Small White Female Teacher Handcuffed, Arrested by HUGE Black Cop for Speaking Out at School Board Meeting

Watch the disgusting video of the teacher’s arrest embedded at the bottom of this post.

I think she’s white, although her first name is Deyshia. Hell, this is Louisiana, where a fuxated culture results in all sorts of strange outcomes.

In my opinion, the video clearly shows an ape cop taking out his anti-white racism against a tiny female with a light complexion.

Fire the ape!!!

CBS News

ABBEVILLE, La. — A Louisiana teacher who spoke out about teacher pay at a school board meeting was handcuffed by a law officer as she screamed on the floor while the officer tried to gain control of her in a brief struggle. In dramatic video posted by KATC-TV, the teacher yells at the officer that he’d just pushed her to the ground. The officer orders her to “stop resisting.”

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David Clarke, former Milwaukee sheriff, set to face trial for Facebook posts

If you write comments on the Internet, you will be interested in what Sheriff Clarke did to merit being put on trial in a civil lawsuit.

Washington Times

A federal judge has ordered former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke to face trial in connection with a First Amendment complaint filed in response to his Facebook posts.


Sheriff David Clarke is a favorite with conservatives who are anxious to embrace a Negro as proof that blacks can be conservative too.

I expect that Clarke, a Trump supporter, was expecting to be appointed to the Trump administration, but so far that hasn’t happened. I think there’s still a bit of a mystery as to why he resigned his Sheriff’s position unexpectedly last year.

Anyway, his Facebook posts are interesting in that they created grounds for a trial.

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Florida’s Internet “hot cop” Resigns Amid Investigation into Facebook Antisemitic Posts


Posting “Gas the kikes” MIGHT be antisemitic (or not), but posting some mild comments about ovens really isn’t antisemitic at all.

However, Florida’s so-called hot cop didn’t wait to be fired, resigning instead. Resigning doesn’t buy you anything in today’s world that I can see, so why not make them fire you, just as a matter of principle.

There’s also a sex angle to this story. Our hot cop was a rebel in more ways than one.

Fox News

A Florida police officer whose photo went viral while working after Hurricane Irma has resigned amid an internal investigation into anti-Semitic comments he made on social media and allegedly having sex while on the job.

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Charges Dropped Against Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Who Was Arrested While Trying to Give “It’s OK to be White” Speech

Openly “gay” conservative journalist Lucian Wintrich was clearly a victim of false arrest by university police at the University of Connecticut last month.

It’s a real issue among conservative pro-white people as to whether to accept homosexuals as our comrades in arms. It’s too big an issue to get into here. I’ll just say for now that the meme, “It’s OK to be white” is a very powerful one, which is why UC arrested Wintrich.


STORRS, Conn. (AP) — Prosecutors have dropped a breach of peace charge filed against a conservative commentator over a confrontation he had with protesters at the University of Connecticut as he prepared to give a speech titled “It’s OK To Be White.”

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City Worker FIRED Over KKK, Confederate Flag Cooler Stickers

Having extensive experience myself in being fired for exercising my freedom of speech, I believe the firing of a worker by government for peacefully displaying the stickers seen above is illegal. It would probably be perfectly legal in the private sector (at will employment) since freedom of speech is not protected by the First Amendment in the private workplace. However, government cannot legally practice “viewpoint discrimination.”

I hope someone with deep pockets will take up the cause and file a lawsuit against Milwaukee on behalf of the unidentified fired worker.

New York Post

A worker at a city-contracted job site in Milwaukee is now jobless after his cooler with “offensive” Ku Klux Klan and Confederate flag stickers was spotted, city officials said.

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Vice News Reports on How “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell was Bailed Out of Jail by White Nationalists

Insofar as I am aware the arrest of Chris Cantwell is an example of police state tactics designed to shut down free speech. Cantwell was attacked by a leftist in Charlottesville and fought back, perhaps with more zeal than necessary, but he didn’t start the fight.

After several months in jail, unable to raise $25,000 in bail money, he’s finally free thanks to the donations of well wishers.

Excerpt from Vice News

A grand jury indicted Christopher Cantwell in early December for his alleged role in the violent, torchlit march on the University of Virginia campus in August, one night before the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

The charge is felony use of tear gas, and a judge set his bail at a hefty $25,000. But luckily for 37-year-old Cantwell, when white nationalists get in trouble with the law, there’s a safety network they can tap into. White nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis of all stripes have increasingly turned to online crowdfunding platforms — some that cater explicitly to them – to move money around, post bail for their allies, and organize rallies.

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Andrew Anglin’s Lawyers Ask Court to Dismiss (((Tanya Gersh))) Lawsuit on First Amendment Grounds



Motions and countermotions fly back and forth in lawsuits. In my case against the university, there were about 50 or more, each one costing me around $3,000 to file. The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin has $150,000 to play with. Money doesn’t go far when there are lawyers around.

If Anglin is controlled opposition, then perhaps the purpose of the Daily Stormer has been to obtain a legal ruling that narrows the protections offered by the First Amendment.

Gersh is a sympathetic defendant, claiming that Anglin’s words and those of his followers have left her frightened, unable to sleep, unable to work, and so forth.

Most of the time these kinds of lawsuits are dismissed, as Anglin is requesting through his lawyers. However, if it goes to trial, that’s a bad sign for free speech in America.

Washington Post

The founder of a popular neo-Nazi website who was sued after he called on his readers and followers to “troll storm” a Jewish Realtor from Montana is arguing that his actions are protected by free speech.

Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer, has asked a federal court in Montana to dismiss a lawsuit that Tanya Gersh filed against him last spring. In court records filed last week, Anglin’s attorneys said that the First Amendment “is blind to viewpoint” and that the Constitution protects Anglin’s right to express his views about Gersh, “no matter how many people find those views intolerable.”

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