Disgusting Nigger Arrested for Shooting Friend’s10 Year Old Dog in the Face Because It Was Barking



The only good part of this story will happen if some kind white family with children takes in Diddy and allow him to live out the few remaining years of his life in peace.

Imagine the horror of being a dog and spending your whole life living with blacks. That in and of itself constitutes animal cruelty.

The black bastard is being held on $15,000 bail.

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Black Guns Matter: The Movement to Put Guns into Black Hands to INCREASE Public Safety


Do you think that arming blacks in a place like Chicago would make it safer if those blacks were trained to use firearms in self defense?

The Sun

A PRO-GUN campaigner says the wave of deadly gun violence in cities like Chicago can be tackled with more guns and better firearms training.

Maj Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organisation that aims to educate urban populations about their Second Amendment rights.

He claims more guns are the answer to America’s gun crime epidemic and believes that years of prejudice have convinced urban populations to associate guns with crime rather than defending themselves, their communities and their rights.

Maj, who was raised in north Philadelphia, said: “Growing up, people always told me that firearms were bad, and that if you have a firearm you either have to be the bad guy or you are law enforcement.

“That’s a lie. It’s just not true. The problem is the lack of information and education about firearms and safety in urban areas.

“There is a deliberate attempt to keep that information away from these highly populated areas because it’s not about gun control, it’s about people control.”

However, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence claims stats suggest removing guns from cities works better, saying ‘guns make violent situations deadly’.

Maj, who formed Black Guns Matter in 2016, has been taking his message across the United States for the past year, visiting areas such as Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit.

The 29-year-old has also visited Chicago, where there were 3,550 shooting incidents, 4,331 shooting victims and 762 murders in 2016.

Maj believes a greater understanding of laws and education around firearms in Chicago would bring more ‘respect for the tool’ and greater ‘trigger discipline’.

This along with better teaching of de-escalation tactics would help reduce gun violence.

Maj, who is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, said: “Clearly, gun legislation is not working. They have an extreme amount of gun control law and they still cracked 700 homicides last year.

“So what we do is inform the people better [about guns and the Second Amendment] to cut down on that.

“Information is always better than just legislation.

“A lot of times people in urban areas don’t even associate the Second Amendment with the hood.

“They associate the Second Amendment with guys in the military or crazy white guys down South.

“My job is to make sure that everybody understands the Second Amendment is for every citizen of America. It’s not my job to advocate more firearms. It’s my job to inform people about firearms.

“When you make something a taboo and you ignore it and pretend like it isn’t an issue, then there is no education and no knowledge – and a lack of knowledge is always dangerous.”

According to the American Trends Panel more than twice the amount of white people own legal guns compared to black people.

And while 51 per cent of people in rural areas own a legal gun, just 25 per cent of people in cities own a gun.

Black people were also two-and-a-half times times more likely to be shot by law enforcement than white people in 2015, despite black people making up 13 per cent of the population.

On his trips, Maj meets with community leaders in some of the poorest areas to educate people on their rights to bear arms.

Depending on state laws, they learn what rights they have against the police, sign up to get legal firearms and concealed and carry licenses, and also learn how to shoot properly.

As a conservative and a libertarian I’m for everyone exercising his gun rights. As a race realist, I fear that putting guns into the hands of blacks would be no different than putting them in the hands of children. There’s a lack of self control in the darker race.

What say you? Here’s a black man with a gun:

White Flight

Leaving crime infested areas is racist and causes blacks to fail. We must not leave. Right?

Man Angrily Disputes Concept of White Privilege in Elegantly Written Rant


You deserve none of what you have. You stole it from blacks and browns.

That’s the underlying message of white privilege concepts. It’s bullsh*t, of course. As this unidentified writer notes:

White Privilege is the assumption that the only reason whites are successful, is because of racism and lack of opportunity for minorities. And that whites should feel guilty for any success they’ve had because they didn’t really “earn” it.

Is the above statement correct? What I mean is that an accurate description of what people say white privilege is?

This is a serious question to the forum. Because if that is what people are saying then they have another thing coming.

