Negro Feetsballer Arrested on Nine Charges, Including Threatening to Rape Arresting Officers Wife

Negros never have been able to exercise the self-control needed to obey the law. No matter how much whites bow to the Negro God, he keeps proving he’s a worthless drain on society.

New York Daily News

For the second time in less than a year, Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson is in trouble with the law. And this time, the alleged details are very ugly.

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Alleged White Supremacist Charged with Terrorism After Stopping Amtrak Train


A white youth who simply wanted to play train engineer (maybe he didn’t get a Lionel model train set for Christmas?) has been charged by the FBI with terrorism.

If he was intending an act of terrorism, it was the most ridiculous example of it in recent history. But because he’s alt-right, there’s a clear vendetta against him by the (((powers that be.)))


An armed man who stopped an Amtrak train in Nebraska is facing a terrorism charge after the FBI discovered ties to “an ‘alt-right’ Neo-Nazi group,” a cache of weapons and allegations that the suspect, Taylor Michael Wilson, had talked about a desire to kill black people.

If everyone who has expressed a desire to kill black people is going to be charged with terrorism, you might as well lock up half the population of whites, Hispanics, and probably a few Asians, too.

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Husband Catches Teacher at Christian School in Bed with Student, Police Say


If a man can’t expect a Christian wife to remain faithful and not cheat on him with an underage youth, then he might as well join Men Going Their Own Way.

Andrea’s got an innocent look about her that disguises the viper within.

To me she’s the perfect candidate for judicially mandated corporal punishment, with her (hopefully) ex-husband delivering about 50 lashes with a horsewhip.

Sacramento Bee

A former Christian school teacher is facing multiple felony charges after her husband told police he caught her in bed with a student, the Register Guard reported.

Police arrested 29-year-old Andrea Nicole Baber, now a former Logos Christian teacher in Springfield, Ore., Friday after authorities investigated reports of her sexual relationship with a student, KPIC reported.


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28 Year Old Woman Teacher Charged for Sex Romps with Boy


Samantha Fitzpatrick, the married teacher charged with sex crimes involving a student victim, told police she dindu nuffins. She may not be black but she knows how to lie. What she didn’t know how to do was to destroy evidence.

Fox News

A former teacher in Wisconsin was charged Tuesday following an alleged ongoing sexual relationship with an underage student, according to a report from the Ripon Police Department.

Fitzpatrick was charged with child enticement, sexual assault of a student by school staff, exposing a child to harmful material and obstructing an officer, police said.

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This is what happens to your face when you attack a cop and resist arrest


John Haaff must have been born with Haaff a brain because he has no common sense. The cops fight back. They might even shoot you, but in this case they just gave Haaff the Mike Tyson treatment–a good old fashioned beating.

One of the comments at the source site claims that Haaff is an amateur MMA fighter, so he’s used to black eyes I suppose.


A Marrero man who resisted arrest following a scuffle with a roommate put a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy into a chokehold, almost causing the officer to black out, according to authorities.

John Haaff, 29, was booked with second-degree battery, battery of a police officer with injury and two counts of resisting police by force or violence, said Lt. Jason Rivarde, spokesman for the department.

3rd suspect arrested in deadly 2015 Marrero robbery

The deputies were dispatched to Haaff’s residence in the 1100 block of Francis Street in Marrero just after 7 p.m. Saturday (Nov. 25) after the department received a report of a fight, Sheriff’s Office reports said.

Two deputies arrived and tried to take Haaff into custody for allegedly hitting his roommate. But Haaff slapped one deputy and punched the other in the face, the arrest report said.

Haaff is then accused of putting one of the deputies in a chokehold, cutting off the officer’s airway. The deputy almost lost consciousness, Rivarde said.

During the struggle, the two first-responding deputies hit their emergency buttons, summoning help. Another deputy got to the house and spotted his colleague in the headlock. The officer said the deputy’s eyes were half-closed, and he wasn’t sure whether the deputy was still breathing, according to the report.

The newly-arrived deputy began hitting Haaff in the face to break the hold. Once Haaff let go, he continued to struggle with the deputies. The officers used a Taser and eventually took Haaff into custody.

The first two deputies to respond to the house were taken to West Jefferson Hospital in Marrero where they were treated and released, the arrest report said.

Haaff was taken to University Medical Center in New Orleans for treatment of his injuries. He was then booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna.

Haaff was still being held there Monday in lieu of a $30,000 bond.

The legal system doesn’t like people who attack cops, especially trained fighters. John Haaff is going to do some time in prison.

North Carolina Beaner Convicted of Sex Trafficking Sold 12 Year Old Girl as Prostitute


A lettuce picker used a 12 year old girl so he didn’t have to work anymore. Unless you consider pimping to be work.

Hopefully, this is one spic who will be offed in prison by our black friends.

A Winston-Salem man was convicted Monday of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl and allowing other men to rape the girl in exchange for money numerous times over a two-year period, resulting in her getting pregnant and contracting a sexually-transmitted disease.

Armando Graciano, 43, pleaded guilty in Forsyth Superior Court to attempted rape of a child, human trafficking, sexual servitude and two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

Judge David Hall of Forsyth Superior Court, calling Graciano’s actions “evil,” sentenced him to a minimum of 13 years and one month to 20 years and nine months in prison. Graciano had no prior felonies on his record before he pleaded guilty Monday.

Typically, the worse a defendant’s criminal record is, the longer the defendant’s sentence will likely be. As part of the plea arrangement, Hall consolidated the charges into one for sentencing.

In April, Graciano’s co-defendant, Flora Riano Gonzalez, 39, was convicted of sexual servitude, felony child abuse involving prostitution and felony child abuse involving sexual acts. She also had been charged with human trafficking, but a Forsyth County jury found her not guilty of that charge.

Gonzalez was accused of forcing the girl into prostitution and bringing her to Graciano, who managed a laundromat. She was sentenced to a maximum of 16 years and six months in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Kia Chavious said in court Monday that Gonzalez was the one who reported the sexual abuse of the girl in January 2014. She gave Winston-Salem police detectives the names and numbers of all the men who had raped the girl for money.

Gonzalez drove the girl, who was a virgin at the time, to Graciano, who raped the girl in order to teach her how to sexually please men. Then he took her to an abandoned apartment, where other men raped the girl for money, Chavious said.

For two years, the girl was raped and sexually assaulted by men in exchange for money, she said. The girl became pregnant and also contracted chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

Winston-Salem police detectives became suspicious because Gonzalez had the names and numbers of men who had raped the girl and continued their investigation.

In November 2016, the girl told police that Gonzalez had forced her into prostitution.

The girl had gotten the names and numbers after Gonzalez and Graciano got into a dispute over money, Chavious said. Gonzalez decided to cut Graciano out of the human trafficking business and contact men who would have sex with the girl for money.

Gonzalez reported the sexual abuse to Winston-Salem police so that the girl could get an abortion, Chavious said. The girl did get an abortion and was treated for her sexually transmitted disease.

Ron Short, Graciano’s attorney, said that his client was only involved for a short period of time. That’s no excuse for his behavior, he added.

“It isn’t a pretty sight, but it’s a deal where he kind of got led into it,” he said.

Short also pointed out that Graciano has six children with a woman he has been with for 20 years and that this is the first time he has been charged with any felonies.

Chavious said the girl was just 12 when she was forced into prostitution, and she is still struggling to deal with the sexual abuse she suffered because of Graciano and Gonzalez.

“These actions were cruel; they were unconscionable and they were brutal,” she said.

The girl attended the hearing. She had testified during Gonzalez’s trial, but on Monday, she decided there was nothing left to say.

I used to read similar stories to this in the local San Antonio paper back in the day. This prostituting of young girls by Mexicans is common in Texas and in Mexico. It’s part of the Mexican culture and that’s not going to change. In this part of Texas, Mexicans have lived here hundreds of years and still have not assimilated to white values.

The Daily Mail ran the story of a WHITE mother who dressed her three year old MEXICAN DAUGHTER as a prostitute. Pic below:


Mudshark Prostitute and Boyfriend Facing Multiple Charges Including Child Endangerment



It appears from this story that a good whore is hard to find when a man only has $100 in his pocket. On the basis of looks alone most men wouldn’t touch that one even if they were paid $100.


ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) – A prostitute is under arrest for allegedly leaving her 18-month-old daughter alone in a motel room while she had sex with strangers in a different room.

On October 4, the Montgomery County Police Department’s Vice and Intelligence Unit conducted an undercover sting at the Red Roof PLUS+ along the 16000 block of Shady Grove Road in Rockville. Law enforcement sources explain the motel is a “hot bed” for prostitution, with pimps often placing advertisements on websites such as Craigslist and

Around 12:10 p.m., officers saw a black man, white woman and baby enter room 233. At 1:24 p.m., the man and woman left the room and walked to a nearby 7-Eleven. Police peered through the motel room window and observed an 18-month-old baby asleep on a bed. There was “adult clothing” and “food” strewn throughout the room and no crib to speak of. At 2:21 p.m. – nearly an hour later – the man and woman returned to the child.

At 5:15 p.m., the woman left room 233 and walked to room 242, which police explain is in a different area of the motel. Shortly thereafter, the woman greeted a Hispanic man at the front door. The man left the motel room nine minutes later.

Detectives followed the man in his Toyota vehicle and stopped him along Frederick Road in Gaithersburg. The man told police the woman offered him $160 “for a full hour”, but he paid her $100 for oral sex instead.

At 8:58 p.m., detectives watched the woman and man leave room 233 and walk to Checkers’ walk-up window, a few hundred yards away. Police arrested the duo at the fast food restaurant. The woman is identified as Brianna Wells, 27, of San Diego. The man is identified as Raymond White, 29, of Chula Vista, California.

Armed with a search warrant, police located condoms, lubricant and other items indicative of prostitution in room 242. Wells’ child was taken to Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center where Child Protective Services launched an investigation. It’s unclear who currently has custody of the young girl.

Wells reportedly told officers she started prostituting at 14 years old, and came to Maryland to make some “quick cash.” Wells explained that White is her boyfriend, and added that he paid for the flights and two hotel rooms, one to “stay in” and one to “work out of.” Wells also confessed to servicing four “johns” while at the Red Roof PLUS+.
Authorities have charged Wells with prostitution, neglect of a minor, desertion of a minor and confining an unattended child. She faces up to 10 years in prison. White faces similar charges, plus one count of human trafficking.

Who says prostitution is a victimless crime? The Niglet in this case is the catalyst that’s going to net these two lowlifes a long prison stretch.

I have an idea for a reality TV show: MUDSHARKS–THE NEXT GENERATION: