Stefan Molyneaux Calls on MILO to Stop Pedophiles Who Victimize Boys

MILO Yiannopolous has the power to put a stop to pedophile activity among his elite circle of friends.

Here Stefan Molyneaux is both understanding of MILO’s gayness and highly critical of MILO for failing to stop the sexual predators who victimize young boys.

Stefan’s concern, addressed toward the 36 minute mark or thereabouts is the moral obligation of MILO to put a stop to the homosexual pedophile activity that he’s witnessed.

MILO’s first sex was with a priest when he was age 13. That priest is in his 40s now, probably still molesting boys. MILO has the power to stop him. MILO has the power to call out the Hollyweird child molesters too, whom he has admitted meeting.

Whatever Stefan’s shortcomings, I always learn something useful from him. I don’t expect MILO to turn snitch and name names, but he could at least quietly try to rein in the faggot pedos that travel in his circle. Actually, in Texas I believe that if you witness a crime, you are obligated to report it. Law enforcement should be meeting with MILO and grilling him for names, dates, and other relevant information on the gay perps who prey on boys.

Published on Feb 22, 2017


Milo Yiannopoulos stood tall for free speech, and against the puritanical language fascism of political correctness. As a good-looking, ridiculously articulate gay man, he could have found a comfortable place to nestle in leftist cliches, and would have been welcomed by the establishment with open arms. Instead, he turned his considerable charm, talents, humor and intellect on the enemies of free thought and free speech – helping to provoke and reveal the violence and hatefulness of dangerous and powerful elements within Western society.

And now, he stands on a precipice, which we really need to examine in detail.

In the span of 48 hours, Milo Yiannopoulos has fallen from grace in the eyes of many. He has lost his quarter million dollar book deal, he has resigned from his influential position at Breitbart, and been disinvited from his prestigious speaking engagement at CPAC.

Divide and Conquer Tactic Against Whites Alleged in Wake of MILO’s Destruction by the Left

If MILO Yiannopolous was known for anything, it was his love of “big black cock” and his love of “Daddy” Trump. In the video below, there’s no BBC, but there is MILO and some fag fans pretending to start building Trump’s wall at the Mexican border.


The video above might be the gayest thing you’ve seen in your whole life.

In fact any appearance by MILO might be one of the gayest things you’ve ever seen.

So how deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go with MILO?

What if he was a (((media))) creation, manufactured according to a plan to take over conservatism and the alt-right and then destroy them?

Certainly, the paid commenters on Twitter and comments sections are pushing hard the notion that conservatives and white nationalists are pedophiles because our leader MILO is a pedophile. That’s bullsh*t, but that’s what I’m seeing everywhere.

An embrace of homosexuality associated with “big black cocks” as exemplified by MILO is not a feature of either the alt-right or traditional conservatism. MILO was not alt-right or conservative, but conservatism fell for his schtick. I think the alt-right showed a little more resistance.

Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union, which sponsors the big annual CPAC meeting in Washington, is the man who invited MILO Yiannopolous to speak before disinviting him for comments made about underage sex and about Jews. Before disinviting him, Schlapp (is he a Jew?) faced withering criticism from other conservatives for bringing in a degenerate pervert to CPAC.

Let’s try to put the evidence for a Jewish conspiracy to destroy white identity together from several sources.

New Yorker

In the face of the growing outrage, Schlapp at first stood by his decision. Then, over the weekend, the videos of Yiannopoulos began to circulate. In one clip, he cavalierly approves of sex with thirteen-year-olds and suggests that he once attended a party at which minors were sexually assaulted. In another, he talks about the “statistical fact” that “Jews own most of the banks” and “completely dominate the media.”

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Jew vs. Jew: MILO Meets Maher on Friday Night (Video)

Since MILO is a Trump supporter, the subtext of almost everything that takes place around him ends up in Trump’s backyard.

I don’t like putting MILO near the top of today’s posts, but I just found this video, so here it is.

MILO started to bore me about two or three months ago and nothing has changed about that. He’s an attention whore who is assuredly NOT alt-right. He’s really not that conservative either. It’s easy to go after low hanging fruit like nut job feminists and liberal college professors, which is his shtick.

