Oroville Dam Spillway Raises Questions About New World Order Role in Manufactured Crisis

1. Could the crisis have been prevented?

2. Was the spillway (and dam?) sabotaged?

3. How long will the crisis drag on?

4. Will the crisis be Donald Trump’s Katrina, leading to his removal from office?

5. Are the Dindus going to have their usual fun in the Oroville area?

The mainstream press won’t provide answers to a number of questions. Thus, I’ve sourced this post from several places, a mix of mainstream news and alternative thinking.

Sky News

Nearly 200,000 people have been told to remain away from their homes as authorities in California continue to repair the US’s tallest dam.

Dozens of evacuation centres have been set up to take people from three counties deemed at risk if the Oroville Dam fails and floods surrounding towns and villages.

Officials have warned of a “30ft wall of water” if one of the spillways fails.

Heavy rain caused the level of Oroville Lake to rise so high that the emergency spillway was used for the first time in the dam’s near 50-year history.

Engineers’ fear that erosion around the emergency spillway could cause it to collapse.

In addition, the primary spillway in the 230m (770ft) dam has a 30ft hole that is causing it to leak and cause further erosion.

The level of the lake is now understood to have dropped, but officials say repairs may have to be carried out before they can allow people back to their homes.

So how long will it be before people are allowed back into what is now a danger zone?

SF Gate

OROVILLE, Butte County — The crisis at Lake Oroville may grind on for weeks or longer — leaving the nearly 200,000 people ordered to evacuate on Sunday in nail-biting limbo as crews work to flush water out of the reservoir and shore up a badly eroded emergency spillway, officials said Monday.

State water officials have been purging nearly 100,000 cubic feet of water per second out of the reservoir’s damaged but functioning primary spillway, an effort that brought the level down below the lip of the emergency spillway Sunday night, averting catastrophe.

But they are just beginning to assess the scope of the weekend damage, a first step in developing a plan to secure the reservoir and allow residents to return to their homes.

Are the Dindus going to go out and Dindu? Haha. They’re scarce in that part of the country!

The Anti-Trump politicking is just getting started:

Jim Stone Freelance speculates that sabotage is the cause of the problems at Oroville:


The main spillway was FULLY inspected on a REGULAR basis and had ZERO issues yet blew up when only 28 percent of its rated capacity was flowing through it. That means bomb or sabotage. People, when this thing first blew, concrete chunks flew high in the air. Probably 300 feet in the air. Nothing like it has happened since, even with much greater flows. There is no way that happened from water at the rate it was being released at that time. People thought the chunks flew less than that because they did not realize how big the scene was.

Any stories you hear about environmentalists and a deficient spillway are about the EMERGENCY SPILLWAY, which we all saw really was so deficient it is nothing but a fake hope. They wanted the emergency spillway cement lined a long way down the hill. For once, the environmentalists were right!

I am dead right about the sabotage that probably came from California’s own communist government, if I was not, there would be laughter instead of DNS shutdowns.

What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here. There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump’s America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

There’s much more in the way of pictures and analysis at Jim’s site than I brought into this brief post.

If you want to go even more deeply down the rabbit hole, this thread at the GLP Forums offers some interesting observations. Hint: The dirty hand of the “Juice” (Jews) is identified as present in profiting from this crisis.

Despicable California Governor Asks for Trump’s Help Tonight


California police allowed antifa to attack Trump supporters in Berkeley, leaving one man beaten senseless.

Start obeying the law, California authorities, and then we MIGHT offer you some help, which your lawbreaking asses do NOT deserve.

Or maybe not. Call the president of Mexico for help, you f*cking a**holes.


On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown sought federal help from President Trump by asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to declare “a major disaster” in California in light of the damage done by recent storms.

The East Bay Times reports: “Brown formally requested the declaration for the series of storms striking the state between Jan. 3 and Jan. 12.” He noted that “heavy rains, winds and snow, particularly in Northern California, left eight people dead and knocked out power to an estimated 1 million Californian homes and businesses.”

Brown’s request comes as Gov. Brown has challenged the Trump administration on climate change, immigration, Obamacare, and other issues.

Other Democrat officials in California have been open about their refusal to comply with Trump administration orders regarding illegal immigration. San Francisco’s police chief, sheriff, and mayor all made clear they would not enforce Trump’s immigration order, long before the order was taken to court. The San Francisco Police Department went so far as to cut ties with an FBI counter-terrorism task force in order to prevent officers from being involved in action that targeted illegals.

And California’s highest law enforcement agent, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, has been very open about his determination to fight Trump’s policies as part of the larger effort to retain sanctuary policies that harbor illegal aliens in the state.

But Gov. Brown would like some federal funds to help out in the short term, so he is asking the Trump administration for help.

Notably, Gov. Brown also used his “State of the State” address earlier this year to welcome Trump’s commitment to infrastructure spending.

Blame Trump! California’s Oroville Dam Situation Set to Turn Thousands into REAL Wetbacks (Live Stream Video and More)


Just remember which presidential candidate warned that America’s infrastructure was in horrible shape.

Also remember which state has been defying lawful orders from the president of the United States at every turn.

Now, why should the rest of America pay taxes to help California? Let them get the money from their buddies, the Mexicans.

The American media is too obsessed with the Trump-bashing at the music industry Grammy Awards to give a shit about their liberal pals and wetbacks drowning:

Enough politics. Now for the weather:

Mercury News

Follow this live blog for updates on the emergency evacuation ordered for Oroville-area residents by the state Department of Water Resources, which predicts that the auxiliary spillway at the Oroville Dam will fail within the next hour.

The department issued the evacuation advisory around 4:40 p.m. Sunday, just four hours after holding a press conference where they said they didn’t anticipate such problems.

Link to 52 photos of Oroville Dam Spillways

Link to Wikipedia entry on Oroville Dam

Lots of this nonsense being Tweeted by liberals:

Eliciting replies like this:

And so the anti-Trump shit show marches on, even in the face of disaster.

Asian Man Saves Drowning Woman and her DOG in Louisiana Flooding (Video)

david phung dog rescue floods

Asians generally don’t like dogs. Kudos to Mr. David Phung for diving into some really nasty water to rescue a small chihuahua-mix type of canine.

Sky News

Footage has captured the moment a rescuer pulled a woman from a sinking car during floods in the US, before disappearing back under the water to rescue her dog.

They were saved just in the nick of time after becoming trapped inside their car during historic floods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday.

The video, broadcast on WAFB, shows three men, who were on a boat, desperately trying to break into the car as it sinks into the water.

The drowning woman is pulled from a submerged car in the nick of time

“Oh my God, I’m drowning,” the woman is heard screaming, seconds before going silent as her vehicle becomes fully submerged.

With just moments left to save the pair, one of the rescuers, David Phung, jumps into the brown, murky water and disappears below the surface.

He manages to drag the woman to safety through the ripped roof of her convertible as she begs him to go back for her dog.

He is seen taking a deep breath, before disappearing again, only to resurface moments later with the panic-stricken pet.

“I got the dog, I got the dog,” he yells.

All three are understood to have survived the ordeal unhurt.


Have A Laugh: Umbrella Man Isn’t Playing with a Full Deck


What the …

​Inspiring images: People risk their lives saving animals from devastating Balkans flood

Dog helping a feline escape flood waters

Dog helping a feline escape flood waters

dog rescue flood

Click on the images to enlarge.

Great job, people of the Balkans. Love you. Best wishes from the American people. And may God bless you and your wonderful animals.

See more pictures, video, and read the story by clicking here. If you love animals you must click the link and be inspired by the huge assortment of pictures.

HAARP: A Two-Minute Introduction to the USA’s Mega Military Machine


Press TV

Somehow, HAARP had mostly slipped through the cracks on my understanding of the globalist conspiracy. But, this brief introduction, which should take about two minutes to read, covers the essentials:

HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is, as the name suggests, a so-called “research program” jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

HAARP operates a major sub-arctic facility, named the HAARP Research Station, near Gakona, Alaska.

HAARP comprises an array of 180 antennas approximately 72 feet (22 meters) tall linked together to function as one giant antenna to focus the energy coming out of the antenna field and inject that energy into the ionosphere (a region of the upper atmosphere). HAARP, in fact, functions as a gargantuan lens which focuses millions of watts of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves on a tiny patch of the atmosphere….

…With such immense power, HAARP is believed to be able to trigger natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods and earthquakes.

HAARP lies at the heart of numerous conspiracy theories.

Nick Begich Jr., the son of former US lawmaker Nick Begich and author of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, has claimed that HAARP could trigger earthquakes and turn the upper atmosphere into a giant lens, so that “the sky would literally appear to burn.” He also claims that HAARP could be used as a mind control device.

Former Governor of Minnesota and noted conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura has questioned whether the US government is using HAARP to manipulate the weather or to bombard people with mind-controlling radio waves.

“This thing can knock planes out of the air. It can control the weather. And it’s a very dangerous, dangerous weapon,” Ventura is quoted as saying in the article ‘Ventura seeks out conspiracy theories at Alaska station’ published on juneauempire.com.

The truth is that HAARP is one of those open secrets that is like an onion. As you peel back one layer, there’s another layer beneath.

The core of the truth of HAARP is as yet unknown. But reasonable people have reason to be suspicous.