Young White Woman Employee Shot by Negros During Restaurant Robbery Dies


There’s nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said before about black criminality.

Our forefathers implemented segregation because segregation made everyone safer. If Chelsea Beller’s upscale Atlanta restaurant had the right to bar Negros from entering, she would still be alive today.


Video surveillance shows three masked people responsible for the particularly heinous shooting of an Atlanta restaurant manager Sunday, police said.

Chelsea Beller of Atlanta was forced upstairs to open a safe during a robbery by three masked suspects at Barcelona Wine Bar on Howell Mill Road, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. The rest of the employees were tied up with electrical tape, police said.

After opening the safe, Beller was shot in the shoulder and later died at Grady Memorial Hospital.

While police know three people are responsible, they are asking for the public’s help in identifying them and have issued a higher-than-usual reward, Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said Monday in a statement.

The usual $2,000 Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment is more than tripled at $7,000.

“No crime against our citizens, anywhere in the city, is acceptable,” Campos said. “But the robbery and murder of an innocent restaurant manager doing her job is a terrible crime that has shocked even the most jaded among us here at APD.”

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting and robbery and ask anyone with information to provide an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers Atlanta by calling 404-577-TIPS (8477).

If the Negro worked as hard at education and real work as he does at crime, he might be an asset to society.

As it is, he’s a liability. Even the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln wanted him out of the United States.

The best thing we could do short-term to protect the public is to implement judicially administered corporal punishment. Blacks would be whipped when stepping out of line (as would everyone). Pain is the only language they understand. Prison is like a vacation to them.

The death penalty (public hanging) should be imposed on the three killers very shortly after their trial.


“She was just a positive person, fun loving. She didn’t have an enemy to speak of,” said her cousin, Brandi Borgwat. “Everybody that knew her, loved her.”

Friends left flowers and candles outside the restaurant Sunday afternoon.

While the investigation continues, Beller’s family hopes that her killers are not on the streets for much longer.

“She deserves justice for this,” said Borgwat.

Dindu Burglar Shot in Head by Pastor Unfortunately Survives


I predict there will be fewer burglaries in the future in the Woodstock, Georgia area than in the recent past.

There’s nothing like a dindu burglar getting a bullet to the head to deter other dindus from doing what dindus do.

Tribune Ledger

An Acworth man was released from the hospital and arrested Friday after attempting to burglarize a Woodstock home and receiving a gunshot wound to the head early Thursday morning, police said.

Donavan Simmons, 19, was arrested and charged with residential burglary, terroristic threats and possession of a Schedule IV drug with intent to distribute, Cherokee Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Sgt. Marianne Kelley said.

He was transported to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center where he is being held on a $16,000 bond after being discharged from the hospital Friday afternoon, she said.

“Simmons was initially transported to the hospital as a result of a gunshot wound he received while trying to make entry into the home of the victim, but has now been released from the hospital,” she said.

The homeowner will not be charged in the case, Kelley said.

Deputies found Simmons when they responded to a call about a burglary in progress at a residence in the 800 block of Santa Fe Trail about 2:40 a.m. Thursday morning, Kelley said.

“When deputies arrived they located the suspect, identified as Donavan Simmons, 19 years of age of Acworth, lying in the backyard of the residence with a gunshot wound to the head,” she said.

Simmons was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital in stable condition, Kelley said.

“The homeowner advised that the suspect was making entry into the basement area of his home when he shot in the general direction of the suspect,” she said.

No one in the home was injured, Kelley said. The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division will be continuing their investigation into the motive of the initial break-in.

Neighbors reportedly said the homeowner is a pastor of a church of a neighboring county. His wife and children were also home at the time of the attempted burglary, Sheriff Frank Reynolds said.

“There have been a lot of burglaries in the area this year,” he said.

The neighborhood was quiet Thursday afternoon and a neighbor said that he had not heard of any break-ins in the community, although he had only lived there a short time.

Breitbart also offers coverage of this inspiring story.

Georgia High School Students Settle Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Sheriff for $3 Million


Worth County High School is located in North Georgia. 92 percent of students qualify for a free school lunch. One source I consulted said the school was majority white. Another source claimed it was 100 percent “minority,” Asian and American Indian.

Whatever the race of the students, they might have to start paying for their lunches if the settlement is included in family income. There are only about 900 students who will share the money.

NBC News

A group of Georgia high school students have reached a $3 million settlement against the Worth County Sheriff’s Office after a judge ruled that law enforcement violated their civil rights by conducting a massive drug search without probable cause.

A judge ordered former Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby and his deputies to pay the staggering settlement to the students.

In April, Hobbs and his deputies spent hours at Worth County High School searching more than 800 students for drugs — and their search turned up empty.

Attorneys from the Southern Center for Human Rights and the Atlanta-based civil rights firm Horsley Begnaud filed a class-action lawsuit against the sheriff’s department on behalf of the students.

