Trump’s Chief of Staff Kelly: Spic Teacher who Ripped Military Can “go to hell”



White House chief of staff John Kelly on Wednesday tore into a California high school teacher who derided military officials as “the lowest of our low.”

“I think the guy ought to go to hell,” Kelly said in response to the remarks during an interview on Fox News Radio. “I just hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for.”

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Disgusting Neocon Jew Bill Kristol Blasts Trump, Fox News

It’s time for open borders kike Bill Kristol to pack up and move to Israel, where he can preach to his fellow Jews the desirability of a borderless Israel.

Kristol also lashes out at Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson.

His smarmy smirk is enough to make me sick.


Conservative standard-bearer Bill Kristol — who was once considered a leader of the movement before the age of Trump — has scathing words for what the right-wing has become, and who’s now leading it.

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Fox News Defends Trump’s Alleged “Sh*thole” Remark as the Way Normal People Speak

The controlled opposition “conservatives” at Fox do have their uses from time to time. So long as we recognize that they are not the leaders of the alt-right.


After The Washington Post on Thursday afternoon first reported Trump’s remarks at a White House meeting with lawmakers, “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters shrugged off the slur as the way ordinary Americans talk about “Haiti people.”

“If it’s true, this is how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar,” Watters said. “This is how Trump relates to people. If you’re at a bar, and you’re from Wisconsin, and you’re thinking, ‘They’re bringing in a bunch of Haiti people, or El Salvadorians, or people from Niger.’ This is how some people talk.”

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Fox News Laura Ingraham Shares a “Neo-Nazi’s” Tweet

I’ve inserted Mark’s Tweets in my posts, based on their content. I had no idea who he was. The liberal press isn’t letting Laura Ingraham’s Tweet pass.


The media is really out to slander people if this Tweet motivates someone to insinuate that Laura is a Nazi. Like when she waved at the crowd at the Republican convention last year.


Raw Story

Fox News host Laura Ingraham caused controversy Sunday by sharing a tweet by a British neo-Nazi with links to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

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Henry Makow: The Ugly Truth About Fox News’ Jewish Clownshow “The Five”


Dr. Henry Makow’s featured article from two days ago answered a few questions that have been in the back of my mind for years.

I always wondered why I felt uncomfortable with Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld. I thought it was because he was a New York hipster, a type I don’t hate, but don’t like much either.

It turns out that Gutfeld is a Jew, imposing a Jewish perspective on the news, first on the old Red Eye and now on the very popular The Five. I don’t hate Jews either, but the Jewish perspective on events is often a turn off to me since only a handful of Jews are willing to criticize Jews.

I also wondered why I never felt the slightest attraction to either of the women on the show. I knew I wasn’t turning queer. I wondered if they were trannies. The answer is in this piece.

I GUARANTEE that you will get a chuckle out of the descriptions of the five Fox losers.

Truther is Triggered by Fox-TV Talk Show

FoxNews Show “The Five” Is Just An
Illuminati Brainwashing Clique

Aki Liao has written here about how he has felt “bullied by Jews” all his life.

The Fox News show “The Five” is reawaking the trauma
of high school persecution by a clique of rich Jewish bullies. In a weird way, society is starting to resemble that experience. Aki Liao describes
what triggered his adolescent nightmare.

[Editor’s Note: What are people like us called? I like “truther” because we are dedicated to knowing the truth about the world we live in. I’d like to think this also serves a larger Truth, which is God.]

by Aki Liao


The FoxNews Show “The Five” starring Uber-Zionist Jew Greg Gutfeld, Uncle Tom Juan Williams, Jockstrap Jesse Watters, Motley Whore Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Space Cadet former Bush II blowjob queen Dana Perino was created and set up to be exactly what it is – an in your face, open, and insulting “popular kids party” run and led by Jews.

This makes you (the viewer) feel like you should either adopt their sick subliminal (political) messages or run the risk of being “left behind” and being excluded from the “cool kids on the block.”

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BuzzFeed slammed for ‘bigoted piece of filth’ article claiming white people ruin America


I wonder if a mainstream website would publish an article detailing all the things that Nogs and other darkly tinted persons are ruining.

Of course not.

But Buzzfeed says it’s all a joke.

They lied.

Fox News

BuzzFeed is being slammed for a racially charged article it published Wednesday titled, “37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018,” which lists “America” among the things that whites are supposedly tarnishing.


According to Patrice Peck, trees have been ruined because a handful of wealthy “whites” have put anti-bird spikes in tree branches to protect their cars from bird droppings.

Isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever read!

What comedy gold!

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Court Rules Bakery Must Pay Dykes $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Strap-On Wedding Cake


You can either worship God or worship muff divers in Oregon.

I don’t think this case is over until the Supreme Court either refuses to hear it or hears it and makes a decision one way or the other.

If I recall correctly, GoFundMe terminated the baker’s efforts to raise money to pay for their lawyers.

Daily Mail

An appellate court Thursday upheld a penalty against Oregon bakery owners who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding almost five years ago.

The owners of the since-closed Gresham bakery – Aaron and Melissa Klein – argued that state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian violated state and federal laws by forcing them to pay emotional-distress damages of $135,000 to the lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer.


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