Cruz Vilifies, The Donald Denies (Video)

cruz mouth open

No one really wants to hear about Ted Cruz in bed with women (or men for that matter), but he gives off bad vibes in the statement embedded in the video below.

None of us knows what he did or didn’t do, but the phony quality of the man does come through loud and clear.

Rather than all the vilification, a simple denial would do: “I’ve never cheated on my wife.”

In this strange appearance before the cameras, Cruz uses the term “copulating with a rat.” What the …?

The video shows that Cruz blames the Donald. Which caused Trump to release this statement on Facebook.

Facebook statement by Donald J. Trump:

I have no idea whether or not the cover story about Ted Cruz in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer is true or not, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it.

Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence. Ted Cruz’s problem with the National Enquirer is his and his alone, and while they were right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others, I certainly hope they are not right about Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

I look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin, winning the Republican nomination and ultimately the Presidency in order to Make America Great Again.

But Trump didn’t stop there:


On Twitter, conservatives have been discussing the scandal, in vague (and sometimes less-vague) terms since March, using the hashtag #thething, which seems to have originated, or at least gained popularity, around March 11, with the Stop Trump Super PAC twitter account and GOP strategist Rick Wilson. (Given that many tweets on the subject have since been deleted, it’s difficult to track down the actual origin of the term.)

You may have seen that three more women have claimed to have had sex with Ted Cruz. I believe that report is a hoax, not from the National Enquirer.

Don’t overlook the hush money allegations related to a Cruz Super Pac giving half a million dollars to Carly Fiorina’s Super Pac, as reported by CBS News last October.

Whatever the truth is, it appears that it will be coming out in bits and pieces for a while.

Stunning $115 Million Verdict in Hulk Hogan “Nigger” Sex Tape Lawsuit Could Have Chilling Effect on News Reporting

Hulk Hogan, Terry Bollea

Hulk Hogan, former pro wrestler, sued Gawker for publishing part of a sex tape that featured him with a friend’s wife. The tape also showed Hogan using a taboo racial slur, which ended his career in wrestling. Hogan claimed his privacy was violated by Gawker.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Hulk Hogan verdict, announced less than an hour ago as these words are being written, is that the jury hearing the case didn’t hold Hulk Hogan’s taboo language against him. He objected to his daughter’s sexual relationship with a Negro and used the word “nigger” several times during a break from the sex he had with a friend’s wife.

Remember that Hulk was fired from the WWE for his use of that taboo word. Also remember that in America today you can be any kind of degenerate or pervert, but by god, you’d better not be a racist. Yet Hogan still prevailed with a jury.

A Florida jury today ordered Gawker Media to pay $115 million for publishing a sex tape showing Terry Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, having sex with his friend’s wife.

The stunning sum, which may have punitive damages added to it, is a life-threatening event for the New York-based network of news and gossip sites. Gawker media was one of the first successful, large digital-only news companies. The final sum is even more than the $100 million Bollea was seeking. Bollea also sued Gawker founder Nick Denton and former editor Albert Daulerio, and the jury found those two men personally liable as well.

The fact that the primary focus in this sex tape was a man rather than a woman doesn’t change my view: If you don’t want your sex tape all over the Internet, don’t make one.

However, Hulk was secretly taped without his permission. That changes things.

The sex tape was made about a decade ago, during a period in which the professional wrestler Hogan testified that he was going through a difficult phase with his then-wife. Todd Clem, a Florida radio personality who later legally changed his name to Bubba the Love Sponge, encouraged Hogan to sleep with his wife Heather.

In 2012, Bollea sued Clem, saying he didn’t know Clem had filmed him. Clem has made conflicting statements about whether Bollea knew about the taping. Clem settled the lawsuit, reportedly for $5,000. That left Gawker, Denton, and Daulerio as the targets of Bollea’s wrath. He sued them for $100 million in damages and the case when to trial in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 7.

Clem is a lowlife scumbag who got off cheap. Is he really some kind of celebrity? America is sick, my friends.

The case raises issues about the limits of the First Amendment in the digital age. Gawker argued that it had a legitimate news reason to publish the tape, since Bollea had talked about his sex life—specifically about sleeping with Clem’s wife—in numerous venues.

