Black Tranny Teens Track Wins Spark Demands for Rule Changes



Good grief, them’s some ugly trannies.

Simple rule: If you were born with a penis, you run track with the boys, not with the girls.

Oh wait, that would be discrimination!

Well, what about the girls who might like to win a race now and then.


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — – Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood swept the competition at the state championships for girls track and field.

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Will the “Superior Black Athlete” Myth Be Destroyed by This News Out of Kenya?

kenyan doping scandal

Much of my life I’ve heard the story that blacks may be dumb and undisciplined, but they are superior athletes.


But when you consider the doping scandals involving blacks, one has to wonder what the truth is. Someone should write a book, or at least a long essay on the topic.

Anyway, breaking news reports that two more Kenyan runner/hurdlers have been suspended on doping accusations. That brings the total to 13.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

The Kenyans have 13 athletes currently serving doping suspensions.

The sport has been hit by doping allegations in recent weeks, with German broadcaster ARD and The Sunday Times newspaper in Britain reporting that they had obtained access to 12,000 suspicious blood tests involving 5,000 athletes.

The report says Kenya had 18 medals won by athletes under suspicion over more than a decade.

You can always trust blacks. To cheat.

Freebleeding Woman Runs London Marathon Without Menstrual Pad to Make Feminist Statement

kiran gandhi

Menstrual blood has been in the news since Friday when the national media in the US tried to demonize Donald Trump as a woman-hater for his “blood” comment about Fox News Megyn Kelly.

Mr. Trump was clearly not talking about her period, although such talk is common when men get together and talk about women and their moods.

Hot on the heels of the Trump-Kelly feud, we have a real story in the news about menstrual blood.

A nonwhite woman that I take to be a Hindu who has migrated to the West decided to run the London Marathon with menstrual blood stains clearly visible in her crotch area.

I suppose she’s making some sort of ridiculous feminist statement, although I don’t understand exactly what it is. Let’s pick up the story from the metro news site, which treats her like she’s some sort of hero:

Meet Kiran Gandhi, she’s a Harvard MBA, a drummer for M.I.A. and an all round kickass female.

But, Kiran is pretty fed up of nobody talking about their monthlies, Aunt Flo, menzies, etc, etc.

So, when she got her period on the eve of the London Marathon she decided to go with the flow and run the entire thing without a tampon or pad.

In a blog about her experience, she said: ‘I decided to just to take some midol, hope I wouldn’t cramp, bleed freely and just run…

‘If there’s one person society can’t eff with, it’s a marathon runner. You can’t tell a marathon runner to clean themselves up.’

Kiran decided to use the experience to raise awareness of women ‘who don’t have access to tampons and despite cramping and pain, hide it away like it doesn’t exist.’

kiran gandhi2

She ran the gruelling course with two friends, thinking about how society in general pretends periods don’t exist – bar the occasional TV ad advising women how they can keep their time of the month as invisible as possible.

Kiran’s race was all about feminism, body-positivity and having the balls, ovaries to get sh*t done.

Mission bloody accomplished.

Metro can hardly contain itself with this story of a nonwhite woman rebelling against … er … something.

Two points should make it clear why for thousands of years the Red River has been absorbed by whatever was handy.

First, the machine in the ladies room offers “sanitary napkins” to women. Those sanitary napkins are thrown out after they’ve filled up. That’s because the substance is UNSANITARY. Leaking an unsanitary fluid everywhere is not exactly conducive to public health.

Second, it’s garbage thinking to believe that walking around a Western capital bleeding from the crotch is going to help third world women obtain sanitary napkins. This is ridiculous feminist thinking that I believe is rooted in Miss Gandhi’s narcissistic “look at me” mentality.

Those bloodstains aren’t going to come out of her running tights. Maybe she’ll keep wearing them. To remind us that there’s some third world woman somewhere who has no menstrual pad.

Like that would be the worst of that poverty stricken woman’s problems.

I’m calling Kiran Gandhi out as a provocateur, daring sensible people to tell her to “F*ck off.” OK, here it is: F*ck off, Kiran.

One more thing. Do women really want to pay for new clothes or drycleaning in order to make a freebleeder statement? Well, maybe the government will buy them their clothes. Sugar Daddy governments in the West pay for just about everything else many nonwhite women consume–housing, food, phone, and medical care. What’s a government clothing allowance compared to what Sugar Daddy is already paying for?

Bullsh*t Detector Going Off: ITV News Claims “British” Man Won the Great North Race

British? I see an African. There is no British DNA in Mo. The multiculturalist New World Order would destroy our ties of blood and kin. Don’t buy it.