Horrific Hepatitis A Outbreak Has Spilled Over the California Border from Mexico–Thousands May Die

We have so many wonderful things to thank illegal immigrants for: crime, mooching, low wages, unemployment, crowded schools and highways, and disease.

Californians might think about washing their hands of illegals instead of literally washing their hands because of a disease spread by FECAL MATTER.

Yikes! Illegals touch money, grocery carts, food, door handles, etc. And there is where you find feces contamination.


Nineteen people have died in an outbreak of more than 500 cases of hepatitis A in San Diego, according to public health officials.

It is the second largest outbreak in the United States since a vaccine was approved in the 1990s, and it has spurred California to declare a state of emergency.

The outbreak, which began unfolding in November, is hitting the homeless population and those with limited access to sanitation particularly hard, according to the Associated Press.

Hepatitis A is a liver infection caused by a highly contagious virus. The most common outbreaks come from food contamination, but according to the AP, the surge currently being experienced in California is caused by a strain rare in the United States that is spread by contact with fecal matter. San Diego County has installed hand-washing stations and portable toilets around the areas where homeless people gather, and crews are cleaning the streets.

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Friday in order to allow the state to buy vaccines from distributors rather than rely on federally funded supplies, which he said are insufficient. The county has vaccinated thousands of people who are homeless or who frequently use drugs.

The vast majority of the cases are in San Diego, but dozens of other cases have been found in Santa Cruz County and some have been found in Los Angeles. Officials say the outbreak could continue for a year or more.

Sodomite Anderson Cooper Apologizes: “If Trump Took a Dump on His Desk, You Would Defend It”

If you the viewer don’t want to listen to Anderson Cooper’s nonsensical bleating about this and that, then don’t watch.

Cooper appears to be losing his marbles. And it’s Donald Trump that’s made that happen.

Maybe you don’t want to read about him either. As I’m writing these words, a large Amazon video ad is appearing at the top of Hollywood Reporter that says, “I Love Dick.”

I think Amazon just tagged me as a homosexual pervert like Cooper just for reading this story. I wonder if I’m now going to be exposed to having to see ads for homosexual “sex toys” for a while.


Anyway, here’s what led to Anderson Cooper’s speaking a vivid feces image during his newscast tonight.

Hollywood Reporter

The CNN host squared off with his conservative counterpart on Friday evening over Trump’s latest comments on former FBI Director James Comey.

CNN host Anderson Cooper had some choice words for fellow commentator Jeffrey Lord on Friday evening.

Lord, CNN’s resident conservative pundit, joined Cooper on his nightly program to talk about President Donald Trump’s recent “nut job” comments referring to recently terminated FBI Director James Comey. “You can’t defend what the president of the United States just said,” Cooper told Lord.

Lord, however, did defend Trump’s comments, prompting Cooper to respond, “If Trump took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”

Cooper later walked back his statement to Lord in an apologetic tweet. “I regret the crude sentence I spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air. It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry,” he wrote.

The host is no stranger to actions and comments on his show that viewers may mark as “snarky.” While interviewing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway recently, footage of the CNN host rolling his eyes during one of her responses quickly went viral. Conway responded to Cooper’s eye roll, calling it a form of “sexism.”

“Snarky” is typical of queer males. Cooper can’t help himself. He’s spent too much time in gay bars.

Cooper is also not necessarily the best news anchor that CNN could find. He’s part of the liberal cabal that has normalized perversion and degeneracy by making sodomy seem normal. But every once in a while, the mask slips and in the case of Cooper his fixation on feces reveals itself.


“trash and feces:” California Tent City Shows the Dark Side of New World Order Socialist Paradise


This story of dysfunctional California ignores the race of the inhabitants of the tent city seen in the video below, which is near Disneyland in Anaheim, according to one commenter.

There seems to be a great deal of disagreement as to how America became so fuxated and what to do about it. The campers may be lazy parasites, drug addicts, and other losers. They may have been displaced from their jobs by illegals who keep pouring across America’s southern border.

The taxpayers have to pay for the dysfunction. There’s no telling what happens when the taxpayers are overwhelmed and tapped out.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

California, 1 of only 6 states where Democrats control the governship, statehouse (with a super-majority nonetheless) and state supreme court, is perfectly setup to implement a Bernie Sanders-inspired socialist utopia where everyone makes the same amount of money, enjoys limitless social programs and is never exposed to the horrors of gender-based bathroom signs.

And while liberals would like for you to believe that their socialist agenda is the cure for poverty (in addition to pretty much every other problem plaguing the world), California’s reality paints a slightly different picture. In fact, in just the latest example that all is not well in California’s socialist utopia, Dan Lyman recently exposed this shocking video footage of a sprawling tent city that is ‘home’ to an estimated 1,000 residents.

As Lyman points out, what was once a beautiful bike trail along the Pacific Ocean has now been transformed into a tent city, rife with crime, that reeks of garbage and human feces.

Locals have become increasingly alarmed by the rapid spread of unregulated squatters and their belongings – and their waste.

“As a cyclist who uses the trail to ride to the beach often, over this last year it has gotten substantially worse. It is unsafe and unsanitary with loose dogs everywhere and human fecal matter scattered on the trail.”

“The area is disgusting and reeks of trash and feces.”

He reports that the bike trail, once popular with outdoors enthusiasts and families which runs for miles to beaches along the Pacific Ocean, has become unsafe as miscreants plot assaults and robberies on passing riders, even laying tripwires across the path.

The story goes on to report that people are leaving California in droves in search of lower taxes and affordable housing. In economics we call that voting with your feet.