According to the suit, deputies “touched and manipulated students’ breasts and genitals” and “inserted fingers inside girls’ bras.” The suit also alleged that the searches revealed the students’ body parts.

Mark Begnaud, who represented the students in the lawsuit, said Hobbs executed the search based on scant evidence and in clear violation of the students’ constitutional rights.

“We hope this settlement sends a message to law enforcement beyond just south Georgia — or beyond Georgia — that this abuse of power is just not tolerated,” Begnaud said. “Students don’t shed their constitutional rights when they enter a school.”

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order Monday suspending Hobby and appointing a retired deputy sheriff, Bobby Sapp, to serve as interim head of the department.

According to NBC-affiliate WALB, the settlement will now go to U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams for approval.

Begnaud said each of the students could receive a $1 to $6,000, depending on the severity and invasiveness of their search. Additional funds will be allocated to cover legal expenses and the remaining money will be set aside in a fund to benefit the high school, Begnaud said.

Attorney Raleigh Rollins, who represented Hobbs and the Worth County deputies, said taxpayers will not be responsible for paying the settlement. Instead, he said the funds will come from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia, which essentially provides insurance coverage to the sheriff’s department.

The Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) praised the judge’s decision to award the maximum amount in damages to students.

“The students’ voice have been heard,” Chrystal Redd, a lawyer with the center, said in a statement. “Their rights were violated on April 14, and they took the steps to ensure that these illegal searches would not go unnoticed.”

The Southern Center for Human Rights is a Jew outfit. No surprise there.

City Council Candidate Quits After Firestorm Caused by Zionist “Cockroaches” Comment


Tweet under a screen name.

That’s what Joe Briggs should have done.

Or come to sites like this one that are essentially free speech zones and have your say there.

Gwinnett Daily Post

A candidate for one of three Suwanee City Council seats withdrew from the race Monday after controversial Tweets he made about Jewish people, slavery and a transgender celebrity, among others, surfaced.

Joe Briggs was challenging incumbent Councilwoman Beth Hilscher in the City Council Post 4 race. With his withdrawal, Hilscher is now uncontested in her re-election bid. The contested races for City Council Posts 3 and 5 remain unchanged.

Briggs said his withdrawal was in the best interests of his family and the city after the controversial Tweets surfaced, including ones that compared Israelis to the Nazis and called Zionists “cockroaches.”

“It’s been an incredible ordeal for myself, my family and the community and it only would have gotten worse,” Briggs said. “I’ve crawled into a hole since it all started and I don’t know where everything is, but realistically I didn’t want there to be all of this outrage about an anti-Semitic guy on the council. It’s just bad for the community and bad for me — not that I’m anti-Semitic.”

Briggs, a former New Hampshire school board member, had run against Hilscher on a platform that the pace of residential development in Suwanee was unsustainable and created concerns about traffic and crowded schools. He wanted residential development stopped, and all undeveloped land rezoned for commercial uses, until infrastructure and schools could catch up with the demand.

The surfacing of his Tweets about Jewish people became the dominant issue in the race over the last week, however, after the wife of a Suwanee councilman who represents a different council post compiled them online.

A five-page spreadsheet of the Tweets was sent to the Daily Post over the weekend.

In one tweet, Briggs said “@buberzionist A “Jewish” democracy is no different from a Nazi one.”

In another post, Briggs responded to someone who called confederates “racist traitors” with, “You are way off. Slavery was cheap labor to big business. Like diamond mines and NAFTA. A temp solution that created big problems.”

In response to a FOX and Friends Tweet promoting an interview Tucker Carlson did with Caitlyn Jenner, Briggs said “Waste of good air.”

Briggs told the Daily Post he regretted posting the Tweets. They were an attempt to express his thoughts on race relations, particularly in the Middle East, he said.

“The problem there just gets worse every year,” he said.

Patch reports on more of the Tweets the local paper didn’t have the guts to print.

In another he wrote the words “zionists in Israel far worse than anything described in Mein Kampf,” referring to Adolf Hitler’s book about his political and social ideals. “Get the Jews out of the White House and out of POTUS’ ear,” he wrote in another, according to the AJC.

Another said: “The problem is that Jews don’t care about racism — because they are racist. They only care about racism directed towards them.” Another described slavery in the United States as “cheap labor for big business. Like diamond mines and NAFTA.”

Briggs’ Twitter account is protected, meaning it can only be followed by users he approves. But, the AJC reported, his tweets came to light when the wife of a current Suwanee council member, Dick Goodman, who is Jewish, posted about them on online community site NextDoor.

Can’t a man have an opinion any more???!!!

3 Year Old White Boy Who Saluted Murdered Officer for TWO HOURS Named Honorary Deputy

Little Cohen Chastaine created a heartfelt rush of positive emotions when he watched the funeral procession for a fallen detective in Georgia.