The video shows MILO’s appearance on comedian Bill Maher’s HBO show. It lasts about 10 and a half painful minutes. There’s really not anything much of substance discussed regarding any of the issues we are concerned about.

Maher constantly cuts off MILO with gay jokes rather than have the conversation go into serious subjects.

Mashable offers the most insightful take on the whole shabby affair that I’ve seen.

Here’s an excerpt:

Maher, a sporadically liberal free speech advocate, seems to be blissfully ignorant about the past half-decade of cyclical internet outrage.

“If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims — and he might be — nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night,” Maher wrote in his statement.

If you’ve spent any time following Milo drama in the past few years, Maher’s approach feels like magical realism. How could he think he’s “exposing” someone who’s already been exposed and roasted time and time again?

That’s because the comedian follows the same logic most media lived by during the primaries. There was little danger in showering Trump with copious amount of free press, the argument went, because of how blatantly unqualified Trump was for president. Audiences would pick up on him immediately. By simply broadcasting Trump’s rallies on television, he would peacefully self-destruct.

As we’ve now learned, the opposite happened. Trump wasn’t exposed when CNN played his rallies without critique — his reputation was sometimes even burnished. Sure, internet progressives tirelessly mocked Kellyanne Conway for making up a massacre. Still, 51% of Trump supporters now believe that the massacre justifies Trump’s extensive Muslim ban.

Audiences who would have never been exposed to these characters now saw them in full light — and some liked what they saw.

By providing these people with a mainstream platform, hosts and journalists do little to expose Milo and Conway for their fringe ideologies. They normalize them and help make their extremist nationalist beliefs more palatable. It’s much more acceptable to defend “black crime” or “killer dykes” when there’s a handsome man on television defending it.

OK, I get it. Ban Trump and everyone who supports him from TV. That’s the gist of the Mashable argument.

When I was a college professor, we embraced the honorable principle that there’s a marketplace of ideas and that the good ideas would triump over the bad ones. Liberals say that conservative and populist ideas are bad, so must be banned.

They’re scared. And rightfully so. It’s time for us to move in for the kill and see to it that liberal (Jewish) control over the media is ended and some sort of fairness is reestablished.

This bullsh*t so called debate is trending #1 on Twitter. Honestly, it’s a comment on how pathetic Americans have become that this junk has so captivated so many millions. Sample opinions:


(((Critics))) Rave Over New Negro-Worshiping Documentary “I am not your Negro.” (Video)

The deceased gay Negro James Baldwin’s unpublished work has served as the inspiration for a new documentary that has critics raving. The trailer is embedded above.

In this documentary history of the Negro in America, old black and white footage shows a white person holding a hand lettered sign that says:


Who indeed, other than the left who needs the Negro in order to beat the white population into submission, via accusations of white oppression leading to white guilt.

As his Wikipedia page reveals, James Baldwin was a huge influence on liberals desiring to push the “civil rights” and homosexual agendas on America.

This is one movie I won’t be seeing.


Media and Government Silent as Muslim Bakeries in Michigan Refuse to Make Cake for Sodomite Wedding (Video)

A hidden camera captures Muzzies practicing their religious beliefs, a privilege denied Christians in America.

Let the ACLU explain why they won’t represent the sodomites wanting their cake.

Is Super Bowl Quarterback Tom Brady a Tranny?


The New York Daily News has a snarky article on Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady. Since it’s devoid of much in the way of information, there’s no need to quote it. It basically says it’s OK for men to kiss other men on the lips.

Although the article is stupid junk, it dovetails into an interesting video I saw last night that claims that Tom Brady and his wife are Illuminati trannies.

The video purports to show how to identify a tranny by looking carefully at the curvature of the body around the pelvic area. I’ve embedded it below. Not so much because I believe Brady is a tranny, but because of the theories regarding pelvic structure in males vs females.