Have A Laugh Video: How to Poop at Work – PooPourri.com

With over 1.2 million views, this video that advertises a real product is notable for its clever humor.

Hillary’s Campaign Bus Dumped POOP on Public Highway


Hillary is no longer full of it, but a storm drain in a small Georgia town is.


It looks like properly disposing of No. 2 is not Hillary Clinton’s No. 1 priority.

A Clinton campaign “Forward Together” bus has been caught dumping foul-smelling human waste into the street and down a storm drain in Lawrenceville, Georgia, according to several reports.

“Police say when they arrived on the scene, toilet paper was scattered everywhere and there was a foul smell,” reported Atlanta’s WGCL-TV 46.

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Local businessman Mike Robins snapped several photos of the bus dumping the stinky waste into the street.

Robins told Lawrenceville Police he saw someone get out of the bus bearing images of Mrs. Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine and dump “its sewage into the storm drain,” according to an incident report.

In close-up images, what is likely a mixture of liquid feces, urine and toilet paper can be seen oozing from the bottom of the bus.

A HAZMAT crew reportedly had to be called in to clean up the mess.

A DNC spokeswoman called the fecal matter “an honest mistake”:

This was an honest mistake and we apologize to the Lawrenceville community for any harm we may have caused. We were unaware of any possible violations and have already taken corrective action with the charter bus company to prevent this from happening again.

Furthermore, the DNC will work with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, as well as local and state officials to determine the best course of corrective action.

WGCL noted that the State Environment Protection Department and Gwinnett County Storm Water are now involved in the investigation into the dumping.

Hundreds of WND readers weighed in on the news, with comments including:

How symbolic of what she is doing to AMERICA! TRUMP 2016

Clinton always thought her s—t didn’t stink. Now it’s undeniable. Go Trump!

Low turnout in that town? Leaving a message, were they?

This is a symbol of what she thinks of We the People. Can it get any more obvious?

Stand back! That poop has the “pneumonia” virus in it!

I think I’m going to throw up.

“An honest mistake,” my a–. EVERYBODY knows you don’t put sewer-type waste into a storm drain. The Dems think they are above the law, and the Hillary Clinton email case has reinforced that belief.

What type of person dumps raw sewage directly on a public street and into the storm drains?

Intentionally dumping waste into storm water runoff is a massive state and federal EPA violation. Fines can be tens of thousands and/or imprisonment. Watch what happens to a business if it pollutes storm water runoff, intentionally or unintentionally. Not just the individual, but the business is liable. So the individual and the Clinton campaign should be in serious legal trouble. Oh, I know, the Hillary defense.

As a former charter bus driver, I know that the least experienced driver knows better than to do that. There are plenty of dump locations. It is inexcusable and criminal.

Of course it was a mistake. Nothing to see here. Hillary is such a fine, lovely person. Move along. (Eyes roll with sarcasm.)

If Trump did that, it would be national news for a week.

When you exit the bus and see the problem, then do nothing about it, it’s not a “mistake.”

A spokeswoman called the fecal matter an “honest mistake”? And so was Benghazi, and the video tape, and Hillary’s email.

It seems like Hillary and her campaign s— on America, quite literally.

I hope that big, blue, rolling turd doesn’t come to my town.

They’re gonna need a lot of BleachBit.

I guess she really does give a you-know-what.

Another way to create more jobs Americans won’t do. She is a job creator after all.

Policeman: “Clean it up.” Hillary: “You mean like with a cloth or something?”

Well, that would explain the flies.

The poor bus couldn’t contain any more of Hillary’s B.S.

To the good people of Lawrenceville, GA … Be thankful she wasn’t traveling by air.

hillary poopie

I’ll bet there are some of Hillary’s diapers in that mess. See an interview with the man who caught the crime in pictures in this TV news report.

This video, published on October 18, 2016, is unlisted. Share it while its still up.

Someone is Selling Hillary Clinton’s “Black Soul” on E-bay

Hillary-Clinton-Devil satan

Khizr Khan smeared Donald Trump by claiming he has a “black soul.” That old goof, now exposed not as a grieving father, but as an agent of the murderous Deep State, must have confused Trump with Hillary, whose soul is involved in murder and more corruption than imaginable. Dead bodies have piled up like cord wood around the witch.

The buyer of her soul needs to place it in a sealed box and toss it into the ocean, where it will never be seen or heard from again. Mankind will cheer! Mankind will be saved.

Click the ebay ad to enlarge it.

hillary's black soul

The Daily Sheeple

For a limited time, available to the highest bidder, is the unopened, unused, and unfortunately non-working soul of Hillary Clinton. Although many times souls are exchanged with the devil for favors or other worldly items, even lucifer said this one was a bit too evil for him so it is going to have to go for cold hard cash. Comes with a free pass from the FBI and DOJ.

It is very adept at deceit, murder a.k.a assisted “suicide”, incompetence and ineptitude. Somehow it has embodied Rules for Radicals and knows the book of satan backwards and forwards, however it has never seen the US Constitution.

Very flexible for its age as it likes to be used to cover things up or be covered up itself. Recently gained strength through the consumption of others poorer souls such as Bernie Sander, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tim Kaine and Richard Hanna to name a few.
Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity for your records.
Note: Even if you win this auction be warned that it may accept a higher bid at anytime and turn on you in doing so.

Seriously, all you are going to get is a picture of a bear turd signed by someone, but we don’t know who yet.

Any money raised from this auction will be donated to the Young Americans Foundation.

The web archive has the E-bay listing saved for posterity.

Facebook Banned This Photo Critical of Faggotry


Faggpt cake. I’ll pass, thank you.