Police Fitness Test Discriminated Against Women, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge has ruled that fitness tests that women cannot pass at the same rate as men are a violation of federal law.

Judge Richard Matsch was born in 1930! He presided over the Oklahama City bombing case that saw Timothy McVeigh convicted in a trial that covered up a great deal of the truth.

At age 87, Matsch is still ruling from the bench. He’s now found that fitness tests that women can’t pass are discriminatory.

The test isn’t described in the story, but I probably couldn’t pass it either, but I’m not selfish enough to demand that standards be lowered for my benefit.

Putting unqualified women cops on the street is going to kill people. Matsch needs to retire and let someone with a stronger sense of logic rule from the bench.

The Gazette

A fitness test given to Colorado Springs police officers discriminated against women and violated civil rights laws, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in a two-year lawsuit.

The test “shamed and ostracized” the 12 plaintiffs – many of them decorated officers with decades of service – while providing “meaningless” results, ruled U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch.

Performing poorly on the test left officers at risk of losing their jobs, despite the benchmark scores being “arbitrary” and the evaluation having little to do with the officers’ everyday work, Matsch said. Significantly more women than men failed it.

“To retroactively impose that requirement on women who have invested their lives as career police officers is fundamentally unfair,” Matsch wrote.

The ruling that Colorado Springs violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 leaves the city on the hook for a possible payout to the plaintiffs for wage loss and emotional distress. A hearing on damages is expected to be set in the coming week.

A California civil rights advocate said it also sends a message to municipalities across the nation to avoid such fitness tests for potential hires and veteran employees.

“If municipalities are going to use tests like this, they have to make sure there’s a scientific basis behind them,” said Jocelyn Larkin, executive director of the Impact Fund. The organization helps bankroll civil-rights lawsuits, and it contributed $30,000 to this case.

Donna Dell’Olio, an attorney representing the women, praised the ruling as a victory for women seeking to join the force.

“The women are wonderful professionals, and all they wanted was to be able to serve crime victims and the citizens of Colorado Springs,” Dell’Olio said. “And now they’re going to be allowed to do that.”

Ten of the dozen plaintiffs remain on the force, Dell’Olio said. One has since moved to Wyoming, and another left the department amid fears she’d lose her job for failing the test.

“They did this at great peril to their careers,” Dell’Olio said. “And they did it for the younger women who are coming up behind them.”

A statement from the Police Department said “the city has received the ruling, is reviewing it, and evaluating the city’s options.”

The issue dates to 2009, when former Chief Richard Myers mandated all officers undergo fitness tests, and the department hired Human Performance Systems of Beltsville, Md., to create the evaluations. They included one-minute sit-up and push-up tests, as well as two running tests, one of which focused on agility.

Practice tests in 2013 showed deep disparities in women’s and men’s success rates, the lawsuit said.

Forty percent of women failed the test, compared with 9 percent of men. Women police recruits tested that year fared slightly worse, while men did slightly better.

Still, a 2014 order by Myers’ successor, Chief Pete Carey, mandated each officer pass the test annually. Officers who failed the first test were relegated to desk duty, while those who failed after six months of trying could be fired.

All 12 plaintiffs failed on the first try, including Maggie Santos, a lieutenant at the time overseeing the department’s Internal Affairs division.

She retired after 24 years in the department, taking a job as director of campus safety at a college. In leaving early, Santos said Wednesday that she left “significant” pension benefits on the table.

The risk of being fired without a place to go was too great, she said, especially as her kids neared college.

“It was horrible,” Santos said. “I didn’t want to leave. That isn’t when I had planned to retire. I still had more career in front of me, and it was taken.”

In issuing his ruling, Matsch relied on complex statistical analyses highlighting the disparities women faced.

He said some of the evaluations – such as the push-up test – favored men while “not being designed to evaluate an officer’s overall suitability for duty.”

The Police Department also erred in making the test a sole criterion for an officer’s firing, rather than as “one component,” he said.

In the process, Matsch noted that the Police Department’s use of a fitness test for current employees – not applicants – was unprecedented.

Santos said Matsch’s ruling was bittersweet.

“The reason why we did it was for the younger women,” Santos said. “They won’t appreciate it now when they’re in their 20s, but in 20 to 25 years, they’ll appreciate what we did, and we’re doing it for them.”


Election 2016: Chicks Vs. Dicks

voting with vagina

Jim Goad’s snarky writing about social issues offers hipster mockery and ridicule of liberals, social justice warriors, and cultural Marxists.

I’ve pulled an excerpt from his latest piece on the upcoming presidential election. Hillary and feminists make for a fine target.


Hillary Clinton is heading into the general election vagina-first, hoping she can surf a foamy lubricated sea of likeminded vaginas straight into the Oval Office. The popular wisdom—which has proved neither popular nor wise over the past year—is that Donald Trump suffers such insurmountable “negatives” among women that all the uneducated meth-smoking trailer-dwelling white male bigots in Flyover Country won’t be able to seal the deal for him.

