Lead Actor Fired from Movie After Racial Jokes Surface on Video


Actor Kian Lawley has groveled at the feet of the Negro gods following a public outcry over his use of the word “Nigger” while goofing around.

If there is anyone who hasn’t used the so-called N-word, let him cast the first stone.

Well, actually, lots of stones were cast at Lawley, most likely by blacks who call each other “Nigger” all the time.

Digital Spy

Upcoming movie The Hate U Give has dropped one of its lead actors after a video emerged of him saying racial slurs.

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Pro-White Maine Town Manager Fired

We should all look forward to the day when someone can express pro-white views as freely as others express anti-white sentiments.

Washington Post

The manager of a tiny Maine town was fired Tuesday after his white separatist remarks sparked outrage.

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Harvey Weinstein Attacked in Arizona Restaurant (Video)

My how low the big Jew has fallen.

This one minute video has almost a million views in the day it’s been on youtube.

The youtube comments show that the Goyim know. Samples:

TRUE STORY: For a group that’s only 2% of the US population, Jews represent 69% of the public figures accused of sexual assault, rape, or harrassment in 2017.

fire up the ovens!

Well done! Slap a shlomo

HA! From Hollywood God to such a low-life he can’t even step foot in public without being harassed. You reap what you sow! Weinstein and all the other Hollywood enablers (including Oprah and Streep) deserve every bit of this.

Oh no. This is how the pogroms always start.

Rose McGowan calls out Golden Globes black dress protest, “Hollywood fakery”

For all but brain dead die-hard fans of celebrity, the Hollywood mystique is dying.

Rose McGowan destroyed the Golden Globes narrative with her “Hollywood fakery” Tweet, which has been widely reported on Monday.

CBS News

Rose McGowan is still unimpressed with the black dress protest at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. The outspoken actress claimed that all of the stars at the Golden Globes wearing black in protest against sexual harassment would not have done so if it weren’t for her.

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Maryland Teacher Fired for Alt-Right Beliefs


Greg Conte, an associate of Richard Spencer, has been fired by a Catholic high school in Maryland. If he had worked for a public school, his firing for his beliefs would be problematic, but a private employer generally has the freedom to hire and fire at will.

First, the story, then a follow-up in which Conte expresses his belief that diversity doesn’t work.

Jewish Forward

A substitute teacher at a Maryland girls’ school was fired for his involvement with a prominent white nationalist think-tank in the “alt-right.”

Greg Conte, a substitute teacher and sports coach at the Academy of the Holy Cross, was fired this fall, but school officials only sent a letter explaining the move to families this month, according to Fox 5 of Washington, D.C.,.

Conte, who goes by Gregory Ritter on Twitter, appears to work for white nationalist Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute. He reportedly attended the the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

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Black TV Talker Tavis Smiley Suspended for Sexual Misconduct, Says Dindu Nuffins

Black talk show host Tavis Smiley has been accused of having sex with numerous women employed by the company that produces his PBS talk show. The women say they were forced into sex for fear of losing their jobs.

Looking over his Wikipedia entry, I see that Smiley is an icon in the black world, playing the race card to pander to his black audience. He’s won numerous awards for being a good Nagger. He even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There’s no information on who Smiley was allegedly having sex with, but it would be embarrassing to him if the women were white, seeing how he’s so pro-black.

Time magazine has called him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Not any more, as of today.


PBS will no longer distribute Tavis Smiley following what a spokeswoman called “multiple, credible” allegations of sexual misconduct uncovered by a recent investigation into the late-night show host’s behavior.

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Shock! Omarosa Throws Tantrum Inside White House After Being Fired, Escorted Out by Cops

Negress has chimpout? Not much of a news story.

Negress has chimpout inside the White House? Now that’s a story.

New York Daily News

Omarosa Manigault Newman just couldn’t accept the fact that she was being fired — again.

The former “The Apprentice” contestant turned political aide threw a tantrum in the White House and demanded she be allowed to speak with President Trump on Wednesday as chief of staff John Kelly gave her the boot, sources told the Daily News.

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