Dairy Queen Owner Says”Nigger,” Police Called, DQ Terminates Owner


The Negroid will often order fast food and then later complain that items were missing, while demanding a refund.

Any fast food operator can confirm this. We’ve seen blacks over and over try to pull this and other scams in videos, news reports, and Internet comments.

It’s hard to blame a man losing his temper when he has to put up with sh*t like this day after day after day.

The Independent

Fast good giant Dairy Queen, famed for its soft serve ice cream, has closed one of its stores and ended its relationship with the owner after police said he “proudly admitted” using a racial slur to a customer.

Deianeira Ford said the DQ outlet in Zion, Illinois, had mixed up her order at the drive-through window. When owner Jim Crichton refused to correct the order, she asked for refund. He refused to give one, and he then started yelling racist epithets at her.

“It was really just upsetting especially with having my children in the car,” Ms Ford told the Associated Press. “I mean, no one deserves to be treated like that.”

Ms Ford said that at that point, she telephoned for the police. Reports said that when police arrived at the store, around 50 miles from Chicago, they found her “visibly upset and crying.” When the officer went inside, he said Mr Crichton was “angry and was pacing continually back and forth 180 degrees around me.”

Who calls the police when somebody calls you a name?


Well, you know who. We’ve seen this before time and time again too.


The Washington Post said the officer wrote in his report “Crichton boastfully told me he would be happy to go to jail over the issue,” and “proudly admitted” to using the racist slur.

Mr Crichton also told the officer he was “fed up with black people” and continued to freely use the slur in the conversation, the paper said.

So, the police threaten you with jail for saying a word?

The incident prompted protesters to gather outside the Dairy Queen last Saturday. Ms Ford said she has a lawyer and is considering legal action.


Meanwhile, Mr Crichton apologised in a statement provided by American Dairy Queen Corporation and said he would undergo sensitivity training.

“My actions were inexcusable and unacceptable,” he said. “I can only ask for forgiveness and try to make it up to all involved.”

Dairy Queen in a statement called Mr Crichton’s statements “reprehensible” and said his behaviour did not represent the restaurant’s values.

“I’m disgusted and discouraged by the comments made by this business owner,“ Police Chief Stephen Dumyahn said. “I reached out to Miss Ford to tell her that this does not represent the diverse community of Zion.”

So, the bottom line on this story is that the cops, including the Chief of Police condemn a man for losing his temper over TNB (Typical Nagger Behavior) and the owner grovels. Then he loses his business. Now, the Nagger is going to sue him.


In a free country, the business owner would have freedom of association, free to serve whomever he wished or not.


Maine Restaurant Owner, Anne Verrill, Won’t Serve People Who Like Guns

black pepe with gun

An arrogant leftist woman thinks she’s carved out a legit way to refuse service to white male patriots at her restaurant. She might end up excluding a few black gang bangers like Pepe above, too.

I actually have an NRA cap that I bought at a thrift shop. If near her places of business I would drop in and when refused service, I would sue her dumb a**.

Fox News

Anne Verrill, owner of two Portland-area restaurants, wrote on Facebook that anyone who owns—or even supports an individual’s right to own—an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, may “no longer enter either of my restaurants, because the only thing I want to teach my children is love.”

anne Verrill

The post was deleted after a bunch of people on the internet who like guns found out about it and wrote mean things and threatened to boycott.

The New York Times published a rather breathless account of Verrill’s activism:

This time she took a stand, knowing it could hurt her business in a pro-gun, largely rural state, where hunting and target practice are immensely popular and where the political schisms run deep.

It’s one thing to say that people who carry AR-15s, which is legal to do in Maine without a permit, cannot be served in a restaurant. Over the past several years, big chains such as Starbucks, Chipotle, and Panera Bread have implored customers in “open-carry” states not to bring their firearms into their establishments.

Philosophically, I will support her right to refuse service to people who support the Second Amendment when she supports the right of another restaurant owner to refuse to serve blacks, faggots, trannies, Muslims, and whoever else THEY don’t like.

If a Christian baker can be compelled by the state to bake a gay wedding cake, then this woman should be compelled to cook up a meal for a gun owner.

Since the Facebook post is no longer up, in the interest of fairness, so that you can read Anne’s reasoning, here’s the entire post:

My facebook post last night was born from a simple question from my younger sister which was about whether my daughter was going to march with her worthy organization in the PRIDE parade in Portland this weekend. My response was, “No.” No, because I just don’t want to run the risk of having my daughter in a group of happy and proud people celebrating equality in a public space in a city that I love because I am scared. I let the fear win. I let the actions of dozens of lunatics over several years change the way I look at the world around me. My first thought about large gatherings was fear. It was then I realized that I am living in a world I don’t even recognize anymore.

When my children grow up and they ask me what I did to help change the course of gun violence will I say to them, I liked some face book memes and talked to like- minded people about our outrage and sadness. I signed some petitions relatively anonymously and held moments of silence? I felt sorry for the children in elementary school and children in movie theatres? Or will I say that I used the loudest voice I knew to shout my outrage and condemn the violence and beg for change in the most effective way I could see. Will I stand on the right side of history?

I don’t want to take away guns of responsible gun owners. I don’t care if you have 12 hunting rifles if you are a responsible hunter. I want people to not have the power to own weapons of war. I want our government to be able to deny someone they can put on the “no fly” lists to not buy a semi-automatic weapon. If you do not understand why I do not want a weapon designed to kill at that kind of rate of speed in my restaurants then there is nothing I can do about that. But I am not going to hide behind not politicizing myself for fear of my economic security. If evil and hate want to boycott my restaurants then so be it because I believe good will be on my side on this. As long as my doors are open I will believe that love is love. And when my children ask me where I was on this, I will say I was right there, fighting for a better world for us and for all those people who lost their lives.

Let it not go unsaid, the vitriol spewed to my original post validates my fear. However, I am still in control of my reaction. My reaction is the love that I have for my family, friends, employees and loyal guests whom I hope to constantly shower with respect and human decency regardless of what is said of me.

Anne Verrill

Ms. Verrill would be more wisely advised to ban Muslims, not guns. Or blacks, whose enormous propensity to gun violence should disturb her and everyone else.

heston gif

political correctness quote charleton heston

Harvard to Punish Students Who Join Fraternities and Sororities

greek life

In practice, fraternities and sororities tend to be predominantly white. Obviously, they are also limited to one sex, although they do tend to party together.

Marxist university administrators and radical students have long desired to rid higher education of these anti-egalitarian traditional institutions. It’s happening now.

Harvard has just announced that students who join the Greek system will be punished.

Business Insider

Harvard University will bar students who join unrecognized single-gender social organizations from holding official leadership positions in student organizations and athletic teams.

The move, which will apply to students who matriculate at the university in the fall of 2017 and after, was announced by Harvard President Drew Faust in a message to the university community on Friday.

It will affect the all-male and all-female final clubs at the university, as well as fraternities and sororities.

frat party

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Jared Taylor Extensively Quoted at CNN Story on “White Supremacist” Support for Donald Trump


dylann roof with flag

jared taylor

Excerpt from CNN

Jared Taylor, online editor of AmRen, the media outlet of the white nationalist group called American Renaissance, is one of the voices on the robocall. Taylor is also spokesman for the group the Council of Conservative Citizens, which is widely considered to be white supremacist group, though they call themselves a “white rights” group on their website. The group dates back decades and inspired Dylann Roof, who last summer confessed to shooting and killing nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Taylor said he prefers to be called a “white advocate” rather than a white nationalist or white supremacist.

“Most white people would prefer to live in majority white neighborhoods and send their children to majority white schools, and deep in their bones, they are deeply disturbed by an immigration policy that is making the United States majority non-white,” said Taylor. “So when Donald Trump talks about sending out all the illegals, building a wall and a moratorium on Islamic immigration, that’s very appealing to a lot of ordinary white people.”

Taylor added, “They will say that I support Donald Trump because he’s going to send away all illegal immigrants and build a wall and that he wants to put a moratorium on Islamic immigration, and I will say that what this means is that he wants immigrants who will assimilate to our Western values. And I’m all for that, and I think all of the people in New Hampshire are all for that, too.”

“And if a school and their parents and their kids wanted to be multicultural?” asked CNN’s Drew Griffin.

“God bless them, too. Complete freedom of association is what I stand for. And if people wish to mix it up, fine,” Taylor replied. “You’ll just find that when the government isn’t shoving them together, there just aren’t that many who wish to mix it up. But if they want to? Go right ahead.”

Asked whether he thinks Trump wants his support, Taylor said: “I don’t know whether he wants it or not. I think he wants support from everyone. Whether or not he would agree with me is an entirely other matter. Remember, it is I who am supporting Donald Trump, and not Donald Trump who is supporting me.”

Taylor said there are only a handful of people involved in the effort. But he claims the movement he supports, white supremacy, is attractive to hundreds of thousands of Americans eager for a candidate to restore order.

Taylor added that of all the candidates, Trump “is the best man so far.”

Mr. Taylor, as usual, delivers his message in a reasoned and inoffensive way. The link to CNN has a video that includes him being interviewed for the story.

One more thing. Although CNN gave Taylor a fair hearing, it’s offensive at the end to call Taylor’s beliefs “white supremacy.”

“Where White People Meet” Dating Site Billboard Turning Heads in Utah

where white people meet

Are you offended by the billboard above? You’re supposed to be. If you’re not offended, then you’re a “racist.”

“They” don’t want us meeting other white people for dating. Diversity is the country’s strength, they say. They want us dating outside our race so we can experience the cultural enrichment of diversity firsthand. That cultural enrichment might include an STD or two, rape, robbery, or even murder.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I’ve bolded the imbecilic comments by brain-dead zombie women who are offended by the idea of whites only dating whites. Enjoy their stupidity.


The giant ad for WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com, between 5600 W. and 7200 S., is turning heads and leaving residents with many unanswered questions.

A FOX 13 viewer who wanted to remain anonymous voiced concerns about the dating service that, according to its website, has a main office in North Salt Lake.

Several Utahns spoke with FOX 13 News about their take on the billboard.

“I just don’t think it’s the way to teach our kids to love all when you see billboards like that,” Kim Gilbert said.

Michelle Dessau said she thinks the billboard represents exclusionary views.

“I just feel we should be past that whole mindset of staying within our own race and segregation pretty much,” Dessau said.

Kayla Lemmon said she is opposed to the idea of dating sites aimed at a single race.

“I have a lot of friends who are biracial couples and they’re in love and they’re happy,” she said. “I don’t think we should have a dating site with only one race. I think it excludes someone who could be your soul mate and is a different color than you.”

FOX 13 News’ efforts to reach the operators of the website have so far not been successful. Below is the information posted in the dating site’s “About Us” section:

“I am sure some of you are wondering about the concept and need for a dating website titled “Where White People Meet.Com”. Our answer to that would be why not? There are various dating websites that promote and cater to just about every origin, race, religion and lifestyle out there. So again, why not “Where White People Meet.Com”?

The question naturally arises, can anyone join? That answer is yes, as long as you are at least 18 years of age and you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth for all members to follow. We want our dating forum to be simple and inexpensive with the ability to connect like minded people in a non discriminatory fashion.

Here at “Where White People Meet.Com” we believe in the concept that all people have the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. We also believe that finding your perfect partner, your soul mate is one of the best ways, as humans, to obtain happiness. Furthermore we believe that all men are created equal (the word men stands for a species, not gender).

We sincerely hope that you decide to join today. There are hundreds of dating websites to choose from, so please join ours if it fits your preferences and helps bring your ideal soul mate that much closer. Here at http://www.wherewhitepeoplemeet.com we believe that all people, regardless of race, creed, color or religion deserve to be happy and that no one should go through life alone.”

Fox 13 News is working to confirm the validity of the site and will update you when we know more.

Link to Where White People Meet

What you see below is what “they” want:

nignog14 black-man-white-woman-21

nignog15 Black-Man-White-Woman

Black Hoax? Yale Finds No Evidence of Racism Over Alleged “white girls only” Frat Party


Excerpt from the Washington Post

On Halloween, Yale undergrad Neema Githere wrote that black friends of hers had been turned away from a fraternity party because it was for “white girls only.”

That accusation, combined with an administrator’s controversial email defending “offensive” costumes, ignited a firestorm of debate over racism on campus.

Students confronted the administrator and her husband who also holds an administrative post at the undergrad college, and then they confronted Yale College’s first African American dean. They packed protests at the prestigious university by the hundreds, using bullhorns to demand more diversity on campus and that the school rename buildings after people of color, rather than proponents of slavery.

Faculty members rallied to support the protesters. Students at universities across the United States marched in solidarity, as a wave of anti-racism demonstrations swept campuses from coast to coast.

There were troubling moments, too. A discussion on the importance of free speech on campus was, ironically, interrupted by protesters. Campus newspapers reported claims that people leaving the event were spat upon.

Now, more than a month later, Yale has finally released the findings of an investigation into the incident that set off the soul-searching series of events: the so-called “white girls only party.”

The verdict?

That the party might not have been racist after all.

In a statement sent out Wednesday, Jonathan Holloway, dean of Yale College, wrote that the university’s investigation had found “no evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color” at the Halloween frat party.

The investigation itself has not yet been released. Holloway’s statement, however, leaves the incident, that incited Yale’s recent student movement for greater diversity and sensitivity, shrouded in mystery.

The inquiry’s only concrete conclusion appears to be that the Oct. 30 event at Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) was not a “white girls only” party — at least, not at first.

Read Yale’s entire statement here. It provides important details omitted from the WaPo article.

Now that the predominantly white fraternity has been investigated and found not guilty, it’s time for Yale to investigate Neema Githere. Someone is lying, but Yale only targeted white male students to try to smear.

So, what’s the truth about Githere? Is she a professional anti-racist who hates white people or just white fraternity and sorority kids? She certainly doesn’t have the beauty that we traditionally associate with sorority girls. Jealousy? It’s a thought.

But on the other hand …


Police State USA: Confederate Flag Supporters Indicted in Alleged Clash With Black Partygoers


conferate flags on truck

An unconstitutional outrage has taken place in the state of Georgia that targets white people, white heritage, and Euro values. The prosecutor is a traitorous Republican.

This is an important story because of how the law is being misused by Georgia authorities. Expect more whites to be criminally prosecuted for expressing ideas that challenge the egalitarian narrative or that express support for Euro values and traditions.

I’ve posted the entire story on this site as a warning to my white brothers and sisters to be careful as the war on us ramps up even more. None of the accusations against 15 Euro men has the ring of truth.


DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. — In an unusual legal maneuver, the district attorney in this suburb of Atlanta said Monday that he had won indictments against 15 supporters of the Confederate battle flag, accusing them of violating the state’s anti-street-gang statute during a confrontation with black partygoers in July.

Prosecutors say that members of the group, which calls itself Respect the Flag, threatened a group of blacks attending an outdoor birthday party on July 25. A cellphone video of part of the episode shows several white men driving away from the party in a convoy of pickup trucks with the Confederate battle flag and other banners, including American flags, fluttering from the truck beds.

The partygoers contend that members of the flag group yelled racial slurs and displayed a crowbar, a knife and either a rifle or a shotgun, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group in Montgomery, Ala., that is representing some of the accusers.

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