Georgia Trial Starts for White Man Accused of 1983 Killing of Negro Who was “socializing” with White Woman


One of two white men accused of murdering a Negro decades ago saw his trial testimony start on Wednesday.

Witnesses claim they heard him brag about killing the Negro in order to protect the white race.

That’s about it, evidence wise.

One of my cousins went around bragging about killing a “nigger” too. I have no idea whether he did or didn’t, but white males sometimes do like to brag.


GRIFFIN, Ga. — A white man charged with murder in what Georgia prosecutors describe as the racist slaying of a black man in 1983 went on trial Wednesday with both sides lambasting the original investigation.

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Bushy Headed Zulu Female Takes Georgia Oath of Office on Malcolm X Autobiography

Hair like this hasn’t been seen much since the black power days of the 60s.

Mariah Parker looks somewhat like Communist revolutionary Angela Davis did back in the day.

The childish gesture by Parker just offers another example of the petulant Negro’s focus on self and on race. It really isn’t important in the scheme of things, although Parker may be giving us plenty of stupid to report on in the future.

The Hill

A 26-year-old doctoral student elected to be Athens-Clarke County Commissioner took her oath of office Monday holding her hand not to the bible, but rather a copy of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.”

David Duke weighs in with a Tweet embedded at the bottom of this post.

Basically, the Jews …

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Dumb Ass Black Teen Sentenced to Five Years for Tennis Shoe Theft


The disapproving liberal press leaves out a little tidbit: Davis had an accomplice with a gun.

The press is also pushing that muh negro had no prior record.

Duh, you mean he hadn’t been caught before.


Dayonn Davis was 15 years old when he stole a coveted pair of Nike sneakers the owner tried to sell on Facebook.

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Georgia Jury Awards Negress Raped by Security Guard ONE BILLION DOLLARS


A jubilant black attorney and his now 20 year old client are celebrating a ONE BILLION DOLLAR jury verdict against a security company that hired Brandon Lamar Zachary, pictured above.

I can only assume that an poorly educated black jury pulled a number out of thin air to award a black rape victim.

A billion dollars to any individual is absurd, but doubly so in this case of black on black crime.

CBS News

ATLANTA — A Georgia jury has awarded an eye-popping $1 billion verdict against a security company after an apartment complex guard was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl. Hope Cheston was outside by some picnic tables with her boyfriend during a party in October 2012 when an armed security guard approached, attorney L. Chris Stewart told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The guard told the boyfriend not to move and raped Cheston, Stewart said.

Remember the Six Million Dollar Man? Well, guys, here’s the One Billion Dollar Woman. Go get her!

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That Twerking Negress Doctor Allegedly Left a Patient Brain Damaged and Doesn’t Have a License to do Surgery

Negros are complaining about one of their own, a twerking doctor who in my opinion is an ass with the mind of an 8 year old

This is my second post on the fool who exemplifies TNB.

New York Post

A plastic surgeon who filmed herself singing and dancing around the operating table as she performed procedures was accused of leaving a patient with “catastrophic” brain damage.

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Media Crowing that Gentlelady of Color Could Be the First Black Female Governor in the U.S.

Georgia Democrats voted heavily in favor of the creature pictured above, Stacey Abrams. The American press, indeed the world press, is aflame with hopes that a negro female might become governor of Georgia. Unlike Kamala Harris (whatever the hell ethnicity she is), Stacey is fat and ugly. The Democrat party is like that.

Stacey Abrams is like the second coming of Hillary, only darker. I’ve seen no compelling reason that white women would be as excited about Stacey as about Hillary. Georgia whispers say Stacey is a lesbian, but if she is, she’s still in the closet.


A former Georgia lawmaker and author has taken a major step towards becoming the first ever African-American female governor of a US state.

Stacey Abrams won the Democratic party primary on Tuesday, telling voters that trying to “convert” Republicans into Democrats has previously failed.

Race based voting showed Georgia Democrats soundly rejecting Stacey Evans, below, who garnered just 25 percent of the vote.

The Democrat party is shaping up to be the party comprised almost exclusively of nonwhites, who of course kowtow to the Jewish string pullers behind the curtains.

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Suicide by Drowning: Coroner Releases Black CDC Researcher’s Cause of Death, Family and Public Skeptical

After Dr. Tim Cunningham, pictured above, went missing in February, there was widespread speculation that he had discovered that the flu vaccine was the cause of the winter epidemic of flu deaths and that as a result he was kidnapped and murdered.

If he was murdered, the killer(s) made it look like something else.

The medical examiner says he killed himself, presumably by jumping into the Chattahoochee River.

Pardon us for being skeptical, Mr. M.E.


Medical examiner releases CDC researcher’s cause of death
ATLANTA – The death of an Atlanta researcher whose body was pulled from the Chattahoochee River has been ruled a suicide by drowning, the Fulton County medical examiner said Tuesday.

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