Have A Laugh: They’ve Turned the “Flying Homeboy” into a Meme

Posted on Twitter by Legally Latina.


Have A Laugh Comic Strip: Tyrone Graduates


I shouldn’t laugh because there’s a lot of truth here.

Have A Laugh: He Beez Steal Yo Fone, Ho

Seen at reddit

Have A Laugh: Sexy Black Lady Has an Accident

For a moment when the wig came off, I thought she was a he.

This may remind you of a certain incident involving a certain singer:

Have A Laugh: Give Him a Rap Name

Click on the image of muh nigga to see the names people have given him. The Notorious B.L.O.B. and Watermelon Felon are two of my favorites.

Have A Laugh: Negro Camoflauge

Mistaken for traffic barrel. Doesn’t get shot.