NFL Nagger Goes on Obscene Rant Over TSA Inspection That Spilled Mother’s ASHES in Suitcase


A current NFL player lost it when TSA allegedly spilled his mother’s ashes all over his clothes. Mom’s remains were in his suitcase, you see.

CBS News

New York Giants defensive tackle A.J. Francis says the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spilled his late mother’s ashes in his suitcase during an inspection of checked luggage before a flight. However, the agency contends his version of events, saying the container with the ashes was “loosely packaged” after reviewing video.


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These African Women Will Cry at Your Funeral–For a Price

Before we mock and ridicule the group of African females who are for hire to cry at funerals, let’s think about the glass being half full.

Looking on the bright side, what’s a po’ ol’ nigra to do who ain’t got no skills?

Let’s commend the gals for wanting to work rather than steal for a little cash.

They’ve even expanded their customer base by also offering to sing and dance at your funeral.

That’s versatility.

If you’re worried there aren’t going to be enough tears at your funeral you need give these women a bell.

Watch the colored ladies cry in a one minute BBC youtube video embedded at the bottom of this post.

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Clever Sheboon Who Would Use Obituaries to Pick Out Homes to Burglarize is Caught in Police Trap


It takes a real lowlife n*gger to victimize grieving families by breaking into their homes when they’re attending the funeral of a loved one.

Ghetto monster Latonia Shelecia Steward is that lowlife n*gger.

She went to the well once too often though and was arrested during her last caper. Until her brilliant criminal mind comes up with another stupid plan that leads to her arrest again.

Miami Herald

A New York City woman made a point to read the obituaries in Westchester County. But police say she wasn’t grieving over dead friends or relatives — she was looking for new targets to rob.

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Shock! Dallas’ Negro Police Chief’s SON is a COP KILLER HIMSELF

chief-david-brown DALLAS

In 2010 shitstain Dallas police chief David Brown, hailed nationally as a hero in terms of responding to Thursday night’s mass shooting of white cops by a white-hating Negro, ordered a police escort for his son’s funeral.

His son was dead because he killed a cop and a bystander.

Dallas cops were pissed. Who could blame them for being forced to honor a cop killer.

Dallas News Crime Blog

The virulent eruption surrounding the decision to order an apparent last-minute escort Friday for the funeral procession of a cop-killer, who is the son of Dallas’ police chief, shows no sign of abating.

Since word leaked Friday afternoon about the order made by Dallas police Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, I have been inundated by outraged phone calls, emails and text messages from current and retired Dallas police officers.

The general sentiment is that it dishonored the memory of slain Lancaster police Officer Craig Shaw and the innocent bystander who were killed by Brown Jr. in a Father’s Day shootout.


On, a private message board for Dallas police officers, they are saying that a protest march is being scheduled for 8 a.m. Monday in front of Police Headquarters. There is also word on the the site that a meeting has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Dallas Police Association’s Headquarters, and that City Manager Mary Suhm is invited.

In my eight years of covering the Dallas Police Department, I have never witnessed officers more upset about a decision made by a member of the command staff. Even officers that I would normally consider mild-mannered and even-keeled are up in arms.

“While I feel for Chief Brown, this is the first time … that I felt ashamed to put on the uniform,” one veteran supervisor wrote in a text message. “I kept thinking of all those across the country who have grieved an officer killed in the line of duty.”

The story has even gone national with my original blog post even getting a mention on the Drudge Report. That post already has generated more than 550 comments, and the number keeps climbing. Many of those have opposed Bernal’s decision.

“I am DPD and I am ashamed,” one commenter wrote.

Here’s the reason for their visceral reaction: Historically, escorts have been reserved for officers who die in the line of duty, active duty or retired officers who die and other dignitaries. In other words, it’s for someone who dies under honorable circumstances.

That’s why they see it is as such an unpardonable sin that a cop-killer would receive what they consider a high honor.

They aren’t accepting explanations from Bernal that this was a matter of public safety.

One police association president said that’s because officers know that funeral processions come down Dallas’ busy highways every day and rarely, if ever, receive any kind of help when they encounter traffic snarls.

Officers have said that 10 to 12 motorcycles and at least one squad car ended up helping out with the Brown Jr. escort.

What’s more, officers want to know if anyone else from the command staff — including second-in-command First Assistant Chief Charlie Cato and Chief Brown himself — were aware of what was happening as the procession proceeded down Central Expressway to C.F. Hawn Freeway and then to the cemetery in Pleasant Grove?

Is this bizarre? Don’t forget what the national media aren’t saying about their dindu hero Brown, which is that Dallas police have been quitting the force in droves. I vaguely recall seeing a headline earlier this week about 40 or 50 Dallas police resignations in recent weeks.

Is it possible that David Brown sent his white men out to protect BLM protesters knowing that they were going to be shot? None of them were wearing body armour because David Brown allegedly ordered them onto the streets without it.

David Brown may have finally gotten his revenge for the death of his son.

According to Wikipedia, Brown is a “reformer,” which means a liberal who views white racism as a major problem within the ranks of the police.

Not to get too far out in front on this, but the mass murder of white police officers in Dallas has the stench of a set up, one arranged by David Brown.

Tranny “Female” Dies, Buried in Men’s Clothes, Which Sets Off Fagging by Faggers

Geoffrey Gable was born a man and buried a man.
geoffrey gable

Geoffrey Gable lived as Jennifer.
geoffrey jennifer gable

This is a story from last year that I missed seeing at that time.

When Idaho man Geoffrey Gable died, his family buried him as they remembered him and according to his biology–male.

Fags made a national scandal of his burial, demanding that he buried as Jennifer, wearing women’s clothes.

This sort of situation is becoming common now. The reality is that if Geoffrey were married to a man, that man would have decided how he would be buried.

Families of these mentally ill trannies are going to end up fighting over their bodies unless they are brainwashed into accepting this nonsense as normal.

It’s another indication of the slide into the gutter that America has taken.

Read the story at abc13.

Saboteur365 Commenter Summarizes What We Think We Know About Death of Baby Cooper

Beautiful little Cooper--his funeral will allegedly be open to the public; will his father, his alleged murderer, be allowed to attend?

Beautiful little Cooper–his funeral will allegedly be open to the public; will his father, his alleged murderer, be allowed to attend?

I just read the following comment posted by commenter TRP on my first post about the death of little Cooper Harris. It’s so informative that I’m posting it as a separate item.

Thank you. Definitely a lot of speculation going on around the web, self included. Would be awful if he planned it! A few updates learned:
–No bond meant police know more than they are saying;
–Autopsy showed death by hyperthermia;
–UK Mail Online says police found on his work computer that he had searched for How long does it take a dog to die if left in hot car? (readers asked, When did he search that? Before, or day of, or after? Would make a difference. One person said they had searched same thing in past after hearing stories of kids dying that way);
–Some news sites say he took Cooper to breakfast 8:30-9am at Chic Fil-A nearby. If true, I can’t believe he would forget AFTER that;
–Supposedly they used Home Depot’s own daycare; not sure where that is located;
–News sites also saying he went out to car at noon to put something in driver seat (so that is not sounding good either!);
–Judge lowered second charge from 1st degree child neglect to 2nd degree child neglect, but kept the felony murder charge;
–He was put on leave withOUT pay by Home Depot;
–His atty has said Not Commenting yet; Wife says she was told not to talk to media;
–Cooper’s funeral has been set & is open to the public;
–UK reader said a kid invented a bungee solution after other prior child heat/car deaths: Hook bungee to baby seat in back seat to driver door so adult can’t get out unless they remove it, reminding them of baby in the back! 🙂 Great idea!
–Babies have to be put in back seats due to front seat airbags (law);
–USA reader said he’s known several people over the years who worked at Home Depot & that they treat employees like crap, so stress may have been involved, but still no excuse, they said;
–Lastly, saw again weeks old headline at MailOnline re Cops Left Teenagers in Cell w/No Food/Water 3 Days, Said They Forgot About Them! (ha, we had thought that was just cops covering for themselves).

I’ll be watching this story now that your site made me aware of it, as this happens too often in FLA over the years, people leaving kids in horrid hot humid cars!

Creepy and Amazing: This Woman, Seated and Smoking a Menthol, Is Dead–Diversity’s New Funeral Fad

Miriam Burbank--dead at age 53, this is the way she wanted to be displayed at her funeral in New Orleans

Miriam Burbank–dead at age 53, this is the way she wanted to be displayed at her funeral in New Orleans


Source: American Renaissance