolve our fear of ‘the other’…


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LOL! Trump Makes Nice at G-7 then Asks Where’s Russia?!!!


Donald Trump as a candidate created so many great mental pictures–Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco, and Crooked Hillary, for example.

He’s still trolling the politicians, this time the G-7 leaders.

Besides the little stuff, Trump pulled a giant surprise by advocating for Russia to be re-admitted to the group, which used to be the G-8 before Russia “stole” the Crimea.

This is great theater. It demeans the Western leaders that had control of the globalist agenda until Trump arrived on the scene.


On the surface, the Group of Seven meetings convened Friday along a pristine stretch of Canadian riverfront appeared just like normal.

But beneath the smiling handshakes and whispered pleasantries was the unmistakable impression the global alliance of industrialized nations has changed for good.

President Donald Trump arrived expecting to tangle with his foreign counterparts on trade, a fight he proudly began but has been apprehensive about waging in person.

The leaders of France, Germany, Great Britain and Canada all planned to confront him directly about the tariffs on steel and aluminum that they believe threaten America’s closest world alliances.

But when the time came to air their grievances in public, the leaders here mainly sounded resigned to the fact their differences with Trump may never be resolved. And they made light of the disputes.

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France’s Macron Proclaims that Europe Shares Destiny with Africa, Awarded Charlemagne Prize


French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in resigned tones in mid April about the invasion of Europe by African negros.

On May 10 he received the Charlemagne Prize for contributions to “European unity.”

If you look more closely at the Charlemagne Prize, you’ll discover that it’s really the Codenhave-Kalergi Prize to encourage the genocide of the European.

Macron is widely viewed as a globalist shill, but is he playing a game with the Jews who would destroy the European race?

I don’t know for sure the answer to the question, but Macron is replacing Angela Merkel as the leader of a unified Europe. But unified in a good or bad way?

Defend Evropa

The French president claimed that due to immense population growth in Africa, Europe needs to prepare for an “unprecedented” wave of mass migration, “that is there and will last”, implying that the destiny of the two continents is intertwined.

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Claim: Racist, Antisemite FDR Had Secret Plan to Resettle Jews After WW II


FDR’s secret Project M aimed to spread Jews thinly across the planet, according to the article featured in this post. Presumably, he was aware of the Jewish propensity to take control of a country’s agenda and use their power to promote their interests at the expense of the host country.

In short, FDR is presented as an antisemite here. He wanted Jews anywhere except in the United States. It’s also claimed that he viewed some races as superior to others, wanting only the finest racial stock to be allowed into the United States.

If his plans hadn’t been rejected by integrationist fool Harry Truman, the USA would be a totally different country today.

Jewish Tablet

A new exhibition at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Americans and the Holocaust, explores Americans’ knowledge of and responses to Nazism, war, and genocide. An unstated question runs through the photographs, films, and artifacts: What explains FDR’s apparent indifference to the plight of the Jews? If he’d had complete freedom to act without concern for the political consequences, what would he have done? Visitors leave the museum without answers.

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White Man Fired for Liking a Tweet

Liking this Tweet got Roy Jones fired:

Roy’s employer, Marriott, may have fired him, but the pressure was on from the dirty, rotten Chinese government.

Once the chinks have their hooks into you, you’re going to obey or be punished by them. Marriott was punished (in the pocketbook) by the slants. One of their demands was that Roy be severely dealt with.


Excerpt from

While logged into an official Marriott Twitter account, he believes he probably — and accidentally — clicked “like” on a pro-Tibetan tweet thanking Marriott for listing Tibet as its own country, and not a part of China, on a survey.

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Steve Bannon: Wear Racism Label as a Badge of Honor

The rumpled rebel Steve Bannon made news today for what he said in France to Marine Le Pen’s Front National party.

Bannon may be older, but he’s got a lot of fight in him.

Check out what he told a cheering audience of Frenchmen.

CBS News

Steve Bannon may have fallen from President Trump’s graces for now, but on Saturday, he was the darling of France’s far right movement. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist whom the president praised before he excoriated him at the beginning of January, found his nationalist, populist and “anti-globalist” message in good company once again.

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