Man Charged with Felony Hate Crime as Police Say He Wanted to Kill Jews


A Rose family member sicced the police on Nicolas Rose. Snitches are not nice people.

Rose made statements that allegedly revolve around killing Jews.

What I don’t fully understand is that Rose actually did nothing other than write what could easily be nothing but fantasies about killing Jews. By the way, is Rose a Jewish last name? Is he a Jew who’s a little crazy?

CBS Los Angeles

IRVINE (CBSLA) — An Irvine man is charged with hate crimes for threatening to kill Jewish people and possessing anti-Semitic literature and ammunition.

Oy vey! Possessing writings critical of Jews is a crime???!!!

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Woman Burned to Death by Boyfriend “Testifying” Against Him in Murder Trial Via Police Video



I noticed that Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer is again promoting violence by white men against white women. He casts his points in terms of women desiring rough sex and so men should choke and slap around their wives and girlfriends.

I’m not interested in a feud with Anglin, who seems to have issues with women, but rather I want to point out an extreme example of the slippery slope that Anglin is trying to put his young male followers on.

It’s true that not every white guy who hits women is going to end up dousing his beloved in gasoline and burn her to death the way that MIchael Slager allegedly did with Julie Malinowski, seen above.

However, the slide into callous degeneracy that Slager followed shows that a man risks becoming a monster the moment he first acts like one.

So, Anglin’s advice (earlier couched in “white sharia”) is IMO dangerous. White men and white women co-created white civilization. Laws that protect us all from being kicked around are part of the deal.

Anglin should grow up and live with it. And develop a healthy interest in white women rather than Asians.

Daily Mail

A woman who died in hospital after being doused in gasoline and set on fire by her boyfriend will testify at his murder trial in a videotaped interview that was recorded before her death.

Judy Malinowski, 33, died in August 2017, two years after being set on fire by her boyfriend Michael Slager outside a gas station near Columbus, Ohio, in June 2015.

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Mystery Meat High School Water Polo Coach Charged with Molesting Seven Girls


A slimy looking overweight dark-skinned creep is facing 13 years in prison and 10 years in the county jail after the girls on his water polo team reported him to police.

The press never identifies the genetic origins of these swarthy perps who love to mess with underage white girls, but I believe this one is a Pajeet (an Asian Indian). However, he could be a Muslim from that same neck of the woods.

It’s beyond ridiculous that white parents would let their early teen daughters go to private pool lessons with anyone looking this creepy. However, one of the press reports I saw said that parents highly recommended him to the school where he was coaching. They need lessons in race realism.

Daily Mail

A water polo coach who worked at several southern California high schools and ran his own water polo club has been charged with molesting seven girls.

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Nickelodeon Cuts Ties with Hitmaker Jew Producer Rumored to be Pedophile


Haha. Even mainstream CBS reports Jew children’s TV producer Dan Schneider’s fetish for the feet of his pre-teen and teen stars.

However, the real story eludes Jewish owned CBS. Scroll down to read about a degenerate pervert involved in deflowering virgins, fathering illegitimate children, and paying for children’s abortions.

CBS News

NEW YORK — Nickelodeon is ending its relationship with longtime producer Dan Schneider, who has been with the network since 1993. The power player is one of the most prolific creators of children’s television, and masterminded some of Nickelodeon’s top shows, including “Henry Danger” and “iCarly.”

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Slutty Looking Young Teacher Charged with Oral Sex on 13 Year Old, Nude Photos, Tells Judge She Wants to Go Home to Hubby


This one doesn’t exactly look white, but I confess that I can’t guess her ethnicity other than to say that I think that she’s a hot-blooded, bullshitting latina. She also has a somewhat Jewish look.

What there’s no need to guess about is that she’s a flatterer. Latinas are good at that.

New York Post

A sixth-grade teacher in Arizona accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student performed oral sex on him in a classroom — and told the teen she wanted him “every day with no time limit,” according to court records.

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Negro Felon League Star Michael Bennett Indicted for Injuring Elderly Paraplegic Security Guard at 2017 Super Bowl

NFL multimillion dollar man Michael Bennett is known to people who don’t follow football as a kneeler.

Among football fans, he’s famous for his vulgar sack dance that he performs after sacking an opposing quarterback. Video below.

Houston’s Hispanic police chief unloaded on Bennett after issuing a warrant for his arrest.

USA Today

A Texas grand jury indicted Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett on Friday for injuring a 66-year-old paraplegic security staffer at the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, according to a press release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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Nashville Mayor Takes Nice Mugshot as She Resigns and Faces Criminal Charges Over Affair with Bodyguard


Cheating wife Megan Barry faced justice on Tuesday and got off lightly.

In a plea bargain, she resigned her mayorship, agreed to repay thousands of dollars stolen from the city, and was sentenced to three years probation. The average person would have been sentenced to jail time.

Under Tennessee law, she can have her criminal record expunged if she follows through and stays out of trouble.

She reminds me of a female John Edwards. She’s a pretty face, but is rotten to the core. There’s at least a couple of nude photos of her. If they surface, we’ll take a look at them and have a good laugh.

Stupidly, her cucked husband, pictured below, is sticking with the marriage.

Excerpt from NBC News

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigned Tuesday after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from the city while carrying on an extramarital affair with her bodyguard.

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