Australian Public Agrees: We Should KILL Lauren Southern (Video)

Less than seven minutes of man on the steet interviews by Lauren herself, pretending to be an anti-fashist interviewer. Not everyone agreed that Lauren should be killed, but plenty enough did agree.

The video may shock as you see how nonwhites dominate in Oz now.

Sample youtube comments:

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Elderly White Man Who Objected to Puerto Rican Flag T-Shirt Charged with TWO Felony Hate Crimes, Facing 10 Years in Prison


A white cop who saw no crime has resigned. An old white fellow is facing what for him would be life in prison for him given his age. And cucked Chicago area officials are sh*tting in their pants as they apologize again and again to a Puerto Rican who lives in America, but thinks more of Puerto Rico.

Diversity makes for a fuxated mess.

CBS News

A Chicago man seen on video harassing a woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt while police watched was hit with felony hate crime charges Thursday.

Timothy Trybus, 62, was arrested Thursday and faces two counts of felony hate crime over the encounter in an Illinois forest preserve, a spokesperson with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office said. He was initially charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault before his charges were upgraded. Trybus is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

What assault? The Puerto Rican woman wasn’t touched.

You and I and everyone with his brain not tied behind his back knows that the charges were upgraded for political reasons, not for reasons related to law or justice.

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Cop RESIGNS: White Male Unhappy with Woman’s PUERTO RICO T-Shirt Facing Backlash

5 minutes of CNN coverage:

Less than 2 minutes of Time coverage:

It’s not a crime to talk to people unless you’re threatening them.

Nonetheless, a cop who would not follow the orders given by a Puerto Rican spicette to silence a white man has (been forced to) resigned over the incident.

A reasonable person might speculate that the cop sacrificed to the spic gods is white.

Washington Post

An officer who was captured on video failing to intervene as a man harassed a woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt resigned on Wednesday, the Cook County Forest Preserve District Police Department said.

I had to dig to find this photo of the complaining spicette:


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Oz Reverses Course, Approves Lauren Southern’s Visa

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern will have the opportunity to talk to Aussies later this month, now that the government has approved their visas.

It should be fun, but watch out for Jihadis, Lauren.

Daily Mail

Just one day after her visa was rejected, a far-right activist has had her Australian visa approved ahead of a controversial speaking tour.

The press insists on calling Lauren “far-right” when a better term might be far-light, or alt-light or something similar.

He song seems to have only one verse: Muslims are bad.

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Happening Now! Twitter Bans 70 Million Accounts, Ups the Count by 1 Million a Day

Conspiracy realists, race realists, education realists, and alt-right figures are probably going to be banned from Twitter, making it the world’s largest left wing echo chamber.

Will Jack have the nerve to suspend or ban President Trump? Anything’s possible in a bloody leftist purge operation.

They take away your Twitter, your Facebook, your job, your house, and finally they take away your life. It can happen here.

Economic Times

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter Inc. has suspended more than 70 million fake accounts in May and June in a massive drive to clear out bots and trolls on the platform, the media reported.

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Portland Antifa Got Beat Up by a Girl (Video)

It looked like this incident might be going viral on Tuesday night. I don’t have any information on the identity of the victorious female.

From the youtube information box:

Mr White
Published on Jul 3, 2018
Just when you think their humiliation couldn’t get any worse.

Watch on Twitter if you prefer.

Memes posted on Twitter:

Hero Rufio Panman, Who Knocked Out Portland Antifa Thug, Will NOT Face Charges


In case you missed the 18 second video that showed a patriot decking an antifa thug who was hitting him with a metal baton, here it is as posted here on July 1.

We now know that the patriot is a member of Gavin McInnes Proud Boys. His name is Rufio Panman.

This is his story.

Above images sourced from Tiger Droppings.

This 10 minute youtube video shows the famous punch right at the beginning. It then goes on to show more action from the Battle of Portland.

Rufio Panman is interviewed in this two minute video.

The antifa member who was decked reportedly suffered brain damage, according to social media. Since he was attacking people with a metal pipe, shouldn’t he be under arrest?