I once knew a male-to-female tranny who told me that “her” boyfriend did not know he was having sex with someone born a man. Although I never saw her naked, in her fully clothed self she appeared to be a woman. “She” projected a very strong sexual interest in all men, including me. At today’s inclusive university, you meet all kinds. She apparently had her penis surgically converted into a vagina, although I never pursued that line of conversation. It’s rather distasteful.

Probably the most popular tranny in America today calls herself Ms. Blaire White. Here are several pictures of her/him. Lots of heterosexual males find her attractive. I’ve never paid much attention to her, but I believe she has a large following of males on youtube.

Here’s the Tom Brady video. Whether Brady is a tranny or not, there’s a goodly number of claims on the Internet regarding his alleged homosexuality. You might check out this 10 minute video with an open mind, if the subject of identifying trannies interests you.

For single males who are in the dating scene, you ought to think about this issue unless you want to find yourself in a romantic relationship with a male. Lots of guys have been fooled.

Will Lady Gaga Pull A “Nasty Woman” Stunt at Today’s Super Bowl Halftime Show?

One rumor circulating on the Internet has Lady Gaga doing her performance in a burka to protest President Trump’s travel ban. Gaga, like the rest of Hollyweird, sees Trump as a Nazi racist who hates women, LGBT, and all nonwhites. She’s going to be very tempted to pull something.

If she doesn’t, then great. I still can’t stand her butter face and anything else about her. This CNN report claims that her show will be using hundreds of drones at halftime. For dramatic effect or as a political statement since Obama used drones to kill thousands in the Middle East?

The Guardian and many others speculate that the Gaga will go political on Trump Sunday.

The singer revealed little of her plans for the 13-minute concert but indicated that it would include support for the principles of equality and tolerance, rather than barbs directly targeting the occupant of the White House.

“The only statements that I’ll be making during the half-time show are the ones that I have been consistently making during my career. I believe in a passion for inclusion, I believe in the spirit of equality,” Gaga said, adding that she feels that America’s essence is “love and kindness” and “my performance will uphold those philosophies.”

Gaga was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign, speaking and singing at the Democratic candidate’s final rally on the eve of the election. In the hours after Trump’s victory she was pictured standing on a sanitation truck outside Trump Tower in New York holding a sign that read “Love trumps hate”.

To understand these people you have to know how they think. This excerpt from a piece by Linda Harvey on the Women’s March on Washington analyzes the belief system of the anti-Trump leftist, feminist woman.

Excerpt from World Net Daily

They hate authentic marriage, law enforcement, capitalism, Republicans, American patriotism, Western civilization and, of course, Donald Trump and his family.

These females hate modesty, humility, sacrifice. They claim to be “survivors of sexual assault” and desperate for “dignity.” So what better way to express dignity than to flaunt vulgar nicknames for female genitalia, via hats?

These people seem to be mostly frauds and posers, let’s just be frank.

There are things they love. They love Marxism and Islam. One organizer, Linda Sarsour, is a pro-Palestine, hijab-wearing advocate of Shariah law. Another was the Muslim advocacy group Dearborn-based Access Michigan. Even CAIR – the American establishment arm of patriarchal Islam – was a sponsor. This is lunacy. Islamic ideology proudly opposes freedom for women.

But Satan loves intentional self-destruction, especially in the name of “progress.”

These women love sexual excess, lawless borders, people who label themselves “LGBTQIA,” big-government funding, racism politics, neopaganism and attacks on Christians.

Among the Women’s March partners were activists for toplessness. Yes, “Free the Nipple” promotes women organizing topless demonstrations, which they believe reflects human rights. And of course, no women’s march is complete without menstrual activists. One co-sponsoring group, Got a Girl Crush, is all about female monthly cycles.

And the major media take these people seriously.

These women don’t know much but have a lot to say and expect to have their demands met, now.

In other words, flagrant childishness. Ironically, intentional child corruption was also incorporated into this march. March partners GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and Genders and Sexualities, the new name for the GSA Network, advocate homosexual behavior and gender rebellion among children. Their propaganda has ruined the lives of thousands. The same is true for the Human Rights Campaign, another co-sponsor.