Have A Laugh: They’ve Turned the “Flying Homeboy” into a Meme

Posted on Twitter by Legally Latina.


Have A Laugh: Bad Luck Brian Paid Off His House

Learn more about the real identity of Bad Luck Brian and see other examples of his meme at Know Your Meme.

Have A Laugh: Overly Attached Girlfriend Shows Her Devotion

overly possessive girlfriend balls

Aren’t you glad she’s not your girlfriend!

Have A Laugh: Someone is at the door!

Funny-Dog-Pictures-with-Caption calm

Anyone who’s ever been greeted by a dog knows the full extent of the excitement that hearing the doorbell generates.

Have A Laugh: Mob Boss Baby Meme


He looks like the boss, alright.

Have A Laugh: How to Celebrate Your New Thinner Self

Funny black burger

That’s one way to blow a diet.