His uniform and his lengthy salute drew positive attention to a well-raised child at a time when bad parenting seems to be winning out over good parenting.

This is Cohen’s story and the story of his reward.


For 3-year-old Cohen Chastain, fallen Polk County Detective Kristen Hearne’s legacy lives on.

Earlier this month, the toddler from Rockmart, Georgia, made sure Hearne got the respect she deserved when he saluted and stood at attention for over two hours during a funeral processional in her honor. And on Tuesday, Cohen was named an honorary deputy for his thoughtful act.

“Many of you might recall this amazing three-year-old. Cohen stood for more than two hours during the processional honoring our sister, Det. Kristen Hearne. We wanted to bless Cohen for his selfless act of support and love,” the Floyd County Sheriff’s office shared on Facebook.

The little boy, who wore a police officer’s costume with padded muscles, was gifted a custom-built Power Wheels Police SUV that had the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office insignia emblazoned the car door and “Deputy Cohen” stickered on the windshield.

Then, Cohen stole the hearts of everyone in attendance at the special ceremony when he recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance.

On Sept. 29, Hearne, a mother to a young son and five-year veteran of the force, was shot and killed by a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest while investigating a stolen car, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She became the first Polk County law enforcement officer to die in the line of duty.


Little Cohen’s respectful behavior shows a kid on the right track. Thanks to good parenting, he’s sure to make something of himself.

WAR-ON-COPS: Three White Georgia Deputies To Be Charged With Murder in Stun Gun Death of Black Resisting Arrest

Here we have another Freddie Gray situation. A Negro resists arrest and is tased. He later dies. The cops are then charged with murder.

The purpose of these persecutions (and prosecutions) of white cops is to drive whites out of police work so that nonwhites can more easily carry out a planned program of white genocide.

Even if you’re white but against the police, you had better be concerned about the darkening of police forces across America.

A district attorney said Friday that he plans to seek murder charges against three former Washington County deputies for their roles in a man’s electroshock death.

The news came a few days after deputies Michael Howell, Henry Lee Copeland and Rhett Scott were fired following an investigation into the July 7 incident. That summer evening, Eurie Martin of Milledgeville died after being hit with a stun gun multiple times.

District Attorney Hayward Altman said at a Friday news conference that he planned to present the felony murder charges to a grand jury Dec. 19.

Sheriff Thomas Smith said in a statement Tuesday that the deputies did not follow correct procedures on use of force. They were responding to a call about a suspicious person walking in a Deepstep neighborhood when they came across Martin.

The deputies said an altercation ensued, and Martin was hit with a stun gun before being handcuffed. Soon afterward, Martin became ill, and emergency medical services arrived to help him.

The 58-year-old died in the front yard of a home.

Altman said a GBI investigation showed that Martin was breaking no laws and did nothing wrong during his encounter with the deputies.

An attorney representing Martin’s family said they were surprised to learn the extent of the charges. The three deputies are white and Martin was black.

“We didn’t see this in Baltimore, we didn’t see this in New York, we didn’t see this in Orlando,” Francys Johnson said. “We didn’t see this in cases around this country.”

Don’t resist arrest. That should be the takeaway. Instead, we’re left with the impression that three cops, racists all, went out looking for a Negro to murder, knowing damn well that in this political climate they would be charged.

It doesn’t make sense. But very little about America today makes sense.

Sheboon mom charged with murder after allegedly putting 2 young sons in oven


Black lives matter. Until they don’t.

Will NFL teams take the knee to protest black on black murder?

Wait, I forgot. This is whitey’s fault. The legacy of slavery and all that.

Fox News

An Atlanta woman was charged with murder after she allegedly put her two young sons in an oven and turned it on sometime between Thursday and Friday last week.

Lamora Williams, 24, with murder in the deaths of 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn. Channel 2 Action News, citing an arrest warrant, reported that she is accused of killing the two “by placing them in an oven and turning it on.”

Police reportedly said that the children had injuries, including burns.

Williams initially told police that she left the kids in the care of a relative, reports said, but police said they did not believe the account.

The father of all three children, Jameel Penn, says Williams called him by video chat Friday night to tell him his children were dead. Penn says he called police after seeing his sons on the floor.

“I ain’t got no soul no more,” the father told the channel. “Ja-Yaunte, Keyante, my world, my everything. I’m lost.”

A third boy, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was found unharmed.

Williams’ sister, Tabitha Hollingsworth, says Williams should be put on suicide watch in the Fulton County jail.

Atlanta is an NFL town. I dare the Falcon players to protest this crime by one of their own.

One more thing. Hey, black dad. Where were you? Not around, I take it. Now go find yourself another sow to breed with. But next time, stick around if you really care about your “soul.”