Bollea’s reputation took a huge hit last year, and he got fired from his job at World Wrestling Entertainment. That outcome wasn’t fallout from the Gawker article, however. In a section of the sex tape that could be described as “pillow talk” (which wasn’t published by Gawker), Bollea went on a racist diatribe. He repeatedly used the N-word and other racial insults, expressing disappointment that his daughter was in a relationship with a black man. The racial epithets were leaked by other news sites, including Radar Online and the National Enquirer.

Other news sites posted stills from the tape, but only Gawker posted video. They showed one minute and 41 seconds of the tape, which included just nine seconds of sexual content. The company says it made about $11,000 from the post, countering assertions by Bollea attorneys that it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“What’s disturbing about Gawker isn’t what they do in a vacuum,” Bollea lawyer Kenneth Turkel said during closing arguments. “It’s how proud they are of it.” Denton was “playing God over Bollea’s right to privacy,” he added.

Bollea says he still feels humiliated over the tape’s publication. Gawker editors said the publication of the tape, and accompanying essay, was a commentary about celebrity sex tapes.

“He’s talked about his sex life, how big his penis is, and when he talks about his penis it’s to promote his daughter’s singing career,” said Gawker’s attorney Michael Sullivan. “He’s discussed his sexual encounters. Now he tells you this was the Hulk Hogan character.”

Gawker has a right to publish news stories, even ones with objectionable content, Sullivan told the jury.

“If they can make a claim like this, the Internet as we know it will cease to exist,” Sullivan said.

This story is much bigger than Hulk Hogan’s dick, however big that is, but instead is about Internet (publishing) freedom. That sex tape was news. It was acquired legally, not stolen. Hogan was a public figure. His morals are relevant because he’s a role model to a certain type of retarded American.

Hulk Hogan’s beef should be with Bubba the Love Sponge, the man who secretly recorded him.

Gawker will appeal and in the interest of freedom of the press, Gawker should prevail.

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Black Reporter Fabricated Quotes, Invented Sources Including Major Story about Alleged White Supremacist Shooter Dylann Roof

juan thompson

Well, the mainstream press needs good liars, not bad liars like Juan Thompson, shown above. The black reporter did things the lazy man’s way, by making up sh*t. He’s been outed now. Hopefully, he’s headed for the unemployment line.

But what do you expect from an affirmative action hire?

Stay skeptical, my friends–very, very skeptical.


The Intercept disclosed today that a former reporter for the national-security focused website fabricated quotes and invented sources for a number of stories published last year. According to a post published on Tuesday afternoon by editor-in-chief Betsy Reed, that reporter, Juan Thompson, went so far as to register fake email addresses, including one in Reed’s own name, to deceive his editors about the extent of his fabrications:

An investigation into Thompson’s reporting turned up three instances in which quotes were attributed to people who said they had not been interviewed. In other instances, quotes were attributed to individuals we could not reach, who could not remember speaking with him, or whose identities could not be confirmed. In his reporting Thompson also used quotes that we cannot verify from unnamed people whom he claimed to have encountered at public events. Thompson went to great lengths to deceive his editors, creating an email account to impersonate a source and lying about his reporting methods.
Shortly before Reed’s post, The Intercept prepended lengthy editor’s notes to five of Thompson’s prior articles. Four of the notes amount to severe corrections; the fifth, attached to an article containing quotes attributed to a cousin of the white supremacist Dylann Roof, indicates a total retraction: “After speaking with two members of Dylann Roof’s family, The Intercept can no longer stand by the premise of this story. Both individuals said that they do not know of a cousin named Scott Roof.”

In the now-retracted article, Thompson had claimed that “Scott Roof” had speculated during a phone conversation that Dylann Roof may been driven to murder nine black churchgoers at a Charleston, South Carolina church because “he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back.” Thompson’s report was picked up by dozens of other news outlets.

Kudos to the Intercept for exposing the fraud among their staff. A lot of this type of thing is quietly covered up.

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Real or Fake Tears? Obama Cries Over Dead Newtown Children at Gun Control Press Conference

obama tears fake or no

You may have seen the photo of Obama’s tears featured on the Drudge Report on Tuesday. To the sheeple, it’s a sign of our president’s love for the American people. After all, we’re attacked in San Bernadino by Muslims, so isn’t it right to disarm us so we can’t fight back. Yep, that’s real love for us.

And then there’s that ubiquitous Obama middle finger:

obama finger gif

I vote for fake tears. Gawker mocks us skeptics. Infowars calls it straight. The Chicago Tribune shows how the MSM covered the story.

Let’s give the monkey president one of these to go with his ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize–such an Oscar worthy performance by the successor to Bonzo the chimp.

Gold Trophy

Truthful Oregon Police Chief Allegedly Compared Blacks to Monkeys

marvin hoover


A police chief in Oregon retired this week after officers say he responded to an accusation of racism by imitating a monkey, singing “Dixie” and pantomiming a beating, KOIN reports.

Overkill. The accusations against Marvin Hoover sound ridiculous. Maybe as a joke, someone might do one of the above, but all of them?

In papers obtained by the station, officers allege that Clatskanie Police Chief Marvin Hoover made the racist display when they attempted to debrief him on the arrest of black woman who threatened to file a discrimination lawsuit.

“I relayed several of the arrestee’s remarks such as, ‘When you look at me, my black and my nappy hair, all you see is animal,’” writes Officer Dustin Stone in his official report to the Oregon Department of Public Safety. “Chief Hoover interrupted me and said, ‘That’s what she is.’”

From KOIN:

Chief Hoover then began to act like a monkey. Chief Hoover placed his hands in his armpits and began scratching them. Chief Hoover also started making loud monkey sounds: “Hooo…hooo…..hooo….hahahaha…hooo…..haaah” While Chief Hoover was scratching and chanting, he started to move around the room, in a dance or jumping fashion. While jumping and moving about the room Chief Hoover momentarily beat his chest like Tarzan.


I attempted to proceed with my brief until Chief Hoover interrupted me again. This time Chief Hoover said, “That’s what they deserve.” Chief Hoover then started to sing the words to Dixieland: “In a land of cotton…old times they’re no forgotten…look away…look away…look away…Dixieland.” While singing, Chief Hoover knelt on his right knee and began to make a punching motion with his right fist. While making a punching motion, Chief Hoover held his left hand in front of him in a gripping motion, as if he was holding a person by the shirt collar. In addition, while singing the words “look away” Chief Hoover moved his head back-and-forth to his left and right as if he was looking over his shoulder.

Nope. Somebody’s making some stuff up.

The libturd commenters at the source site want the chief lynched. Even if he did exactly what he’s accused of, blacks do act like monkeys all the time. So, no big deal in my book. But most likely, the accusing officer had it in for the chief for some reason.

That officer, Dustin Stone, is a cheap, dirty snitch. He and his family deserve to be tarred and feathered and run out town on a rail.


Report: Josh Duggar Paid for Membership to Cheating Website Ashley Madison

josh duggar anna

Professed devout Christian Josh Duggar may or may not have purchased a membership in adultery hook up website Ashley Madison. If he did, the responsibility for the fallout is on him.

The point I want to make is how quickly the leftist media has been at going after dirt on people who espouse traditional values, even if in their human weakness they don’t always practice those values perfectly.

Josh Duggar, as far as I’m aware, is the first person exposed by the media since yesterday’s dump of the Ashley Madison membership data hacked in July. There’s been plenty of time to falsify that data since the hack, so we cannot be sure that Mr. Duggar is really an adulterer.

It’s the fact that he’s been targeted by leftist feminists since his admission that he felt up his sisters years ago as a young teen that is annoying. At the same time, leftist Jew feminist Lena Dunham, who is truly a disgusting child molester, got a pass.

Are Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the honchos at SPLC, Denzel Washington, Jewish judges, Jewish movie moguls, etc., etc., on the list of Ashley Madison members? At this point, we don’t know.

If we do find out that Obama was down low and dirty, we’ll hear the left change its tune to “It’s only sex. It’s no big deal.”

The leftist media are scum. They are sewer rats who deserve whatever sh*t we the people can give them.

Hollywood Reporter

19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar is among those who had a paid membership to the cheating website Ashley Madison, according to data published by Gawker. The affair service was the victim of a hack in July, with the full dump of the stolen member information posted online just this week.

According to Gawker, a credit card under the name Joshua J. Duggar was used to pay for an account. The address listed along with the card was that of the Fayetteville, Arkansas, home his grandmother Mary owns. The residence was featured on 19 Kids and Counting, which TLC canceled in July after Duggar admitted to having molested several underage girls years ago, including two of his sisters.

I have my own enemies I would like to search for in the Ashley Madison database. But mine are not mere imperfect failed people who haven’t lived up to their own moral standards. Those I wish to expose have zero boundaries, no moral standards whatever.

It’s those kind of people who should be exposed, not some poor guy with values and a bad case of sexual desire run amok.