The Slants and Redskins Win

The rock band The Slants, pictured above, were denied a trademark for their “offensive” name. The band took the government to court and won. Offensive names like The Slants and the Washington Redskins can be trademarked, says the Supreme Court.

Around 1982, when the pre-race-realist me was dating a Jewish girl, I suggested we start a band called Adolf and the Dead Jews. I guess now I could trademark that name. She liked that name, by the way.


Supreme Court Doesn’t Care What You Say on the Internet

Two free-speech rulings combine to make clear that any social media regulation will have to come from the companies themselves.

t was a big day for free speech at the U.S. Supreme Court. In two consequential decisions, the justices set the terms for the First Amendment in the era of Donald Trump and the internet. In one, the court struck a blow against political correctness, saying the Patent and Trademark Office could not refuse to register an offensive trademark. In the other, the court declared social media to be the vast public forum for nearly all expressions.

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Inspirational! 57 Year Old Aussie TV Newsman Beats the Sh*t Out of Antifa After Being Attacked (Video)

The fight back by Andrew Bolt starts at about the 4:30 mark, after Andrew editorializes against leftist violence being tolerated by the Melbourne authorities. He’s up against two young antifa who threw something in his eyes that blinded him.

Kudos to Andrew for his great victory for decent white men.

14 Leftist Scum Arrested at Portland Trump Free Speech Rally


Portland, Oregon police were pelted with objects by leftists protesting a Donald Trump free speech rally on Sunday.

The police were present to keep the leftist antifa from clashing with Trump supporters. No Trump supporters or officers were reported hurt by the violence initiated by the left.

Salt-of-the-earth Americans who support President Trump just want to be left alone to enjoy each other’s company at rallies like the Sunday event, but the left has repeatedly disrupted these events in the past.


Portland, Oregon (CNN)At least 14 people were arrested on Sunday amid competing protests in Portland, Oregon, over a tangled web of emotions to arise from a deadly commuter train stabbing in May.

Hundreds of supporters of US President Donald Trump converged on Terry D. Schrunk Plaza for an event billed as a “Trump Free Speech” rally. They were slightly outnumbered by a mixed assemblage of counterprotesters across the street who viewed the free speech rally as an implicit endorsement of racism given its close timing to the racially charged stabbing.

The groups were separated by a wall of officers, heavily armed and wearing protective body armor, from local and federal police agencies.

What began as a tense exchange of name-calling and profane insults took a turn when counterdemonstrators began throwing glass bottles, bricks and balloons of “foul-smelling liquid” at officers, Portland police said. Officers used pepper spray to push back the counterdemonstrators and closed the park where they had gathered, threatening to arrest anyone who remained.

Portland police did not indicate which side those arrested belonged to. CNN crews on the scene observed that most of the arrests were concentrated in the area of counterdemonstrators.

Three of the 14 arrested were given citations by federal officers and released, according to a statement from the Portland police department.

Of the other 11, most face charges of disorderly conduct, police said. Other charges against various protesters included carrying a concealed weapon, interfering with a peace officer and harassment, the police statement said.

The rallies came in the wake of the stabbing deaths on May 26 of Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, as they tried to defend two Muslim women from what police described as a barrage of hate speech.

Suspect Jeremy Joseph Christian raised the free speech issue in his arraignment last week.

“Get out if you don’t like free speech!” he shouted as he entered the courtroom on Tuesday. “You call it terrorism; I call it patriotism. Die.”

Anti-facists have become a recurring presence at events testing the limits of free speech. They were blamed for riots that led to the cancellation of conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled talk at The University of California, Berkeley, and have shown up at events featuring Ann Coulter.

They tend to equate such events with fascism and Nazis, messaging that was evident in signs declaring “No more Nazis.”

On each side Sunday, protesters carried signs reflecting a variety of causes. Counterdemonstrators chanted expletive-ridden slogans denouncing Trump. They carried signs proclaiming “Supporters of Trump are traitors to America” and “Freedom ends where harm begins.”