I did not put myself through school, work nights weekends and holidays, to have some motherfucker walk up and tell me it wasn’t due to hard work. What I’ve learned is that most people are selfish lazy inbreeds who care more about bud bitches and munchies and clothing and nonsense then an honest days work. I’ve seen and had conversations with people who refuse to better themselves because it would require busting their ass. Instead they would prefer to ride coattails, suck off their bosses and do anything but pick up a brick and start building.

Redistribute my wealth? Get fucking real. I earned my money, you earned the low income crime ridden community because you refuse to wake the fuck up and contribute. Because you’re a different color? Don’t make me laugh. How many white trailer communities filled with lazy white people are there in this nation? Exactly. This is not about color. This is about the incessant envy creaming from the root of your tree as a part of humanity.

I should feel bad? I do. You wasted what God gave you because you refuse to use the brain he gave you, and would rather fill it with shit music and stereotypes so when you lay your head on a pillow it will be your lullaby. Oh how unholy you have become America. Twisted and vile are your values now. Repent. Rise.

-a patriot-

Where did this vile concept of white privilege come from? Our cultural Marxist friends in higher education, who often belong to a certain group:

jews did this gif

Sourced from godlikeproductions.com

American Black Woman Explains Why Blacks Like to Move to Predominantly White Areas

black couple in white

The thoughts of a black woman on blacks moving to white neighborhoods are presented here for your consideration.

Is she correct? Is she leaving something out? How do you feel when a nice black couple move in next door? A black couple with children?


I have seen this as a hot topic on GLP lately. “Why are blacks moving to white areas?”

Some may think the answer is this:
To bring their lifestyle and “ghetto ” culture into the white community-NO

To force whites to like blacks-No, of course not.

To force “acceptance” among whites?-Not it.

The real reason why some blacks move to whiter areas are because of

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Video: Obama’s Weekly Address Explains How He’s Moving the Ghetto to YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD

What a pile of this shit this asshole is! Watch the video and learn what he has in store for hard working working families who play by the rules. Bend over, my white brothers and sisters because the sodomite in chief is going to ream you out rectally.

Ask yourself how many nice neighborhoods will be destroyed, how many billions of property values wiped out, and how many white lives taken to an early grave by black thugs who will be given what it took whites years to earn.

Listen carefully to the libturd bullshit phrases like “making communities stronger. This is simply a liar knowingly lying and doing so out of his own hatred for America and the white race. I have a feeling he doesn’t much like Asians either, as they too are highly successful and show up his dindu brothas as losers.


The Simplest Explanation for “Racism” I’ve Seen

stop racism

What libturds call racism is mostly just common sense and a self-defense mechanism related to the innate survival instinct. A racist is someone willing to confront the truth. The better term is “race realism.”

As one person puts it: “Its the civilized world versus wild untamed beasts that are ungrateful for living in the white mans world.”

Ghetto Monk on godlikeproductions often posts provocative, highly rated thoughts on that popular forum. You can vote in a poll at the link. Here is his simple explanation for “racism:”


It isn’t a belief system stemming from the past that makes the people of today racists..

Oh no!

It’s the actions of the Negroes in the PRESENT!

Get that through your fucking heads.

You’ve forcefully moved these fuckers into our neighborhoods..

You bussed them into our schools..

We’ve ALL BEEN FORCED LIVE WITH THEM since the 60’s…

And guess what?

We’ve had a chance to MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS!

The verdict is in!


It’s not a fucking crime to think that..

It’s not a fucking crime to SAY that..

…which elicited this comment:

One of the most concise statements Monk ever stated!

And to PROVE he is right one only needs to ask, “why are there no problems with rioting, violence, robbery, murder, rape and vile acts from the Asian community? How about the Indian community? Hispanics? Irish? Any of Latino descent? NO?

Well, look at that. Only the blacks. My company does tons of business with Koreans so we talk about “things” and many times the topic that comes up is black areas, aka, ghettos filled with thugs. They simply refuse to do business in many black areas or if they do then they do it to sponsor a family member. Oh, and the Koreans think most blacks are savages.

Yeah, racism is not a “white versus black” think…. Its the civilized world versus wild untamed beasts that are ungrateful for living in the white mans world.