Vagina Wigs Latest Weird Fashion Trend

The fashion industry has joined the (((globalist))) conspiracy to normalize weirdness.

Earlier this week, Saboteur365 posted photos of ugly Negroid albinos who allegedly are taking the fashion world by storm.

Today we have women on the runway at New York fashion week drawing attention to their privates by exposing their genital areas while covering them with vagina wigs.

So, let’s see if I have this right. It’s fashionable for women to shave themselves bald down there. Now, they’re going to cover their bald spot with a wig.

Why not just leave the area furry and forget the wig?

More photos following the story.

Excerpt from The Sun

MODELS at New York fashion week stunned crowds after going down the catwalk wearing bizarre vagina WIGS.

Designer Kaimin caused a stir with dressing the models with hairy, pubic accessories in all shapes and colours – with some resembling tiny mohawks.


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Black Dominatrix Indoctrinates White Male Clients with Readings in Black Feminist Theory

A reasonable person might suspect that the so-called white males who are clients of a thoroughly unappealing black dominatrix, Mistress Velvet, pictured above, are Jewish.

Unfortunately, I once knew a white male who was hooked on a black hooker. That was after he lost contact with his Vietnamese hooker. These pathetic cucks have no self-esteem, which is good to have in realistic amounts.

Daily Mail

A dominatrix has revealed how she gets her clients to read black feminist theory which says gives her a feeling of empowerment and helps to change their attitudes towards race and gender.

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Catholic School Teacher Claims She was Fired for Marrying a Woman


People who are members of a church or any other organization agree to submit to the rules. In the case of degenerate lesbian Morffi, she even agreed to them explicitly, signing a contract that said she would abide by the rules of the Catholic church.

Now, she’s bitching because her employer held her accountable when she broke the rules.

These kind of people are an abomination to God, according to the Bible. To us mere humans, they’re annoying at the least.

Whatever ritual Morffi and the unnamed other woman went through, it’s not a marriage. Marriage is by definition the uniting of a man and a woman in HOLY matrimony.

CBS News

A Catholic schoolteacher said she was fired for marrying the love of her life – a woman, CBS station WFOR-TV reports. Jocelyn Morffi was a first-grade teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami.

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Roosh: 30 Beautiful Women Who Became Ugly

Return of Kings has published an interesting photo essay.

It has before and after pictures of women who were once beautiful, but are now “ugly.” Some of the women are famous, others are unidentified. Some of them just got fat. Others appear to have had uglifying plastic surgery. Still others appear to have suffered the ravages that alcoholism, hard living, or drug abuse have wrought.

To comply with fair use of Roosh’s material, I’ve taken seven before and after photos from the piece. Click on the link to read the descriptions and see more photos.








Google and Facebook Conspire to Destroy Heterosexuality with New Dating Policy

Women want men to “chase” them to prove that they’re really interested and not just after a sexual encounter.

Thus, women will say “no” to an interesting male as enthusiastically as they’ll say no to a guy they don’t find attractive.

Google and Facebook have banned male persistence. This change has implications for race and sexual orientation.

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Ignorant Negro Boxer Floyd Mayweather Makes Negro Funny Response to #metoo

The women’s vigilante movement aimed at high tech lynchings of men got a comeuppance from a dumb Negro jock today.

Yahoo Sports

Floyd Mayweather is famous because he is a world-class athlete. He happens to be very good at punching other people, and avoiding their punches.

Like many Negros, Mayweather has been arrested for domestic violence. Women are probably easier to hit than men.

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Daily Stormer was Right: Bibi Netanyahu’s Son “total bro” Yair Proves He’s Just a Normal Young Jewish Guy

The Daily Stormer proclaimed itself “The World’s #1 Yair Netanyahu fansite” back in September of last year.

Andrew Anglin has more reasons to honor the young Jew now.

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