Since identity politics are for everyone except straight white males these days, Madame Clinton has been traipsing her cottage-cheese buttocks across this great nation pandering to Negroes, Latinos, gays, and, of course, WOMEN.

You may not have realized it, but there’s a War on Women in America these days. Pay no mind that no one quite seems capable of articulating how our society is unfair to women. They keep dredging up the mythical wage gap, but that’s about it. And something about there not being enough free condoms. Otherwise, women live longer, work the safest jobs, and get drastically shorter prison sentences for committing the same crimes as men. And forget that they enjoy the sumptuous luxury of enjoying automatic and nearly universal public and legal sympathy in just about any dispute with men.

hillary spits turds gif

When it comes to the topic of gender in this election, the deck is stacked to put men on the defensive. This is why a central topic of the campaign is always whether Donald Trump hates women—and never whether Hillary Clinton hates men.

From the moment he announced his candidacy, Trump has been relentlessly smeared as a “sexist” because he has a tendency not to roll over and offer up his belly to appease latter-day feminist pieties. He is often critical of women’s looks and their weight. He sometimes says unflattering things about their behavior. This is hateful and sexist when he does it, but not when women make fun of his hair and short fingers and openly call for him to be raped and dismembered by Syrian refugees.

My guts tell me that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be far more hostile toward male interests than Donald Trump’s would be toward women. If you think Obama was bad with the “white” thing, wait ‘til you see what Hillary Clinton does with the whole “male” thing. That’s why this November, I encourage all men to vote with their dicks.

hillary vote with vagina

When searching for photos to use to illustrate this post, it was easy to find “vote with your vagina” illustrations. It’s clear that there’s a propaganda war on to convince women to vote for Hillary because of her vaginal opening, which I’m sure has seen plenty of action from women, but not so much from men.

Jim Goad’s advice to men to vote with their dicks seems like sound guidance to me.

vote for hillary vagina not

Study: White Men Suffer More Depression Despite Less Stress Than Other Groups

depression ahead

Huffington Post

. White men are more likely to face depression associated with stressful life events than black men or women of any race, according to a recently published study in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.

This is an especially interesting finding because, as might be expected, white men reported having fewer stressful life events than black men. These events were defined as poor health, financial stress, issues with employment, marital or family problems, problematic gambling behavior, police harassment and being the victim of a crime or discrimination.

The way that stress was measured in this study is leading to an incorrect conclusion. I would posit that white men have MORE stress than any other group. That stress does not come from a particular event associated with the list of stressful events used in this study. The causes of the stress that white men suffer are much more subtle.

White men are typically conscientious. That trait alone creates stress, although a man may not be aware of it on a conscious level. The black man can screw up and nobody cares. The expectations for him are low. But when the white man screws up, he knows he’s going to get verbally whacked. Thus, he’s always walking on a tightrope.

Furthermore, most white men know at some level that white males are hated–by blacks, by feminists, by the federal government, by the Talmudic Jews who produce anti-white male propaganda in Hollywood.

Most white men cannot, however, admit that the hatred of the white man exists. To admit its existence, the white man would then be obligated to go out and kill somebody, just as Dylan Roof did.

Knowing he’s hated, the white man gets depressed. It’s a coping mechanism. Not a healthy one to be sure.

The study, which included almost 6,000 adults from around the country, controlled for income, education, employment and marital status. It did not find the same stress-depression correlation among women that it did among men.

When comparing stressful life events along gender and racial lines, women had more exposure to stress than men, and black participants had more exposure to stress than white participants. Black women reported the highest number of stressful life events while white men reported the least exposure to stress.

Unlike men, however, black and white women had similar stress-related susceptibility to depression. Assari thinks this may be a product of habituation, or when the body stops responding to a stress or stimulus it is repeatedly exposed to.

“You start developing a type of resistance to it,” he said. “After some types of very severe stressors, people transform.”

This is what’s known as post-traumatic growth, when a person shows resilience or emerges stronger in the wake of a traumatic experience. While such stressors are clearly a net negative, the results of a heartening 2013 study of low-income mothers in the years following Hurricane Katrina found that 30 percent of survivors felt the storm had given them an improved sense of personal strength, enhanced spirituality and improved relationships.

Hmmmm. The women I’ve known become b*tches in response to stress, yelling and screaming, breaking and throwing things. The study doesn’t seem to take that possibility into account. Men rarely have tantrums like that, considering them to be childish and undignified.

Or else the women go shopping.

White men are also at a high risk for suicide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that white men have the highest suicide rates of any demographic, accounting for 70 percent of all suicides committed in the United States in 2013.

Aha. The bottom line: suicide. Yes, white men kill themselves at a very high rate,yet we are called the oppressors. We are told that we have the power over others.

Powerful people do not kill themselves. White males are marginalized a thousand times a day. The wonder is that more of us don’t off ourselves.

i'm ok gif

Have A Laugh: The Problem with Girlfriends

Click to enlarge.

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Don’t be rash, fellas, and dump her. Try to make her see things your way. And lots of luck to you as you talk to a brick wall.