Across the street, Trump supporters waved “Make America Great Again” signs and wore the corresponding red hats.

In addition to the arrests, a large pickup truck flying two large American flags cruised past hundreds of anti-fascist protesters and honked its horn. Several people in the group ran up to the truck and ripped out the flags, bringing them into the crowd as others applauded. Others threw multiple large water bottles, sticks and other projectiles at the truck, which then sped away.


Two Marines Arrested After Unfurling Banner with White Nationalist Phrase


Two Marines were arrested after displaying a banner featuring a white nationalist phrase. 32-year-old Joseph Warner Manning and 35-year-old Michael Joseph Chesney were booked May 20 on one count of misdemeanor first-degree trespassing.

Cops said the two showed up at pro-Confederate rally in Graham, North Carolina. The pair allegedly climbed up to the top of a building, and depicted a banner with two phrases. Across the center, there was a quote from George Orwell’s novel 1984: “He who controls the past controls the future.” Then, along the edge was the phrase: “YWNRU.”

It stands for “You will not replace us.” The slogan is associated with white nationalist and so-called identitarian organizations. For example, Richard Spencer led people on a “You will not replace us” chant at a pro-Confederate monument rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. When used, it tends to signify a fear of immigrants, usually Mexicans or Muslims.

For Manning and Chesney, there may be more to it than a possible criminal conviction: the Marine Corps will investigate the incident.

“Of course we condemn this type of behavior,” Maj. Clark Carpenter told The Times-News in a Saturday report. “We condemn any type of behavior that is not congruent with our values or that is illegal.”

Both men are staff sergeants. Manning declined comment when reached by the outlet, saying he wasn’t allowed to talk about this. Chesney didn’t respond to their request for comment.

The “You will not replace us” chant from four months ago:

A flyer:

Another flyer:

A march:

The Portland Stabbings Psy Op Just Got Even More Bizarre


Hollywood special effects guys can do wonders in pasting on fake scars. Is that what we’re seeing in the photo above?

The mythologizing of the antiracist hero willing to risk his life to save a brown turd from a few mean words has reached a new level of absurdity.


It’s reasonable to speculate that Micah’s words are intended to get some poor white sap killed. The message is garbled, however. He’s also intending to take the focus off the fact that the alleged stabber is a Jew like him–a Jew who is NOT the white supremacist that every media outlet is reporting him to be.

CBS News

Portland stabbing survivor says city has “white savior complex”

PORTLAND, Ore. — A man who was stabbed in the neck while trying to stop a man from shouting anti-Muslim insults at two young women on a Portland, Oregon, light-rail train said Wednesday that the city should focus on the girls, not him.

An emotional Micah Fletcher said in a six-minute video on his Facebook page that Portland has a “white savior complex” and residents are heaping praise on him, but the real victims are the women. He says they must be traumatized from being targets of hate and from the deaths of two other men who also tried to intervene Friday.

Fletcher urged people to donate money to a fundraising campaign for the girls.

“We need to remember that this is about them,” Fletcher said. “This is about those little girls.”

Jeremy Joseph Christian is accused of fatally stabbing Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23. Prosecutors say he attacked them after they confronted him for harassing two young black women, one of whom wore a Muslim head covering.

Fletcher, a 21-year-old student at Portland State University and a poet, also stood up to Christian. Music students and staff at PSU tell CBS affiliate KOIN they have admired Micah Fletcher since he started taking classes there in the fall.

One of Fletcher’s professors, Joel Bluestone, told KOIN he is not surprised Fletcher stood up to help.

“He did it because it’s just the right thing to do and he’s just that type of person. I mean, two teenage girls are getting harrassed. You just step up. It’s the right thing to do,” he said. “He’s that type of person, definitely, 120 percent that type of person.”

Fellow student Josh Gianola also said he wasn’t surprised about what Micah did.

“It’s amazing and I think what everyone hopes that they would do in a situation like that, and he did it,” Gianola told KOIN. “It’s not surprising that he would stand up to hate in such a way. Of course, its devastating that that’s how it turned out but it’s not a surprise that he would stand up like that.”

