Portland Antifa Got Beat Up by a Girl (Video)

It looked like this incident might be going viral on Tuesday night. I don’t have any information on the identity of the victorious female.

From the youtube information box:

Mr White
Published on Jul 3, 2018
Just when you think their humiliation couldn’t get any worse.

Watch on Twitter if you prefer.

Memes posted on Twitter:

Police Release Video of Affirmative Action Dindu Cop Shooting 9 Year Old White Girl and Her Dog, Who Was Protecting Her


An unarmed doggo, completely innocent, was fired upon by an affirmative action racist black cop. He missed but struck the little white girl that doggo was protecting via his BARKS.

The nagger cop lacked any semblance of judgement. He could be the poster boy for why hiring naggers as cops is not a good idea.


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The attorney representing former Wichita Police Officer Dexter Betts released a statement Friday afternoon.

The statement comes a day after the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office released body cam video from the day Betts is accused of shooting at a dog inside a home. The dog was not hit. A nine-year-old girl who was sitting next to the dog was struck by bullet fragments.

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Ratted Out by Jewish Student, Professor is Under Fire for Holocaust Denial and More


When the press runs these kinds of stories, they usually omit a photo of the punk ass student who starts the sh*t.

No problem.

I easily tracked her down:


Check out the second picture of Benny below and see if you’re sniffing what I’m sniffing–the smell of young lesbian!!!

New York Post

A New Jersey student is blowing the whistle on her sociology professor for allegedly spouting anti-Semitic remarks and conspiracy theories in class — including that the moon landings were faked.

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Claim: Police Get Rough with Nagger FEMALES for No Reason at All

Sandra Bland, as seen above, dindu nuffins. The officer was fired because after all the cops love beating up black women on camera for no reason.

I’m posting this excerpt from a HuffPo piece written by a Negress who’s mastered the language of leftist feminists so that you can read how nonsensical the left has become.

There are over 7,000 comments critical of the Negresses and supportive of police on Yahoo’s republishing of the article. I’ve inserted a few after the excerpt. They prove that no one is buying the horsesh*t the liberal media keeps dishing out. We can see the truth and the truth is that the dindus deserve what they get from police most of the time.

Excerpt from HuffPost via Yahoo

We must remember that the racial biases in policing that lead to black men being victims of violence also apply to black women, even though their stories are less visible. Black women bear a double burden ― carrying the weight of a weaponized skin color and the invisibility of a silenced gender.

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Name Change for Boy Scouts Symbolic of American Cultural Corruption


The Boy Scouts are changing their name to just plain Scouts after admitting girls to the organization. This move comes on top of the Boy Scouts allowing gays and trannies in.

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Genetic Dead End: Vile (((Lena Dunham’s))) Total Hysterectomy Hopefully Means She’ll Never Reproduce


Hollywood sorceress Lena Dunham, who corrupted the morals of a generation of young women by making immorality look cool and hip, has undergone a hysterectomy.

I’m a little confused. I thought that this operation would make her sterile. However, she’s still talking about wanting children. I wonder how many she’s aborted already?

It would be a huge net loss to the world if she were to pass on her genes to children.

E Online

Lena Dunham is thanking her supporters who offered her words of empathy as she recovers from her hysterectomy, saying that while her heart is broken, they are now “linked forever.”

A vivid reminder of Dunham’s nudity on her HBO series. Barf bags, ready, ladies and gentlemen?

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White Dad Tries to Attack Olympic Molestation Doctor Larry Nasser During Sentencing Hearing

Excerpt from NBC News

Chaos erupted in a Michigan courtroom during Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing on Friday as a father of three girls who say they were molested by the disgraced gymnastics doctor charged at Nassar and was taken down by court officers.

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