Pope Francis to Sodomite: ‘God made you that way and loves you’


God loves cornholing, said the dear old Pope.

Stay tuned to learn more about the sins mentioned in the Bible that God now loves because the queer old dope says so.

New York Daily News

It wasn’t quite a blessing, but a gay man who talked with Pope Francis about child sex abuse said the pontiff’s comment about his sexual orientation was the next best thing.

Would it be God’s love being expressed if the Pope were to s*** the d*** of his queer followers?

Just asking.

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Arrested: Faggot Pedo Claims to Have Made Boys Perform Sex Acts on Him and His Dog


Why should Oswald ever be released. The disease he’s suffering from can’t be cured.

Warning: There’s some really disgusting details below on what Oswald has been up to.

The Ledger

Ocoee suspect told social media user how he has tied up kids before and forced them to perform sexual acts on him and his dog.

ORLANDO — An Ocoee man who posted on social media about “sexy boys” at an elementary school and told another user he planned to target the campus so he could “choose one” has been arrested, according to the Ocoee Police Department.

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School District Allegedly Makes Queer Students Read Bible as Punishment

Fags are drama queens who enjoy creating small problems that lead to minor hysterics.

It’s reasonable to be skeptical of the claims made by sodomites that are featured in this story. These crazy people are probably looking for sympathy or just attention.


A school district in Oregon is accused of a disturbing pattern of intimidation and harassment against LGBTQ students. Among the allegations: Students were forced to read the Bible as punishment, and a teacher compared gay marriage to marrying a dog.

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Heroic Latinos Charged with Hate Crime in Beating of Disgusting Sodomite Couple


Four Mestizo guys did the job Americans won’t do.

They attacked two disgusting sodomites who were making out following a so-called gay pride parade.

The Latinos jumped in to stop the public debauchery, which was the real crime.

Our heroes are without honor in America, however. They’re facing 30 years in prison for doing minor damage to the disgusting fags, pictured below.

Local 10 Miami

MIAMI – The state has upgraded charges against four men accused of attacking a gay couple last month on South Beach following the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade.

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Britain to Jail Internet Trolls for Six Months for Posting or Sharing “Hate” Posts

In order to force the unnatural multiculturalism that the (((globalists))) have foisted off on Britain, Draconian measures are proving necessary.

Free speech in Britain is dead.

We knew that but the authorities keep coming up with new ways to prove it.

Daily Mail

Social media users who share or comment on racist or anti-gay postings will face jail under rules proposed yesterday.

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Name Change for Boy Scouts Symbolic of American Cultural Corruption


The Boy Scouts are changing their name to just plain Scouts after admitting girls to the organization. This move comes on top of the Boy Scouts allowing gays and trannies in.

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Tucker Defends Milo Yiannopoulos as He’s Harassed Out of a Bar and Banned from Speaking at a College

After an extended absence from the news, Milo surfaced again last weekend when a group of hard core leftists screamed “Nazi scum” at him, forcing him to flee a dangerous situation in an NYC bar.

Milo is no leader of the alt-right, but so long as the left hates him, like Tucker, I’ll defend him to a degree.

The Gay Advocate

Tucker Carlson defended Milo Yiannopoulos on his Fox News program after patrons of a New York City bar recently heckled and pressured the alt-right figurehead to leave. The group, which chanted “Nazi scum get out” at Yiannopoulos, were members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

“You may have mixed feelings about Milo Yiannopoulos, many people do,” Carlson said on the Monday night broadcast. “But if you’re on the left, you really hate him. Like you’ve never hated anybody for some reason as much as Milo Yiannopoulos and the effect is Milo Yiannopoulos can’t even go to a bar without getting driven out by screaming people.”

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