Britain Denies Entry to Coal-Burning Journalist Lauren Southern in order to Protect Muslim Feels

Many of you know that Lauren Southern, not at all on the alt-right, but rather an alt-light or merchant right figure who goes after the low hanging fruit–Muslims, has a history of romantic involvement with groids.

Then there’s the allegedly 16 year old Lauren with the mulatto boyfriend.

There’s also some evidence that her ancestors include Jews, but as far as I can tell there’s no consensus that she’s actually Jewish.

What she espouses is a cultural explanation for our problems rather than a racial one. That’s the mark of someone in it for the attention and/or the money, and not because of a burning desire to save the West and the white race from extinction.

So what we have is a coal-burning anti-racist being barred from entering Britain. Her anti-racism didn’t stop the British authorities from declaring her persona non grata. Maybe she should have showed them the pics of her with her darkie boyfriends.

Fox News

Canadian right-wing journalist and activist Lauren Southern was barred from entering the United Kingdom on Monday, purportedly over a poster she distributed about Islam in February — making her the latest international right-wing figure to be denied entry to the U.K. after criticizing the religion.

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Based Florida Teacher Tells White Kids Not to Date “Niggers”


David Swinyar has received a 10 day suspension for saying what any white teacher in the South would have advised about interracial dating when I was in school. You have to believe he would have been fired except for teacher’s union protections.

The old slogan, “Loose lips sink ships” comes to mind. Only today, loose lips sink careers.


A Florida teacher has been suspended after his school district concluded he repeatedly used the N-word in class, and told his 7th and 8th graders not to date African-Americans “because they are not worth it,” among other violations.

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Trump told to mute Twitter critics, not block them, by New York Jew judge

Liberals are arguing that President Donald Trump has no right to block them. Thus, the president would be treated differently from the rest of us, who can block a**holes, harassers, libtards, etc.

Blocking a libtard from Twitter means that their reply to whatever a person Tweets will not show up in the replies. It will still show up on the libtard’s Twitter and other Twitter accounts it was sent to.

Libs are claiming that Trump is denying them their free speech rights.

You may have noticed that these same liberal scumbags cheer Twitter when it permanently bans anyone they disagree with.

A woman judge, Jewish of course, claims to offer a middle ground. Really, she’s siding with the liberals. Scroll down to see her picture. She could give Ruth Bader Ginzberg a run for her money in the ugly department.

Excerpt from BBC

A judge has advised US President Donald Trump to mute rather than block his Twitter critics after users of the service filed a lawsuit against him.

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Maine Redskin Wins $40,000 in Lawsuit Over Being Called “Big Indian”


An American chug has been awarded $40,000 by a judge in response to his lawsuit against his employer.

Jason Brown’s feelings were hurt. As you know, it’s a crime to hurt the feelings of any nonwhite person.

Telling the truth about the central tendencies of their ethnic group is verboten in America. Chugs certainly do have a problem with firewater, but better not say that to a chug.

Bangor Daily News

A member of the Penobscot Indian Nation has been awarded $40,000 in damages in his lawsuit against Day’s Jewelers over demeaning remarks the owners made about his heritage.

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SPLC: MILO Fans Plot Revenge After Death Threats Cause Cancellation of AZ Speech

MILO Yiannopoulos, the former “dangerous faggot,” has blamed the left for “credible” death threats against him should he go ahead with his Arizona speech, which cost $129 to attend.

Specifically, he claims the police cancelled the event.

The police have shot back that they did no such thing. There is some evidence that the company promoting the event got cold feet and lied to MILO.

I guess this is a blow to MILO’s (he allegedly spells it in all caps) effort to reattain his celebrity status after being demonized as a pedophile last year.


Fans of Milo Yiannopoulos were plotting to get back at liberals, antifa and even the local police on Thursday night after the alt-right figure announced the sudden cancelation of a speech he’d planned to give at a venue in Arizona.

The SPLC is doing what it always does, which is portray anyone who doesn’t hold far-left views as dangerously violent.

The SPLC spin is a slander on conservatives and the alt-right.

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Bloomberg on Jared Taylor’s Lawsuit: Twitter Can Legally Ban Racists


A Jewish journalist cites court cases that work in favor of Jared Taylor’s lawsuit against Twitter, filed after he and Amren were banned. Noah Feldman concludes, however, that Taylor will lose in court.

Taylor’s case looks strong to this amateur lawyer.


Can Twitter Inc. lawfully block racists’ accounts? That’s the question posed in a lawsuit filed last week by Jared Taylor and his New Century Foundation, an organization that, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “purports to show the inferiority of blacks to whites.”

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Publishing Platform Medium Bans Cernovich, Posobiec, and Loomer



Several days ago I saw a Tweet from Mike Cernovich in which he claims he is suing Medium for banning his articles from the site. Cerno is suing on the grounds of viewpoint discrimination, which may be against California law.

None of the banned people are “extremists” (whatever that means). They’re just alt-light, not on board with open borders.

The alt-right calls them the “merchant right,” because they have something to sell. Alex Jones is also merchant right, and he’s in danger of being banned by youtube, a story featured prominently today on the Drudge Report.

The Hill

The online publishing platform Medium has suspended the accounts of prominent far-right figures Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer.

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