Tennessee Hatchet Murder Suspect Previously Arrested Near White House, Secret Service Says


Monday, Domenic Micheli allegedly savagely murdered an ex-boss who had fired him 14 months ago. About six weeks ago he had been arrested outside the White House. It’s reasonable to assume that he was out on bail on the White House arrest charge. You do have to wonder how the mentally disturbed man passed a sanity test, assuming he took one.

Is it just me or does Micheli look to be mixed race to you?

USA Today

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A man wanted for killing a fitness-center manager Monday with a hatchet had previously been fired by his victim about 14 months ago, police said.

A manhunt is on for the suspect, 36-year-old Domenic Micheli of Nashville. The victim, 46-year-old Joel Paavola, 46, of the Nashville suburb of Franklin was attacked with the hatchet and another “cutting instrument” at about 7 a.m. CT at a Balance Training location in Belle Meade, a 3-square-mile city within Nashville that has about 3,000 residents.

U.S. Secret Service said Micheli was arrested in Washington, D.C., on April 27 for driving his car to a checkpoint near the White House and refusing to move. He was arrested without incident, they said.

Another photo of Micheli, who is on the run:

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Police Fitness Test Discriminated Against Women, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge has ruled that fitness tests that women cannot pass at the same rate as men are a violation of federal law.

Judge Richard Matsch was born in 1930! He presided over the Oklahama City bombing case that saw Timothy McVeigh convicted in a trial that covered up a great deal of the truth.

At age 87, Matsch is still ruling from the bench. He’s now found that fitness tests that women can’t pass are discriminatory.

The test isn’t described in the story, but I probably couldn’t pass it either, but I’m not selfish enough to demand that standards be lowered for my benefit.

Putting unqualified women cops on the street is going to kill people. Matsch needs to retire and let someone with a stronger sense of logic rule from the bench.

The Gazette

A fitness test given to Colorado Springs police officers discriminated against women and violated civil rights laws, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in a two-year lawsuit.

The test “shamed and ostracized” the 12 plaintiffs – many of them decorated officers with decades of service – while providing “meaningless” results, ruled U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch.

Performing poorly on the test left officers at risk of losing their jobs, despite the benchmark scores being “arbitrary” and the evaluation having little to do with the officers’ everyday work, Matsch said. Significantly more women than men failed it.

“To retroactively impose that requirement on women who have invested their lives as career police officers is fundamentally unfair,” Matsch wrote.

The ruling that Colorado Springs violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 leaves the city on the hook for a possible payout to the plaintiffs for wage loss and emotional distress. A hearing on damages is expected to be set in the coming week.

A California civil rights advocate said it also sends a message to municipalities across the nation to avoid such fitness tests for potential hires and veteran employees.

“If municipalities are going to use tests like this, they have to make sure there’s a scientific basis behind them,” said Jocelyn Larkin, executive director of the Impact Fund. The organization helps bankroll civil-rights lawsuits, and it contributed $30,000 to this case.

Donna Dell’Olio, an attorney representing the women, praised the ruling as a victory for women seeking to join the force.

“The women are wonderful professionals, and all they wanted was to be able to serve crime victims and the citizens of Colorado Springs,” Dell’Olio said. “And now they’re going to be allowed to do that.”

Ten of the dozen plaintiffs remain on the force, Dell’Olio said. One has since moved to Wyoming, and another left the department amid fears she’d lose her job for failing the test.

“They did this at great peril to their careers,” Dell’Olio said. “And they did it for the younger women who are coming up behind them.”

A statement from the Police Department said “the city has received the ruling, is reviewing it, and evaluating the city’s options.”

The issue dates to 2009, when former Chief Richard Myers mandated all officers undergo fitness tests, and the department hired Human Performance Systems of Beltsville, Md., to create the evaluations. They included one-minute sit-up and push-up tests, as well as two running tests, one of which focused on agility.

Practice tests in 2013 showed deep disparities in women’s and men’s success rates, the lawsuit said.

Forty percent of women failed the test, compared with 9 percent of men. Women police recruits tested that year fared slightly worse, while men did slightly better.

Still, a 2014 order by Myers’ successor, Chief Pete Carey, mandated each officer pass the test annually. Officers who failed the first test were relegated to desk duty, while those who failed after six months of trying could be fired.

All 12 plaintiffs failed on the first try, including Maggie Santos, a lieutenant at the time overseeing the department’s Internal Affairs division.

She retired after 24 years in the department, taking a job as director of campus safety at a college. In leaving early, Santos said Wednesday that she left “significant” pension benefits on the table.

The risk of being fired without a place to go was too great, she said, especially as her kids neared college.

“It was horrible,” Santos said. “I didn’t want to leave. That isn’t when I had planned to retire. I still had more career in front of me, and it was taken.”

In issuing his ruling, Matsch relied on complex statistical analyses highlighting the disparities women faced.

He said some of the evaluations – such as the push-up test – favored men while “not being designed to evaluate an officer’s overall suitability for duty.”

The Police Department also erred in making the test a sole criterion for an officer’s firing, rather than as “one component,” he said.

In the process, Matsch noted that the Police Department’s use of a fitness test for current employees – not applicants – was unprecedented.

Santos said Matsch’s ruling was bittersweet.

“The reason why we did it was for the younger women,” Santos said. “They won’t appreciate it now when they’re in their 20s, but in 20 to 25 years, they’ll appreciate what we did, and we’re doing it for them.”


Girl Youtube Star Gets Her DNA Test Done: Guess the Race

Jade Ramey, whose pictures you see here, has almost 300,000 views on her video embedded below. It seems lots of her many fans were wondering what her ethnic background was.

In the video, the airhead reveals the results of a DNA test she had done several years ago.

There are many surprises in the short video. I won’t spoil them for you.

I have put up a few of her seemingly hundreds of photos that are on the Internet. Take a look at the photos and then watch the video. I think you’ll be interested in the results.

I will say this. It’s people like her that force me to use the phrase “Mystery Meat” sometimes in describing people.

Fat Negress in Lingerie Overpowers Internet with Tales of “magical” Curves


Here’s another in a series of articles published by the mainstream media that I’ve seen aimed at fat women to make them feel better about their fatness. The more self-deluded they are, the more the press loves them.


Thanks to the body positive movement, we see a wider variety of bodies in the public eye nowadays than ever.

But that’s still not many.

Which is why blogger Jasmine Grimes is using the humble underwear selfie to make an important point about size, diversity and representation.

Jasmine of Mysse Match Mag posted the stunning photograph of herself onto Instagram a week ago – in her underwear, looking over one shoulder – and spoke about the ‘importance of an image’ in the caption beneath.

‘So I wanted to talk about the importance of an image,’ she wrote.

So I wanted to talk about the importance of an image. Over the last few weeks, I have seen so many people discount the importance of a good underwear selfie, and I don't think that's right. Many people have touted how important being confident in your own skin in the real world is, and they are right. There's something magical about a fat girl flaunting her curves unapologetically in clothes that others would say only belongs to a certain body type because it inspires others to do the same, just like an underwear selfie. Photos have the ability to change and shape people's perceptions of things, which is why more visibility of fat bodies is so important. If a single image can change people's perceptions, then what do you think a photo of a fat girl in lingerie can do? I used to scour Instagram for photos women who had my body type showing it off because it inspired me to do the same. It allowed me to see someone with stretch marks and cellulite, and rolls and say "I look like that too". It's important for people to see themselves represented so that way we can encourage the next generation to be more unapologetic than the last. #MyBodyMyRules #lanebryant

A post shared by Jasmine Grimes (@myssematch) on

‘There’s something magical about a fat girl flaunting her curves unapologetically in clothes that others would say only belongs to a certain body type because it inspires others to do the same, just like an underwear selfie.

Are you feeling the magic yet, guys. Here’s another to bring out that fairy dust feeling.

Color Me Happy. 🖍

A post shared by Jasmine Grimes (@myssematch) on

Here’s a couple of bonus photos of Jasmine I found while researching her.

I assume that this nonsense is aimed at black women and that few white women would be taken in by this con artist. She apparently has no time to exercise and no inclination to say no to food.

Extremely Curvy Danish Blonde with 422,000 Instagram Followers is Alleged Mudshark

YouTube From february I will be active on YouTube again, I will start doing a weekly vlog on my channel, the link to my latest vlog will always be in my bio here on Instagram I will focus on topics like bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness, training, nutrition, my personal life and things I care about So from this february my YouTube account will be alive again, im sorry its been a while since I posted my last video, but real life stole most of my time unfortunately, now ill make it part of my life so to speak, and give it a lot more attention So have a little patience yall and ill be on air again Wish you all a lovely weekend, Blessings Shirt by @fashionnova, use 6Milli for 30-70% off Nails by @lushnailsdk Lashes by @emilieekebjerg #girlswhopowerlift #girlsthatlift #workoutempire #youtube

A post shared by Mia Sand ♕ DENMARK 🇩🇰 (@missmiafit) on

On GLP this woman has been described as a “sickle cell cootie catcher” because she allegedly has sex with black males. I have no evidence of her mudsharking beyond the issue raised at GLP.

The question posed there to the white male is “Would you date her?”

Well, would you?

Here are some photos with many more available for viewing at Miss Mia Fit’s Instagram. Would you go where the Negro has come before you?

Here are two Miss Mia Fit videos to help you decide.

New Zealand’s Steroid Freak Bodybuilder Justin Rys Dies at Age 38

justin rhys

Steroids–another pretty lie exposed as a lie by Justin Rys. RIP.


A former New Zealand champion body builder and one-time drug kingpin turned anti-steroid campaigner has died.

Justin Rys, 38, of Waikanae died on Thursday afternoon.

He was known as Wellington’s one-time “Mr Big” of the bodybuilding scene and was a self-proclaimed “bigorexic.” The former Mr Oceania and Mr New Zealand was jailed for importing fantasy with a street value of $2.1 million but turned his life around after leaving prison.

Rys became an unlikely poster-boy in the movement against use of performance-enhancing drugs.

But his health continued to falter and he spoke out about fighting the effects of his substance abuse to dissuade others from following in his footsteps. After years of pushing his body to its limit, Rys went into palliative care in recent weeks.

He leaves behind his family and fiancee. He and his partner got engaged this April.



Inspiring! 92 Year Old Woman Finishes Marathon Run

Harriette Thompson

Good Euro genes? Don’t ask your grandmother to do this!

Excerpt from Associated Press

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A 92-year-old cancer survivor rocked her way into the record books Sunday, becoming the oldest woman to finish a marathon.

Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, completed Sunday’s Rock `n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego in 7 hours, 24 minutes, 36 seconds. She was mobbed by well-wishers as she crossed the finish line.