Fletcher’s wound was within millimeters of being fatal, court documents say. He has been released from the hospital and attended Christian’s first court hearing, where a scar on his neck was visible.

Christian, 35, did not enter a plea Tuesday. His court-appointed attorney, Gregory Scholls, has not returned a call.

The narrative here is intended to push weak-minded white people to identify with browns, Muslims in particular. You start saying to yourself that “Yeah, I’ll stand up for a poor Muslim girl who’s being bullied. Yeah, I’ll be a hero. Yeah, I’m a good person. I’d do that.” And pretty soon your mind is to the point where your resistance to the reality of the Muslim threat has disappeared.

This crude propagandizing won’t work on you or me, but the sheeple will eat it up. I wonder how much longer they’re going to try to keep this fake news in the headlines.

Commie Portland Mayor Trying Desperately to STOP Upcoming Trump Free Speech Rally


The mayor of Portland, Oregon, the site of two stabbing deaths that the press is attempting to characterize as a right wing hate crime, has called for the end of free speech in his city.

Why not? Sh*tstain Ted Wheeler has already shown that he has no respect for the Constitution and the rule of law by offering “sanctuary” to illegal aliens.

To Wheeler the Constitution is just a piece of paper. To freedom lovers, the First Amendment puts on paper one of the inherent natural rights of man, the right to speak his mind freely.

Wheeler believes that criticizing a group of dangerous nonwhite people is “hate.” He wants to silence white people who understandably are threatened by an alien presence in their midst.

I’ve bolded his own words, which condemn him. I haven’t changed a jot or tittle. He shows his true despotic, anti-American self very clearly in his statement calling for an end to one of the natural rights of man.


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has called for the federal government to pull its permit for an alt-right protest scheduled for next Sunday, June 4.

“Trump Free Speech Rally Portland” is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. at federally controlled Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland.

Another protest called #MarchAgainstSharia is scheduled for Saturday, June 10, also at the Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Joey Gibson, a Vancouver resident and video blogger, is organizing both gatherings. He has invited Kyle Chapman, an online celebrity known as “Based Stickman,” to the June 4 rally. Chapman was arrested at a Berkeley, California rally earlier this year on charges of suspected felony assault when he allegedly hit a left-wing protester in the head with a signpost.

“My concern is they’re coming here to peddle a message of hatred and bigotry,” Wheeler said in a news conference Monday. “They have a First Amendment right to speak, but hate speech is not protected.”

Wheeler is wrong. “Hate speech” is protected and he damn well knows it. The lefties want to change that though.

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Fox News’ Hannity Calls for Boycott of Liberal Advertisers on FGGT Rachel Maddow’s Show


Faggot (FGGT) Rachel Maddow spews vile crap night after night on MSNBC. Now it’s her turn to taste the bitter fruit of her poisonous fake news.


Fox News host Sean Hannity is looking to generate support on Twitter for a campaign to oust MSNBC host Rachel Maddow by putting pressure on her advertisers.

Hannity’s move is a retaliatory response to media news site Media Matters and others who have called for a boycott of Hannity and pressured advertisers to pull out of his show. This is a reversal for Hannity, who has previously been against media boycotts, even of figures — such as Stephen Colbert — who come from opposing political views.

The movement to boycott Maddow’s show was initiated by conservative pundits Brian Maloney and Melanie Morgan, who created a “StopTheScalpings” Twitter account and accompanying hashtag to “push back against the attempt to silence those who dare to ask tough questions and pursue the truth,” according to an article on their site Media Equalizer. The Media Equalizer article, written by Morgan, claimed that the #StopTheScalpings campaign is dedicated to “Working Together, Against the Suppression of the First Amendment by the Left.”

Hannity retweeted tweets from the Stop the Scalpings Twitter more than a dozen times on Tuesday.

Here are the Rachel Maddow show advertisers from Media Equalizers. Contact info at the source: