War Zone: Paris Protests Turn Violent Again, Media Silent (Twitter Videos)

Three short videos show the chaos in Paris, France.

I believe those are called Molotov cocktails.

French police are sitting ducks so long as French politicians remain cowards.

Here’s more brief footage of Paris looking like a war zone.

Still more.

If the French don’t install Marine Le Pen into the presidency they are fools.

Gavin McInness Attacked by Antifa at NYU Speech, 4 Arrested

Gavin McInness is alt light, not alt right, but the antifa still screamed “Nazi” at him. They’re screaming “Nazi” at everyone now. If Trump is Hitler than every Trump supporter is a Nazi:

Thugs organize their so-called protests (really riots and anarchy) on Facebook and Twitter. Why aren’t they banned?

Excerpt from PIX 11

NEW YORK — At least four people were arrested Thursday night after scuffling with police outside of an appearance by right-wing comedian Gavin McInnes at NYU, police sources say.

The NYU Anti-Fascists organized the event on Facebook titled “Disrupt Gavin McInnes at NYU.”

The co-founder of Vice was invited to speak on campus by the NYU College Republicans.

“Come to Kimmel, Rosenthal Pavilion to let NYU know that we will not stand for bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny on our campus,” the Facebook post read.

In December, McInnes launched a group called the Proud Boys. According to their Twitter account, the Twitter account’s description reads “Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.”

A scuffle broke out in front of the building between protesters and police. Police sources say at least four people have been arrested.

A photo uploaded to Twitter showed a “Make America Great Again” burning in front of the building.

Once McInnes was in the building, protesters followed and chanted as he tried to speak.

“Whose campus? Our campus,” the protesters chanted.

Protests erupted Wednesday night at UC Berkeley in California ahead of a planned appearance by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. Administrators ended up canceling the event two hours before the Breitbart editor’s speech.

More than 1,500 people gathered on the UC Berkeley campus tearing down metal barriers, setting fires and damaging construction of a new building. No arrests were made during those protests.

Comedian Drew Carey’s Son was the Deploraball Firestarter Screaming “Screw our president”

Since I hate all modern so-called comedy I hated Drew Carey. I recall he took over The Price is Right game show from the great Bob Barker. Carey is a nasty, hard left jerk off.

It turns out that his son is following in dad’s footsteps.

The son should be in a juvenile holding facility.

This story is breaking across the media. The source site I used, Spin, is a hipster, leftist site with a strong anti-Trump bias.


Prior to Richard Spencer getting clocked in the face, the greatest viral moment to arise from the post-inauguration protests in Washington D.C. was footage of a young boy admitting to starting a bonfire outside of noted “alt-right”/white nationalist hell-shindig The DeploraBall on Thursday night.

“My name’s Connor and I actually kinda started this fire,” said the rosy-cheeked boy, smirking like a saintly Dennis the Menace. When questioned about his rationale by a Fox News reporter, Connor was not guilted: “I felt like it and because I’m just, uh, saying screw our president!” he exclaimed.

Today, a report by TMZ recasts Connor’s tale in a new and even more hilarious light: This fledgling, striped-shirted hero is no random boy, but instead the son of ’90s primetime icon and Whose Line Is It Anyway?/The Price is Right host de jour Drew Carey. Look, here they are together:

Father and son. Interviewing Ethan Hawke about Boyhood tonight on @LateLateShowCBS

A post shared by Drew Carey (@drewfromtv) on

That’s definitely Connor, and that’s definitely a nu-Carey soul patch.

Naturally, MAGA3X, the ghoulish Trump support group that hosted the event, and related legions of trolls are trying to bully the Carey family about the incident:

Hollyweird thinks it’s above the law. Trump should consider using the anti-trust laws to punish the near total Jewish control of the entertainment industry.

Breaking: Massive Protest at Deploraball, Trump Supporters Attacked


Live Stream of the protest. It may be interrupted.

Short video:

Idiot lesbian feminist claiming “love”:

On the ground Tweets:

Fox 5 DC

Protesters light fire outside ‘DeploraBall’ party in DC

WASHINGTON – Demonstrators gathered outside the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to protest the DeploraBall party being held at the venue Thursday night.

According to the event’s Twitter page, all 1,000 tickets for the event were sold out and consists of Donald Trump supporters celebrating his inauguration.

According to the event’s Twitter page, all 1,000 tickets for the event were sold out and consists of Donald Trump supporters celebrating his inauguration.

Hundreds of protesters were seen outside of the building yelling “Shame!” at DeploraBall attendees entering the building as D.C. police officers lined the front of the National Press Building. Chants of “No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA” were also heard. Some protesters were also seen lighting a fire with signs and flyers on the street.

A bitter TWeet from the alt-right, which was banned from Deploraball by alt-light Jew Mike Cernovich:

Videos are popping up on Twitter at a high rate as I type these words:

More later as events warrant.


Police: Islamic center property burned down in Netherlands (Video)

Ah, there’s nothing quite so refreshing as the smell of an Islamic Center burning down on a crisp winter morning.

I wonder if the Muslims burned their own building for the insurance money.

AD.NL via Google translate

In the former pool on the Multatulilaan in Culemborg raging Wednesday night a large fire. Around 21:00, the flames from the roof of the building where first pool was more established. The property was bought in April this year by the Association of Islamic community Culemborg to make a mosque. The prayer house is not located in the building.

An employee of the municipality of Culemborg suspects that the fire is lit, because the property is closed by gas and electricity. The chairman of the mosque board, Hassan Barzizaoua confirms that the old pool is closed. he can not think of any other cause.

Barzizaoua hopes it is not a targeted action, because the mosque never had problems in Culemborg the past twenty years. The fire nothing about the possible cause of the fire. The police will investigate the case.

The fire department reported that pulls the smoke toward the center. Local residents were advised to keep windows and doors closed.

The fire reported at 22.10 that the pool completely on fire. There is asbestos in foundation of the building, but asbestos is not released. At 22.45 the signal ‘firing master “was given. The fire is still some time working on damp down.

Well, that’s going to be one less building converted to a mosque.

Communist Oakland Turns on Jewess Mayor and Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) Creator for Failure to Provide “Safe Spaces”


Three of the top stories in today’s American edition of the Daily Mail offer outsiders a glimpse of the mindset of the retarded citizens of the People’s Republic of Oakland California.

It’s really quite amusing to watch liberals turning on liberals in the wake of the Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) fire that roasted 36 hipsters to death over the weekend.

Fury has been turned toward the mystery meat (allegedly Puerto Rican) creator of the enclave housing degenerates that the press calls the Ghost Ship.

Daily Mail on Derrick Ion Amena

The man who ran the artist enclave that went up in flames on Friday night has spoken out about the tragedy that has claimed at least 36 lives and says he believes he is being unfairly blamed.

Derick Ion Almena, 46, and his wife Micah Allison, 40, spoke through tears about the aftermath of the warehouse fire in an interview with NBC Nightly News.

Almena said that he ‘can’t explain who I am anymore’.

He posed a rhetorical question: ‘Do I take blame or responsibility for this?’ as he dropped his head and refused to answer.

Uhhh, yes you do take blame for it, Derrick. Now that a criminal investigation has begun and because your fellow hipsters have turned against you, you’re going to be going to prison. Better start showing some remorse, pal.

Derrick’s wife, Micah, pictured below, is also likely to be criminally charged.


OK, let’s turn away from the narcissist and his excuses, which are detailed in the DM’s story, to a second story in the DM that focuses on hipster outrage toward Oakland’s Jewish woman mayor. The Communist follower of California’s nutty governor, Jerry Brown, is confronted with childish adults who are pissed that there are no “safe spaces” in life.

Daily Mail story on Mayor Libby Schaaf

The mayor of Oakland was booed and jeered at a vigil last night for those who died in the warehouse fire after being accused of ‘victim blaming’.

Hundreds of people gathered for the candle-light vigil in Oakland’s Lake Merrit to honour the 36 people who died in the blaze at an artists’ enclave.

Those in the crowd were seen embracing as well as laying floral tributes and chanting aloud the names of people they lost in the inferno.

Fake, phony togetherness: Exactly what you expect from liberals!

Schaaf had already come under fire as previous speakers at the vigil had urged the city of Oakland to protect ‘warehouse’ residences where some people have apparently been forced to live due to skyrocketing housing prices.

The memorial briefly turned into a political confrontation when Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf began to address the crowd as was booed. She is pictured at the warehouse on Sunday

She had also been criticized for emphasizing the warehouse’s code violations in the immediate aftermath of the fire instead of addressing the need for affordable housing.

And as she began addressing the vigil, NBC reported that some started shouting ‘stop victim blaming’ and ‘step down’ as she took the microphone.

This lead to one of the vigil organizers having to step in to ask people to be respectful.

But Schaaf said: ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. This city is going to go through a lot of emotions, and one of those is anger, and that is my job to hear that.

‘As we move forward right now, our focus has to be on those who we know are lost and those we are going to learn have been lost,’ she said, according to NBC.

But after she resumed her speech, which was captured on camera, the crowd shouted her down once again, hurling a barrage of abuse at her.

Schaaf, a Democrat, was elected mayor of Oakland in November 2014 after being endorsed by Governor of California Jerry Brown.

Decades of high taxes and liberal Democrat rule have made the cost of living in California high. Expecting a liberal democrat to fix that is borderline clinical insanity.

One wag wrote in the Dm comments that Schaaf is a Nancy Pelosi in the making.

Her drug addled constituents, infected with Marxist ideology, are going to prove too much for her to govern. The whole damn state is bankrupt because of these idiots, which is another story.

Every moron in that artist’s fire trap that was roasted knew the danger, but was too drugged out to care.

Finally, another leftist theme is emerging. The lazy bums who call themselves artists as they scratch out a living blame gentrification for the fire.

Daily Mail story on hipster thinking

One of the last people to escape the deadly fire that killed at least 36 people in an Oakland warehouse says that gentrification is to blame.

The artist, Bob Mule, tearfully told NBC Bay Area on Monday that the high cost of rent in the city is leaving the hipster community with fewer outlets of creative expression.

‘I think this has a lot to do with the gentrification issue in the city,’ he said.

‘Us artists are forced to live in these spaces. We do it because we have nowhere else affordable to create.

‘We need more help. We need more of a voice in the city as artists because we are a very important part of this culture that’s being pushed out of the city.’


F*ck you Bob. Get a job.

Other people roll their asses out of bed early each A.M. and this guy wants those people to support him and his pathetic excuse for art that is typical hipster.

Hipsters are a waste. Since no one with any sense wants their “art,” they sell drugs and steal to have a bit of money to spend–on more drugs.

Send them all to work camps. In work, there is joy and freedom.

NOT GROIDS: Oakland Rave Fire Roasted White and Mystery Meat Degenerates

nigger head

A “Rave Cave” fire has claimed the lives of up to 40 Hillary and Bernie supporters.

I see on some of the forums that “roasted groids” on the menu in Oakland, California is making some white folks happy.

The only problem with that speculation is that it’s wrong. The 9 dead and a fluctuating number of missing and presumed dead are primarily white and mixed race mystery meat degenerates, aka “artists and musicians.”

White supremacists or Trump supporters are already being blamed on social media for starting the fire. Later, when it comes out that an angry ghetto dweller, upset with light skinned people invading his neighborhood, started the fire, then the truth will be swept under the rug.

Alternatively, perhaps a person of color wasn’t paid for the drugs he supplied so he did what blacks do, aka “Burn the bitches down.”

Of course, it might not have been a Black Lives Matter arsonist who set the fire. It could have been a Muslim terrorist. As if it’s not natural to think that Muslims often are involved in mass casualty events.

Alternatively, the fire might have been accidentally started by a “performance artist” playing with fire while stoned out of his or her mind on drugs.

Photos of many of the feared fire victims at the Daily Mail show face tats, pierecings, dead eyes, and the effects of a lifetime of drug use.


Really, if you’ve seen one victim, you’ve seen them all, with only slight variation. There’s not a Trump supporter–a decent hard working white man or woman–to be seen among them. There seem to be a significant number of Jews however. Jews are often drawn to degenerate artistic movements.

There’s going to be some real heavy lawsuits hitting soon. The Rave Cave was not up to legal fire code specifications. Jewish lawyers are going to have a field day feasting upon the remains of the dead.